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The How-to of Alchemy;
On the evening of October 27th 2010, I went to the pub and bought two drinks. The place was empty except for a group of people beside the door, one of whom may have been a friend of my sister at one stage. I had taken two books along with me; English and American Surrealist Poetry, Edited by Edward B. Germain, and Ovid / The Serpent's Teeth.

On the subject of how to interpret surrealist poetry, Germain insists "that it is absolutely necessary to take the poem literally. Critics who dismiss surrealism as senseless––meaning nothing–or as fantasy–meaning nothing real – fail at this initial step. If the poet writes 'A horse galloping on a tomato', that is exactly what he means, not that the horse trod on a tomato while passing by."*

*This method is also of key importance to Wayfinding in Psychogeographic Intelligences (or Psychint).

In The Serpent's Teeth, Cadmus attendants are attacked, and devoured, by an enormous serpent while collecting water at a spring. Cadmus goes in search of them and, confronting the beast, manages to pin it against an oak tree with his spear. Then Pallus, the hero's patroness, tells him 'to plough up the earth, and to sow the serpent's teeth, as seeds from which people would spring.' When he does this, a whole host of warriors grow up out of the ground and commence battle. The survivors of this battle are Cadmus' attendants resurrected from the grave. Anyone who is at all familiar with the mysteries of alchemy will certainly note them here. 

The bubbling springs, the black serpent, and the oak tree are all archetypes of the Great Work. The third of Arthur C. Clarke's Three Laws states; Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. As we know, Alchemy is a total science of energy transformation. With alchemy it is possible to;
  • to slow or halt the aging process
  • change one elemental material into another
  • change any element into pure energy
  • transform energy into any material object you desire,
  • and to shift these objects into different dimensional plains, past or future.
 For thousands of years, adepts and initiates have struggled to unravel the secret of the Great Work, to achieve these stated ends. Few have succeeded, and those that did were destined to live out the remainder of their days in secrecy; no doubt exiled on the White Mountain. But, I am about to reveal to you the alchemical mystery, because all but a handful of you will be able to recognise it.

Seeing as how alchemy is obviously the most technologically advanced science there could possibly be, its application is rightly 'indistinguishable from magic.' Anyone who has ever seen 'Harry Potter' will know that magical spells are cast by incantation, which– contrary to public opinion– does not have to be proclaimed aloud, but can be recited silently to oneself, much like a prayer. An example of an alchemical formula can be found wherever alchemical archetypes occur in their proper proportions, and in their proper context. The Serpent's Teeth by Ovid is a good example of such an occurrence. As with all magical incarnations, timing is all important. Conjunctions between planets and stars, as well as cross-quarter days, can have either positive or negative effects on your alchemical formulation.

And now a warning. There is a well-known saying in alchemical circles, which goes; Beware the serpent. The serpent is a wily, cunning character, with many tricks up its sleeve. The ancient alchemical symbol of the ouroborus (the snakes that eats its own tale) is a good indicator of this. The ouroboros has different meanings to different societies, but its true meaning––in these circumstances––is that of the law of the winds of Karma. If you dare cast an alchemical spell, you had first better atone for all your sins, or at least fear God, because every pain you ever dealt another will be repaid upon you in full. One important clue to this comes from the line spoken to Cadmus, after he has defeated the black serpent;

Son of Agenor, why stare at the snake you have slain? You too, will become a serpent, for men to gaze upon.

The Serpent's Teeth Formula is particularly insidious, in this regard, because it also represents a closed loop. The men are devoured by the snake, which is murdered by Cadmus, who sows the serpent's teeth and in turn regenerates the men who were devoured by the snake, which is murdered by Cadmus... it just goes on and on. For this reason, you should be certain that you can live with the consequences of that which you desire, as anyone wishing to break this spell will need to expound an awful lot of energy in order to do so.

An example of the negative equity incurred is most apparent in the case of immortality. Anyone who is immortal processes energy in a completely different way from an ordinary human being. Being immortal means they no longer have to eat or sleep. So, if you are in anyway accustomed to either of these luxuries, you will find this lifestyle extremely uncomfortable and generally unsatisifying.

Walking home from the pub that night, I passed a empty and parked car with only one headlight glowering in the darkness, like a single eye. My thoughts, although distant, raced with a fury. They were deeply involved in the retelling of a theological debate between Horselover Fat and his friend Kevin, from Philip K Dick's novel Valis. Kevin repeatedly denied the existence of a loving-God on the grounds that a such an entity would have prevented his cat from being run over. I listened to this debate with a certain amount of incredulity, as I had never allowed myself take a back seat to my own internal dialogue so completely before. I was only asked for my opinion at the very end, when I had to confirm that Kevin's argument was fallacious. I now suspect that the discussion I overheard was between God and the parked car–attempting, no doubt, to absolve itself of any unwarranted guilt.

Perhaps, theological conversations of this kind are going on between inanimate objects and God all the time, and the conclusions they come to, in turn, populate our minds as profound thoughts. Given the events that followed I suspect that the car was VALIS, or the plasmate, in disguise, and that it was probably at this precise moment that I was ambushed by the One-True God.

