Friday, December 11, 2009

The Hermetic Romance of the Philosopher's Stone

In Prediction 10/13 I wrote about a dream that held a prophetic message. In the dream I was told that a '9/11 style' event would take place on October 13th 2009, and I deduced from the imagery in the dream that Large Hadron Collider at Cern would be the most likely target of the attack. As we know this attack failed; but not for want of trying. A renowned French physicists, and employee of Cern, was arrested just days in advance of the predicted attack, and charged with conspiracy to blow up a number of nuclear facilities in either France or Britain. The scientist was in contact with a Morrocan militant group, alinged to Al Qaeda, in the Islamic Maghreb. The conspirators intentions remain unclear and it is not known whether they planned to blow up the facility or merely raid it for materials that could be weaponized at a later date.
The subconscious (right brain) transmits verbal information to the dreamer through a vocabulary of imagery. This vocabulary is informed by the type of visual stimulus the conscious mind is subjected to throughout his/her waking life. Cinema is by far the most potent and prolific teacher of the right brained methodology. Therefore it is not surprising that the unconscious mind makes use of the language of cinema in order to communicate its knowledge. In this dream the LHC was encoded visually in a variety of cinematic quotations. Some of these were; the Incredible Hulk (HLK/HLC = LHC) / Gammasphere connection and the Nothing from The Neverending Story. The Nothing, a low entropy vortex that sucks everything in, is a good description of a blackhole. Opponents of the LHC fear that the unprecedented energy output of the project could lead to the creation of a blackhole, destroying the Universe.

Throughout the course of previous posts, on this subject, I omitted certain dream elements for reasons I will try to address here. In the dream, myself and my brother were chased into a smugglers' cave filled with pirate treasure. I could not reconcile the message about the LHC with this one about the pirates and decided to forgo the inclusion of this particular dream sequence. Next I saw a scene from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (AWE). The scene was of a swirling Maelstrom  navigated by two  great galleons pitted against one another in an all out dogfight. A maelstrom is yet another low entropic vortex and as such is equivalent to the blackhole and Nothing meme. I concluded that this visual repetition served only to reinforce the central message of the dream; and was therefore expendable. On October 13th 2009, however, I re-searched the pirate message on Google and discovered that Norah Jones had released a song entitled Chasing Pirates that very day. Not only that, the song was from her forthcoming album called The Fall. The Fall of Man was a descriptive mechanism of great importance to the Prediction 10/13 post. Here is what I wrote;
In the dream, this graph was presented to me by two men. One of the men described 9/11 as The First Fall of Man, then he indicated to the part of the graph labeled 10/13 and called this The Second Fall of Man.
It was only when I watched the video for Norah Jones' Chasing Pirates that I noticed the trail of connections now leading to unintended regions. What had begun with an investigation into future events had twisted back on itself and would reveal things about my own past, long forgotten, as well as dredge upon sour memories from America's bloodied history. All of a sudden I was heading in a new direction, just as Norah was doing musically with her song. At first look the video appears to be entirely influenced by Monty Python "The Crimson Permanent Assurance". It was while reading the comments for the video that I came across this alternative viewpoint from a You Tube commenter;
I keep connecting her new song and the video to "Romancing The Stone" primarily because the song's composition is similar to Alan Silvestri's work as well as the ending, which if you haven't seen, involves a large ship on a New York City street.
Romancing the Stone was one of the first big Hollywood movies that I watched growing up. The early scenes in the jungles of South America, and in particular the scene where they slide down a mountain sluice and land in a mud pool, had a great effect on my imagination. Apart from making me want to trek  the jungles of the Amazon, the film also made me want to understand the deeper meaning behind the scenes I was watching. Anyone could tell you it doesn't have a deeper meaning and its just a movie. But  I could not believe that they created these scenes for no reason other than just pure distraction. For many years I pondered upon the possible meanings behind the scenes I had watched and the title of the movie. But, in the end, these thoughts faded from my mind. So it is surprising to ponder once again the mysteries of Romancing the Stone, after all these years. I never expected it.

orah Jones' video and Romancing the Stone (RtS) share a number of plot elements. At the beginning of Romancing the Stone, Joan Wilder, a famous writer living in New York City, is seen having just finished her latest novel. The next day she receives a package from her dead brother-in-law Eduardo, who has just recently been murdered. She then gets a phone call from her sister saying she has been kidnapped and that Joan must deliver the package to a man named Zolo in Cartagena.

In the video for Chasing Pirates, Norah Jones is seen answering the door to her apartment. No one is there, but there is a bottle on the floor with a rolled up piece of parchment in it. The parchment is a map with X marking a location. She soon learns that the location is in Chinatown, at a place called Seward Park. Seward Park was named for William H. Seward, a United States Senator, who was Govenor of New York and served as Lincoln's Secretary of State. Shortly after Lincoln was murdered by John Wilkes Booth, an associate of Wilkes' forced his way into Seward's home in New York and attacked him with a knife. These targeted displays of aggression were in response to Lincoln's slave reform policies.

Prior to all of this, in 1830, Seward was elected to the state senate as an Anti-Masonic Candidate. The Anti-Masonic Party was set up to counteract Masonic influence within state-run institutions. It was sparked off by the disappearance of Captain William Morgan, a freemason who broke ranks by coming clean about the inner workings of Masonry. On September 11th 1826 Morgan was arrested for an outstanding debt of $2.68 and driven by cart to Fort Niagra, where it is assumed he was drowned by his abductors. Norah Jones is 'chasing pirates' and therefore must likely head in the direction of the sea: Seward Park is a pun on the word seaward. In her haste to locate the park on the map, the finger of her left hand points to a different location; that of Ground Zero. Could it be she is trying to tell us that the Morgan affair and 9/11 were perpetrated by the same Hermetic organization, and that the fabled date of Sept. 11th is the clue to their involvement?

Norah Jones' song Chasing Pirates is supposedly based on her infatuation with Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp. The original video was meant to show Norah following Captain Jack Sparrow through the streets of New York. Jack and (Norah) Jones echoes the names of Jack and Joan from RtS. But asides from this what connection does this movie have with pirates? Although there is no overt reference to pirates in RtS, the history of the city of Cartagena is bound up with them. In 1572 Sir Francis Drake ransacked the city and set fire to much of it. Nearly a hundred years later, in 1668, the infamous pirate Henry Morgan made to follow in Drake's footsteps, but was forced to abort after his flagship exploded under mysterious circumstances. Incidentally, some people, who suspected Captain William Morgan's disappearance was a publicity stunt orchestrated to increase book sales, speculated that he had moved to the Caymen Islands, where he was subsequently hung as a pirate.

