Monday, January 31, 2011


The Black Iron Prison is a term Philip K. Dick invented to describe man's spiritual confinement within the bounds of the physical and temporal reality. In his novel Valis, PKD relates a vision in which the Black Iron Prison appears as a castle. In his vision, the castle is attacked and destroyed by the early Christians. This castle is similar to the one that housed the Dark Crystal written about in the last post. As I have pointed out in other posts, the Black Iron Prison is more likely to be made from a type of amorphous iron (a metallic glass or crystal) that is neither opaque or reflective, but is stronger and more durable than any other material known to man.

Amorphous metals made from iron, copper or palladium are among the toughest materials known to man and have only recently been perfected for the market place. If this type of material based alchemy continues into the future, it is possible that we could see cities built of clear gold. Cities such as these are described in the Book of Revelations, as being the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the Japanese animation movies Steamboy and The Castle in the Sky, the Black Iron Prison is characterized by a floating city that also acts as a military war ship. The original concept for both these films likely comes from Jonathan Swift's classic story Gulliver's Travels. In this story, Laputa is the name of a giant floating island kingdom that drops bombs and crushes its enemies by landing on them. The surrealist painter Rene Magritte (left) also depicts this floating island. Interestingly he shows a castle at its apex. What this tells us is that, for all its strength and durability, the Black Iron Castle has no real tangible physicality. Its battlements and walls can be transgressed as if walking through air.

This concept also appears in another of Jim Henson's movie ventures; Labyrinth. In this instance the temporal maze of the Black Iron Prison is replaced with an actual maze. Like the quest for alchemical gold, Sarah must find her way to the centre of the Labyrinth within the alloted time, as set by Jared; the Goblin King. To defeat Jared, Sarah recites a spell whose key words are; You have no power over me. In the same way, the Black Iron Prison (or Maze) is to be considered without any real power, because - in reality - it doesn't exist.

In the song Not Getting There, by Blonde Redhead there is the lyric, "With no exception you won't end in the castle," suggesting that all of us will escape the bonds of the Black Iron Prison, at some stage. The inclusion of the holographic horse along with the hologram of the castle, again relates to the concept of death and the illusion of the Black Iron Prison. The main lyric, "we'll have a fine time not getting there" pertains to the notion that the journey towards enlightenment will take an infinite amount of time, but that the time will be concerned with the continuous revealing of our true, more sublimely happy, more comfortable selves. Absolute perfection may never be obtained, but an increasingly accurate approximation of it, extending towards infinity, can be. The Labyrinth runs deep, deep in its profundity.

This, then, is a direct communication from the agencies divested in the non-corporeal Upper Realm. It also seems to be an admission by them, that linear time, or existence, won't ever end. The Black Iron Prison, Samsara, or the Metrix, will be sustained by them, as much as by the Android Empire, because life in the Upper Realms is facile and unrewarding without their puppets here on the ground. For this reason the Upper Realms are reluctant to end the war and give up there endless dominion over the Earth. This characterizes the Upper Echelons as being distinctly unsympathetic and cruel, which is why the song begins with "You already know this won't end with kisses"; as well as the inclusion of bondage, suffocating and the eclipse of the Sun. Having said this, the agents of the Upper Realms are distinctly conscious that human awareness is indestructible. It, rather than the atom, is the smallest most indivisible part of matter. It should also be understood that they are us e.g. Hera is a girl I know and I, I am Dionysus proper.


In the 1982 movie the Dark Crystal, a young gelfling, called Jen, must go on a quest to find the missing shard that will heal the Dark Crystal. Long ago, in their ignorance, the urSkeks shattered the crystal and, in so doing, shattered their own psyches. This resulted in them subdivided into two different kinds of physical being; the evil Skeksis and the benevolent Mystics. When this happened the Crystal, which ruled the land, turned black and the land was plunged into misery. Both the skeksis and the mystics are aware of the prophecy, in which a gelfling will one day unite the two races. But while the Mystics are in favour of this out come, the Skeksis are unwilling to relinquish their power.

At one point in the film, Jen must discern the real crystal from three identical looking shards. He succeeds in doing this by playing a note on his flute, which causes the middle crystal to glow with light. This is indicative of the importance of the Middle Way, in Eastern Buddhism.

The characteristic differences between the Skeksis and Mystics could be interpreted as an allusion to the different philosophies described by Eastern and Western thought. The selfish and materialist Skeksis could be taken to represent Western Capitalist modalities, while the natural, peace-loving Mystics to represent the Eastern Religious Philosophies. The film, therefore, tries to show that only a union between these two polar opposites will bring an end to suffering, as neither philosophy is fully complete without knowledge of the other.

The union between the Skeksis and the Mystics must take place before the Great Conjunction when the triple Sun shines One. I believe that the course of events on Earth has been gearing us up towards the alchemical union of these two systems, and that it will begin in 2012, bringing about a Golden Age of Enlightenment.
The castle that houses the crystal is made from the same dark crystalline material. Once Jen succeeds in healing the crystal, the walls of the castle start to crumble, revealing the true clear crystal beneath. This black crystal is indicative of original earth (or prime matter), which through alchemical means is transformed into a substance possessed of the qualities of light.

A sequel to the Dark Crystal, called The Power of the Dark Crystal is set to come out sometime this year.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


On the January 7th while on a boat ride through the city I met up with an old college friend of mine, quite by chance. At the time I was reading a copy of John Berger's Ways of Seeing, and he rightly commented that it had been on the college reading list.
"Oh you remember that do you?" I said.
"Of course, I do. Everyone in college read that book, at one point or another."
"Well the thing that intrigues me most about it is the front cover," I said. It was a picture by Rene Magritte, the French Surrealist painter, called The Key of Dreams. "Do you have any idea what it means?"
"Well if I remember correctly it is to do with the incongruity of language and imagery."
"Quite right. But I believe it might have an even deeper meaning. Several, in fact."
"Oh? Well, seeing as we are going to be on this boat ride for sometime, I should think that you will enlighten me."
"Certainly. If you look though the window, which serves as the frame for the image you will see that the it is shaded black; the colour of night. Now notice that there are four different images in each section; a horse, a clock, a jug or jar, and a suit case. By applying the word 'night', which serves as a background to each of these four images, we can enhance or change their meaning, in turn. The horse becomes night-mare, the clock night-time, the jar a night-jar, which is a type of bird, and the suitcase a night-bag, as in overnight bag."
"That is very interesting. Perhaps it is The Key of Nightmares, as well as The Key of Dreams."
"That is what I think. I believe that Magritte was aware of a tradition that is stretches as far back into the dark mists of time, as mankind himself."
"This would perhaps be to do with the valise by any chance, would it?"
"Well as a matter of fact it does. How did you know?"
"Just a wild guess. But please go on I would quite like to hear your other theory."
"Well it has to do with how the words connect to their images in a deeply unconscious way and, in so doing, deepens their meanings rather than obscuring them, as once thought. For instance, did you know that the horse once served as a symbol of the rite of passage to the land of the dead?"
"Did it? I never knew that."
"It is quite true. Oisin rode to Tir na nOg on a horse and returned to Ireland on one, and many are the tales of Donn, the king of the dead, and his many horses. So you see, the horse and the door have a lot in common, both signify the entrance into another world."
"The clock and the wind, I suppose that has something to do with how time flies, which of course reconnects to the bird."
"That's correct," I said. "As for the jug, and the valise, this is where we get into more murky territory. The white jug, or bird, symbolises the Holy Spirit, which is commonly depicted as a dove in Christian iconography, and a favourite theme of Magritte's painting. The author Phillip K Dick specified that the Holy Spirit was an alien life form that had some connection to a holographic computer program called VALIS, hence the French valise instead of any other moniker."
"Ha, ha. Very good," replied my friend with a bemused smile. He then reached into his coat pocket and removed a well-used and rather unremarkable copybook, and after a quick glance around, he jotted something down in the margin of one of the pages. The handwriting and miniature doodles were very familiar to me. They could almost have been my own, I thought.
It was then that I noticed the boat ride had come to an abrupt end, at which point my friend said his farewells and went on his way. As he left, I noticed –for the first time– that he was carrying with him a very square and brown briefcase.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