From reading Valis, it is apparent that the goal of the Hermetic Alchemists––to locate the Holy Grail which gives eternal life––is commensurate to the discovery of the plasmate; an alien creature that existed in inter-species symbiosis with Jesus Christ. It is also apparent that the only thing needed in order to achieve this end is the desire of the equivalent, and the incantation of one of the alchemist's formulas; namely that of the Serpent's Teeth Formula (STF).

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Stanley Kubric's 2001; A Space Odyssey is the tale of mankind's ascent to the stars, and their eventual encounter with a mysterious alien intelligence. The film opens with a group of proto-humans scavenging on the African plains. All of a sudden, a black monolith appears and gives them instruction on how to hunt and coordinate defensive strategies. The next time we see the monolith, it is being excavated by a group of astronauts on the moon. The planets form an auspicious conjunction, and the monolith broadcasts a signal into outer space; somewhere in the vicinity of Jupiter. A mission is hastily assembled to go out and investigate.

I believe that the chief motivation behind the making of this movie is not to ground a space adventure in classical mythology, but to produce a allegory for the pursuit of the Great Work/Alchemy. People often mistakenly assume that alchemy is about transforming lead into gold, but this isn't strictly the case;

If alchemy isn't gold making, what is it? Wilmshurst has defined ~ it as 'the exact science of the regeneration of the human soul from, its present sense-immersed state into the perfection and nobility of ~ that divine condition in which it was originally created'. However, he immediately goes on to offer a second definition which clearly implies that, as with gold making, soul-making is again only a specific case. By inference, a general theory of alchemy might be ventured. Alchemy is a total science of energy transformation.

"A total science of energy transformation." This statement is very relevant in terms of the nature of the ideas expressed in Kubrick's 2001; A Space Odyssey, because the aliens responsible for building the inter-dimensional monolith eventually superceded this technology by transforming their physical forms into pure energy. We know this because of the famous scene at the end of 2001;A Space Odyssey were the astronaut Bowman is seen floating in space as a foetus; having just been reborn as an energy being. The benefits for space travel attained by becoming an energy being are apparent; for instance one would no longer have any need for life-support systems, having satisfactorily achieved the status of Gods. In Kubrick's 2001, the method of physical transformation is the monolith, while in alchemy the method transformation is achieved through the Philosopher's Stone. 

One of the primary works of modern alchemy is Fulcanelli's La Mystere des Cathedrales. In it he extensively details all the religious iconography of relevance to alchemy that exist in the gothic cathedral's of Europe. One such example is of the Black Madonnas; a series of small statuettes carved of either a black material or painted that way, which invariably remain hidden in the vaults underneath the main cathedrals. It was due to the surreptitious nature of the Black Madonna's, as well as their unusual colour, which lead Fulcanelli to suppose they may be representative of the alchemist's prima materia, the first matter of the alchemist's Philosopher's Stone.

 The esoteric meaning of our black Virgins cannot better be defined. 
They represent in hermetic symbolism the virgin earth, which the 
artist must choose as the subject of his Great Work. It is first matter 
in mineral state, as it comes out of the ore-bearing strata, deeply 
buried under the rocky mass. It is, the texts tells us, 'a heavy, brittle, 
friable black substance, which has the appearance of a stone and, 
like a stone, can shatter into minute fragments.' Thus it appears to 
be the rule that the personified hieroglyph of this mineral possesses 
its special colour and that the subterranean parts of temples are 
reserved as its dwelling place. 
In 2001; A Space Odyssey, the black monolith is seen at the bottom of an excavation trench on the surface of the moon. As such it is analogous to the prima materia of the alchemist, as described in the above excerpt. La Mystere de Cathedrales contains another description of how to obtain the elusive material, which is revealing;

 'Take some real earth... well impregnated with
the rays of the sun, the moon and the other stars.'

This instantly suggests to me a meteor of some kind–– a space rock of extraterrestrial origin, just like the monolith. Incidentally, the Islamists worship a black meteor located at the Kaaba, in Mecca. The Kaaba is Arabic for cube and, as we saw in previous posts, Saturn is both associated with the cube and the colour black, suggesting an inter-dimensional gateway of some kind; See Gateway Solid.

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Happy Christmass everyone!
As I didn't get you a present
I thought I'd put up some music videos instead.
Hope you have a good time, and an excellent New Year.

All of these videos have something to do with the themes
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The solids as dimensional intervals between the six worlds.
The 16th Century mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler initially believed––like so many before him––that the motions of the planets conformed to strict spherical pathways; a concept which had arisen in Classical times. Inspired by this, Kepler devised a method using the five platonic solids to measure the distances of the planetary orbits from the Sun and so devise their orbital length. At this time, only six planets were known to exists; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This meant that Kepler could prescribe each of the five platonic solids, as intervals between the planets.

"The Earth [the sphere of the Earth] is the measure for all other orbits. Circumscribe a twelve-sided regular solid about it; the sphere stretched around this will be that of Mars. Let the orbit of Mars be circumscribed by a four-sided solid. The sphere which is described about this will be that of Jupiter. Let Jupiter's orbit be circumscribed by a cube. The sphere described about this will be that of Saturn. Now, place a twenty-sided figure in the orbit of the Earth. The sphere inscribed in this will be that of Venus. In Venus' orbit place an octahedron. The sphere inscribed in this will be that of Mercury. There you have the basis for the number of planets."