Cartagena derives its name from the Roman City of Carthage. 'Carta' is the Spanish for letter. But as we find out the package Joan carries is not a letter, but a map; evoking the English word 'cartography' - meaning mapmaking. Jack and Joan discover that the map leads to a priceless emerald gemstone called el Corazon (the heart). Emeralds are attributed to the ancient alchemical discipline via the fabled Emerald Tablet text. The goal of alchemists has long been to produce the Elixir of Life, also known as the Philosophers Stone, believed to bestow everlasting life on its beneficiary. The Chymical Wedding or The Hermetic Romance is a story, published in 1616, that was popular among alchemists. The story is allegorical and was divided into Seven Days, or Seven Journeys, like Genesis. Romancing the Stone, then, could be thought of as The Hermitic Romance of the Philosopher's Stone. Which begs the question, just who alike is the first book of the Bible and RtS?

 It could be argued that the task of the alchemist exists only in relation to the events that took place in the Garden of Eden. The Bible tells us that before the Fall of Man there was no sickness and no death in the world. The search for the Elixir of Life is, therefore, a consequence of the Fall. Romancing the Stone is a modern day retelling of Adam and Eve's trial in the Garden and their search for eternal happiness. The jungle serves its purpose, both as a backdrop for the story, and as a replacement for the Garden of Eden. Jack, played by Michael Douglas, slaughters a snake in a downed aeroplane, a symbol of the Fall. Now, instead of eating the apple, they feast on the serpent. A true alchemical reversal. But their quest is not without  temptation either. Joan Wilder is forced to choose between the safe return of her sister and the acquisition of the gemstone. The stone is the emblematic of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. Even after they acquire the stone, as you might expect, all does not run smoothly.

Just like in Genesis, Jack and Joan grow tired of each other and part ways. But this separation is not set to last long, as singularly they are incomplete, and both morally culpable in the fate of Joan's sister. The names Jack and Joan strike a resonant chord with the child protagonists Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill's task is to fetch a pale of water from the well or spring that is the  Fountain of Youth/Knowledge. In their haste to acquire it they falter, and Jack is dispossessed of his pride of place in God's favour. This is the true meaning of the line; Jack fell down and broke his crown. Therefore, Jack and Jill is a retelling of Genesis. Notice that in the nursery rhyme Jill follows Jack, who is the first to Fall. This sequence, I believe, is more correct with regard to the true nature of the sexes; where Adam would be seen to rebel against their father figure, Yahweh, and Eve conforms to events happening around her. As if to add further confirmation to these connections, the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is due out next year and will be entitled The Fountain of Youth.

If everything goes according to schedule, the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be on general release as of July 7th 2010. This marks the anniversary of Michael Jackson's memorial ceremony in the Los angeles Staples Centre. Michael Jackson's protracted childhood earned him the nickname of Peter Pan, the eternally youthful boy from Neverland. Peter Pan's nemesis Captain Hook is conditioned to fear the ticking sound that accompanies the appearance of the Crocodile. The sound comes from a clock the beast swallowed and reminds Hook that time is his only real enemy. The climax to Romancing the Stone takes place on the ramparts of the fortified city of Cartagena. In the ensuing battle the villainous Zolo loses his hand to a vicious crocodile that lives in the walled fortified structure. The crocodile swallows the priceless gemstone, along with Zolo's hand, and attempts to make a quick getaway. This makes the gemstone equitable to the ticking clock. How is this possible? Remember that el Corazon means the heart: Doctors often use watches when checking a patients pulse, indicating that the rhythmic beating of the heart is  entwined with the ticking clock of time. Jack leaves Joan, and her sister, to go in search of the crocodile and, ultimately, the stone.

The distinct stages of alchemical processes are referred to by a variety of animal symbols. The initial process of Gestation, which can either be 'wet' or 'dry', is symbolized by the toad or the dragon. Our dragon is represented by the Crocodile - a water dwelling creature - therefore the process is 'the wet way' of Putrefaction. Putrefaction is described as a slow rotting or digestion of material in a liquid solution. By swallowing el Corazon the crocodile becomes the alchemist's crucible. Other animal symbols are the White Eagle and the winged dragon, associated with the end product of alchemy. At the end of the RtS film Jack is seen waiting for Joan on a white sail boat on the streets of Manhattan. Jack calls the boat Angelina, after a character in one of Joan's books. The white sails of the boat, and the reference to angels, represent the White Eagle of alchemical symbolism. Jack purchased the boat from the proceeds of El Corazon, and so succeeds in spiritualising an earthly substance. The symbol of the dragon, that invariably reappears at the end of the alchemical process, does so here in the form of Jack's crocodile boots. Jack remarks that the crocodile suffered 'a fatal case of indigestion', another reference to the alchemical process of Gestation.

The screenplay for RtS was written by a waitress named Diane Thomas. Hardly the type you would expect to include alchemical symbolism in their work. But then again, it was CG Jung's research of animal symbols in alchemy that lead to his theory of the collective unconscious in the first place. So maybe Diane did not have to be consciously aware of these connections in order for them to emerge in her writing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon/LHC Record

Here is an excerpt from The Future in an Instant, written on November 4th 2009;
The Greeks celebrated November 30th as Hecate's sacred day. So, I think we could possibly see something occuring on November 29/30th in connection to the time travel Hecate signal; possibly related to the LHC. The signal should take the form of a doorway/gateway or crossroads of some kind. Alternatively the signal could appear on November 17th, as there is a thirteen day discrepancy between the Georgian and Juilan Calendars.
At 12:24 on November 30th the Large Hadron Collider began colliding electrons at 1.2 TeV making it the fastest collider ever to exist on the surface of the planet. The LHC is effectively a time machine that scientist will use to look back at conditions as they were at the beginning of the Universe. The LHC passes two electron beams around a 17 mile track in opposite directions approaching speeds close to the speed of light. At intervals, these particle beams intersect or cross, creating the crossroads that the Goddess Hecate is known to represent.

Actress Heather Graham has admitted to being a witch on several occasions. Her most recent attempt to remind the public came on November 30th when she told reporters that she had started a coven - with her friends. It is possible that Heather deliberately chose Hecate's sacred day to make her announcement, as Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft. I am not saying that witchcraft is bad or that Heather is doing anything wrong here. However, she did admit to casting a spell to get Obama elected into the Whitehouse. So, Heather, if you're reading this, and have any real ability, stop casting idiotic spells.

