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From extended bouts of meditation I have come to realise, as others have done before me, that they are numerous components that make up who we are. I have divided these various components into two categories; discrete and continuous (or implicit and explicit). There are between 5 and 7 such components when taken all together. The Ancient Egyptians similarly believed that there were between 5 and 8 different aspects to the soul that could survive after death. Whilst the analogy is not completely correct I will try to give the Egyptian equivalent where and when I can.


Body: The physical body is continuous because it has a dimension in the physical world. The physical body houses all of the other components up until the eventuality of our deaths. (Ancient Egyptian: Haw)

The Energy Body: The energy body is the lifeforce that permeates and animates the physical body. For this reason it is thought that the absence of this body from the physical body is akin to death. (AE: Ka)

The Emotional Body: the emotional body could either be a function of the energy body or arises out of it as a separate entity in response to stimulus. Thoughts formed in the Ego tend to have a direct effect on the energy body and result in the occurrence of the emotional body. (AE: Ib)

The Astral Body: The astral body is the connected to the ego as much as the energy body is connected to the physical body. The astral body is what the Ego makes use of when it is asleep and dreaming. It is our second body that can assume different forms and even defy the laws of physics, if necessary. During wakefulness, when the Ego is once again connected with the physical body the astral body takes a back seat. But it is always present and for this reason could be reasoned to take the form of the Shadow in Egyptian Mythology. (AE: Sheut)

Ego: The ego is you presiding sense of self. It is who we are ultimately. All other things could be perceived as projections or tools of the Ego to make itself effective in the world. The Ego could be thought to be explicit because of its efficacy and its ability to be far reaching in the physical world. However, it could also be termed to be implicit because it, along with the projective element of the attention, serves to create what is known as space and time. (AE: Ba)

Discrete/implicit Properties of the Human Condition

Discrete properties of the human condition are, as their name suggests, self-contained and do not occupy a very large area. The first of these is the Attention.

Attention; the Attention is a very high-energy singularity of awareness containing almost no dimension
It goes where the will or 'ego' tells it to go. Its purpose is to make a very fast recon of any target and relay this information back to the Ego. It moves with great celerity and agility. It can make sharp turns of ninety degree angles, much like the luminescent orbs of the UFO phenomenon. This leads me to believe that all of these kinds of UFO are conscious or perhaps projections of people's awareness whilst they sleep, meditate, day-dream etc. The Attention is only about as big as a small grass seed, but it can be surrounded by a diffuse auric energy field. The Attention is in some sense a projection of the ego, but it is its own thing as well when out and about in the world. (AE: Ba)

Intent: The intent like the will in that it sets up the game plan for future encounters. Intention is in some sense separate from your ego, because sometimes we are not fully aware of our intentions. But in some way it must be an extension of the Ego. (AE: Ba)

The Relationship Between the 7 Souls of the Egyptians and the Chakras

It is possible that each of the 7 components to the soul is regulated by a different energy chakra. This would mean that these chakras are the energy centres to each of these individual components.

Root Chakra: Body
Sacral Chakra: Energy body
Solar Plexus: Intent
Heart Chakra: Emotional body
Throat Chakra: Attention
Ajna Chakra: Ego
Crown Chakra: Astral Body

I should point out here that when I speak of each of these things being separate they are not really separate at all. The physical body and all of the others are an explicit value of the implicit order of the true human soul; the Ego.

These energy bodies can take on human form. When they do so they can be mistakenly referred to as tulpas. Certain intoxicating substances can reveal the presence of these parts of the human soul, which I call avatars/archetypes. To understand what I mean when I speak of avatars think back: Have you ever been in a room with one or two other people and felt that there was a third or a fourth or a fifth person there with you? If you have then you are probably encountering yourself or another's avatars.

Scientists tell us that we only use 10% of our brain at anyone time. This is because the other avatars are utilising the remaining 90% to their own ends. Avatars are extremely important socially as well as magically. They can be used to mediate between you and another persons avatars on an astral level. They set up the situations necessary for all types of magical works to come to fruition.

Note the Rainbow.

It is possible to meet with your avatars in the astral plain; i.e. dream worlds. They will also be present to guide you when you die, this is the meaning of the term 'Six Feet Under' i.e. there are 6 chakras under the main one.

The chakra body, which exists in an astral dimension, could also be referred to as the Rainbow Body, as it consists of the 7 rainbow/spectrum colors. Rainbows, as a natural weather phenomenon, exist at an angle of 42 degrees to the observer.  This means that the seven colours of the rainbow occupy a range 6 degrees each; because 6 x 7 = 42.

