Monday, September 20, 2010

Pulp Gnosis

 Pulp Fiction (1994); A soft moist shapeless mass of matter.
The soft moist part of fruit.
A mass of pressed vegetable matter: apple pulp.
A publication, such as a magazine or book, containing lurid subject matter.

A youthful Butch Coolidge is watching Saturday morning cartoons, when his mother switches them off and tells him he has a visitor. The visitor is Captain Koons (played by Christopher Walken). He served with Butch’s father, Dean Coolidge, at Hanoi, in the Vietnam War. What follows is something that Walken does best, a long soliloquy; this time about a gold watch that was hidden up Dean’s and Captain Koons’ asses, to protect it from falling into the hands of the enemy 'Gooks.’ I will argue that “this watch, this gold watch,” represents Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the Apple of Knowledge, and that Christopher Walken’s character, not for the first time mind you, is meant to represent none other than the Devil himself.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, one of Philip K. Dick’s first great novels, details an attempt made by a superior alien intelligence to invade our solar system, as well as our minds. The eponymous character has just returned from a ten year trip out to the Prox system, the furthest any human made craft has ever been. He has brought back a plant-based alien narcotic, which he claims will rival the popular colonist drug Can-D. Can-D offers the colonists an escape from their miserable lives through a process known as translation; whereby their minds are transported to a place that looks and feels like Earth, and yet isn’t. Palmer claims that his alternative, Chew-Z, offers a far more lucid and maliable experience, but as the colonist soon discover, Chew-Z is a mind control drug, in which Palmer is the ultimate lord and master.

Palmer Eldritch is a fabulously wealthy business tychon who is distinguished by three features; “a distorted jaw line,” an artificial robotic arm, and artificial Jensen eyes. These are the stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, a man who was infected by a superior alien intelligence on his way to the Prox system. Barney Mayerson, who put his physical and mental well-being on the line in order to confront Eldritch, believes this entity to be God, or a creature of similar magnitude. In this way, Eldritch is made out to be the equivalent of Jesus Christ, who travelled to Earth with the promise of eternal life. Chew-Z’s marketing slogan states; GOD OFFERED ETERNAL LIFE, WE CAN DELIVER IT.

In the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) a plant from outer-space arrives on Earth and begins replicating human beings. The duplicates then go on to replace their originals within human society and they begin to propagate yet more plants, until the entire Earth is overrun by creatures who think and act with one hive-like mind. The image of partially formed human beings covered in whispy plant-like fibres is analogous to how PKD describes Palmer Eldritch in his book;
            “A spider web, gray fungoid strands wrapped one around another to form a brittle column that swayed… a great mass of timeless cobwebs shaped, almost as a cavalier gesture, in quasi human form.”
In the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dr. Richard Kibner, played by Leonard Nimoy stands in for Palmer Eldritch, as the emissary for the alien intelligence threatening to supplant mankind. This analogy is further strengthened by the curious use of a leather clove, by Kibner, which mirrors succinctly Palmer Eldritch’s metallic arm.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is filled with a bewildering array of billboards and roadsigns, streetways and buildings, which, as a young boy, I felt held some intrinsic value to the underlying message of the movie, as a whole. The Transamerica Pyramid building, the tallest sky-scaper in San Francisco, appears repeatedly throughout the movie, to suggest a nation wide conspiracy that is growing, or spreading, out from one central source. The reference to a Masonic conspiracy is clearly alluded to here, as it typifies the paranoic theme of the movie, in general.

Further references to the differing degrees of Freemasonry appear during the climactic chase sequence. First there is the number 32, the pen-ultimate Masonic degree, that appears adjacent to a staircase. Next the group mistakenly attempts to find refuge at the docklands; Pier 33. Before this they run down an alleyway called Napier Lane. This seems to suggest that they should forego the pier, and the ultimately unsettling revelations of the final degree of Masonry.

In the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, the recreational drug Can-D produces within the colonists a feeling of being back on Earth; a process known as translation. On several occassions, this process is compared to the transubstanciation of the host during Holy Communion, where Catholics believe that the wine and the bread actually become Christ’s blood and flesh. Another analogy between the lives of Palmer Eldritch and Christ is that both of these bodies are ‘host’ to a superior alien intelligence, that operates by sublimating people into a highly organized union with this intelligence. Interestingly, the famed occultist Emmanuel Swedenborg describes heaven as being a place were all souls exist in unison with the mind of God. His discussion of the fractal nature of this realm is also worth a look.