Another famous female who made the headlines, on the same date, was Florence Welch, lead singer of Florence + the Machine. Florence hinted that 'time travel and minimalism' could well be themes used to inspire her forthcoming LP. Time travel is linked to Hecate and the Fluid Karma project and all three of these are related to the LHC. Is the machine in Florence Welch's band name a reference to the Large Hadron Collider, and its time transforming properties? I would not have thought so, but with F+tM making 'time travel' headlines on Hecate's day it sure seems that way to me now. In the picture to the left you can see Florence has bruised legs. This almost certainly arises from a condition known as dismetria, that Florence supposedly suffers from. Dysmetria is a cerebral disfunction that prohibits a person from accurately judging depth or distance, causing them to overshoot and bang their appendages against things. Hecate's name means 'far-reaching' or 'far-shooting.' Notice how Florence bares her knees but points to her head - the source of her disorder.

Florence and the Machine's lyrics and music videos have a distinctive neo-pagan theme to them. In the video for the Drumming Song Florence Welch is seen performing what looks like a pagan dance rite within a Christian church. Even to one, such as me, who holds no strenuous beliefs in either religion, this looks very much like a slap in the face for the Christian faith from the direction of the neo-pagan practitioners who have, by now, positioned themselves in the top end of the media sector. Careful attention to Florence's lyrics reveal that despite the vigorous tempos and vibrantly coloured visuals her songs deal with unhealthy obsessions, madness, despair and self-destruction. It is worth keeping this in mind when considering that some works of art, be they poems or songs, could, in fact, be incantations to curse or bind the listener.
Clockwise from top left; 1. Florence wears an animalistic horned mask. 2. Florence
dances with witches. 3. Mock crucifixion (AKA Black Mass). 4. Mock prayer stance.
5. Prayer hands inverted (denoting Satanism). 6. More magical dancing with friends.

Themes that occur in Florence and the Machine's album Lungs include; the moon, dog/wolves, twilight and the stars. Hecate, Goddess of the moon and doorways is associated with dogs and wolves. Twilight is traditionally the witching hour and is the gateway between our world and the land of the dead. Twilight Saga; New Moon went on worldwide release this week, breaking box office records. Fans of both the film and the band have called for a collaborative venture between the two, although this is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Finally, the two main stories that dominated the news headlines this weekend were; Tiger Wood's crashing his car at the gates to his home and the reality TV stars who supposedly gate crashed the dinner at the White house last week. Hecate is the Goddess of Gateways and Doorways. Could the coupling of the term 'gate' and 'crash' signal the end of the Hecate signal?It is possible. But considering the somewhat trivial nature of these stories in comparison to Barrack's troop increase in Afghanistan or ClimateGate it is unlikely to make much difference. Another name for Hecate is Trivia. Perhaps now is the time to look at things that really matter, and not at those that just appear to.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Serpentine Dream Theory

In the 2007 movie Southland Tales a group of public figures comprised of actors and porn stars, are indoctrinated into a secret research project known as Serpentine Dream Theory (SDT) - not to be confused with STDs. The project involves hypnotism, time travel and the habitual use of an organic component known as Fluid Karma. As stated before, Fluid Karma is a highly psychoactive compound that has much in common with the hallucinogen DMT. Robert Frost refers to cacti in his seminal poem The Hollow Men, as a means to describe the sterility of modern America.

Here we go round the prickly pear.

However to dance around any plant is to give homage to it. No cactus is perhaps more deserving of praise, in this manner, than that of the peyote cactus. Peyote is prized for its natural production of mescaline. Mescaline is a psychotropic compound with effects similar to that of DMT and the fictional drug Fluid Karma. Medea, the Greek heroine, skilled in the craft of vision inducing substances was schooled by Hecate. Hecate, the Goddess of witches and crossroads, is associated with the Fluid Karma project. The SDT project is a highly convoluted affair. Participants are drugged, flown through a rift in timespace, hypnotised and then encouraged to continue the use of the organic compound drug Fluid Karma. The combination of these three conditions grants the unwitting participant the ability to see into the past and the future; a property associated with the Goddess Hecate herself.

The application of LSD in US governmental programs such as MK-ULTRA is well documented. But its use in the research of time-travel is less well-known. One source, that could be described as dubious, is the testimony of Preston P. Nichols, who was an engineer for the shadowy Montauk Project. Montauk was a secret research program allegedly involved in a plethora of black operations such as; material manifestation, teleportation, time-travel, alien conspiracies and mind control/manipulation. Preston claimed that special rooms were provided for candidates to experience psychotropically altered states of consciousness; with a special regard for the remote viewing of different time spheres. The rooms were decorated in a variety of psychedelic wallpaper and their dilapidated ruins are apparently still accessible on the now defunct Montauk AFB.

A number of years ago, I was told a story by a friend of mine who had an acquaintance with a guy named Paul - not his real name. As a child, this acquaintance befriended a boy, called Rick, also not his real name, who lived in a house across the street. As they grew older, they grew apart; a state of affairs familiar to most people. In later life Paul became involved in the Dublin drug scene and gave little thought to what had become of his old friend. During this time Paul was admitted to hospital after ingesting a large quantity of LSD. His trip was of epic proportions; involving a fight for his soul between the Devil, on one hand, and a legion of angels on the other. While he was recuperating in hospital he received a visitor, which turned out to be none other than his old childhood friend Rick. It transpired that  Rick had enlisted with the British Secret Services following emigration to the UK. This did not strike Paul as unusual, as Rick had always shown a keen interest in the military growing up. After a brief conversation, Rick invited Paul to take a questionnaire that might shed light on his LSD experience. Paul agreed, and was surprised when filling out the form to encounter questions that related specifically to time-travel.

What this story tells us is that, far from being considered in a skeptical manner, time-travel is of particular interest to governmental agencies. Not only that, but it is apparent that they believe strong hallucinogens can permit ordinary citizens to foresee temporal events that are beyond the call of major analysts. These conclusions should not really be all that surprising, considering the unique advantage knowledge of the future would bring to a covert war. We should also consider the ongoing efforts of different governmental agencies in the prediction and control of the future. These efforts may take unusual forms, and may explain some of the time travel codes that have appeared in connection with 9/11 and other more recent events. I have already shown connections between the 911 Solar Ritual and the time travel plot of Southland Tales. Of course this plot is not restricted to Richard Kelly's creations and, as I have shown, reaches into the world of show business and space travel; two disciplines that have become more closely intertwined than ever before, in recent months. It appears MI5 may have learned from the mistakes of the CIA and MK-Ultra, when it comes to finding test subjects for their experiments. Instead of drugging people against their will, they merely wait for the inevitable OD patient to be admitted to the hospital yards. This provides the valuable information that they require, without running the risk of causing a public outcry.