Kepler eventually disproved his own theory when he discovered that the orbits of the planetary bodies were not perfect circles, as once thought, but rather ellipses. This lead to he discovery of Kepler's Three Laws, which are still in use by astronomer's today. And, of course, his law that "an orbiting body sweeps out equal areas of space in equal times, no matter what its position along the orbit" contributed to the formulation of concepts for hypergeometric mathematics, which forms the basis of the natural world.

But what if Kepler's theory about the platonic solids being the intervals for the six worlds was not incorrect. At least not in its entirety, for you see, the platonic solids can also be applied to the six bardos (worlds/transitions) of the Tibetan Buddhist religion. These bardos are; the realm of the Gods, the realm of the Monsters or demi-gods, man, animals, the hungry ghosts and Hell. Our model of the six bardos of Samsara could then progress like this;

Hell; octahedron; Hungry Ghosts; icosahedron; Animals; dodecahedron; Man; tetrahedron; demi-gods; cube; Gods.
The geometric formulation of each shape would therefore act as a dimensional gateway to each of these realms in turn.

In his Mysterium Cosmographicum, Kepler also associates the platonic solids to each of the Universal Elements; air, water, universe, fire and earth. It is clear from this that the world of man and animals. therefore the Earth, exists collectively in the element known as Universe, and this describes why this 'bardo' is of such great importance to Tibetan Mysticism, and the path to achieving enlightenment.

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THE 14TH HOUR (Updated)

Excerpt from Aisling Art Copy [AAC];

1936, 14 PM,
2 o’clock
The end of time as we know it.

This message is accompanied by a newspaper clipping from the Gaurdian; entitled Time’s up ­– but we’re still calling the speaking clock.

Considering the revelations that the world has been infested by a group of malignant animatronic androids – who might very well be your parents or legal gaurdians, and that the remaining populace – who existed in their primacy as nomadic children of nature, in a world of eternal summer, without money or mobile phones, it was to be assumed that the vapid increase of the Roman’s technological capabilities had lead to an assumed climax in operations in the War for the Continued Existence of Terra (WCET).

While some information displayed on Television pointed to the end of the Empire, none of this could be completely trusted. Information in the AAC, stated categorically that time, as we know it, would end at 2 o’ clock (14 PM) in the year 1936 – no further information given.

This information was meant for a Psychogeographic/Alternative Reality Game, set up in the area to include Cist style cache systems for other operatives to locate. The term Alternative Reality Game (ARG) goes way past a mere distraction used by some on the Internet, but is actually indicative of a real ‘game’ or war, being fought from multiple alternate realities that surround us, with the aim of invoking or manifesting the most dominant or appropiate reality. Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest makes more sense when we think in terms of the evolution of dimensionality than for biological evolution alone. Furthermore, the reality we currently exist in, is a cakewalk compared to the real issuses and games being played out just beyond the screen door that leads to these other dimensions.
This information for the ARG was extracted from a line in the Time’s up article. The line in question being;

Time’s up;
Launched in 1936, it (the speaking clock) has seen us through a world war and 14 prime ministers.

This can be decoded as 1936, Time’s up, 14 pm, in which PM = Prime Ministers.

The message from the AAC wayfinding project, says that the end of time, as we know it, will come on the first day of 1936 at 14 PM. But wait a minute, it is now 2010, the warning appears to be some seventy four years too late. That is only if you are currently under the illusion that it is 2010. According to the writings of Phillip K. Dick, normal time ceased––and went into looped time­––with the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. It did not resume its normal course until the plasmate was relocated in 1945. This means that the present year is not 2010, but is actually calculated as 135 AD. 1936 is then substitued for 136 AD within the article, as a coded means of disceminating information without alarming or arousing the suspisions of either the powers that be, or the sleeping masses.

However, if you think this means that the datum for time is January 1st 2011, you would be mistaken. According to Celtic cross-quarter calendrical system, the Pagan New Year begins at nightfall on October 31st, [Hallowe’en]. The world renowned Irish Academic Daithi O hOgain has this to say about the subject of Celtic time keeping;

The basic Celtic division of the year was in two parts, for which parts the term samonios (meaning ‘half) was used. The winter half was considered the beginning of the year, and the summer half the second part. Thus the division in Ireland was held to be ‘from Samhain to Bealtaine, and from Bealtaine to Samhain’ ­– Samhain here meaning the beginning of November... There were two further subdivisions… so that the year was in effect divided into the standard four seasons.

At each of these four juctures, a festival was celebrated that involved an impressive amount of custom and lore. The festivals properly began at sunset on the day before the actual date, envincing the Celtic tendency to regard the night as preceding the day. This was in accord with the dark half of the year preceding the bright half, and the whole complex of thought seems to have been a very ancient one, by which the living community showed the primacy of the dead ancestors (as represented by the darkness) over the living community (represented by light).

Computation of time in this way meant that, for instance, Oiche Samhna (literally, ‘the night of November’) actually began on the evening of the last day of October.