In Alejandro Jodorowsky’s critically acclaimed movie The Holy Mountain, Jesus Christ appears as a character who is desperately in need of spiritual cleansing. This is provided to him by a mysterious and powerful alchemist, who discovers a malignant parasite growing on the back of the Messiah’s neck. He deftly removes it, and then teaches Jesus how to distill gold from his own shit. The purpose of this is to show Christ as an Arch-alchemist cabable of transmuting his base material existence into the Philosopher’s Stone of Eternal Life. The trabsubstanciation of the host is, similarly, an alchemical act. This view of Christ is consistant with a Gnostic point of view, in which Adam is punished for taking the Apple of Knowledge by the profane God Yahweh and sentenced to live out a mortal life in the base material world of His invention.

A number of years ago, a theory surfaced on the internet which claimed that Pulp Fiction was an allegory for the day-to-day machinations of Hell. This concept was likely to have been inspired by the numerous biblical references and references to 'acts of god' that appear throughout the movie. According to the theory Jules and Vincent are henchmen acting on behalf of the Devil (Marcellus Wallace) to secure a briefcase, which contained the soul of a nameless and condemned sinner. This explains why we never see inside the briefcase. Is it conceivable that Tarantino could have included an allegorical sub-plot to his text? Considering that Quentin spends about ten minutes explaining the hidden meaning behind “Like a Virgin”, in Reservoir Dogs, I would say that, yes, it is concievable. A breakdown of this theory is as follows;

Marcellus Wallus – the Devil
Jules and Vincent – the Devil’s Henchmen
Los Angeles – Hell

As you can see, this interpretation fails to account for a number of key characters and plot elements, most notably Butch and the story of the Gold Watch. Not so with a gnostic interpretation, which appears to outline all of the major themes within a standard format, or model. Butch’s story begins in earnest when he is sitting across from Marcellus (Jahweh) waiting to receive instructions. Marcellus tells him to throw the fight; “Your ass goes down in the 5th.” And follows this up with seemingly well-meaning advice, that hides a selfish impluse; 
"The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."
The conversation is equivalent to God telling Adam not to eat fruit from either the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge, and we know this because when Butch first enters the bar he asks the barman, Paul, for a bag of apples. I, for one, I have never heard of a bar that sells apples (singularly let alone in bags) before. This one act shows that Adam has already made up his mind to disobey his master- and consequently that the plot, by Adam and Eve, to steal the Apple was premeditated. The next time Butch and Marcellus meet it is on less favourable terms, but due to an unfortunate turn of events the two reconcile their differences. Butch is told to; 
"...leave town tonight, right now. And when you're gone, you stay gone, or you be gone. You lost all your L.A. privileges."  
This is the equivalent of Adam and Eve being thrown out of the Garden of Eden; i.e. Los Angeles.

Marcellus Wallus – the profane God Yahweh (the Devil)
Jules and Vincent – Archons of Yahweh
Butch – Adam
Fabienne – Eve
Lance – Christ
Los Angeles – Garden of Eden

In the story, the Apple of Knowledge is represented by the gold watch that Captain Koons gives Butch when he is still a boy. Koon’s is God’s messenger and the knowledge that the gold watch contains is the answer to one of God’s greatest mysteries; the Mystery of Light, or Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. The narrative structure of Pulp Fiction is distinctly disjointed, and results from a type of time travel only achievable within the bounds of cinema and the laws of General Relativity. Gold is the alchemical colour of the Sun, and of light. The fact that the watch has stopped visually demonstrates that, at the speed of light, time slows to a halt. The story states that Butch’s father (God) hid the secret of the gold watch up his ass. This in turn relates to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, which states that time slows down near a black hole.

The act of excreting the Gold Watch is equivalent to Jesus transmuting his own feces into gold, under the close supervision of the Alchemist, and in the concept that by stopping time we can cheat death. The Jesus of Jodorowski’s Holy Mountain is equivalent to the Jesus of Pulp Fiction (Lance) both of whom are enthralled in the net of Jahweh and must be purged of their base material part. Interestingly, the name Lance refers to the implemant that delivers the killing blow to Christ on the cross; the Spear of Destiny.

The original biblical interpretation of Pulp Fiction stated that the band-aid on the back of Marsellus Wallace’s neck concealed the numbers 666. I maintain that it more likely conceals the same parasitic organism that infected Christ before the Alchemist cured him. This parasite is the deficient property of the Universe. This is revealed, time and again, in works such as The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldridge and Invasion of the Body Snatchers to be a superior alien intelligence that acts to gain control of people’s mind, and to induct them into a hive mentality. The mind control parasite is also often referred to as being located at the back of the neck. In William Cameron Menzies’ cult classic Invaders from Mars, the mind control devices are to be found here. Invasion of the Body Snatchers also refer to it, although the reason for doing so is intentionally obscured. It may be of interest to some to note that WCM was born in New Haven, Conneticut, and attented Yale University, home to the Skull and Bones fraternity. This secret society is connected to mind control operations, such as the Manchurian Candidates that killed Robert and John F. Kennedy.