So, Richard Kelly's narrative, of a group of shadowy figures drugging and hypnotizing familiar personages in the hope of finding out more about the future, is not as far-fetched as it might, at first, appear. It would, to my mind, be extremely gratifying to get a look at the questionnaire Paul, allegedly, underwent. The Serpentine Dream Theory is connected to a much larger project called the Doomsday Scenario Interface (DSI). Fictional within the confines of Southland Tales, this project might find realistic comparison with the Y2K and 911 false flag and non-starter operations. These two massive projects might be part of a government operation to research, in advance, the possibility of an actual cataclysm occurring in 2012. On the other hand, the fear inducing propaganda surrounding these events, may trigger an unprecedented ability within the general populace to predict and offset undesirable futures for themselves. The symbol for the DSI occurs as a subliminal message in the movie ST, due to an editorially advised cut in the length of the film. The symbol for the DSI is reminiscent of the Antinomial Sigil of the TOPH, a Satanic organization connected to Aleister Crowely and the worship of the demon-begetter Lilith.

Antinomianism is the theological belief that members of a particular religion are under no obligation to follow rules of ethics or morality, given that salvation is by predestination only. Antinomianism, by its definition, omits the intervention of an omnipotent God, in favour of a predetermined timeline. It is, therefore, no wonder these people would be so interested in time travel, because such abilities would give them the power to alter their own destiny, and the destinies of those around them. Perhaps the infamous internet-based time traveller John Titor was correct when he said that the Large Hadron Collider would open up new avenues for research into time travel. And perhaps it is no accident if it does so.

Serpentine Dream Theory may have found its precursor in the Dragon Project Trust (DPT). The DPT was founded in 1977 to investigate claims that prehistoric sites have unusual forces or energies associated with them. In the end, the DPT became a 'dreamwork program' that 'is a kind of modern revisiting of the ancient practice of temple sleep (see Divination).' The program was jointly conducted with the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco and, ultimately, determined its findings by means of the Strauch Scale. Like the Serpentine Dream Theory, the Dragon Trust is interested in divining knowledge of another time by interfacing with the unconscious human dream state. Serpentine describes dragons.

The Saybrook Institute has something of a history in the analysis of psychic visions and dreams. In 1970 Eva Hellstrom (Hellstorm?) posted a notebook consisting of 21 of her reported dreams and 45 of her reported visions - 66 in total - to Stanley Krippner at the Saybrook Institute. The Strauch Scale was applied to these dreams also. The name Eva Hellstrom is qualitively similar, in my mind, to Dr. Inga von Westphalen - the name of one of the scientists in the Southland. Von Westphalen was the one who brought the tempest to the Southland. The tempest was embodied by her son, the Baron von Westphalen, who also symbolized the Beast of Revelations. And so, by the pricking of my thumb, a Hell-storm in the West - has - fallen. Somewhat coincidentally, in Ireland at the moment the entire Shannon River, the largest in Western Europe, is in flood.

Monday, October 12, 2009

CERN Scientist linked to Al Qaeda

In the HULK LHC I said that there will be a "9/11 style" terrorist attack on October 13th of this year. I received this information in a dream. The imagery surrounding the knowledge that was passed on to me suggested "a terrorist attack on the LHC". However, "the LHC is... very important to the global elite and I don't believe that they would go to all that trouble of developing it just to wreck it in a phony/staged terrorist attack."
Obviously, a 9/11 style attack would have to involve the previous perpetrators of 9/11. Since I do not accept the government or the medias account of that day, I am hesitant to suggest that Al Qaeda would be involved. The real perpetrators of 9/11 have yet to be brought to justice for their crimes and accusing Al Qaeda, heinous as they are, or the long dead Osama bin Laden, would be contradictory to my beliefs and assumptions.
The French and British Secret Services, however, have done just that. News emerged today that the French authorities arrested a leading Nuclear scientist for conspiring with Al Qaeda to blow up Nuclear facilities in either France or Britain. This accomplished scientist, who was arrested one week ago, is alleged to have been employed at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Although Cern have been quick to add that his job did not bring him into contact with anything that could be used for terrorism, the prospect of a French nuclear physicist having alleged links to Al Qaeda has alarmed counter-terrorism departments in the West.
The Secret Services believe that their efforts have been enough to avert a major catastrophe. But I remain cautious in my skepticism; we are not out of the water yet.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tuning Fork Hypothesis Revised

In the Power of the Gods article I had originally included a piece on the tuning fork like structures that appear around the perimetre of the Twin Towers. In that piece, which is now deleted, I said that the tuning forks would resonate in the GHz range. The reason I said this is because I am really terrible at mathematical equations. At such a frequency steel is highly reflective and would have no cause to resonate. Without further ado here is the revised addition.
Jake Kotze beat me to publishing on this one, but he, and others, appear to have missed some vitally important clues in the tuning fork issue that makes any of it truly relevant. In the Power of the Gods I mentioned how the Giza Pyramids are dimensionally proportional to the World Trade Centre complex.
Here is a group of lists comparing how the Giza Pyramid Complex relates to the World Trade Centre Complex;
Comparison of the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the North Tower WTC 1
  1. height of the Great Pyramid without capstone; 139 metres
  2. height of the North Tower WTC 1; 417 m (139m x 3)
Comparison of the Chephren Pyramid and the South Tower WTC 2
  1. height of the Chephren pyramid; 136 metres
  2. height of South Tower WTC 2; 415 metres (136m x 3)
    The base area of the North Tower is one thirteenth the size of the base area of the Pyramid of Khufu. Thirteen was a sacred number to the Ancient Egyptians. There was even a sculpture by Japanese artist Masayuki Nagare of three pyramids in the Plaza of the Twin Towers.

    Yamasaki, the architect of the World Trade Centre, was influenced by Islamic architecture.
    "Yamasaki described its plaza as 'a mecca, a great relief from the narrow streets and sidewalks of the surrounding Wall Street area'." "At the base of the towers, Yamasaki used implied pointed arches--derived from the characteristically pointed arches of Islam..."[1]
    There is an occult relationship between the pyramids and the Twin Towers that Yamasaki fails to acknowledge. The cultures of Islam and Ancient Egypt are not too dissimilar, however, as they both stem from the same region on earth.
    Yamasaki designed the outer columns of the towers to look like implied Muslim archways. But considering the surreptitious flow of Egyptian symbolism in the World Trade Centre we can look deeper than this explanation alone. The implied Muslim arches are in fact tuning forks. I have never heard of three pronged tuning forks either, but I suspect they enrich the quality of the note rather than diminish it. It is very likely that three prongs were chosen as a consequence of the huge structural loads these outer-beams helped hold in place.
    The natural resonant frequency of a freestanding, 405 metre tall, steel tuning fork is 10.7372 Hz. This is not far off from the official 10 Hz figure for the entire building; in this case WTC 1. It is interesting that smaller components within the structure would share their resonance frequency with the superstructure.
    This begs the question: Was there a fractal resonance built into the WTC towers? It would appear to be the case since the 2 pronged design of the Twin Towers is tuning fork like in design anyway. This means that if, for example, Tower 1 began vibrating at its natural harmonic resonance Tower 2 would eventually follow suit through the action of sympathetic resonance. The whole structure would be resonating like a monumental tuning fork, comprised of lots of smaller tuning forks.