Violet:..................0- 6 degrees
Indigo:.................7-12 °  
Blue:..................13-18 °
Green:................19-24 °
Yellow:..............25-30 °
Orange:..............30-36 °
Red:...................36-42 °

These are the 6 degrees of separation, that exist in a variety of different network systems, including our own human social networks. The Law of 6 degrees states that each person in the world can be linked to any other person in no more than six steps.

It is important to note that 'violet' occupies the first magnitude of degree range; 0-6°, while red, which is ordinarily though to come first, occupies the last. Thus the colours of the spectrum do not go; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, but rather in the reverse. This is related to an important occult fact that, after a long period of work done upon your chakras; through meditation and light work, the order of your chakras alters so that red occupies the crown chakra and violet the base.

Going back to human social networks then, it is conceivable that there is an energetic copy of you existing in the seventh order magnitude of separation (you yourself being the first) and that this person you will never meet, such is their unerring fate, and yet you share with them all of your intrinsic emotional values, beliefs and aspirations.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The Synesthetics of Time

Many people suffer, to a greater or lesser degree, from a condition known as Synesthesia. In extreme cases sounds are regularly reinterpreted by the synesthete as colours or even tastes. A common form of synesthesia is to do with the ascribing of colours to both letters and numbers; so 'a' might be brown, 3 green etc.

A recent scientific study has found that a large number of people exhibit instances of synesthesia in relation to the passage of time. They discovered that the majority of the volunteers have constructed complex and elegant spatial diagrams that denote the course of the year from winter to winter.

Lets try a short experiment of our own shall we? What colour do you think the days of the week are? For me it goes;

Sunday = Blue
Monday = Red
Tuesday = Greeny Yellow
Wednesday = Magenta/Violet
Thursday = Sandy Yellow
Friday = Rusty Orangey Yellow
Saturday = Indigo

The process of synesthesia is largely subjective, so don't worry if your colors differ from mine in their order or their hue. What I would ask you to do, however, is to adjust your synesthesia so that each day is represent by one of the 7 colours of the rainbow, this way we can begin to construct what is to be known as your individual Time Spectrum™.

Now take the order of the days of the week and rearrange them so that the colours are in the same order as they appear in the spectrum. Like so;

Monday; Red,
Friday; Orange
Thursday; Yellow
Tuesday; Green
Sunday; Blue
Saturday; Indigo
Wednesday; Violet

For me this changes the order of the days to Monday, Friday, Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday, or M, F, T, T, S, S,W. We can see that there is an implicit order in this, because the 'T's and 'S's are paired together and the inverted 'W' and "M' symbols, denoting the beginning and end of the cycle, are also thusly paired.
Blocking in the days reveals the first
segment of the Rainbow Bridge.

If we were to plot these in a contiguous manner, we would see that there are 4 days between Monday and Friday, 6 between Friday and Thursday, 5 days between Thursday and Tuesday, another 5 between Tuesday and Sunday, 6 between Sunday and Saturday and finally another four between Sat and Wednesday, with Wednesday being its own day.

As we can see this gives us a very definite pattern of; 4, 6, 5, 5, 6, 4.

This palindromic number sequence sums to a total of 30 days, a good approximation of the number of days in a month - Wednesday makes it 31 - and is confirmation of the implicit order we spoke of earlier. But what the hell is it?

When we input this data into Google or Yahoo! we find that it is a segment, a very central segment of a much longer series that is part of one of the oldest and most profound number sequences in existence. The full sequence, which is characterised by an ascending/descending order, is;

0, 10, 1, 9, 2, 8, 3, 7, 4, 6, 5, 5, 6, 4, 7, 3, 8, 2, 9, 1, 10, 0, 9, 1 ...

This gives us a formula by which we can extend the Time Spectrum™ into the preceding and anteceding month. Like so;
Starting arbitrarily on June first of this year we have;

1; Indigo, 9; blue, 2; green, 8; yellow, 3; orange, 7; red, 4; red, 6; orange, 5; yellow, 5; green, 6; blue, 4; Indigo, 7; Violet, 3; Violet, 8; Indigo, 2; blue, 9; green, 1; yellow days, and another intercalary day which represents zero; coloured black (not shown).

This is a total of 91 days.
91 by 4 equals 364, very close to the length of the entire year.

When we insert our intercalary day we are able to tesselate the Rainbow Bridge Calendar across the entire spectrum of time. The intercalary day - of which there are four - is a day out of time, and so is denoted by the colour black. Interestingly, this intercalary day is always on a Friday. These 'Black Fridays' are rest days in the calendar, a time to take stock and do nothing.
But what about the other days? Well, I propose that each coloured section corresponds to one of the seven chakras and that the specific chakra meditation or comportment should be observed on those days. This gives you a kind of solid structure to plan your year on, but not one that I would expect anyone to rigidly adhere to. Just take it in mind and your chakra system should do the rest for you.