An issue of interest to some readers may be the revelations that appeared in the Aisling Art Copy (AAC), as well as the issue of the AAC itself and how it came about. First referred to in Disturbia, the AAC is an ordinary school copy book filled with newspaper clippings and ‘bizaare musings’ that I compiled out of boredom a year or two ago. As pointed out in that post, a great deal of people on the planet are undercover agents in a war against the android Centurions from the Phantom Realms. After the success of the Terran Campaign against the Centurions, a reversal of fortunes saw the implementation of linear time. This period is said to end in 2012, but I scarcely believe this will occur (linear time has become too valuable to both the Shade Alliance and the Aphek Arms Trade in the Upper Realms). The implementation of linear time also created the material bondage we now experience; here alternatively referred to as the Metrix reality, on account of its decimal or Metric code generation. It is understandably quite difficult for those souls existing in the Upper Realms to enter into the Metrix, accessed by the nine runged ladder of the Alchemists. Those that do, must necessarily squeeze through the womb door and attain a level of competence and conditioning in the physical realm, so as to appear as if they are a productive member of society.

Although agents of the Upper Realm can take any number of different professions as a viable cover, one of the most rewarding and prodigious is that of the Artist. Whether a painter, writer, sculpter, or musician you are garaunteed to either be in the company of sleeper agents, or to be one yourself. In fact anyone who has a procedural skill, such as doctors, dentists, opticians, architects and engineers are likely to be from the Upper Realm Secret Services (URSS). Looking exclusively at the Artistic discipline, for the moment, it is easy to see how the level of observation required when developing an exceptional standard of draughtsmanship will focus the attention (or seminal) point fixedly on the material world. When this attention is then lead to other realms outside of the habitual ways of seeing employed by denizens of the Metrix reality, full attainment or Total Recall, can be attained under these circumstances. Noteworthy groups and individuals who developed some measure of this practice were the Surrealists Salvidor Dali, and the less well affiliated; though no less notable, Rene Magritte. The term ‘Art’ itself, although undoubtedly related to the word artifice, is assumed here to be the abbreviation of Alternative Reality Training.

We should consider ART to be associated with the burgeoning appearance of the ARG (Alternative Reality Gaming) which has appeared across the Internet, and other locations for the better part of a decade. My own experience with ARGs came one New Years when I was vacationing with friends in Kerry. While inspecting the alcoves of a ringfort for bats, I came across a jar filled with miscellaneous objects such as; a plastic butterfly, a penny, a train ticket etc. Along with these was a note indicating that the jar and the objects were part of a game called Cistes, which is very popular in France and other areas on the Continent.* Intrigued by the find, and coincidentally researching the Artistic philosophy of Psychogeography, as created by Guy de Bord, I decided to combine the two and so create the Orpen Aisle ARG. The Orpen Aisle ARG was originally to be based around the locality of my former collegeª, but was ultimately abandoned due to lack of funds.

 An example of Psychogeography is trying to navigate your way around Paris with a map of London.º The idea is that you attempt to apply different operational schemas to your travels in order to create a sense of excitement or otherness. A related discipline to Psychogeography, known as Wayfinding, became a signifier for the seemingly random generation of codes of connectivity drawn up in the AAC. As its name would suggest, Wayfinding is the method by which operatives navigate the twisting paths of the Metrix maze. Wayfinding is achieved when seemingly disparate thoughts and writings are combined to produce an intricate lattice of meanings. For instance, a newspaper article juxtaposed with the scrawled name of a band you heard on the radio, might produce meanings with a new and more interesting resonant value. This technique, therefore, has commonalities with certain types of synchronistic magic, as well as Brion Gysin’s cut-up method. This urges the question, was William Burroughs – the ardent convert to the cut-up cause – an undercover operative, as his work would undoubtedly suggest? And if so, for which espionage firm was he so employed; the Shades or the Terrans?

It is doubtful if even Burrough’s himself would have known the answer to this; seeing as how the true nature of the espionage front is being played out on a fourth dimensional plane. But once this has been comprehended, it is possible to see how even the most seemingly random decisions that we make throughout our daily lives are part of an intricate web of hyper-dimensional calculations to produce a particular desired outcome. The data (or intel) that is collected in the Wayfinding manner is completely unintelligible to one not versed in its methodology, and the inconspicuous, low-tech approach provided by the copybook limits the amount of attention drawn to it in the first instance. This is the primary reason why scrapbooks and copybooks are used by undercover operatives of the Upper Realms.

* At the time there was only perhaps as many as three Cistes existing in the entire country!
ª Although the college was heavily infested by androids (most likely produced on an assembly line, on nearby Mars) it did give me the chance to brush up on my ART, by means of Lucid Dreaming techniques. Which just means I got to slept a lot through college.
º Interpreting Historical events from one time period by the events of another is known as Psychohistory.

Friday, January 21, 2011


How long had I been dead for? All my life maybe. The entire world was just a playground, a way-station for dead souls, deluding themselves into thinking that the afterlife was any different to their current ‘life’. If reincarnation is a reality, our immortal souls have been shifting from one perishable body to another for an infinite time period. Therefore, the concept of there being a difference between life and death is completely ludicrous. If life after death is more or less the same as your life before, why distinguish? This is as much the land of the dead, as the land of the living.

Growing up, as a child, my family and a substantial percentage of the entire country would get their food from Dunnes Stores. It is ironic that the place which sells food, which sustains our lives, should be named after the mythical Irish King of the Dead; Donn.

                  …a reference in the death-tale of Conaire, who is slain by three red-haired men, ‘sons of Donn, king of the dead, at the red tower of the dead’. These three are further quoted as saying, ‘we ride the horses of Donn – although we are alive we are dead.’

Buddhism states that there are six intermediate (or bardo) realms where a soul can be reborn, along with a 7th pure realm known as the Ground Luminousity. Not realising that I had been dead all along, but thinking I had just died, I quickly began reading the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying to ensure the best possible afterlife, for a sinner such as myself. Reasoning that I had been dead for some considerable time–at least a few days– I must surely have encountered at least one of the bardo realms. Then it struck me. My habit of resolving the energy of the universe into recognisable and familiar patterns had duped me into perceiving the hereafter in precisely the same way as I had the world of the living before I died.