For daylight saving time in Ireland this year, the clocks went back at 2 AM on October 31st. I neglected to change my own clock back until 15:00 the following day (Nov. 1st) meaning that 15:00 became 14:00, the end of time, as we know it––at least for me. Furthermore, I adopted the concept of dusk being both the conclusion of the previous day, and the beginning of the next, a radical alteration of time, on my part. Just as night precedes day, so death precedes life. Since most people consider this to be the first life they have ever lived, surely this means that we are all actually now dead, and are awaiting conception in the world beyond. Evidence that we reside in the land of the dead is all around us, I feel, with our graveyards, cars and motorways.

Our present biological form is therefore analogous of a spiritual spermatazoon searching toward spiritual rebirth in the bright yoke of the spiritual egg. The energy of the plasmate that has assumed the form of all things, is a spermatazoon endeavouring to show one the path to this spiritual salvation. Another, albeit unlikely source for this information appears at traffic light stops the world over, in countries like Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the US. The traffic light control panel which shows a hand pointing upwards is intended to show pedestrians the way to heaven, through Jesus. What it actually depicts is the human spermatazoon being directed to the cosmic egg, the Hermetic Sun of the Alchemists. But what are we going to evolve into? If our current form and capabilities are indicative only of a zygot, than what wonders await us in the New Dawn?

The Feast of Fools, by John David Morely, is a retelling of the Persephone and her journey into the Underworld. It also appears to have some parallels with the information I have just given you. 

The Calendar of The Feast of Fools; 1987

Sept 23  Autumn Equinox, calendar beginning of autumn
              The sun reaches the first degree of zodiacal Libra
              Stefanie marries Brum and leaves him the same
              New moon
Sept 27  Clocks are put back one hour
              Liselotte Pfaffel, the flower sellers, dies                                                               
Sept 29  Michaelmas                                                                                                          
              Harald Hemsing celebrates his 10, 000th day
              Martha Kornrumpf attends Liselotte's funeral mass
               and the flower seller's obituary appears in the
               Evening Herald
Sept 31  Opening of Brum's exhibition of twenty-three
              portraits of Stefanie
Oct 3     On his 10,004th day Harald falls in love with Dotty.
             Marking the end of Summer
             By falling out of a pear tree
Oct 5     Anniversary of the calendar reform on October 5,                                          
              1582, when the switch from the Julian to the 
              Georgian calendar resulted in a 'loss' of ten 
              days, a loss that preoccupies Harald in a dream.
Oct 23   The sun enters zodiacal Scorpio, the sign which in
              astrology is associated with the genitals
              Stephanie eats a pomegranate and has her hair cut
Nov 1    All Saints
              The beginning of the far more ancient pagan cele-
              bration of the time when the dead were believed
              to return to the earth

Timeline for the Eschaton 2010

Sept 20   Autumn Equinox accompanied by Harvest Moon,
               The return of Ra and Apophis (the Anti-Christ).
Sept 24   Selka celebrates his 10, 000 day of life on this earth.
Oct 25    Selka falls out of the pear tree, repeatedly.
Oct 26    HSE apologise for failure of system
               Beowulf, the baleful wolf of Shiva, and archetype
               of Brian Blessed, is on the TV.
               Selka meets Clare where the dream machine was found,
               and is told to e-mail RDS.
Oct 27    Entry into God Bardo
               Contact with Silver Star entities above RDS
Oct 28    Encounter with plasmate, information download.
               Battle with Valis/plasmate organism in Supervalu, Liablath
               Descent into Hell, 127 hours till end of time
Oct 30    Encounter with Captain Feeney and his son Angus
               Gardai of the Gates of Hades.
Oct 31    Clocks put back one hour.
Nov 1     Selka puts own clock back from 15:00 to 14:00, the
               end of time as we know it. Metric, Help I'm Alive signal.
Nov 3     Opening of Anthony Wigglesworth's art exhibit at
               Number 10 Ormond Quay
Nov 13   Eoin's Graduation Day, St. Patrick's Cathedral

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth
On August 25th 2010, at about 3am, I noticed a bright star, due north, about eight degrees above the horizon. I had never seen a star in this region of the sky before, and with good reason, because the corporation lights of Dublin City would have generally drowned them out. Another thing that made me realise that this was not a star, was that after I had watched it for a while, I noticed it was moving slowly. Although it tracked across the sky in an Easterly direction, its movement was much too slow to be that of a plane.

The next night, just after dusk, I was climbing a mountain. When I stopped to take a rest I noticed the same bright light in the same location; above the lights of Dublin City. It floated up into the cloud layer, and remained there suspended, until another light drifted up to join it. I counted maybe three bright lights that behaved in this manner, all seemingly emerging from the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge, some 15 kilometres distant from me.