2012 Rainbow Calendar. Cross the Rainbow Bridge
that leadeth to Valhalla!

I developed the concept of the Rainbow Bridge Calendar in December 2012. I decided to fill the month of October in first, as this was the only month that began with on a Monday. This was my 'red-letter' day, and the end of the 'Hunt for the Red October'. I completed the calendar on the night of December 20th 2012, the night before the Mayan Calendar was set to end.

This makes me feel that somehow the Rainbow Bridge Calendar was meant to carry us over from that old system into a new age of time. It is the cantenary I spoke of in Fragment 45-46. The keystone of this bridge is the ...5, 5... portion of the number series. Interestingly, my birthday is the 5th of May.

But I don't really feel like I should take all the credit for this work. The whole computational operation has a very Terrence McKenna-esque quality to it, and in fact I feel like I was channeling him for the most part of this article.

The Rainbow Calendar resembles the Mayan Calendar in the sense that it is based on a specified number of days and is therefore not a solar calendar. For this reason, if my calculations are correct, it should not precess with the addition of leap years etc.

I feel this gives a stability to the Gregorian Calendar, which was lacking up until now.

From a philosophical perspective, I feel the Rainbow Calendar hints towards a physical understand of the nature of time. Einstein's Theory of Relativity suggests that everything that is happening, has happened or will happen in the Universe, all happens at the same time. This moment, which we could refer to as the Big Bang Singularity, is like a kind of extremely compressed file, expressed in the form of a blinding white light. This white light is the Ground Luminousity of the Buddhists and the All, God, call it what you will.

Just as a droplet of water distorts the passage of a beam of light to create the effect of a rainbow to an observer, it would appear that we exist at an angle; of roughly 42ยบ, to this inexplicable Unity.

Otherwise, we are in the process of unpacking data from it, teasing out information, as a spectral analyst might, or a poker player spreads a deck of cards. The Rainbow Calendar suggests that if we were to alter or perspective on time and space, or somehow managed to quicken its pace, the colours of the Time Spectrum would all merge together to form the Blinding White Light, or the original data package, of the All.

So, are you a Synesthete? If so, please post what colour you think the days of the week are below. If you request it and leave your e-mail address, I may even be able to construct your own individual Time Spectrum™and Rainbow Bridge Calendar, though this remains to be seen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


How to Design Environmentally.

One day I went walking up a mountain near my house. When I looked back upon the ocean, I noticed that the horizon was not smooth, as you might expect, but faceted like the edge of a many sided polyhedron. The lines were blending into one another in a fractal manner, and to me at least they seemed to express the ratio of the Golden Mean 1.618.

Geophi dimensions plan; click to enlarge.

It was then that I realised that although this aspect ratio is used extensively for the design of everything from cigarette packets to computer screens and credit cards, the ratio itself has no single conceptual grounding. It is based off of arbitrary parametres set by practical concerns, i.e. what is convenient to most people: What fits most comfortably in the hand, what size doorway will accommodate most people etc.

The Anthropocentric basis of the Golden Aspect Ratio may serve to make us feel good about ourselves and our inventions. But, as we see time and time again, our inventions are harming the planetary environment at an astonishing and ever-increasing rate. Therefore, I suggest that we abandon our anthropocentric design aspects and switch to a more Geocentric model.

How do we do this?

We merely take the Earth's equatorial circumference; 40,075.16 km, and divide it down by Phi until we reach a manageable or required dimension.

Circumference of the Earth; 40,075.16Km / Phi 1.618 =

24, 768. 331 km              continued. 625. 70 metres
15, 307. 992                                    386. 71
  9, 461. 058                                 239. 00
  5, 847. 378                                     147. 71 height of the Giza Pyramid                      
  3, 613. 954                                       91. 29
  2, 233. 593                                       56. 42
  1, 380. 465                                       34. 87
      853. 192                                       21. 5536
      527. 313                                       13. 32114
      325. 904                                         8. 23330
      201. 424                                         5. 08884
      124. 489                                         3. 14489 Pi (correct to two decimals)
        76. 940                                         1. 94369
        47. 552                                         1. 20129 metres
        29. 389                                             74. 245 cm
        18. 164                                             45. 887
        11. 226                                             28. 360
          6. 938                                             17. 528
          4. 288                                             10. 833
          2. 650                                              6. 695
         1. 638                                              4. 138
         1. 012                                              2. 557
                                                                   1. 58 cm etc.