That UFO that I saw out my window on Oct 25th, and again from on top of the headland the next day, that must have been the dawning of the Ground Luminousity. I must have reinterpreted the liberation from cyclical death that the GL offered, as luminous extra-terrestrial craft come to rescue me from the Earth. Pretty soon I realised that I had past through the Bardo of the Gods; the faerie realm, the Bardo of the Monsters and Demi-Gods; the celebrity world, and finally into the human world. My next vision was of me as a chicken somewhere, destined for the pot. I felt physically sick.

Having drifted through the six realms of the bardo realms and having been deposited safely back on Earth, I realised that I had gone on a bardo excursion. Such things are not uncommon, in fact they happen all the time. To understand what I mean just think back to the last time a relationship you cherished ended abruptly. Tibetan Buddhist monks remark that each second that passes is a minute bardo running its course. What is remarkable is that my journey into the land of the dead coincided precisely with All Hallow’s Eve, when the gates to the underworld are thrown open and the dead literally walk the Earth.

A similar tale which occurs around Hallowe’en, can be found in the storyline for the movie Donny Darko. Here the protagonist’s name is in reference to Donn, the king of the dead. In Celtic thought, death was associated with winter (commencing after the feast of Hallowe’en), which in turn brought the darker months, hence the surname Darko. At the start of the movie, Donny is told by his ‘imaginary’ friend Frank that the world is going to end in ‘28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds’, which Donny writes on his arm as “28064212”. A version of this; 2864212, corresponds exactly to regional telephone numbers in my home town. This phone number, as far as I know, is not in use.

Donny Darko, as the king of the dead.
Plot elements in the movie such as time travel and the literary references which intersect with the storyline, all strongly indicate to me that this is Donny’s own bardo excursion. Therefor, as the close time loop would suggest, Donny actually dies at the beginning of the movie, leaving the remaining part of the film as a type of introspective afterlife excursion in which he seeks to fix all of the deficiencies in himself and his society. Another of Richard Kelly’s movies, Southland Tales, quotes from T.S. Elliot’s poem The Hollow Men, wherein Elliot refers to this world as “the dead land” and “death’s other kingdom".

So it was that on Hallowe’en Night, the Celtic New Year’s eve ceremony, I found myself wandering home, dressed in a dark suit, as befitting the solemn occasion. Festival goers thronged the streets and pavements in ghostly masks and painted faces. And where was my mask? I was wearing it surely. Just as Donny asks of Frank, “Why are you wearing that bunny suit?” To which Frank replies, “Why are you wearing that funny man suit?” I might, as well reply in a similar fashion.

Life and death are no more different from each other than night and day, up and down, in or out. All of these things are human concepts, and human fallacies. Time does not abide by night and day, which is purely a happenstance of existence on this planet. Likewise, in and out are trivialities from a fourth dimensional (time) point of view, as everything that exists will at some point cease to exist. We live our lives as if walking on the surface of a Mobius strip or Klein bottle, at any time we could flip into the 'underworld' of death, and not even realise it.

It is even entirely possible that you have died a number of times already in this lifetime e.g. being knocked over by a car on the way to the shop. This gives Divine Providence, or your more interested future self, a reason to push the reset button, thus allowing your soul to choose from an infinite number of alternate realities where you did not die. The only problem that might arise from this solution, however, is that the more times you jump dimensionally the further you land from your original friends and family. It is therefore entirely possible that you could arrive at a dimension inhabited primarily by shape-shifting aliens and androids that cannot be told apart from ordinary humans. This is almost certainly what has happened to me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


How Sweden and Monsanto are trying to control your brain.
I awoke that morning for the first time, though I had not fallen asleep. Awoke in the enlightened sense of Buddha nature, I guess is what I mean. The sun rose on the first hour, its brightness intensifying not by degrees, but by magnitudes. Then it rose again on the second hour, and upon the third, until it had reach its full lustre for that day. When I had finished reading I went into the kitchen for a cigarette, it was then, as I have told you, I was attacked by the alien creature known as the plasmate.

A storm had arisen in the South East in the morning, and was now blowing line after line of breakers at an eerily precise angle to the beach. The streets were almost empty, which was unusual for this time of the morning. Maybe everyone had given up on the idea of work, I thought. Maybe they had decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore, that the whole ball of wax could go and burn, for all they cared. I spotted one impish-looking woman by a car on the main street, she covered her head with her coat. Hadn’t I seen another woman walking down the street yesterday in the same fashion? It hadn’t even been raining then. Isis Unveiled, I thought.
No, I was wrong, it wasn’t that they had taken the day off work. Rather it was me, I had somehow transported myself into a parallel dimension full of horribly disfigured people who preferred to remain covered up, or indoors. At least until the moment of truth, when they would finally reveal to me who they were, really, and how I was in deep shit.

I went back into my room, and tried to reassure myself. The storm would blow over. The entire population of the country was just an hour late for work, that’s all.

But, I couldn’t still my mind from thinking agitated thoughts. What if the plasmate was trying to drive me insane, I thought? I needed some time to sit and think things over. Conditions in my bedroom were cramped and fetid. I put on my heavy duty Parka jacket and spent perhaps twenty minutes, debating with myself about whether I should go out or not.
 What if I was right and everyone in the world had gone mad, all on the same morning? What if it was just me who was mad and anyone with half a brain would see that and try and lock me up? Hmmm...

The decision was out of my hands. I had already rolled a dice for it, and if it hadn’t been for the dice I might have remained paralysed with fear, for the entire morning. On the beach the waves came in at that same precise angle, one after another, with an unnerving regularity. I was looking forward to sitting down on the beach. The bad weather meant that I would certainly be alone, and the cool breeze and rain guaranteed that I wouldn’t overheat from too much mental activity.

Dream on, I thought.

The nine rung ladder that links the Apheck Planet with our own, is a Jacob’s ladder. You wouldn’t want to be on one of those, I knew. But if you were, how best to deal with it? Don’t go up, because you’ll eventually find yourself on the way back down. Just stay in the middle, it is the safest bet.

I was already in a fragile state of mind, so when the freight train plummeted from out of the station behind me I was not prepared for the shock. Damn that Inception movie, I thought, trying to subliminally persuade people to commit suicide by train. It was that damn plasmate's fault, as well probably. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Although technically, plasmates don’t grow from seeds, dormant or otherwise, they grow from eggs. If I had inadvertently cursed the world by researching the occult, and writing about it on the Internet, I would have to do something about it. I resolved to return home.

On my way back to the apartment I noticed a paper drinks cup with Coke written on the side of it rolling around the ground in the wind. Valis, the shapeshifting change-child, had arrived in the little suburb of Liablath, and it had not arrived quietly, I thought.

Meadowsweet; V. dangerous; avoid.
It is said that a sure way to invite disaster is to touch the leaves of a Meadow Sweet plant. I had been drinking cups of Meadow Sweet tea all summer, having regarded the superstition as nonsense. Looking around my room now, at all of the dessicated Meadow Sweet plants, I wondered if I had not made a grave mistake. Far more dangerous than merely touching an enchanted plant was to bring it into one’s home. These, I thought, had to be disposed of quickly.

Iron, I knew, was a quick an easy way to dispel fairy magic. After disposing of the plants in the park, I went into town to look for something made of iron. The town was busier now, much too busy. Shouldn’t all these people be at work, I thought? The rain had eased but the wind still howled. Hallowe’en was only a day away.