    This fractal resonance might play a part in contributing to the unusually high harmonic resonance of the Towers. Most high rise buildings are between 0.2 Hz and 2.4 Hz. So the 10 Hz frequency of the towers is very high in comparison.

    The reason I say that these structures are tuning forks and not tridents, as proposed by this researcher, is because tuning forks played a key role in Egyptian medicine and pyramid construction. Below is an Egyptian hieroglyph of two sympathetically resonating tuning forks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    One interesting account of a girl who broke into a museum store room and uncovered boxes of Ancient Egyptian tuning forks can be found here. A few points worth noting here; the tuning forks were made of steel, just as the Twin Towers were, and they had "a taught wire stretched between the tings of the "fork.""
    On the August 6th 1974, Phillipe Petit and his crew joined the Towers for the first time in history by rope. At 7:15 the following morning he proceeded to walk across it eight times. August 6th is Horus' birthday. When asked why he did it Phillipe replied, "There is no why." This rather flatly snubbing statement must have influenced Smashing Pumpkin singer Billy Corgan in writing a song called Here is no why. The song itself appears to be about a forlorn Clam Rock star and contains the line, "the lonely towers of long mistakes." What it means I don't know, but Billy Corgan has appeared in other articles I have written and its seems that he is aware of something to do with the secret orders.

    Finally in the film Transformers 2; Revenge of the Fallen a giant tuning fork-like machine that can destroy the sun is found buried under the Pyramid of Chephren. The movie is replete with tuning fork and Egyptian symbolism, not to mention references to 9/11. If you remember in the Power of the Gods I talked about the 9/11 ritual timing being based on the time it takes light to travel to the sun and back. Now, here we have a machine that is not only buried under the Twin Towers' Egyptian precursors, but is created to send energy, in whatever form, to the sun in order to destroy it.

    The unusual tuning fork like machine in T2.

    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Hyperdimensional Aspects of the LHC

    How is it possible that the LHC, a 27 kilometre long vaccum sealed super-conductor, could produce a series of earthquakes, half a world away, in the Pacific Ring of Fire? Some researchers dismiss this out of hand, as the energy parametres needed to produce such a reaction are far beyond even those of the LHC, the most powerful machine in the world.

    In reply to this rather mundane reaction I will say: Does not the strange attractors of chaos theory allow for the beat of a butterflies wings in Japan to cause a hurricane on the other side of the world? I see a likely analogy between these two phenomena.

    In fact chaos theory plays a central in both the LHC and earthquakes. A letter to the scientific magazine Nature entitled Hyperdimensional universality of dynamic interfaces maintains;
    Despite the complexity and diversity of nature, there exists universality in the form of critical scaling laws among various dissimilar systems and processes such as stock markets, earthquakes, crackling noise, lung inflation and vortices in superconductors... Exploring how universality is affected by the system dimensions is an important unresolved problem. Here we demonstrate experimentally that universality persists even at a dimensionality crossover in ferromagnetic nanowires. As the wire width decreases, the magnetic domain wall dynamics changes from elastic creep in two dimensions to a particle-like stochastic behaviour in one dimension.
    So the critical scaling laws of hyperdimensional crossover exist in earthquakes, as well as in the vortices in superconductors. This is interesting, because the LHC is the largest superconductor in the world. As for how the effects of these critical systems could propagate through the vacuumed tubes of the LHC and into the adjacent surroundings, I need only cite the recent discovery of P wave frequencies from our Sun resonating with signals passing through mobile phone telecommunication cables on the ocean floor. No system is entirely closed, not the earth, not the LHC and certainly not the hyperdimensional multiverse.

    The butterfly flapping its wings in Japan and creating a hurricane on the other side of the world is a good analogy for a number of reasons. Not least is fact that the Pacific Ring of Fire is located on the direct opposite side of the earth to Europe and Cern Laboratories, with the LHC aligned along the central axis of the Ring itself. This graphic is not 100% accurate because I wanted it to remain intelligible at a glance. I want you to understand that this is not a mathematical model, as such. But it is illustrative of the points I want to convey.

    This image attempts to show which land masses and oceans correlate on polar opposite sides of the globe. As you can see Europe and Africa occupy a large part of the space of the Pacific Ocean. The tiny red dot in the red circle is the approximate location of the LHC. The dark splotches are areas of volcanic/seismic activity. The large blue circle shows the areas in which seismic vibrations from the LHC would most likely affect. The hole in the centre of the blue region is illustrative of a dead zone created by the earth's core, in which no direct waveforms are detected. Immediately beneath the blue ring is another area of calm, slightly larger in size to the first. As you can see the blue region includes much of the area of sisemic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

    The information for the blue ring, above, was taken from a diagram for the propagation of S and P waves through the earth's core and mantel. I compiled this information by correlating the epi-centre of an earthquake in the diagram below with the latitudinal position of the LHC.

    While I was researching hyperdimensional earthquakes I came across this site that appears to have channelled information as its source material. The author states that;
    there is a moment during a seismic event when the underlying interdimensional nature of an earthquake affects the electromagnetics in an unusual manner. The effect of shifting dimensions creates a kind of donut-shaped dimensional bubble that, for an instant, produces a very high superconductive state.
    So here we have the claim that the critical scaler interdimensionality of earthquakes creates a donut-shaped superconductor. Donut-shaped superconductors you say? Where on earth have I heard of that one before. Oh yeah: At the LHC in Lake Geneva.

    The LHC is a underground donut-shaped superconductor and has interdimensional properties on par with the Pacific Ring of Fire energy states. Sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen. All of this links with our November 23 signal also.

    The LHC is in a very real sense a Ring of Fire.
    U2 360 degree Tour, could signify degrees of rotation or temperature (680 F), a Ring of Fire .
    Cirque de Soleil, means circle or ring of sun = fire.
    Formula 1 is a combustible fuel guzzling race in the form of a Ring of Fire.

    You get the idea. This is all very ominous. Johnny Cash ominous.

    The LHC, the 360 degree World Tour, F1, and the Cirque de Soleil Guy Laliberte ascending to the orbiting space station all point to a circle of fire; the Pacific Ring of Fire.