The purpose of these new Geocentric aspect ratios are to remind us that our designs, our products, and ourselves, are all part of the Earth and that we should be honour bound to value the environment for this reason.

This set of measurements, which I have dubbed Geophi, are supposed to make us feel good about ourselves, our creations, and our relationship with the Earth into the future.

You will notice that the Geophi measurements conform to the height construction of the Giza Pyramid, and that other mathematical constant Pi. Does this mean that the Ancient Egyptians took into consideration the dimensions of the Earth and the constant Phi when building the pyramids?

I would like to think so. Indeed other researchers have compiled scores of measurements that suggest the structure is in fact an abstract scale model of planet Earth.

I propose that the harmonic mathematical relationship between this most ancient of structures and the planet is the reason for its lasting so long.

If modern architects were to employ the same set of measurements they too could create a space where people might feel more connected to the environment. A place to feel both proud of man's achievements and gratitude to this most benevolent of planets we now call our home. Who knows harmonic resonance with the Earth might even make them withstand earthquakes better, just as it is the case with the pyramids.

So next time you are making a card, or a magazine, or building a building, remember to include the Geophi measurements, and see if you notice the difference.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


An Expose of Geomantic Alignments in Dublin City

St. Audeon's church is the only medieval parish left in Dublin City and is situated behind the old city walls. As you might expect, there are a number of old legends and superstitions –some wholesome and some not so – concerning this most ancient part of Dublin. One tradition stated that the first person through the city gates on New Years Day, which was usually a woman, would also be the first to be married that year. A much darker tradition was carried out in front of a great stone portal, which lies just inside the main gate, known as one of the 5 Gateways to the Underworld. In days gone by, women would carry their unwanted or unbaptised babies down into this passageway and leave them there for the chruch to deal with. The doorway was eventually bricked up, many hundreds of years ago, because of this practice. But the legends still remain.

I wondered where the other gateways to the Underworld might be located, and assuming that they must all be located around Dublin City proper, I went in search of information about them. I am well aware that there are numerous underground walkways and waterways about the city, some of which were used to transport goods and alcohol to the various taverns, but I could not find anymore information about where these entrances might be located, and more importantly, which of them lead to the realms of the dead.
I have already discussed the occult significance of the counties of Ireland and how they relate to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) in Magical Traditions. So, it seemed likely to me that if these other gateways did indeed exist they too might be arranged in the form of a pentagram. Armed with this I set about making lines across maps of the city and discovered something interesting. These are my findings;

To begin with we need to understand a little about the meaning of the pentagram, its use in ritual and its related alchemical symbolism. The five points of the pentagram each represent a different classical elements. These are; earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The  pentagram in LBRP is used by initiates to banish unwanted or demonic forces. To do this the initiate, either using their finger or the blade of a dagger, would draw the pentagram symbol in the air. They would start at the bottom left hand corner, carry their way on up to the top point and then down and around in a clockwise manner. Each point on the pentagram also has an associated symbolic meaning such that;

Earth = Truth
Spirit = Power
Fire = Knowledge
Air = Love
Water = Wisdom

Assuming that important landmarks are going to appear at each of the 5 points of our star, we can see that Trinity College lies on the same latitude as St. Audeon's and would therefore correspond to Fire. This is acceptable because Trinity College is obviously a place of learning, and therefore knowledge. St. Audeon's corresponds to the characteristic of Truth (Earth) presumably because of the religious Truth implicit in Christ the Saviour.

So far so good.

 However, when we try to connect these two points together at the apex of Spirit, things take an unexpected turn. For here we find the Mater hospital. The Mater Hospital is an important hospital in Dublin with a large mortuary. It is easy to see why it should be thought of as the 2nd gateway to the Underworld, as it is through these doors that many Dubliners have passed through after death. Like any hospital it is also services by a large network of tunnels, which might very well extend under the city.

'Mater' is of course Latin for Mother, i.e. Mother of God the Virgin Mary, but it can also be interpreted to mean simply 'matter', as in the base material world. The symbol for Spirit is a circle, whereas the symbol for base matter (or salt) is a circle with a line through it. This seems to suggest that matter is the negation of Spirit. Does this mean that the creators of the geomantic pentagram, whoever they may be, are trying to replace Spirit with Matter? And if so, why?

The loss of Spirit from the zenith is a common theme in Judeo-Christian belief systems, showing the fall of man into the material realms. William Blake also made diagrams showing how Urizen (reason) fell from the zenith to the nadir and was replaced by Urthoma (matter, opacity). The famous Irish poet William Butler Yeats wrote extensively about these diagrams, which he assumed to be under some kind of eternal, or infernal, rotation. What William Blake is really describing is the fall of Lucifer from heaven and the creation of Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil.