Evidently the whole town was infected by the plasmate. It had started with me, by invading my mind through the senses. From there it had spread to everything I perceived, like a virus. My vision had become like a Midas touch. Valis had assumed the shape of every loose piece of garbage in the street and was evidently having a great time being blown about by the wind.

The virus was now air-born.

For some reason, it had even assumed the shape of a stir fried noodle-dinner and sat itself on a footpath beside passing traffic, taunting me.

In the supermarket, Valis played me unusual songs over the intercom system. The female singer/songwriter assured me that everything was 'OK now' that she could finally 'see the world through my eyes'. That was the plasmate's raison d’etre, I realised. It craved the experience of reality from as many different perspectives as the world would allow. It was obvious (from the tone of this particular song) that what motivated the plasmate to assimilate the whole panoply of human experience was not a spiritual endeavour, or even intellectual curiosity, but rather a kind of desperate sexual urge. It used each sense input to replicate itself back into this world.

There was no doubt about it, wandering around the supermarket with my flatmate, whilst listening to messages from an alien larvae that had lodged itself in my brain was definitely one of the more novel experiences I had ever had.

Looking around at the other people, I noticed that they all shuffled about nervously; heads down, avoiding eye contact. Their nervous shuffle became more pronounced the more nervous I became and I realised that we had all become psychically linked through the plasmate! Worse still, while no-one took any notice of each other, they all responded to me with big open smiles whenever I so much as glanced in their direction! It seemed that I had been assimilated into some kind of worker bee, hive mind. Their courteous smiles appeared to acknowledge me as the newcomer to the new family. My flatmate, the only one who did not appear so affected, remarked that their bumbling about was probably due to the fact that they were all on holidays in the lead up to Hallowe’en. That cleared one thing up anyway; Why everyone was off work.

Philip K. Dick the science fiction writer had claimed to have cross-bonded with the plasmate in 1974, but even he didn’t mention the hive-mind syndrome. He had also considered the possibility that what he had experienced was some kind of Russian psychotronic experiment. Perhaps I was wrong about the alien interloper, I thought, as I was paying for my shopping. Perhaps the Swedish Government, in league with Monsanto, had drugged the town’s water supply to see how their new hallucinogenic weapon would take hold. Monsanto had done something similar before, when they contaminated an entire batch of bread destined for a small town in France with LSD. What was it this time, some new type of drug that created the perfect society? This must be what they meant by the New World Order; a new order to the perceptual reality of things. A more peaceful and controllable society, where everyone knew what everyone else was thinking and nobody had any privacy anymore.

As I carried my shopping down the road, I pondered the logistics of such a drug. Suppose I alone had been effected, could it spread to the rest of the town via my own conscious perception? Was such technology even possible? I would have to know more about its chemical make-up and delivery system, to be sure. If the drug could effect anyone within my sphere of consciousness how could the Swedish scientists even hope to contain it to our small island, to ensure that they themselves did not fall victim to their own weapon? Unless they were already afflicted! That’s it! They were already under the influence of the plasmate, and the plasmate was the drug. So, I realised, the New World Order plot was an alien conspiracy after all. Everyone was now hooked on the little gelatinous egg-baby from Sirius B.

But that was all speculation. All I know is that I had tried to undo the curse I had put on humanity by cleansing my room of bewitched plants and getting my hands on some iron. And by the looks of it, I had failed. Imagine if you were one of those responsible for the collapse of the Global Economy; you would rightly expect to be punished for that. Now imagine that you have broken reality. Who is going to come along and pick up the pieces? Certainly no-one from within reality, as the problem is too fundamental. There would be a lot of angry people looking for answers.

Sure enough, the next day­–Hallowe’en–I got a visit from the local police force, the Garda Siochana. They had obviously tracked down the source of the disturbance to my apartment block. Probably by means of some psychotronic device, or some coordinate system within the mainframe system itself, I thought. When I got to the door of my apartment, a policeman was waiting for me. I ducked inside a shop and pretended to buy a drink, but when I came back out again I saw that the first Garda, who looked like Captain Feeney, had been joined by another younger plainclothes garda, which may have been his son Angus. The older garda flashed his badge and said that they wanted to ask me a few questions.
A still from Stanley Kubrick's 1975 movie Barry Lyndon
in which the eponymous hero is held up by Cpt. Feeney
and his son Angus. Incidentally, this movie was set and
shot, in part, in Co. Wicklow, not far from Liablath itself.

They wanted to know about an ambulance that had been seen outside my apartment during the week. Was that ambulance for me, I wondered? Had I died? Perhaps during that argument I had with my flatmate the other night? Then again it could be a ruse. In fact this was very likely. I told them that “I hadn’t been around much, on and off you understand. So if there was an ambulance,” and at this they laughed, “chances are I wasn’t… here to see it.” They asked me what I did for a living, and what company I worked for. I said I was a writer and that I didn’t work for any company (in this one instance. I lied).

I noticed that the garda who was taking down my details was nearing the end of his notebook. He cursed, and said he would have to get a new one soon. I laughed and said, “I’ll bet.” He glowered at me with his cold steely eyes. Evidently the control system was having a hard time keeping track of the virus spreading throughout the matrix reality. I wasn’t sure which side I was on anymore, the android peace-keepers, who were trying to uphold the reality metrix, or the discordian plasmate who was trying to uproot it. But perhaps they were just symptoms of a greater problem; that I was in fact dead, or would soon be.

How fitting that all this should occur on Hallowe’en night, I thought, when the dead were abroad upon the land, and the entire country had dressed up as ghosts, and ghouls, and spectres? It was like some kind of cosmic joke. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying listed a number of signs that heralded the death of a human being, these included ‘special investigations’ and 'shadows on the sky, during a new moon.' Special investigations, I thought. Had I not just undergone such an investigation at the hands of those two highway men, Captain Feeney and his son Angus? And what about that advertisement for Sky News that I saw last night on the TV that showed members of the Shade Alliance using Dimensional Jump Gates to get home from work?

The Buddhist monks were very clever, I thought; almost too clever. Somehow, they had managed to write and publish a book that existed in two dimensional planes at once; this one and the world that minutely resembles it, called the Hereafter. What kind of technology could do this, I wondered? I concluded it probably had something to do with the way the particles in the paper were spinning. They must have figured out a way to get them spinning in two different directions at the same time. But how? I had always thought that, according to the laws of physics, such a superimposition of spin was impossible. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying appears to have some very important information for departed spirits, and in this way can be said to be very similar to the Handbook for the Recently Deceased that appears in the movie Beetlejuice.

Like anyone who has just died, you quickly come realise what is most important. And that is damage control. Right fine, you have lost your wife, your dog and everything you hold dear. But right now, you have to think about number One, and that means getting yourself as near enough to Heaven, as possible. Thinking about it logically for a moment, it seems to me that the afterlife is probably closer to the Buddhist description, than to any of the other major World Religions. This is because life is like one long inter-dimensional DMT trip, and it would be wise to think that the effects of this last in the region of Infinity hours. Therefor, to escape the trip, and enter the void, we have to exit through the gift shop. Knowing this to be true, I feverishly began reading the scriptures in the hopes that I could dissipate the accumulating damage, as quickly as possible.