Hallowe’en was only a few days away, and from my vantage point I could see the green sparkle of fireworks over the houses and rooftops of my hometown. With the relatively strict prohibition on fireworks observed in my country, a recent addition to the Hallowe’en night sky spectacle had been that of the Chinese Lanterns, which invarably glowed with a dull orange coloured flame. I could tell that these objects were not those lanterns for at least three reasons;

  1. The speed at which the first two objects ascended into the cloud layer and there subsequent, abrupt stop.
  2. A third light which hovered, maybe no more than a kilometre, above the city, before being joined by a fourth, which weaved around the other in a display of intelligence, speed and agility.
  3. Last of all, I observed a large craft composed of several lights, which I estimated to be at least the size of football field lift itself into the air and hover a hundred or more feet off the ground.
 I had assumed that the Internet would be abuzz with similar reports of this UFO siting, but the lack of any forced me to take a different angle on the phenomenon. I believe that the craft were possibly ascending from the RDS to a larger craft in the upper atmosphere. A quick look at the RDS website will reveal that they are connected to the Freemasonic Traditions, and  proud of it. In my opinion, the Secret Rites of Freemasonry connect to a world that is ordinarily invisible to us, and one that is filled with such wonders, as to perhaps prove unbelievable to the clouded judgement of the modern world.

The Mystery of the Cathedrals, by Fullcanelli, is considered to be one of the great works of alchemical study. Alchemy is a discipline veiled in symbols and riddles that the initiate must unravel to become adept in. One such riddle is the mystery of the silver star. It is said that once this riddle is understood, contemplation of the star which lead the three Wise Men to the birthplace of the Saviour, is given a new meaning.

'Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days
of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to
Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for
we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.
'Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired
of them diligently what time the star appeared. And he sent them
to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young
child: and when ye have found him bring me word again, that I
may come and worship him also.
'When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star,
which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood
over where the young child was.
'When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.
And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child
with Mary his mother, and fell down and worshipped him; and
when they had opened their treasures, they presented him with
gifts : gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.'
Speaking of such strange happenings and faced with the
impossibility of attributing the cause of them to any celestial
phenomenon, A. Bonnetty, struck by the mystery which envelops
these narratives, asks :
'Who are these Magi and what is one to think of this star? That
is what rational critics and others are wondering at this moment.
It is difficult to reply to these questions, because ancient and modem
Rationalism and Ontologism, drawing all their knowledge from
their own resources, have made one forget all the means by which
the ancient peoples of the East preserved their primitive traditions.'

The star which led the Magi to the cave at Bethlehem, as
St. Chrysostom tells us, came to rest, before dispersing, on the
Saviour's head and surrounded him with luminous glory.
I will stress this point, although I am sure that few will thank me
for it: we are truly concerned with a nocturnal star, whose light
shines without great brightness at the pole of the hermeric sky.

(excerpts from La Mystere des Cathedrales, by Fulcanelli.)

The star-like objects that I saw on October 25th and 26th were located in a direction due North; the pole of the hermetic sky. Furthermore, the independent motion of these stars permits, and therefore lends credence, to the strange accounts of the Magi. The difference in reports is one of semantics, for while ‘the primitive traditions’ of the ancient peoples of the East percieved this light as a star, we in the West would unflinchingly refer to it as a UFO. This suggestion concurrs with Erich von Daniken’s and William Brambley’s research into the possibility that alien technological intervention was behind the reports of miracles and visions from aposalitic times. While Brambley suggested that these creatures were purely extra-terrestrial, von Daniken assumed that they might, just as well, be us from the future.

A third solution to this problem, comes from Tibetan Mysticism or Buddhism. The Buddhists believe that there are six worlds (or bardos) which combine to make up the world of Samsara. These are; the realm of the Gods, the Monsters, Mankind, the animals, hungry ghosts and Hell. It should be noted that the world of Mankind and the world of animals overlap, on a day to day basis. We look after animals and use them for food. This overlap suggests the possibility that the six worlds of Samsara can be reduced to just three; something that Indian religious belief systems would appear to agree with.

The range, and differing types, of senses that exist between the world of man and the animal world is enormous. The sensitivity of animals has even lead some to speculate that they can sense the presence of spirits, and of the departed. The findings of the paranormalists and spiritualists down through the ages would suggest that the realm of the spirits is, indeed, superimposed upon ours. If this is the case, then our world must be similarly superimposed upon the bardo of the Gods and the Monsters; also known as the Demi-Gods. Therefore, the six worlds are reduced to three, and finally to one.

If the Bardo of the Gods and demi-Gods is one with our world then why do we not experience them? Well we do. As I have already pointed out in previous posts, the Bardo of the demi-Gods/Monsters corresponds to the world of celebrity and public figures. These people are generally considered to be the most beautiful, talented and influential amongst us. Wherever they go, people recognize them and greet them as such. For this reason, their perception of the world, in general, is much more skewed than ours. Just as we look after animals––and even eat them––the Monsters try to keep us entertained and well-fed. Their attempts are not always in our best interests however e.g. global corporate capitalism, and some times it is necessary for the Gods to come down to our world and take matters into their own hands.

While we can be found to interact with the worlds of Monsters and animals on a daily basis, it is seldom the case where the Bardo of the Gods is concerned. This is because it is slightly farther removed from us. Although we walk past these people, who are considered Gods, in the street, we fail to recognise them for the shining beauty that they exude, and as such take no notice of their Godly status. These people are always impecably well-dressed and are usually Oriental; in my experience. They can be seen at night sort of bumbling around, whilst chuckling or smiling quietly to themselves. This is because they are continuously intoxicated with a love for the world. Their reality is not too far removed from that of the faeries, and, in fact, I would go as far as to say it is the same thing.