Having already touched on Trinity College and the Fire/Knowledge element we can go directly to the fourth element: Air. And this is where things get really weird. The left hand point of the pentagram aligns with the corner of the Richmond District Lunatic Asylum. Also known as the lower house or the female house, the now derelict building is located at the end of the curved and lonely Morning Star Avenue. The Morning Star is associated with Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, as well as Lucifer, and is depicted by the pentagram. 'Air' and 'love' are both light and feminine in their attributes, but they are also associated with insanity. This is how we come upon terms like 'airy fairy' or 'madly in love'.

From here we head east towards the water element, but when we get there we find nothing of interest, just a block of generic flats. It is true that the sea lies in this direction but it is some ways off. In order to fit this piece of the puzzle in, we must conspire to use our wisdom.

If we offset the line so that it runs through the site of Dublin's most famous and obvious land mark, the Spire, we arrive at one of its most important centres of power the Irish Houses of Parliament. Again there are tunnels linking the Houses of Parliament to Trinity College and the rest of the City. There is even a tunnel that runs underneath the Spire to facilitate workers in maintaining the lights atop of it. I think it is clear that the element water has less to do with 'wisdom', in this case, than it does with power.

The wisdom to rule? The House of Commons and the water.

So far the pentagram has been aligned to true North. If we rotate our pentagram in an anti-clockwise manner to conform with our offset line, the pentagram now aligns with a good approximation of where we might expect magnetic North to be.

If we then superimpose both pentagrams we get a very interesting and powerful looking sigil overlaid across Dublin City, which to my mind looks very similar to the Sigil of Lucifer, or perhaps to the Gateway symbol of Lovecraft's supposedly fictional Necronomicon.

The inner vertices also show some interesting correspondences. The vertex marked 'A' rests on the Kings Inn Law Society. Interestingly, the line heading off towards the Richmond Asylum exits through the main gates of this building complex, the main gates are constructed in the form of a temple and appears to be dedicated to the Greek God Dionysus.
Point 'B' rests atop another hospital, this time the Rotunda. Point 'E' appears to correspond to the corner of the GPO, or possible Henry Street. Points 'D' and 'F' appear to have no significant correspondences, although perhaps they did in times gone by. The two lines that leave point 'F' convene with the South Side quays at precisely the same point that two main bridges; the Ha'penny Bridge and the Ormond Quay bridge connect back to the land.

The length of the lines between each point on the pentagram is around 1.01 miles, that is around 1776 yards. 1776 was the year of the United States Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.
Eight of the signatories are Irish American, three (Matthew Thornton, George Taylor and James Smith) having been born in Ireland. (Wiki)
Perhaps the most well known of the secret geomantic pentagrams is the one that points to the White House in Washington DC. Does this mean that the layout of Dublin somehow foreshadowed the creation of the American Republic, and did the pentagram makers take their trade to America with them?

1776 is 888 plus 888. Triplets such as these are deemed important when dealing with astral beings such as angels and demons. Other measurements in the pentagram include; 717, 375, and 342 yds.

In 1776 the notorious Hellfire Club were still active in Dublin. From their vantage point on Montpellier Hill they would have been able to easily trace the form of this pentagram out on the landscape of the city. The Hellfire Club were obsessed with black magic and Satanism, they would meet regularly on the hill to 'taste the pleasures of Hell'. However, neither the Richmond Lunatic Asylum, nor the Mater Hospital existed at this time. So unless one of their number was involved in the planning and building of these establishments their involvement in the matter seems unlikely, if not impossible.

Now I am not saying that anyone intentionally constructed this shape as a form of geomancy. It is very likely that this is all coincidence. But coincidence is synonymous with correspondence. The occult is based on such correspondences, and so we can say that this is still a legitimate piece of occult research.

So what did we learn?

Well we learnt that Urthoma (matter) still holds the zenith position in the LPBR. We also learnt that Water has taken up the mantel of Power, in the seeming absence of Spirit. We learnt that Air is associated with the Divine Feminine and Madness. And that this house is referred to as the Female House. The right hand side must therefore be the Male house, the Earth and Fire Houses below. Because the Legion of Mary is located on Morning Star Avenue, we can assume that Mary, in some way evokes, the planet Venus.

Furthermore, if Ireland is meant to be the basis for Frank Baum's Land of Oz, then Trinity College, i.e. College Green, is the gateway to the Emerald City. And the Emerald Tablet?

Why that would be the Book of Kells, of course...