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    The Power of the Gods

    This is Officer Roland Taverner experiencing a delay in his reflection, an artifact of his journey through the space-time rift. This scene is similar to the delay observed between the destruction of the towers 1 and 2 on the morning of September 11th 2001. This was first noted in the 9/11 Videodrome post back in August. The Twin Towers are mirror images of each other. Therefore, whatever happens to one tower should happen to the other in real time. Instead we see a delay of 17 minutes. What is the significance of this time lag? 17 minutes is the time light takes to travel from the sun to the earth and back again, during the Autumnal month of September.
    Mirrors are of great significance to Masonic Secret Societies. The Ancient Mystery Cults believed the Sun to be a giant mirror reflecting energy from a higher dimension. The Masonic groups involved in the execution of the 9/11 occult ritual needed to intertwine what they were doing with the Sun in order to create the new power centre for world control/domination. That is what the Freedom Tower stands for, the freedom to dominate.

    The 9/11 delayed reflection. Click to view larger image.

    The delay in Officer Roland Taverner's reflection is connected to the delay in the Twin Tower Masonic ritual. Roland Taverner also has a 'twin brother' in the movie, called Ronald Taverner, who is really another Roland from an hour or more into the future. Roland Taverner is peering backwards in time by a few moments when he looks at his reflection, conversely you could say that the light from the past is traveling into the future. This correlation between Southland Tales and 9/11 suggests that the occult ritual is in some way connected to time travel or more succinctly to parallel dimensions. The realm of Southland Tales is itself a parallel dimension, one in which 9/11 never took place. Officer Roland Taverner is also from another dimension, because his duplicate self from the past never got to go through the time rift. If he wasn't, this would violate the rules of causality and the whole timeline would have to be reset.
    So, the question is; What the fuck does parallel dimensions got to do with 9/11? What if, and this is a big if, the planes never went inside the buildings, but instead passed through into another dimension? This would explain why the planes just melted into the steel frame of the buildings. The passengers on the planes, if they survived the jump, would now be in another dimension where the Twin Towers, quite possibly, never even existed. It would also mean that the entire structure of the Twin Towers was engineered as some sort of inter-dimensional gateway with an attractor built somewhere on the other side.
    As we know the Twin Towers were over-engineered to protect them from accidental collisions with jet aircraft. Its multitude of vertical support columns made it structurally analogous to a tree. The World Tree Yggdrasil is name given to the corridors that connect the 9 worlds of the multiverse. Roman Polansky's predicted the fall of the Twin Towers in his 1999 film The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp. The Ninth Gate is a dimensional doorway that leads to the throne of the Sleepy World of Helheimr.
    There is little in the way of evidence for what I am suggesting. But there are tantalizing clues. One such clue was put forward by Internet-based researcher Jake Kotze who discovered that the World Trade Centre 1,2, and 7 are modeled on The Three Pillars of the Masonic Tracer Board. The three pillars are, in turn, related to the Pyramids at Giza. Kotze noticed that the WTC complex was laid out in the form of the Giza Pyramids while researching their possible connection to stars in Orion's belt.

    Height comparison between the Great Pyramid and World Trade Centre 1.

    As a young child I had often puzzled over the unusual relationship between the North Tower of the World Trade Centre and the Great Pyramid at Giza, as they appear in Russel Ash's Big Book of Comparisons. In the reproduction above I have highlighted the proportional relationship between the two structures. The red line shows the correlation in height between the Technical Services levels in WTC 1 and the height of the pyramid as it stands today, minus the capstone. The blue line shows the correlation between the level of the roof of the first Sky Lobby and the apex level of the pyramid with its capstone in place. Some theories concerning the structure of the Great Pyramid suggest that it may have something to do with hyper or inter-dimensional travel. The Great Pyramid currently stands at 138.8 metres. Round this figure off and multiply by 3, a number closely associated with pyramids and pyramid building, and you get 417m, the height of the North Tower.
    The 11th of September is the date of the Egyptian New Year and the number 9 was sacred to them as it represented the number of Gods in the Ennead. You only need to check the literature to know that any event or ritual, which incorporates as many Egyptian symbols and references as 9/11, is going to open up a inter-dimensional portal to the Land of the Dead where the Power of the Gods resides. What will happen if this gateway has been left open, or at least unlocked?

    The Dark Towers

    This image below captures two ghostly shadows in the region of where the Twin Towers once stood. It was taken by a group of Irish people who were out "to do the tourist thing," and from what I can tell, it is the genuine article. You can see from the time and date included, as well as from the car and street lamps, that the photo was taken as evening fell. Traditionally, the evening is the time when the boundaries between the worlds are at their thinnest.

    What hypothesis can we formulate by way of explanation for this phenomenon? It could be that the shadows are a result of place memory, where by the indelible nature of the towers left an imprint on the place where once they stood. Alternatively, if we except the inter-dimensional gateway hypothesis, then the shadows could be the result of a periodic reopening of this gateway during the twilight hours, or witching hours. The dark shadows in this case are not shadows at all, but areas of transition where a percentage of the light is escaping from our world and being absorbed by matter in another dimension. The higher-dimensional qualities of light, spoken about earlier in this article, would easily facilitate this absorption.
    The photograph has many of the hallmarks of an amateur photographer. The camera is probably a modestly priced digital snapshot camera. These tend to need relatively long exposures in low light situations. Camera shake during long exposures is natural and will produce the motion blur visible on the abrupt skyline. What is interesting, and difficult to fake, is the continuation of the blur into the area in question, the shadow. The shadows also exhibit a curved focal distortion prevalent to tall straight objects that is in keeping with the surrounding buildings. I find it hard to believe that an amateur photographer would be aware of these particulars, and so, trust the authenticity of the photograph.

    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    Atreyu and the Wolf

    In the Never Ending Story Atreyu is pursued by G'mork, a creature of darkness that emerges from underground. This makes him akin to the legend of the Nordic Fenris wolf, who tried to eat the sun, but was imprisoned in the centre of the earth. Legend has it that when the forces of evil equal the forces of good the earth's rotation will slow down and the earth will rip open freeing Fenris from his prison. This time is known as Ragnarok and is the Nordic version of the Apocalypse.

    G'mork the Werewolf
    All of this should sound very familiar to you, if you have read any of my previous posts that is. In Southland Tales Fluid Karma is responsible for slowing the earth's rotation, a process known as Global Deceleration. This process leads to the end of the world. The Fluid Karma Generator, as we know, is equivalent to the LHC and the U2 Claw stage. In the second part of the 10/13 prediction I said that;

    Then the Fenris Wolf , shaken from his sleep, will break free from his underground lair.

    The Fenris Wolf is G'mork because of the inclusion of the Nothing from the Never Ending Story later on in the prophecy. Another part of the prediction that I left out, because it is a little obscure, mentions that the wolf will have an explosive growth rate; going from birth to adulthood and old age in a few seconds.