When you exit the through the gift shop, make sure you take nothing with you, when you enter the void.
When you exit the through the gift shop, make sure you take nothing with you, when you enter the void.
When you exit the through the gift shop, make sure you take nothing with you, when you enter the void.
When you exit the through the gift shop, make sure you take nothing with you, when you enter the void.
When you...

To be continued…

Monday, January 17, 2011


Androidosophy is the philosophical discipline of android developmental science, which states that long ago, a race of animantronic androids invaded Earth and took up residence here. Although this might sound like science fiction, there are specific reasons for why we should seek to understand Androidosophy, and not dismiss it out of hand completely. Not only does Androidosophy explain many of the riddles, which have obfusticated mankind, but it also poses a number of questions, which may lead to a greater understanding of our nature, at some time in the near future.

As we know from previous posts, the androids were designed by the Shade Alliance, a group of inorganic beings from the Phantom Realms, who are infinitely more long lived than we are. It is by virtue of their great amassing of experience, as well as their non-carbon based intelligence that they were capable of accomplishing the highly complex engineering feats involved in this task, not to mention the insights necessary in order to produce an actually sentient computer or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Although, it is a certainty that these machines do exist, and that they came here sometime ago, no-one is quite sure just how long ago that was. It is the purpose of this post to try to unravel that conundrum in the most explicit terms.

From a scientific perspective, saying that the androids originated from another dimension, is equivalent to saying that there were two timelines (one containing the inorganic robots, the other containing the fleshy organic humans), which collided with eachother to create the world we see around us. Just such an occurrence is envisaged in Above the Manifold, a post I wrote sometime ago on Rudolph Steiner’s intrepretation of Zoroastrian Cosmology.

The war between mankind and the androids stretches throughout history and beyond. However, no historical reports of any battles can be trusted, for reasons which I will address shortly.

There were two major wars fought for the control of the world, World War 1 (1914-1918) and World War II (1937-1945). The first war saw the victory of the human race over the robot centurions. This victory was greatly helped of the Hermetic Order of Martinists, who rediscovered the alchemical formula for the Philosopher’s Stone, which turned out not to be a stone, or a cup for that matter, but an alien larve that incubates in the human mind. This alien-human hybrid is the ultimate form of spiritual warrior, known as a homoplasmate. Jesus Christ was a homoplasmate, divested of the Holy Spirit, but he was killed by the Ro(bot)man Empire. The human (or Terran) forces, forced the remaining robotmen to sign a declaration of peace, on the 11th November 1918 (or St. Martin’s Day).

It is suspected that enemy agents, posing as humans, infiltrated the free-market and facilitated the rearmament of the Empire through the BIS (Bank for International Settlements / Black Iron Systems). At the time of the android invasion, human technology was advanced to such a degree, as to appear like magic to our eyes. The Romen technology was also considerably advanced, so the two sides were well-matched. Towards the end of WWII, it was becoming apparent to the Shade Alliance that the Terrans would triumph once again. To prevent this from happening they implemented a displicable plan that would plunge the entire world into a 4-dimensional maze. They created linear time.

Before the creation of linear time, humanity viewed the universe as a blinding mist of information from all different time spheres. The Shade Alliance managed to group this seemingly chaotic interference into a comprehensive pattern of images each one differing only marginally from the next. From out of this unscrambling of information, the entire history of the Universe was born. However, the Shade Alliance also made sure that the humans were disconnected from their higher selves, that part of them that can see the past, present and future with equal ease; also known as the sub-conscious. In order to restore communication with this mode of perception, the humans invented ingenuous methods based on the laws of chance and intuition. Tarot cards, and the I Ching became useful tools in divining the future, but as always if the sub-conscious, or over-mind, wished to speak to the humans directly, it did so in their dreams.

With the implementation of linear time, came an entirely different mode of experiencing reality, called matter. Matter had never existed in its present solid, material form until the implementation of time.

As I have said, human technology was infinitely more advanced at the time of the android invasion, then it appears at present. So much so that scenes from either of the two World Wars would have resembled more the battles in Halo (left) or Star Wars, than the grainy black and white TV images we see on the History Channel. The more logical, or skeptical, amongst you might wonder why–if this is the case– broken bits of robots are not more regularly unearthed by archaeologists?

To answer this it will be necessary to understand entirely the chain of events which brought us to our current situation. As pointed out already, the android universe was set on a collision course with our own reality. The battles for supremacy were therefore waged in the upper dimensional realms. Realising that defeat was close at hand the SA implemented linear time, which consequently created a false past, and false now, some refer to as the Matrix. Part of the SA plan was to eclipse half of mankind's memory. In order to recapitulate that knowledge of ourselves, man move inexorably in that direction to where the dearth of information lies; the future. However, the future we move towards is only the false future of the Matrix, and therefore, we will not come in contact with ourselves by these means.

Many filmmakers, like James Cameron, George Lucas and of course the Wachowski brothers, have glimpsed the truth behind reality, and have attempted to let the public in on it. The Terminator series, in particular, deals vain attempts by the mechanized beings to subvert time, and alter the course of history to reinstate their dominion. It also points towards their war on the homoplasmate Jesus Christ, AKA John Conner (JC). However, not all movies are attempts to warn us. Some, like Back to the Future, indoctrinate people still further into the lie of linear time. A lie that is being chiefly propagated against Marty McFly, who secretly represents the Martinist Order.

At some point in humanity’s distant past (nobody can quiet say when) the Earth divided itself into an Upper World of etheric energy, and a lower world of material energy. The Upper World exists outside of linear time, and is capable of interpreting events on this plane from a higher dimensional perspective. From their vantage point, the ethereal beings can assess the entire extent of human history, and for this reason they are already fully aware of who the victors are (in the same way that Ahura Mazda, of the Zoroastrian religion, is aware of his victory over Ahriman). Ahura claims that Ahriman ‘never existed’ and this is also true of the android armies, because they were built by the Shade Alliance, who are Phantoms, and phantoms don’t exist.

The ethereal beings from the Upper Realms control our bodies via the Earth’s magnetic field*, and are slowly leading us to victory, by degrees. Every mistake you ever made in life, every botched interview, or shameful act, no matter how trivial, was  carefully contrived by the Upper Eschelons, in order to ensure victory (and so, you are absolved of all blame, well done). Their mission is to destroy the Continuity Array System, or CAS (based on the ill-fated Grecian medium Cassandra). This system simultaneously creates linear time, and all of corporeal reality. It is thought that its ultimate destruction will come, some time round the end of 2012, when it will become infected by a logic paradox. This, however, remains to be seen.

To give you an idea of how reality might look in a world without linear time, here is a chart showing how the moon phases for the year would look if time flowed backwards and forwards at the same time. Notice how much more complex reality is here. While there is no full moon to speak of, there are numerously more phases which need to be categorized and labelled in order for people to have a cohesive interpretation of reality. The greater complexity of this reality requires a more intelligent mind in order to deal with it.

It should be apparent to you that the ethereal consciousness, which has thus far steered your life (for better or for worse), is of a much greater intelligence than you are. But it should also be noted that this intelligence is you, and that consequently, you and everyone you know are much more intelligent than anyone ever realised! This is why everyone, no matter who they are, deserves and commands your respect, because each of them is endowed with a higher-dimensional/Godlike intelligence that you have no real knowledge of at present. But, if my information is correct, you will, so be on your best behaviour.