To conclude I would like to quote a poem by the infamous Jim Morrison, who said;

Death makes angels of us all
And gives us wings
Where we had shoulders
Smooth as ravens

No more money, no more fancy dress
This other kingdom seems by far the best
Until its other jaw reveals incest
And loose obedience to a vegetable law.

I will not go
Prefer a feast of friends
To the giant family.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Barrack Obama Clone I

After two disgraceful terms in office, two atrocious wars in the Middle-east, and a massive budget deficit, the world awaited with optimism for the elections in 2008, when the Bush administration would finally be replaced by a new Liberal government, lead by one very charismatic and likeable individual; Barack Hussein Obama. But as the course of the election played out on the world’s television screens, people began to question the man who was addressing them so eloquently. Who was he? Was he really born in Hawaii, as the official history of his life would suggest? Or was he, in fact, a Kenyan national, like his father, which would, in either case, make his bid for presidency wholly unconstitutional? 
But there were darker rumours too, such as; Obama's connection to the Weather Underground terror group, his renouncement of US citzenship while in Indonesia (back in the 70's), and his apparent Muslim ancestry, which lead some to suspect that Obama was a Muslim fundamentalist who hated the American way of life. Was Obama, the future president of the United States, a terrorist? Had all the effort put in by the previous administration to stem the tide of emerging fundamentalism, amounted to nought with the election of one of their own to the most powerful position in the country; if not the world? Were the terrorists now in control?

Considering the similarities between Barack Hussein Obama's two last names and the names of America's two greatest enemies of late (Saddam Hussien and Osama bin Laden)  it was no surprise that people suspected him of being a Muslim extremist, or even an Al Quida operative. How someone with a name like that could ever expect to compete, and win, in an US election is still a source of amusement to some, myself included. Speculation even went as far as to assume that Osama and Obama were the same person.

In an effort to try to understand this mysterious figure, with the Muslim sounding names, the people of the world, and the media, tried to liken him to something more familiar, something that people could easily recognise, and relate to. To fulfill this deep-seated need, it was necessary to invoke the spirit of Commander Spock, from the long running TV series Star Trek, as a means of sending up Obama’s impecable neatness, his integrity and pointed speech. Obama was even seen to play along with this description when he flashed the "live long and prosper" hand-sign at spectators. But, at the time, I thought that a better explanation for Obama's clinical attitude, as well as his missing––or faked––birth certificate, was that Barrak Hussein Obama was not a human derived in the usual manner, but was, in fact, a clone.  

On the night of Obama's victory in the 2008 elections I had already recourse to believe this assumption. But at the time, I did not know from which source, or for what reason, Obama had been cloned. That night, I watched a movie, which appeared to contain some of the answers. The movie was The Boys from Brazil, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.

In the movie, the Nazi scientist Dr. Josef Mengele is attempting to bring about the 4th Reich through a highly convoluted scheme. Known as Project Paperclip, the purpose of the scheme was to impregnate a large number of women, of German descent, with the cloned foetuses of their deceased-Fuhrer Adolph Hitler. In order to safegaurd the success of this operation, Dr. Mengele must insure that the nurturing factors of the Fuhrer’s life are reproduced faithfully, alongside the natural genetic factors. He achieves this end by killing the boys’ fathers at the time the boys attain the age of puberty (Hitler's own father died around this time in his life). This, he hopes, will trigger the dormant leadership qualities of at least one of the cloned boys, who will then go on to lead the Nazi’s into a new Reich.

Although, I had identified the air of genetic manipulation that emanated from Barack Obama's demeanor, I could not identify the source or reason behind it. The answers came soon after, when the host of the web-based radio show the Freeman Perspective revealed that Obama was, in fact, the clone of the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akenaten.

Could Obama really be the present day clone of a former Ancient Egyptian Pharoah? And if so, is he meant to usher in a new era of Egyptian Freemasonic rule? Freeman has already done extensive work on what is essentially his theory. He has even gone as far as to say that Obama’s wife and children have been cloned from the genetic material extracted from the mummified remains of Akenaten’s own family. But I had some concerns about the legitimacy of his graphic evidence, and decided to make an investigation into the subject of whether or not Obama’s facial features really are such a good match with those of the long dead pharaoh.
In this image I have used a variety of filters and imaging processes to compare the features of Obama and Akenaten, as taken from his likeness rendered in stone. There does appear to be a striking similarity here.

