Saturday, July 16, 2011


While trying to develop a cipher based upon the Chartres labyrinth, I struck upon an interesting feature of its layout and construction. While the layout of most labyrinths is well understood and well-documented, the layout of the Chartres labyrinth appears less so. 

For example on this website, which contains impressive work attempting to uncover the secrets of the labyrinth, states that the Chartres labyrinth is 'pseudo-symmetrical'. I believe this statement reveals a profound lack of understanding of the basis of the Chartres labyrinth construction, because, as I shall show you, the labyrinth is perfectly symmetrical under certain transformations.

To prove this all we need to do us to distort the image using its Polar Coordinates, which gives us roughly this image.
 As we can see this schematic is indeed symmetrical via a horizontal axis. This means that it should be possible to completely invert the Chartres labyrinth without distorting any of its pathways or layout. And so it is;
This final test proves that the Chartres labyrinth is indeed perfectly symmetrical. It also shows us that the inside of the labyrinth is the same as the outside. Finally, if we superimpose both the original and inverted labyrinths we get a peculiar floral motif at the centre. Judging by the manner in which the two sections of the labyrinth complement each other in scale, I would say that this correlation was planned. But I don't know what significance, if any, the floral motif has in this instance.
There has been some argument that the Chartres Labyrinth is actually a Solar or Luna-based calendar, and there appears to be some validity to these claims, although just what this means is uncertain. For example, there are 112 lunations around the outer-edge of the labyrinth, which is 28 x 4. This corresponds to a period of 16 weeks or 4 lunar month (of 28 days each). If the Chartres labyrinth is meant to be a calendar, of some kind, it does not serve its function well, as it only contains information for 4 of the 12/13 lunar months.

However, I believe I may have stumbled upon this missing data while trying to devise a method for building a cipher based on the twisting paths of the labyrinth. As you can see the labyrinth is divided into four main sections, which may be used to represent the four seasons of the year. If we count all of the bends in the labyrinth we get 12 (months) and if we include the inside and outside of the labyrinth in our figuring and then count every second circuit in each segment we get a total of 52; the number of weeks in a year.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post 32

We live both our temporal and spatial lives on the surface of a giant sphere. The spacial sphere is, of course, that of the Earth, while the temporal sphere is a hypershere that exists in a higher 4th dimension. It is our task - in life - to measure the hypersphere, which up until now we hardly knew existed. Everyone, in existence, is born onto the Equatorial region of the hypersphere at 0 degrees Latitude (See diagram). From here we must travel along our individual lines of longitude - of which there are infinitely many - until we reach the pole at 90 degrees N/S. At this point, if all goes to plan, you will ascend to the Upper Realm beyond ordinary Cartesian coordinates. (The difference between arriving at magnetic North and magnetic South, is the difference between being reincarnated on Earth and ascending to the Upper Realms; respectively. Which pole you are attracted to in life, as well as in death, is dependent on your net electrical charge. Positively charged people will be attracted to the negatively charged North Pole, and negatively charged people will be attracted to the positively charged South Pole. A positive spiritual charge is accumulated by a person through good deeds, prayer/meditation, and the reading of scriptures. Negative spiritual charges are accumulated through the process of worldly living, evil deeds and lack of self-belief etc.)

Different fates lie in store for different people on the gauntlet of the hypersphere. For instance, those who die young might find themselves  dropped back down to the timesphere's equator, to begin their ascent once more. It is also possible that a person could get locked into a rotation along the degree of latitude that corresponds to their time of death. So if, for example, someone were to die at age 36, they would immediately begin to orbit around the 36 degree parallel. These trajectories exist at right angles to our realities, and thereby constitute other planes of existence i.e. the Elysium Fields, Shoel etc. This explains by what means a persons soul can live on after death.

A successful journey from equator to polar axis takes a total of about ninety years, one for each degree of latitude. Deviations from this figure are to be expected, as people naturally tend to deviate from the 'straight and narrow' line of their respective longitudes into more extraneous and frivolous activities. This accounts for some people arriving at their polar destinations too late; and in some cases not at all. Each step along the path is measured by a single heart beat, which is simply one contraction of the chrometid  (See previous post; 31), a minuteworm, a four dimensional caterpillar. When we reach the poles we can begin our metamorphosis into a 5th Dimensional butterfly (also known as an angel). 

Whether or not you accept this information is entirely up to you. But, nevertheless, you can have fun trying to figure out your current coordinates on the timesphere are. To do this all you need to know is your age down to the present day, and your unique geographic coordinates, wherever you might be, as supplied by Google Maps.
So lets say I am 28 years, 3 months and 14 days old. That is roughly equivalent to 28 degrees and 17 minutes of arc. These are your age coordinates on the timesphere. 
Next take your geographic coordinates; lets say these are 51 degrees 45 mins Lat. by 10 degrees 10 mins Longitude. You can convert them into your timesphere coordinates through the simple process of addition.
   51' 45
 +10' 10 
  61' 55
So, our proposed timesphere coordinates are 28 degree and 17 minutes Lat. by 61 degrees and 55 mins Long. Now when we key in this data back into Google Maps we get a relative fix on our temporal coordinates on Earth, which - in this case - appears to be close to Persia and Pakistan. From this information you can get a feel of where you are in your life, and what dangers or benefits you might encounter.
Another simple exercise that you can do is to take your age coordinates (in my case 28 degrees 17 min Lat) and trace its path around the globe to see what areas or points of interest it traverses. So for example I can easily see that my age coordinates traverse the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt and Mexico; two countries with a very potent history. So from this I can deduce that the next few months and years of my life are going to be very interesting indeed, full of evolutionary opportunities and self-discovery. Why don't you give it a try now?

Genealogical information from the Book of Genesis tells us that people used to live on average 900 years or more. If we were to accept this information at face value, it would mean that people at that time were capable of making more than two circumnavigations of the timesphere in their lifetime. Despite this being some feat in itself, it appears to have had no lasting impact, because - obviously - we are still here. 

Post 31

I awaken in the middle of the night to the sound of the worm. The darkness is a void that has swallowed the world, and when I swallow, I swallow the void. I am a hollow tube, running from my mouth down to my anus. Could this be the worm William Blake spoke of? I realise that my body is no more than a self perpetuating eddy, an electrical wind in the void. Somehow, my realisation disrupts this wind, and there can be no distinction made between the outside and the inside. In that instant, the monotonous chattering of my ego ceases, it takes flight like a crow and evaporates. Now, there is 'nothing' left save for that part of me which still exists to observe the nothing. The part which says, "I don't exist." and by saying it contradicts itself. From out of the silence of the void a new sound takes precedent. Silently, at first, it grows louder until I see the snake falling end over end like a Jiddish Ladder. It is the inch worm, inching its way through the void of spaceless time and timeless space. The inchworm or geometrid (from Latin meaning earth measurer) only in this case it seems to be measuring moments in time (the chrometrid) rather than distances in space. Its purpose is to measure out the surface of the three sphere until it arrives at the Great Tree of the North Pole (the Christmas Tree), where it will build its chrysalid; a gloomy cocoon, which serves as its tomb. Until the day arrives that it transforms, it breaks free and lets fly, the psychedelic butterfly.