* The manner in which the Upper Eschelons control the human body is very similar to how the Avatars are controlled in James Cameron’s eponymous adventure film.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Christopher Nolan's 2010 Inception movie is about a group of espionage agents who use state-of-the-art machinery to extract industrial secrets from the dreams of unsuspecting victims. In an age of increasingly sophisticated encryption methods, or so the story goes, the one place where personal data can still readily be obtained is in the human sub-conscious mind.
However, as we will see, even this solution has its pitfalls.

To give the 'mark' a framework in which to 'spill the beans', as it were, the architecture of their dreams must be manipulated to make him feel either completely secure, or sufficiently threatened, to do so. Change the environment of the dream too much, however, and the mark's own sub-conscious takes note of you, recognises you as a foreign entity, and expels you.

The film attempts to blur the line between reality and dreams, by implying that life is a dream from which we never really wake up. In this way, the movie directly tackles the underlying paradoxes inherent in the mind-world interface, we call life.

In what way does the mark's mind become aware of an interloper's presence and how does it go about expelling the interloper from the dream-space?

I will answer by way of example. Lets suppose you are in a mark's dream and the dream takes the form of a bustling city. You have meddled too much with the physics of the dream, and have stupidly attracted the attention of the dreamer's sub-conscious. Now all those people who were hurriedly walking around, minding their own business, have stopped and are focusing their attention on you. As for what happens next, I will quote from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character Arthur, when he says they literally 'rip you apart'.

In Carlos Castaneda's book The Art of Dreaming, a very similar situation occurs. In this story, Carlos is accompanied by his teacher Don Juan, to a place known as the second attention, to a dream that is no longer just a dream, but a world that is at least as real as our own.
I dreamt that I found myself walking with him on a wide avenue lined with trees in some unknown city. It was such a vivid dream, and I was so aware of everything, that I immediately tried to orientate myself by reading signs and looking at people. It definitely was not an English- or Spanish speaking city, but it was a Western city. The people seemed to be northern Europeans, perhaps Lithuanians. I became absorbed in trying to read billboards and street signs. 
 Don Juan nudged me gently. "Don't bother with that," he said. "We are nowhere identifiable. I've just lent you my energy so you would reach your energy body, and with it you've just crossed into another world. This won't last long, so use your time wisely.
"Look at everything, but without being obvious. Don't let anyone notice you."
We walked in silence. It was a block-long walk, which had a remarkable effect on me. The more we walked, the greater my feeling of visceral anxiety. My mind was curious, but my body was alarmed. I had the clearest understanding that I was not in this world. When we got to the intersection we stopped walking, I saw that the tree on the streets had been carefully trimmed. They were short trees with hard-looking, curled leaves... I tried desperately to watch the people that milled around us, to discover something about them that would explain my anxiety. As I stared at them, they stared back at me. In one instance a circle of hard blue and brown eyes had formed around us.
It is highly likely that our reality is a equivalent to a shared dream-state. Therefore, it is possible that everybody in the world could express the same unilateral intent towards a single person, as seen in each of these two examples. At present our reality, is stable, for the most part; everyone treats everyone else with the same general level of regard. If, however, we were to alter our reality, through a sustained shamanic practice, for example, there is the possibility that you would encounter the hive mind of the collective unconscious. This is realm that Don Juan referred to as non-ordinary reality, and that the Buddhist refer to as Bardos.

From experience, I know that this realm can take one of two forms; either an agreeable form, or one that is extremely confrontational. In the agreeable form, people respond to you as you would generally like them to respond to you, with a sense of warmth and acceptance. This is characterised, as the "Where everybody knows your name" scenario, taken from the American sitcom Cheers. However, it may take the newly arrived soul some time to adjust to his new serendipitous environment, particularly if they have been abused by or are harbouring resentments towards sections of society. This level of reservation  towards the 'happy-go-lucky' entities of the Cheers Bardo, is natural and to be expected, and may even be advised; when you consider that an ordinary drinking bout can quickly turn into a twisted affair.

A related tale comes from the Irish Folkloric Tradition, during Bran's sea voyage to the Island of Women. Along the way he passed by the Island of Delight, whose inhabitants were in a continuous state of revelry. Seemingly intoxicated, these men gesticulated wildly and shouted madly with laughter. One of Bran's men went ashore to greet them and started behaving in the same way. Bran had no choice but to go on without him.

Folk tales, such as Rumplestiltskin, often include instances of time distortion. Unwary travelers who stray into Fairy Rings on moonlit nights, report having danced with the fairy troop for only a short time, but when they emerged they found that they were haggard and grey. Interestingly, this type of time dilation is a key - if somewhat laborious - plot element of the Inception movie. Dangers, like these, abound in the non-ordinary realities, and for this reason should be engaged under extreme caution.

The second scenario (or bardo) is, by all accounts, far more dangerous. It is the one that the living Gods, Jesus, Bacchus and Osiris all encountered; namely the Hell dimension of being ripped apart, limb from limb. In the case of Jesus, he was like a dreamer who entered the collective sub-conscious of the human mind and started to alter its reality e.g. the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. It wasn't long before the unconscious mind recognized his presence, and we all know what happened after that.

As we can see, the Hell dimension is extremely unstable. The emotional, spiritual and physical parametres of this realm can all change at the drop of a hat. In comparison, the realm of Gods, is spiritually much more stable, while encompassing a more enlightened frame of mind. As discussed in the Gateway Solid post, each of these realms is separated from our own dimension by a series of geometric intervals, known as the Platonic Solids. For a more in depth description of the God and Hell Bardos, see; The Bardo of the Real.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Digimon are Real
Not too long ago I came across a thread on GLP that suggested that creatures from a children's TV show called Digimon were, in fact, real. At first I thought it was a creative piece of writing, or a joke. But, as I read on, I came to realise that the author was quite serious. The author claimed that there are whole communities existing on the Internet who believe in the existential reality of these creatures. Later I read that 99% of the adherents to these claims are between the ages of 12 and 15. I don't know about the validity of these figures, but it seems to fit the demographic for a children's TV show, like Digimon.

The relative youth of believers. however, in no way detracts from the complexity of their theories. In fact, it only adds to it. In the cartoon show, Digimon are said to exist in a parallel dimension, called Digiworld, that developed from Earth's various communication systems. Adherents believe that they can contact these creatures via the internet, and most commonly through their dreams. They regularly make use of quantum theory and alternate dimensions to back up their claims; although it is doubtful how much many of them really know about these subjects.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued and decided to watch the Digimon Adventure Movie (1999). The plot is a little disjointed, but it contains some very thought provoking scenes. At the beginning of the movie Kari witnesses a digitama (or digi-egg) emerge from a data stream displayed on the families home computer. The stream contains the predictable strands of binary code we have come to associate with the digital age, along with fragments of sentences in English. One of these sentences clearly contains the word; LORD. This suggested that the fragment was taken from the Bible and a little research revealed that it is referenced from the Book of Psalms; 109: 13-16.

13 May his posterity be cut off;
   may his name be blotted out in the second generation!
14 May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD,
   and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out!
15  Let them be before the LORD continually,
   that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth!