In this next image, I have overlaid the skull of the former Pharaoh onto the President's head. Notice that Akenaten's skull bulges at the back to a far more extensive degree than the President's; or anyone else's for that matter. Although there does appear to be some correlation between bone structures, without an expert opinion of how muscle, tissue and skin are applied to the skeletal manifold, this type of 'cranial mapping' is not very instructive; it does, however, make for a thought provoking graphic representation of the current President, I feel.

Finally, we have a profile comparison between Obama and Akenaten, which appears to wield a few correlations between the ears, eyes, nose, lips and cheekbone structure of both rulers. While this correlation is far from perfect, a better match may be achieved with a photo of Obama shot from the same angle as the bust of Akenaten.

Despite my investigation proving to be inconclusive, it stands to reason that Obama could still be a clone. If we were to accept that Obama and Osama bin Laden are the same person, as purported to be claimed in this video, then it also stands to reason that both Osama and Obama are cloned from the same genetic material. After all, Osama was not the biological heir to the bin Laden fortune, but was adopted into the family through the bin Laden Trust Fund. Adoption papers, and the like, could easily be faked to ensure the ruse takes proper effect. The reason behind orchestrating a battle between two men with an identical genetic make-up––one of whom is the nation's aggressor and fugitive, while the other its defender and ultimate figure head, may simply be as a source of entertainment to the elite, or serve as an interesting narrative used to contemplate the mysteries of life. However, the lack of any interaction or political interplay between these two figures negates any possibility of this actually being the case.

Leaving aside the Akhenaten link for the moment, what if the persona that we know as 'Obama' is the amalgamation of two different, but identical, clones. One Obama could be responsible for the 'meeting and greeting' style public appearances, while the other would remain, for the most part, behind closed doors preparing speeches, as well as addressing the nation via the television networks. This is why Obama was able to go straight to the gym––and work out, immediately after learning of his success in the lengthy election campaign; his work load was only half that of the other candidates. The doppleganger theory might also explain why Obama had to be inaugurated twice; once in public, the other time behind closed doors. The uncharacteristic 'slip-up' was orchestrated to allow for a second inauguration, because if there are two Obamas, each would require their own inauguration, by law. 

A reason why two Obama's would be necessary for the global elite's plans appeared on a Masonic forum on the internet some years ago. Although, I have since forgotten the link, I recall that the author outlined a scenario where the president would be assassinated; shot in the head, then three days later, when the country was still in mourning, his duplicate self would emerge and, claiming to be the Messiah, take office once more as a living God. From there on in, he would effect his power on Earth, as by way of the authority invested in him by the One True God, and direct his followers towards the creation of a One World Religion–– and by extension government– with himself as Supreme Godhead.

Upon winning the election Obama addressed the nation from behind a sheet of bullet-proof glass. Asides from criticisms he received in light of this decision, in terms of the message it sent out to the rest of the electorate, it could also be viewed as a type of holographic display case, where interference patterns built into the glass generated the President's likeness for all the world to see. On another, somewhat related note, we can see that the entire event was flanked by a row of tall palm trees. Could this be a reference to the Palm Tree Garden, from Gnostic Scripture, which was so important to PKD's thesis on the Valis satellite, and political manipulation from technologically advanced alien entities?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seal of Silence; 9/11

The Seal of Saturn is geometrically related to the hexagram. It is therefore related to each of these well-known occult symbols in turn.
  • The Seal of Solomon
  • The Seal of Hermes/Thoth (also known as the Seal of Silence).
  • The Unicursal Hexagram
There are many different and overlapping meanings for each of these names;
  • The Seal of Thoth is a hieroglyphic text, apparently apocalyptic in nature.
  • Thoth's teachings pertain to the mysteries of the heavens, and as such he is identified with the messenger of the God's; Hermes/Mercury.
  • The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, patron of hermetism, dictates the following, as a formula for alchemy and the universe at large; That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below.
  • The formula; as above, so below, is represented in the Seal of Solomon, by two inverted triangles.

The Seal of Solomon; Hermes Trismegistus.