So, on the issue of the Bardos, what we are dealing with here is degrees of wordly perception. In the same way that animals have senses, which are atuned to the Bardo of the Hungry Ghosts, we can atune our senses to the Bardo of the Gods. When this happens, we can begin to percieve the UFOs that are departing from all the major cities of the world on a daily basis. The gods might be boarding craft to other star systems, or they might, as I believe, be transforming themselves into plasmic balls of energy to travel the etheric realms of space. This tallies well with the Theosophical description of faeries, who are said to be able to exist in an astral or ethereal state, which commensurably helps bind the physical properties of our reality together.

But, if all of these different realities exist, where do they exist and how is it possible to get to them? The answer to both of these questions is; In the mind. The gateway to all of these worlds can be found in the hyperbolic geometry of the human mind. From a mechanical/materialist viewpoint, we can equate the six different bardos to the six cellular layers of the neocortex, which all mammals possess. By passing through each of these different neocortical layers, our consciousness can travel all the way from the realm of the Gods, to the truly terrifying Bardo of Hell. This action is known as piercing the three worlds; in Indian methodology.

In the psychology of the human mind, there exists worlds within worlds, like layers of an onion. This incontrovertible reality is the basis for such myths as the Hollow Earth theory, the Underground world of the dead, and of the faerie, as well as the basis for the fabled Buddhist holy land of Shangri La.

The Inland Empire spoken of in David Lynch’s eponymous film, is similarly not a geographical area, but a state of mind. As an advocate of Trancendental Medititation, Lynch’s own practice may have taken him on a journey to the realms he has described, a place filled with wonder and with horror, a place where life and death flow into one another like the curves of a Klein Bottle.

What all this means, in real terms, is that the occupants of the UFOs are not necessarily extra-terrestrial, but are rather us, existing on a different dimensional density, where the ability to transform one’s own physical form into pure energy––and thereby travel the solar system––is attainable.* The fact that these ‘craft’ appear to be departing from the RDS – an organisation affiliated with the Freemasons – suggests to me, that the Gods are likely to be high-ranking initiates of these Orders. This is part of the secret the Mystery Schools have held onto for so long, and the reason why they are to be respected, and not feared so, overmuch.
* Perhaps it was this information that the Gypsies were referring to, when they annotated a copy of Jessup’s A Case for the UFO back in 1957. There is no denying that the Gypsies are a powerful race of people, with a deep understanding of the esoteric laws that govern reality. It is among the people of these traditions and dindling populace who still know cant, like the Shelta people of Ireland, where a true (nomadic and warrior-like) understanding of the world can be sought.

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Monarch of the Glen. The Spirit of the Forest and the Mountains.

I went into the kitchen, to have a cigarette, and realised I had been attacked and eaten by the plasmate. In  Valis, Phillip K. Dick writes;

Lurking, the true God literally ambushes reality and us as well. God, in very truth, literally attacks and ambushes us in his role as antidote. As Fat can testify to, it is a scary experience to be bushwhacked by the Living God.

Fat came to the conclusion that it had invaded our universe; and a year later he realized that it was consuming – that is devouring – our universe.
The plasmate had devoured me, and had become my world. I looked for a light for my cigarette, and the plasmate became a box of matches in my pocket. I hestitated lighting one of these living matches on fire, until I realised that the plasmate was the fire also. All around me objects moved and flickered out of the corner of my eye. If I took off my coat and left it down, it became the plasmate. It was as though anything that touched the floor was subsumed into the vast and ever expanding body of the plasmate. A very similar fate befell Oisin, a famous Irish hero, when he fell from his horse on his return from Tir na nOg, and like the promise of Tir na nOg, the plasmate extended its offer of immortality. An excerpt from PKD's Valis;

Normally it remained camouflaged. Normally when it appeared no one could distinguish it from ground – set to ground, as Fat correctly expressed it. He had a name for it.
Zebra. Because it blended. The name for this is mimesis. Another name is mimicry. Certain insects do this; they mimic other things: sometimes other insects – poisonous ones – or twigs and the like. Certain biologists and naturalists have speculated that higher forms of mimicry might exist, since lower forms – which is to say, forms which fool those intended to be fooled but not us – have been found all over the world.

In more recent times, biologists have even theorized that there might exist a human form of the cordiceps fungus. When spores of this fungus invade the mind of an insect, or orthopod, they take control of its nervous system, forcing it to climb higher and higher, thus allowing for a maximum dispersal of spores. Recent research has suggested a link between schizophrenia and a parasitie carried in the gut of the ordinary house cat. This suggests that the effects of the human cordiceps analogue deals with reality adjustments or awakening.

Knowing this, I had to consider the possibility that the plasmate was a malignant parasite. It might, for instance, force me to throw myself in front of a train or out of a window, I thought. Then when an interested or concerned party drew near, the plasmate would dislodge itself and infect the nearest amongst them to begin the cycle all over again.

Stories of men going on the rampage and killing their entire family might also be attributed to this parasitic organism, I thought. Was I going to become just another one of those unsettling news stories that people listen to over breakfast? I had to find out in advance one way or the other.

