Sunday, June 12, 2011

Overunity Xist2

Imagine if you could build a motor designed to generate electrical power, but one that runs forever, and without using any external fuel source! This is what people have been trying to do for generations, to create a perpetual motion machine; that would be the world's first. The most preferred method is one called Overunity, which is supposed to use the attractive and repulsive force of magnets to drive an electric dynamo, of some kind. There are several videos available on Youtube of hard-working inventors seeking to discover the Holy Grail that is Overunity. Unfortunately, as many have pointed out in the comments sections of these videos, their efforts are doomed to failure; as the 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics prohibits any such action.

Despite this, a recent innovation in the field of Overuntiy is leading some to believe that the answer to all our energy needs is just around the corner. The Calloway V Gate is a method of configuring your magnets, either on a flat surface or on a wheel, to produce kinetic energy. While the results can sometimes be impressive, the Calloway V Gate is ultimately a disappointment, because it fails to address the problem that seems to compound all such devices; the famous 'dreaded' sticking-spot. The sticking-spot is located at or around the Gates, and succeeds in producing attractive/repulsive forces which serve to slow down the motion of the wheel as a whole. While critics of Overunity generators point to this failure as confirmation of the incontrovertible Laws of Thermodynamics, they fail to adequately account for the interplay of physical forces, which reciprocate this slowdown. I feel that a full understanding of the interplay of physical forces would help researchers to overcome the stumbling blocks that have plagued overunity since its inception; or, in the very least, convince them to stop wasting their time.

This diagram is of a Mobius resistor, a resistor that uses counter-flowing
 currents to cancel the self-inductance.

With that in mind, I will present my own ideas of how best to overcome the 'sticking-spot' and, by-doing-so, hopefully inspire somebody out there to test out my theory. The most convincing argument I have ever heard for a perpetual motion machine relied on syphoning energy from higher-dimensional realms. While such a device is plainly impossible by today's standards, it is nevertheless possible to produce objects (such as the Mobius Strip), which exhibit characteristics of a higher-dimensional object. The Mobius Strip consists of one strip of plain paper curled back on itself in a loop, with the addition of a half-twist. Mathematically, this gives the paper the property of only having one side and one edge, something which has all the baffling hallmarks of overunity. I therefore conclude that the addition of a half-twist into Calloway's model might be the missing ingredient, which would allow us to circumvent the sticking-spot, or at least disengage the magnets long enough to allow momentum of the wheel to carry over into the next cycle.

The idea for my own overunity generator came about from the peculiar resemblance between the Calloway V Gate and the legendary Ouroboros; the snake that eats its own tail. While the Ouroboros would certainly constitute a self-perpetuating energy system, the difficulties that arise with the Calloway V Gate model suggest otherwise. However, there exists a drawing of the Ouroboros in an 11th Century alchemical work known as the Codex Marcianus, which is also believed to be the first example of Mobius loop ever conceived. The simple fact that this document is alchemical in nature should be highly suggestive to the reader. as the alchemists were primarily concerned with the procurement of elixirs of life and the transmutations of materials from one energy state to another. The motto inside the snake;  εν το ϖαν, reads, one the whole, which may be an allusion to the principles of overunity, as perceived by men and women adepts of a different era.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragment 28-30.

28. In 1993 – or there abouts – I attended a conference at the National Botanical Gardens in Dublin. The conference had been in session for nearly two hundred years, and contained delegates from every nation on Earth, from China all the way to America and from the frozen slopes of Norway all the way to the tropical regions of Africa. The British Colonialist had brought them here so that they could discuss the fate of the human consciousness, and 18 years later, their verdict was reached. Humanity is to synchronise itself with the Dao, to attain a state of mental perfection that is akin to the Absolute; or nothingness.

29. Note on Meditations; To begin this note we must first understand something about the nature of magic squares. The simplest magic square that we know of is the Lo Shu magic square of Order 3.
This is a grid in which the numbers 1 through 9 are arranged in a pattern that makes all the numbers on any given axis (up, down or diagonals) sum to the same number - 15. Furthermore by adjoining consequitive numbers (1, 2, 3, … and so forth) within the matrix you can arrive at an interesting geometric shape; Shown below; 

In Medieval times, these shapes were magical talismans that drew their energy from one of the seven celestial bodies. But we are going to use it for meditative purposes or to focus the mind. The sigil above is known as the Seal of Saturn, or the Seal of Silence (this is a very auspicious name we have when dealing with meditation). When you know, with confidence, how to construct this symbol, the next question will be; How to use it? You could mentally project it onto a wall or a flat surface in front of you, but that would not be very effective. No, for best results trace the unicursal line on the black board of your own visual perceptions; that region which straddles the divide between the outside world of your perceptions and internal world of the mind.

30. Let the mind contain dark and light areas like the markings of the magpie.

Fragment 25-27.

25. After death, many people find themselves suspended in a glittering void. Buddhists take this to be the Ground Luminosity, the dimensional realm which underpins all of reality. The primary text of the Hindu’s, the Baghavad Gita believes this to be the realm of Brahma, or the impersonal Godhead. In fact, it is like a kind of quaranteen area, to determine the condition of migrating souls upon their way to the more exhalted realms beyond, wherein God resides. If you have ever been to a public swimming pool, you may have had to pass through a small disinfectant foot bath on your way to get to the pool. The realm of Brahma is like that pool. Do not remain forever in the paddling pool, there is a much larger world beyond where all your friends are congregating.