    The wolf will grow in size, from a pup to a hound, in the blink of an eye. He will achieve old age just as quickly, but by then he will have six spindly insect legs, making him terrible to look at.

    The transformation of the dog from The Thing (1982).
    The six spindly insect legs that appear on the wolf's body in old age have a precedent in John Carpenter's 1982 movie The Thing. In the film a dog that is really a shape-shifting alien mutates and infects the other dogs in the pack. You can watch the mutation here, but be warned it is pretty disgusting.

    In the Never Ending Story G'mork is sent out to kill the only person who can stop the Nothing from destroying Fantasia. That person is Atreyu. When Atreyu and G'mork finally meet they do not recognise each other at first. This allows them time to exchange words before doing battle with each other. In this exchange we learn that Atreyu must get beyond the boundaries of Fantasia in order to stop the Nothing. G'mork informs Atreyu that Fantasia is the world of human hopes and dreams and, therefore, has no boundaries. He goes on to say that he is in league with the power behind the Nothing. He wants to destroy the hopes of mankind because people who are without hope are easy to control. "He who has the control, has the power!"

    This is of key importance to everything I have been saying about the LHC up until now. The LHC is the pinnacle of mankind's attempts, which are still in the stage of research, to control the Universe. The LHC is this realities equivalent to Fluid Karma machine, the ultimate power source that can control machines and the minds of men. Krysta Now's predictive screen play called The Power outlines how Fluid Karma will destroy the world. The name Fluid Karma suggests the karmic flow of energies that is the sum total of human actions, good or bad, on the surface of this planet. If this flow reaches an equilibrium, this line of reasoning seems to suggest, the Earth would shatter and Ragnarok would begin.

    The Nothing cannot be captured in any image or described in words. But its form can be understood in terms of its effect upon Fantasia. The Nothing appears to the inhabitants of Fantasia as a great storm that sucks everything into it. It eats everything. In this way it is like a black hole. The third part of the prediction stipulates a black hole or singularity of some kind.

    After that the wind called The Nothing will sweep the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

    The prophecy, in full, seems to suggest, that the LHC will produce an earthquake;
    First the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk, that is made dark blue by the night.
    that it will then explode; the Fenris Wolf ... will break free from his underground lair. The wolf will grow in size, from a pup to a hound, in the blink of an eye. He will achieve old age just as quickly, but by then he will have six spindly insect legs, making him terrible to look upon.
    and finally it will create a black hole.
    After that the wind called The Nothing will sweep the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

    If a black hole appeared on earth that was large enough to begin absorbing the atmosphere then within a relatively short space of time we would be fucked. As far as I am aware, the LHC is only capable of generating tiny quantum black holes that evaporate the instant they are created. Unless something unprecedented happens, I think we are safe from total annihilation. But what about G'mork? Did he not say that he was in league with the power behind the Nothing? What then is this power?

    Well if the Nothing is a black hole created by the LHC, then the power behind the Nothing must then be the LHC. But who is G'mork and how does he tie in with the LHC? The answer to that lies with someone we know quite well by now. It is none other than Bono AKA Paul Hewson.

    In 2003 Bono collaborated with Gavin Friday, another Irish Mason, to create a new version of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Gavin Friday was responsible for the music and Bono illustrated it. Peter and the Wolf is of course symbolically identical to the struggle between Atreyu and G'mork. If Bono is G'mork then this sheds some light on G'morks affrimation that Fantasia has no boundaries. U2's new single, called No Line On The Hirozon, describes the limitless and unending world of Fantasia, as well as the indefinable parametres of the Nothing in one fell swoop. The purpose of the LHC is to look for the boundaries of our Universe, just like Atreyu is doing. What if they find something that we don't want to see?

    Bono is of course connected to the LHC through his Fluid Karma imitation stage known as the Claw. That name now bares more significance in terms of the wolf's talons/claws. The six spindly insect legs that emerge from the aging G'mork/Bono creature are indicative of alien or demonic control. In an earlier post I connected Bono to demonic possession and the Demon Murder Trial. Is Bono really a shape-shifting alien? Someone should do the blood test on him.

    The scribblings of an insane lunatic?
    The Lord of the Hive

    In the picture on the left Bono has drawn Peter in his own likeness, or rather the likeness of his alter-ego, the Fly. The writing on his wooly jumper reads; Baked Bean Boy. This seemingly ridiculous statement is actually a coded Satanic message. Baked Bean Boy is an alliteration of three 'b's - BBB. Bees live in hives made of hexagonal compartments. Bees have six legs and gestate inside hexagonal catacombs. Three bees then make 666, either way you look at it. Notice how the words are enclosed in a hexagonal cartouche symbolic of the catacombs of the hive.

    In Southland Tales the Baron, who created Fluid Karma, is Lucifer, the Lord of the Flies. In our world that evil may be personified in the Fly, Bono.

    Hulk LHC

    In the previous post Prediction 10/13 I said that there would be a "9/11 style event" on October 13th 2009. In the same post I gave a cryptic synopsis of the events that should take place 23 days from today. I will attempt to explain this code, expanding upon its ramifications. The code has suffered some editing and minor phrasal changes since its original posting, but the gist of it still remains. Here is the code;

    First the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk, that is made dark blue by the night. Then the Fenris Wolf, shaken from his sleep, will break free from his underground lair. After that the wind called The Nothing will scour the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

    The first part of the code deals with the shape-shifting super hero the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk has been the subject of two major movie motion pictures in the last 5 years. The picture below shows the Hulk as he is portrayed in Ang Lee's 2003 version known simply as Hulk.
    In this movie Dr. Bruce Banner is exposed to radiation from a machine known as the gammasphere. The gammasphere is a real machine that is used to detect gamma radiation produced from the collisions of charged particles in a particle accelerator. In the movie the newly formed Hulk lifts up the gamma sphere that has changed him so utterly and smashes it. In doing so, he briefly becomes like Atlas, a Titan from Greek mythology, who held aloft the celestial sphere on his shoulders. The gammasphere is a good description of a celestial sphere because gamma radiation is typically out of the reach of our human perceptions.

    ATLAS is the name of a new generation of gamma sphere constructed at the Large Hadron Collider. ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) is specifically designed to be flexible enough to detect particles that remain undiscovered at the present time. The Hulk is further associated with particle accelerators like the one at CERN through his phrase "Hulk smash!" Particle accelerators were, until very recently, also commonly referred to as "atom smashers".