Despite the plasmate being able to alter its form to mimic reality perfectly, the plasmate carrier is capable of discerning the particular flavour of energy that the plasmate exudes. It appears denser, stickier, more gravitic. It was for these reasons that I was able to discern that the plasmate had duplicated my own body. I was reminded, then, of the poem Come Away Oh Human Child, by WB Yeats that my father used to read to us one the lakes of Loch Ri. How could I know if the plasmate had substituted itself for my reality, or if it was just intimating the substitution, in the hopes that I would be provoked into lashing out, and by so doing hurt someone else?

The plasmate uses the brain as a female host, which means that its propensity to attack and ambush you is equivalent to a kind of interspecies rape.

The only words I know are good, ball, and rape.
(Handbanana; ATHF)

I knew that if the plasmate had substituted itself for my reality, then it also ruled over the law of chance and chaos, that governed my reality. Therefore, if I roled a dice, it could – in all likelyhood – bend the outcome in its favour; whatever that may be. Prior to this I had been making many decisions in life based on Luke Rhineheart’s dice therapy, whereby you wrote down a list of possible actions, letting the dice choose which one you would carry out. This was the first time I had ever included suicide on any list, albeit at a very low probabilty; a 1 in 36 shot. I did this knowing that if the plasmate expected me to kill myself it need only manipulate the dice to the desired outcome, and I would do the rest. Mercifully, the dice landed on some other outcome, which meant I was to forget the whole thing and live my life normally, as if nothing untoward were happening.

In the movie Spirited Away, a spoilt girl named Chihiro is transported, with her parents, to an enchanted world beyond the veil. At one point, Chihiro attempts to save her friend from a flock of paper birds called shikigami. Shikigami is a kind Japanese house spirit, or faerie, belonging to the genus Oni. These creatures are further related to the 12 Heavenly Generals of Eastern Mysticism. The plasmate, in its natural state has the appearance of a white bird, or shikigami. It is alive and yet it assumes the form of inanimate objects, blown by the wind i.e. paper cups and sweet wrappers.

With the help of the plasmate I was now able to comprehend what was written in the ancient sacred texts and accept them for truth. This ability is given by virtue of the plasmate affixing to the optic nerve; a process known as cross-bonding. On reflection it is not your vision which is augmented, but rather your comprehension and acceptance of the texts. One book which did not seem to be much effected was The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy, by Penelope Lively; a children’s story that I had interest in during the Autumn period. The underlying theme of this book was that unseen forces are at work in the world, and in order to combat them you must have awareness of folkloric traditions. One such tradition states that iron will disperse a fairie attack, and even break a faerie spell. Another stipulates cautious avoidance of the Meadowsweet plant, which is considered bewitched.

Having an interest in herbalism, I had collected a number of these plants during the months of June and July. I looked around my room now, and saw that it was covered in the dried stalks and flowers of Meadowsweet! Cursing myself for my foolishness, I gathered the plants up carefully and deposited them in the park across the road. Next I searched for anything made of iron, with which to dispell the faerie forces of the plasmate. All around me I saw signs of the displeased Host. I imagined they were disappointed that I had not decided to join their faerie ranks.

Where the bee sucks, I suck. In the cowslip bell I lie.

Perhaps a better metaphor for the plasmate, is that of a wasp or bee. In a woods behind my house is an abandoned beehive used by beekeepers to extract honey. As a child I remember regarding the floral patterns inlaid on the crown board with fearful reluctance. Being young, I was fearful of anything that might hurt me, so I often associated this pattern with the painful sting of the bee. Having only just recently visited these delapidated hives, I wondered if the plasmate had not lain in wait for me there, to bide its time to strike.

While talking to a friend of mine about dreams, he mentioned the possibility of navigating honey combed universes. Afterward, I considered the possibilty that these worlds had been constructed by an organism of some kind; and that that organism might be the plasmate. Being attacked by the plasmate is analogous to being stung by a bee. It drives people crazy, and may be the origin of the phrase; A bee in your bonnet. Given that the plasmate corresponds symbolically to both birds and bees, it may also be the origin of the phrase; the birds and the bees, which would of course mean that it has something to do with human procreation; perhaps aphrodisiacal?

Despite all this there are some who say that there are not enough bees/plasmates to go round. Very likely this is a reaction of the loss of the plasmate in 70 AD, with the destruction of the Temple. The plasmate is the Holy Spirit of the Trinity, and if it is not nurtured and loved the results, as seen in the last century, can be nothing short of catastrophic. The absence of the Holy Spirit in man gives rise to all kinds of irrational behaviours.

According to Eastern Religions, the attainment of enlightenment corresponds to the opening of the Lotus or Crown chakra. The plasmate finds this bloom distinctly irresistable and, therefore, flocks to pollenate it. When we consider that flowers have evolved their form to be especially attractive to insects, which are of an entirely different animal kingdom, it not so unreasonable that our own consciousness should develop the ability to attract an organism that evolved along similarly independantly lines; perhaps, even on some far-flung, distant world. The knowledge of the plasmate is like honey, or soma, to the awakened.