Hermes transmits light by concealing it, behind the veiled meaning of the symbols. Hermetism is founded upon the idea of secrecy, therefore its teachings must remain as such. The invisible world of the celestial realms can only be made visible through their concealment. The Seal of Hermes is also known as the Seal of Silence, perhaps for this very same reason.
  • The Seal of Saturn is the Seventh Planetary Seal.
  • In a series of alchemical drawings, known as the 12 Keys of Basil Valentine, the Seal of Hermes appears in the 7th Key, along side a woman bearing a balance and the sword (Judgement).
  • From the Book of Revelations 8:1 "When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets."
  •  The opening of the Seventh Seal is a Prelude to the 7 Angels their 7 trumpets, and the Final Judgement.
The Seal of Saturn is, therefore, intimately associated with;
  • The number 7; of 7 seals, planets, angels, trumpets and keys.
  • The Emerald Tablet of Alchemy.
  • The coming apocalypse; according to the Christian Tradition.
  • And silence; i.e. the Seal of Silence, and the quote; "there was silence in heaven."
The Seal of Saturn is further associated with the events of 9/11, via its associations with alchemy and the number 17. The Twin Towers were built to emulate the schematic of the Alchemical and Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which has seven different levels and ten sephirot; equaling 17. No one could deny the apocalyptic tone of 9/11. After the event, air travel was suspended for several days; corresponding to The Book of Rev. 8:1 "and there was silence in heaven." The opening of the Seventh Seal is a prelude to the 7 angels and their 7 trumpets, just as 9/11 was a prelude to the 77 attacks in London in 2005.

If magic squares form the basis for alchemical planetary seals and hold the key to the occult significance of the number 17, then it is very possible that Yamasaki included this type of gnomic geometry into his designs for the WTC towers. The Twin Towers were of square floor plan; 208 feet by 208 feet (63.3984 metres). The floor area was spanned by numerous truss beams that divide the region into 261 even square segments. This equivalent to a square with length 31 for each side. The magic square size-31 can be seen here overlaid on the WTC2 floor plan. Each row, column and diagonal of this square sums to 14, 911. Now, that's a coincidence; not only does it contain the number 911, but two times 7,000, which is 7+7, correlating, once again to the July 7th attack in London; 77.

Magic Square Size-31 over the WTC-2 floor plan revealing important quadrals. All rows columns and diagonals
sum to 14, 911.

The rectangular feature in the floor plan is the shaft that contained the elevator system for the entire building. Each corner of this rectangular feature sits on one of four quadral numbers, within the magic square, these are; 343, 619, 951 and, surprisingly, 11. The sum of each of these four numbers forms what is known as a kernel number, in this case; 1924. By dividing the characteristic number of the magic square; 14, 911, by the kernel number, the result - 7.75 - confirms, once again, the 77 correlation. More interestingly, 1924 was a year of maximum solar activity, just like 2001. As such, 1924 was a year of considerable social and political upheaval, particularly in India, where the 1924 Kohat riots occurred; lasting from Sept. 9 - 11, and leaving 155 people dead.

Between the two years 1924 and 2001, is a period totaling six full Sunspot Cycles, lasting 11 years each; or 66 years. Other years of solar maximum, and some of their significant events, include;

  • 1936: March 16 – Adolf Hitler announces German rearmament in violation of the Versailles Treaty.
  • 1946: July 1 – Nuclear testing: Operation Crossroads, a series of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll in Micronesia, is initiated by detonation of Able at an altitude of 520 feet (158 m).
  • 1957: An important year (in occult terms) to do with the years 1990, 2001 and 2012.
  • 1968: A hugely important year in terms of student uprisings and political crises, May of '68.
  • 1979: August 27 – Lord Mountbatten of Burma and 3 others are assassinated by the Provisional Irish Republican Army. He was a British admiral, statesman and an uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. On the same day, the Warrenpoint ambush occurs: Provisional Irish Republican Army members attack a British convoy at Narrow Water, County Down, killing 18 British soldiers.
  • 1990: September 11 – Gulf War: President George H. W. Bush delivers a nationally televised speech in which he threatens the use of force to remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait.
  • 2001; September 11 – no comment.
  • 2012: Information pending.
The 11 year cycle, appears to be the contracted comparative to my Time Code 101 theory (of roughly 101 years) and therefore further conforms to Terrence McKenna's fractal time-wave postulate.

The magic square of order 31 is associated with sorrow, violent death and an affront to national or individual pride - very appropriate in terms of 9/11. Unlike the other magic squares, whose seals are planetary and represent planetary objects, the seal of magic square size-31 is the Seal of Silence; governmental, as well as hermetic. The seal is too large and intricate to be reproduced here successfully, but I may include it at some later stage.

Magic Squares are important for use in the creation of ciphers and encryptions, in general. As such they may have been invaluable to secret service agencies throughout the Cold War, and beyond. I believe that the magic square size-7 was used by Soviet Military Intelligence, at one point, to relay messages that pertained to activity of a paranormal nature.

Due to the fact that much of the information concerning magic squares appearing in this post comes from dream symbolism, I cannot vouch for its empirical authenticity.