    The Hulk has a very characteristic way of moving around; he jumps in huge leaps and bounds, shaking the earth wherever he lands. In this way he is associated with earthquakes. Atlas was also able to create earthquakes by jumping or hitting the ground, such was his size. In the last post, LHC and Fluid Karma, I discussed the similar ways in which the Fluid Karma generator, in Southland Tales, and the LHC might negatively impacts on the environment. Fluid Karma was responsible for a rift in spacetime and a series of seismically accumulative earthquakes.
    Here is a comparative list of the imagined/possible negative effects of both the LHC and FLuid Karma:

      Fluid Karma
    • creates rifts in space time
    • produces a series of resonant
      earthquakes of increasing magnitudes
    • contributes to Global Deceleration
    The Large Hadron Collider at CERN
    • could conceivably
      create a blackhole that destroys
      the Universe
    • opens up a spacetime rift
    • the activation of the LHC results
      in a series of devastating earthquakes
      and unstoppable tsunamis worldwide
    The LHC and the Fluid Karma Generator share 2 out of 3 harmful effects. Fears that the LHC was responsible for a series of earth quakes in the Pacific ring of fire emerged shortly after the first LHC test run on September 1oth 2008, and captured large-scale interest among on the worldwide web. The theory goes that activity in the LHC triggered no less than four magnitude 5 earthquakes across the region of the Pacific rim. Scientists have been quick to refute these claims as non-sense; and they could well be. But considering the unprecedented size and scope of this project I think it unwise to assume no causalities, whatsoever, on the part of the LHC.

    On the 09/09/09 a Mexican preacher hijacked a plane headed for Mexico city. His stated motivation was to warn the world of an imminent earthquake. Is this the same earthquake that is connected to the activation of the LHC and alluded to in the line; the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk?

    The HuLK, pronounce like HLK or HLC, is the LHC.

    Who will be responsible?

    The prediction of a "9/11-style event" on October 13 2009, is slightly ambiguous. On the one-hand it sounds like there will be another terrorist attack, taking place inside a major American City, possibly New York. On the other hand, we have all of this information pointing to an accident at the LHC CERN laboratories. Another attack on American soil would enable the newly formed Obama government to instigate new draconian measures and to add to the list of unjust wars that were started by Bush. However, a terrorist attack on the LHC might amount to the same thing, considering that it is a project involving large-scale cross-border cooperation between governments and scientists. The LHC is, I believe, very important to the global elite and I don't believe that they would go to all that trouble of developing it just to wreck it in a phony/staged terrorist attack.

    The LHC will be reactivated in October, but no date, as yet, has been confirmed. If the LHC starts up in late October, for example, it logically could not play any role in the 10/13 event. If however it starts up at the beginning of October, as I suspect it will, we could see an attempt by anti-CERN groups to derail the project. One such group is the Greek Security Team (GST) who previously hacked in to the CERN computers and very nearly took control of one of the detectors in a bid to sabotage the project. They were stopped. Next time someone else might be more successful.

    Considering the connections between the LHC and Greek mythology I find it interesting that a Greek terrorist cell are the ones concerned with the goings-on inside the CERN laboratories. According to the Greek legends, Hades tried to absorb the soul of Chronos into the underworld during the war between the Gods and the Titans, but failed. Later on, he managed to trap the soul of Atlas, who waited in the underworld until he was joined by the rest of the defeated Titans. The LHC is symbolic of the underworld and of the nine circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno. The aim of the project is to capture a glimpse of the Universe as it was when space and time began. They are, in effect, trying to capture Chronos' soul as Chronos means time. It is almost like they are reenacting the power struggle between the early Gods. They already have Atlas down there with them, so the recreation of the struggle is already fixed in their favour. All they have to do is to press on with their experiments and the secrets of the Universe are certain to fall into their laps. That is if the Gods or the GTS don't have anything to say about it.

    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    The LHC and Fluid Karma

    The Law of Fluid Karma

    The Fluid Karma Generator is responsible for a rift in the fabric of spacetime half a kilometre long. Boxer Santaros and Officer Roland Taverner move through the rift and subsequently travel 69 minutes back in time. The rift is created, presumably, through the process of global deceleration, where by the earth's rotation is slowed by 0.0000006 mph each day. In the movie Southland Tales (2005) Officer Roland Taverner encounters his past-self and, having suffered from amnesia, mistakes his past-self for his twin brother. What would happen if two people, two identical souls sharing the same molecules, were to come into physical contact with one another? Boxer Santaros has the answer; "The 4th dimension would unravel, you stupid bitch."

    The new U2 stage for the 360 degree World Tour is designed in the image of the Fluid Karma Generator. This image of the stage, nicknamed the Claw, was taken at Croke Park in Dublin in late July. Note the airship/blimp in the top right hand corner. Fluid Karma also powered and controlled a colossal airship whose spectacular destruction came only moments before the destruction of the world itself. The Claw was unveiled in Barcelona on June 30 2009; a year to the day that Boxer Santaros and Roland travelled through the rift created by the very machine this monstrosity is modeled upon. In an interview, in Barcelona, Bono pointed to the large spire in the centre of the stage and said that it was a homage to Gaudi. Then he called Barcelona "the capital of Surrealism." I can think of no better place to reveal your Fluid Karma inspired stage, built in honour of two fictional characters who broke the spacetime barrier, than in the Capital of Surrealism, Bono.

    The Large Hadron Collider will be switched on some time in October. Its purpose is to recreate conditions as they were in the universe directly after the Big Bang. They are doing this to try to understand where the universe came from, and how it came to be the way that it is. The LHC will accelerate particles very close to the speed of light and smash them into other particles traveling in the opposite direction to create mass. When matter is created out of energy you get matter and anti-matter in equal amounts. According to the "CERN rap video" anti-matter is like matters evil twin and when they come into contact they annihilate one another. This is a very similar story to the concept of time unravelling when Roland Taverner interacts with his past self/ 'twin' brother.

    Since August of last year it has been made very clear to everyone that scientists don't really know what is going to happen when they finally get the proton accelerator working. Critics of the experiment believe that it could create a rift in spacetime or even destroy the Universe. Sound familiar? The Fluid Karma generator was responsible for creating the rift in spacetime. Could the LHC do the same thing on Earth? The Fluid Karma Generator was also responsible for creating a series of earthquakes of increasing magnitude in the Pacific Ocean. What would happen if an earthquake struck while the LHC was operational? We are told that the chance the Large Hadron Collider might produce an environmental catastrophe, on par with that of the Fluid Karma Generator, is in the region of 0.01%. That is a big price to pay for such a small risk.

    The LHC might be the largest machine in the world, but the U2 Claw stage is the largest rock stage ever to tour the world. It will be completing the last leg of its tour in North America on October 28th. October has now a special significance for both the LHC and U2. U2's second ever album was called October.

    The world won't end on October 13th but we should be in for a big bang.