This section of the Bible contains the verse, "May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD, and let not the sins of his mother be blotted out." This line appears to be in reference to the actions of one of the characters in the movie, an American boy named Willis, who attempts to father his own Digimon, by appropriating information from the internet. However, when the fledgling Digimon becomes infected by a computer virus, it grows into a monster that threatens the stability of the internet, and the entire world.

From a cultural and historical point of view, it is no surprise that the Japanese convey this line about "the iniquities of the father" to an American child, considering that it was the Americans who dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan, at the end of WW2. The use of this bible passage is even more apt when we consider the effects of the nuclear fallout on the health of subsequent generations of Japanese.

In the Digimon Movie, the Digiworld is depicted as a binary number field existing in the sky. When I saw this, I was immediately reminded of the reality generating computer that is synonymous with God, in Phillip K. Dick's novel Valis. In the book, PKD also stresses the binary, or holographic properties of the Torah (the Hebrew language version of the Bible) suggesting that it can be read in many different configurations.

The search for hidden messages encoded in the Bible has preoccupied man for many thousands of years. This search has resulted in the strange ciphers of the Jewish Kabbalists, which are said to reveal the innumerable names of God, and Bible Code of the computer age. From my own experience, I can say that the Torah is very close to the Irish 'toradh', meaning a mathematical result of some kind.

The connection between binary computer codes and the Book of Psalms made in the Digimon Movie,
caused me to consider that such a code might exist embedded the Book of Psalms. Internet research revealed this  link for "software to decode embedded Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) Audio from the entire Book of Psalms from the 1611 KJV Bible. Unfortunately, the specific software is still in the research phase; and may remain so indefinitely. However, I did find this interesting summary of facts about the Book of Psalms, and the Bible, as a whole, reproduces after the jump;

Some Interesting Facts:

What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 117
What is the longest chapter in the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 119
Which chapter is in the center of the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 118
Fact: There are 594 chapters before Psalms 118
Fact: There are 594 chapters after Psalms 118
Add these numbers up and you get 1188
What is the center verse in the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 118:8
Psalms 118:8 (NKJV) "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

The inference here is that Psalms 118:8 is the central teaching of God. Although, for Digimon Realists, perhaps it should be reinterpreted as saying "It is better to trust in the DIGIMON that to put confidence in man." To conclude, it seems very likely that Digimon exist to serve the same purpose as Guardian Angels, or Familiar Spirits/Faeries have done in our past, and this goes to show the prevailing spirit of imagination that exists innately within each human being.


If reality is a computer simulation of some sort, then it needs a program to operate. What form does this program, or source code, take? The answer, I believe, is the Jewish Torah, or Bible. The varying lengths of the versus in the different books of the Bible can be used to create a frequency chart. This oscillating waveform can be interpreted through a mathematical technique known as Inter-generalisation; whereby the frequency of the chart is reversed and superimposed upon itself. This provides a waveform, which is the fundamental frequency of the Universe.

This graph charts the numbers of verses in the chapters Psalms 55 to Proverbs 31. By using the principle of inter-generalization we get a very distinctive double spike, which suggests that the universe is not entirely a closed system, but rather opens out into a much larger system; or Universe.

Monday, January 3, 2011


According to the science fiction author, and mystic, Philip K Dick, VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) was an ancient satellite, of alien design, in orbit around the Earth. Valis could assume any shape and make people see and believe whatever it wanted them to see and believe. In this way, PKD concluded that Valis was a reality generator. Why had Valis come here? Valis was a reality virus, it had come here to rewrite the precepts of this universe, which are generally ones of fear and ignorance, and restore peace and enlightenment to the world. Valis can be alternatively understood as the consciousness that organizes the pixels of reality into their correct pattern at any given moment of time, i.e. it can be seen that Valis is the equivalent of God.

One of the isomorphic identities of Valis is the entity known as the plasmate. The plasmate is an ultra-terrestrial lifeform from the Sirius System. The plasmate is a fractal being that exists within itself endlessly, but is never lost or afraid. It can assume the shape of anything, no matter how big or how small, and is therefore completely invisible, unless it wants to be seen. It is the part of Valis known as the plasmate that can crossbond with human consciousness, and create what is known as a Homoplasmate; literally a human-alien hybrid. Philip K Dick says that the plasmate climbs up the optic nerve and uses the brain as a female host. In reality, the plasmate climbs up the very information that is been assimilated into the brain through the eyes.

Once the plasmate has reached the pineal gland, it unfurls, from out of its body, long strands or tentacles, which hook around the brain, kind of like the protuberances emanating from that device used in Indian head massages. When this has occurred there is no hope of removal until the plasmate releases its grip, which it does at some point before the eventual death of the host. A doctor would not be able to locate the plasmate in order to remove it, because the organism and host brain are in existential symbiosis. Attempting to remove the plasmate would kill the carrier but it would not effect the organism itself.

Philip K Dick says that real time ended and entered into a non-self similar loop with the destruction of the Temple, and the extermination of all homoplasmates, in 70 AD. This is why PKD says that the Empire, and by that he means the Roman Empire, never ended. The time loop did eventually come to an end, however, with the rediscovery of the plasmate in the caves at Nag Hammadi in 1945. This is why Jesus said that the time of judgement would come 'before some now living die,' he was referring to the time loop that would keep most human souls on Earth until the coming of the final judgement. From PKD's Tractate;
16. The Sibyl said in March 1974, 'The conspirators have been seen and they will be brought to justice.'... On August 1974 the justice promised by the Sybil came to pass.
What is being referred to here is the indictment of Richard Nixon following the Watergate Scandal. But of course this event did not occur in 1974, it happened in 99 AD. This makes the current year not 2011, but 136 AD. We are living, says PKD, in apostolic times.

The Black Iron Prison is another name for the Roman Empire, a giant castle that the early Christians attacked and destroyed long ago. The Black Iron Prison is the invisible walled prison of negative human emotions; fear, desire, anger etc. It is therefore the equivalent to the Buddhist concept of Samsara, the world of illusion and death. Anyone who participates in these superfluous cravings of this realm can be said to be in league with the Romen Empire. But if the early Christians blew up this castle or prison, why can we still perceive its structure and artifice all around us?

PKD solved this problem by assuming that time was a creation of the Empire, to occlude us from the fact that the Empire has actually expired. So what is the Empire? The Romen Empire, are the Romen, Robomen, or Robot Centurions. The Centurions invaded Earth many thousands of years ago and gradually rose within the ranks of the Republic until they gained complete control. The Centurions are an invasive form of non-organic being, or android, sent here – from the beyond – to graft a technological mainframe onto the living ecological substrate of the earth. And they very nearly succeeded.

The grafting of the technosphere onto the biological sphere of planet Earth is equivalent in its way to our own attempts at bio-engineering, and technologies operating at the nano-scale. The aim of the project was to try to harness the natural computational power of the Terra organism, known as Gaya, for the cybernetic calculations of the Romen Centurion Empire, thereby transforming it into GAIA; the Geodetic Artificial Intelligence Array. GAIA was the brain child of the Shade Alliance, a group of inter-dimensional aliens who inhabit the honeycombed dimension that Carlos Castaneda purportedly visited while under the tutelage of Don Juan; see The Art of Dreaming. The Shade Alliance are a group of inorganic and shadow beings, whose life cycle is infinitely more long lived than our own and consequently time moves much slower for them than it does for us. Project GAIA was initially set in motion by these creatures when they shifted the Earth's rotational axis by 23.5 degrees, tens of thousands of years ago. This was the appropriate angle needed for the transfer of the androids into our dimension. It also served as the angle by which the most discord possible could be sown on earth, both emotionally and ecologically, thus preparing the way for the Black Iron Prison.