26. If our world is a giant computer, as Douglas Adams famously suggested, then life, as we know it, must be among the most advanced technological systems in the Universe. Conversely, this means that our own present form of transistor based technology is merely a lower form of life. A recent medical science study has revealed that while cancer cells are not in communication with ordinary healthy cells, they are in communication with eachother. This knowledge has dispelled the myth that cancer cells are merely rogue cells out for their own gain, at the expense of the body. This suggests that cancer cells are ordinary cells, which – for whatever reason – have reverted to a previous stage in their development, an evolutionary safe mode; if you will. Likewise, technology – being a lower form of life – is like a cancerous growth on the Earth. This state of affairs has resulted out of humanity’s separation from the natural world; of being out of touch with himself and nature, of which he is apart.

27. The sphere of pure consciousness is an egg-shaped (oval) energy field that stretches from the top of the forehead to the septum at the base of the nose. The mouth and lower mandibles are not included in the extent of the energy field, because pure conciousness operates without the use of spoken words, i.e. telepathically. If you find yourself in a disembodied state, without the use of a mouth (after death), do not be concerned. You have merely come upon the evolved primordial state.

Fragment 22-24.

22. Trekking over the high sand dunes of Banna to the bay, it must be noted that the outside world - the oscailt, or ollscailt – is merely the outward manifestation of the mind, the conscious ibn or bunscailt. This is understood because the sand dunes like to challenge people - it is part of their personality, and once you get to know them, and earn their respect, they don’t challenge you again so much. Similarly, your mind likes to overcoming obstacles and challenges. So, it generates them in the oscailte (the outside world). Once you master these problems they sink back down into the bunscailt, to add to your repetoire of tools and manuveures.

23. The bunscailt and oscailt are energy realms, connected via the miniscuz (pronounced miniscus), a connective energy layer also known as the body. Both the miniscuz and oscailt are information storage and retrieval systems. The oscailt is a drycell information storage unit, and the miniscuz a wet cell information storage unit.

24. The Oscailt can also be known as the Ollscail (gaelic for University) because this is the realm in which you get schooled; whether you like it or not. Modern college campuses, like UCD in Ireland, have bus routes running through them, revealing them to be fully integrated into the urban environment. They are like mirror images or folds within the urban environment. Just as the world outside is like a giant centre for learning, so it is that this state of affairs is mirrored within the college campus. The Oscailt is the inside.

Fragment 19-21.

19. As children learn about their environment, it is the spaces behind and between the walls which hold the most fascination. These hidden backroads are where lions and polar bears roam. But as they grow older the net of the world maps out in their minds to connect the unseen, and the forgotten worlds are forgotten once more.

20. Is the only reason you are conscious of the world because you are human, or are you human because you are conscious of the world? Meaning, is it possible to be anything (like a table or a cup) and still retain the same level of consciousness you possess now. The Hylozoist believed that since everything was part of the mind of God, everything, including inanimate objects were alive and conscious in some way. I believe that if a tree is conscious, its experience of life is much the same as ours i.e. it has the ability to move about freely, and converse with others of its kind. From its perspective, it is you who are the static automaton occupying a mere corner of the garden, as living ornamentation. This the law of relative motion, is further applied to all levels of conscious i.e. if a bird eats a worm, the worm does not have the true experience of being eaten, rather he has the painful and unnerving experience of shifting into the shape of a bird. He rests in the womb, as well as the stomache in order to be reborn.

21: And so it must be with you (oh tremulous bird of the sky) flitting along your merry way; until you were caught, cornered and got; and in the darkness of the spirit world, blinded. A furry monster (by name of an Eyskin) eats your head, and in so doing becomes your head, and you see again through its eyes again. And in the weightlessness of space another creature eats your frail and withered awareness, and in becoming so aware of it, then becomes your body. This process is repeated until you are fully human.

Fragment 18.

18. On my 6th birthday, I had a party and invited some of my friends. As the day wore on, I became anxious that they might have nothing to do, so I decided to invent a game for them to play. The game consisted of six stages, located around different points throughout the garden. The aim of the game was that you were to guess the meaning of each stage before you could pass along to the next one. The game required group participation in order to operate, but seeing as how we were only six years old this was in short supply. Twenty two years on however, and I still think the premise of the game has some merit. To update it, I will refer to each stage as a Phase;

In Phase 1, being given no clue as to the objective of the game, but aware that other phases must follow, the participants are forced to conclude that the objective of the game is to understand the meaning, or inherent value of each phase.
In Phase 2, when again faced with an insufferable lack of information, the participants must assume that the phases have entirely no meaning, except that which they themselves, as participants, attribute to it.
In Phase 3, while again faced with a stoicly empty platform, the participates must graciously assume that while no meaning or purpose to the game exists, they might as well just get on with it.
Phase 4; Acceptance (the game has no meaning).
Phase 5; Novelty. Bored participants may decide to make up their own game to alleviate their crushing boredom. This would be called a game within a game.
Phase 6; Denial and rebellion; lack of regard for the game. Outcome; the game never ends.

By denying the game, or without acknowledging that you have won and that the game is over, the game continues forever. This means that you have lost the Game.

Fragment 17.

17. The swastikah, long before it was a symbol of Nazi atrocities, was the sacred symbol for protection and spiritual balance, in almost every nation and culture on Earth. In Japan, the symbol is known as Manji and signifies a Buddhist temple. There has been much speculation as to the meaning and origin behind this symbol. Recently, astronomers have noted that the arms of our galaxy are not curved, as you might expect, but bent at right angles so that it would appear from the outside to be a swastikah. Thus, the shape of the galaxy appears to have imprinted itself upon the minds of men from above.

Fragment 16.

16. The infamous sorcerer Don Juan said that “words conceal.” He meant that words conceal the horror of the world, as well as the horror of the words themselves; as all people go around uttering obscenities without taking heed. But, (case in point) words also conceal the majesty and beauty of the world; for when thought is silenced in the mind, the mind tends towards ecstacy, which is its natural state of function only. The harmonic frequency of this mental state is said to be partially obtained by uttering the word; OM.