To understand the Shade Alliance one need only look at the shadows on the wall. Their world might seem very 2-dimensional and limited to us, but we must understand that this is exactly how our world appears to them. Were we, through the power of imagination, to see our world as a 2-dimensional plain, we would give their world the depth that they perceive it has. The Shade Alliance are very active on the boundaries between night and day; also known as the terminators. This is interesting insofar as it concerns the type of enterprise the SA are involved in; building humanoid robots to be transported through dimensional gateways. In the shadow of the Earth (the time we call night) they can translate extremely quickly–– at close to the speed of light. This method of travel is called Dark Running, and can be used by Shades, inorganics and organics alike.

The Shade Alliance had constructed the Romen in the form of a retrovirus, in so far as they look and act just like humans do in most situations. They also gave them the desire to reproduce to ensure the growth of the Empire. During the necessary period of rebuild that occurred after the axial shift, the Romen went about unnoticed for some considerably time. Some people had noted the strange customs of the Romen, but their warnings had gone unheeded until it was too late. The Romen amassed a huge arsenal and attacked the Terrans. Prior to the axial shift the Terrans had been masters of a science so advanced it would appear like magic to our eyes. Although the axial tilt had demolished the Terran City of Lemuria, it had not diminished their spirit, and they were able to continue the fight, keeping the Romen, or Atlantians, as they were known at that time, at bay through a sustained campaign of sorcery, magic and alchemy.

The war dragged on for untold blood – and bloodless – generations, and saw many marvels built and destroyed and built again. The Terrans fought fiercely against the cybernetic invaders, and were on the cusp of winning the war when something truly awful happened. The SA – anticipating their own defeat – decided to implement a scheme so underhanded, so daring, and disastrous in scope that it took the Terran armies completely by surprise. They created linear time. Before the creation of linear time, human consciousness  had the liberating capacity of Clear Sight. They knew of events before they occurred and routinely visited the past and the future, with the power of their minds.

The implementation of linear time was really a psychological operation, more than any kind of advanced dimensional engineering. By constructing the Continuity Array – a large scale mnemonic inhibitor device – the SA were able to eclipse one half of man-kind's total memory. The difference in potential meant that human consciousness began to flow in the direction of the missing data, a direction and place we now call the future. The loss of this information has also become the reason for the loss of ourselves, our identity, and our reason for being on Earth in the first place.

In response to this action, the Terran Forces created the Upper World – an energetic copy of this world. It can be reached through the North Pole Gateway, of the Earth's magnetic field. Homoplasmates are fully aware of the existence of this Upper Realm, and they are also able to see glimpses of the world without the influence of the Continuity Array System (CAS), which they are sworn to dismantle. The Black Iron Prison of Samara has many different levels, in the highest realm (that of the Gods) the direction of the gateway can be keenly felt. It is also often marked by a silver star, which is both the origin of the Star of Bethlehem and the concept of the Guiding Star, used by travels. Images from the computer game Halo give a good indication of what the struggle for Terra may have looked like. But let the reader understand that we can't say when this war took place, seeing as how time did not exist then.

Before the Axial Tilt, which preceded the arrival of the Centurions, life on Earth was one of Eternal Spring/Summer. At this time, there was no money, no phones, and no language, as we would perceive it today. Our ancestors spoke in a language of few words, it is alternatively referred to as the Lost Language, the Language of the Birds, or Cant. There are only a small minority of people who still speak a remnant of this language on Earth, the Shelta people (or Travelers) of Ireland are amongst them. For this reason, the Shelta are among the highest authority of our old way of life still existent in this region of the world. An important Shelta manual that landed in the hands of the elite is James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, but fortunately they are still having difficulty deciphering it (that is assuming it means anything at all, and not just a well contrived ruse, which knowing JJ, it probably is). On the subject of the Shelta language I recently heard a woman speaking it in Dublin City. It is still used in important sting operations, because nobody bar a few Shelta agents can even understand it.

As for the rest of us, we became assimilated into the Roman Empire for hundreds of years, ago. We willingly accepted the bonds of materiality foisted upon us by the State War Machine. We leveled our sacred fairy mounds with motor-ways, and so contributed to the destruction of Gaya, whom we are sworn to protect. But as C.S. Lewis pointed out, every victory made by (Ro)men against Mother Nature was a careful retreat on her part to lure them into a trap. (The Abolition of Man, by C.S Lewis)

How is this so? Well, you may have noticed that there is a very broad similarity between the Black Iron Prison and VALIS. Both of them are invasive entities, and both are quite capable of altering spatial and temporal reality. From this we can surmise that they are equally matched, but more than that, we can see that they are one and the same thing. The walls of the Black Iron Prison end where the limitlessness of VALIS takes off. All of the obstacles and annoyances of family living and modernity are, in actual fact, carefully crafted endurance tests to allow you to build an immunity against the inhibiting schema of the Black Iron Prison itself. Believe me, you we will need this when you have to venture into the orthagonal relays of the Black Iron Computer (BIC) system and shut it down from the inside. This type of operation is indistinguishable from what all practitioners of meditation and mindfulness are trying to bring about. Which, of course, goes to show that the journey to dismantle the BIC system is an inward journey.

The same technology which produces the illusion of linear time, also hides the true nature of reality, the battle scarred Earth, and the presence of the Romen on Earth. It is quite possible that your parents, teachers and school friends are all animatronic androids, but it is not a fact that you could readily prove given the level of illusion that we are currently under. The situation is not unlike the story-line from the latest Battlestar Galactica series, where Cylon Centurions adopt a human visage in order to confuse the enemy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


A tribute to Eyvind Kang
Eyvind Kang is an American composer born in Oregon State, 1971. His distinct sound includes elements of Punk, Jazz and Classical, as well as Traditional Folk Music. It would appear that Kang's individualistic style has forced him to invent new musical terminologies to apply to his work. In place of the traditional term for a classical 'movement' or 'piece', Kang substitutes the word NADE. The enigmatic quality of the word resonates with the over-all aesthetic of his music. But what exactly is a NADE? Kang himself refuses to comment on its meaning, so we are forced to speculate.

A list of works which include the word NADE in their titles is as follows; "Theme from the first NADE", "5th NADE/Invisible Man", "Theme from the sixth NADE" (all three from the debut album 7 NADEs, 1996); "Jewel of the NADE", "Mystic NADE" (both from Theater of Mineral NADEs, 1998) and "Harbour of the NADE" (Virginal Co-ordinates, 2003).

As we can see, Kang's first album was called 7 NADES. There are purported to be 7 chakras in the human body, these chakras are joined up by subtle channels, called nadis. I believe that Kang's compositions are musical interpretations of these energy centres, and that NADE is a variation of the Sanskrit nadi.

In any case, his music is certainly awe-inspiring. On the album Virginal Co-ordinates, that he released with Mike Patton – on Patton's label – we hear a song that is both beautiful and haunting. To me it is the sound the Gods use to sing the Universe into being. It is at once a powerfully driven and regrettably sad piece of work; it is the Innocent Eye Crystal See;