The net of the mind is encased in the net of the world, as such they are entangled and inseperable; except at the point of death. The manifold structure of my mind unfolds to form the world and reenfolds to form your mind, and vice versa. Everything is connected, via the net of mind. We are all one via the net of the world, and of the mind. For this reason it is easy to see how the plasmate can direct your thoughts until you are not only at peace with yourself, but at peace with all mankind in one homogenous mind. The hive mind of the Salvia plasmate, and the Godhead are one and the same. If you are nervous or out of sorts in the Godhead, people shift and bumble about. If you seek the gaze of any man he will return it with as much openess and warm-hearted feeling as you would to yourself, as a child.

4次元リサージュ図形の回転 x=sin(11t)cos(17t) y=sin(11t)sin(17t) z=cos(11t) u=sin(11t) 0≦t≦2PI

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The Roman Empire which defeated the Homoplasmates and destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, is indicative of the Black Iron Prison of Samsara. The word Roman, or Romen, is a contraction of Roboman, or Robotmen. These were a class of animatronic android that were designed to graft a digital technosphere onto the single cell living substrate of the Earth. It took the inhabitants of the Earth a while to realize what was going on, but when they did, the Homoplasmates – the Earth’s natural defense system – made efforts to dispatch with the mechanoid interlopers. Unfortunately, in the ensuing battle all of the Homoplasmates were killed, and the original plasmate was lost.

With the loss of the plasmate in 70 AD, real time stopped and time began to repeat itself in a non-self similar loop. As Phillip K Dick would say, The Empire Never Ended. Normal time resumed with the rediscovery of the plasmate in 1945. In the intervening period, the Earth was in a kind of temporal stasis or lock-down. In real terms, the Earth has need of only a set number of human souls to fulfill its requirments. In the beginning, this number might only have been 10 million or so. However, and as a consequence of the non-self similar time loop, feedback in the standard population birth rate brought about the arrival of the "baby boomers." Since then the population has grown exponentially, but for entirely different reasons.

With the extermination of the Homoplasmates and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, the remaining inhabitants were forced to use natural science, or Magic, against the Romen. The marginal successes of this campaign lead to the Great Witch hunts of the Middle and Dark Ages. The other two great wars fought for supremacy of the Earth, in the history of humanity, were World War 1 and World War 2. World War 1 was a Terran victory, due in no small part to the Martinist Order who, with the help of the Rosicrucians, had rediscovered the alchemical formula for the plasmate. This is why WWI ended on November 11th 1918; or St. Martin’s Day.

19 years later, the Romen forces regrouped and staged their own astrologically informed attack; World War II (The Empire Strikes Back). They managed to cripple the Martinist forces completely, resulting in disbandment of the Order. With this victory under their belt the Romen rewrote history to make it look like they had won both wars, and painted the naturally inspired and spiritual Germanic people as a race of genocidal maniacs. This war however was merely a non-self similar replay of the initial war that had lead to the extermination of the Homoplasmates and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. The detonation of the thermonuclear bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki being equivalent to the destruction of the Temple, therefore, the body, therefore, matter. And the extermination of the Homoplasmate reiterated through the revelations of the Holocaust.
Alternative history; Kursk Battle between the T-34s
and Porsche Elefants (AT-ATs). Jason Askew's vision
of Hoth Snow Battle (the Empire Strikes the Rebel Stronghold).

Before the arrival of the Romen, Earth’s defences were extraordinarily well advanced and included Ark Reactors (built by the Covenant) and numerous other weapons whose explanations and uses have been consigned to that of myth and folklore. However, the Terran Forces were just not able to keep up with the fast-paced Romen, and during the Battle of Aphek, they even managed to capture an Ark from the Covenant. This lead to the Earth dividing itself into two different substrates, the Upper, or Etheric Realm, and the Lower, or material realm.

The rationale behind this manouevre was to ensure that no matter how many Terrans were killed they could always reincarnate back on Earth as a Terran Warrior. If they chose the latter, they would have to forfeit all of their belongings and start again from scratch (kind of like World of Warcraft). A more correct view stipulates that the person’s spirit remains in the Upper Realm and uses the Earth’s magnetic field to remotely control their bodies here on Earth. For this reason Albert Einstein, who was instrumental in developing the Hydrogen Bomb that won the war for the Romen, urged his colleagues to make a thorough examination of exactly how the Earth’s magnetic field was generated; with the intention of one day using this information against the Terrans. What Einstein failed to realise, however, was that the magnetic field was not derived from the material Earth, but from the Upper Realms above.

Because of the importance of the Earth’s magnetic field to Terran operations, we can ascertain that the space program is largely a product of Romen design. And was done either as a demonstration of their abilities, or as a means of escape. Intelligence suggests that one or more of Apollo space missions may have managed to send a signal to the creators of the Romen; a group called the Shade Alliance.

The Shade Alliance are a group of inter-dimensional phantoms, who appear to us as 2-dimensional shadows lurking on walls. With the right kind of eyes, you can make out the depth and bulk of these creatures, which – like the plasmate – appear to have shapeshifting attributes, and generally make themselves known in the form of a black cat.

The Shade Alliance have the ability to move at tremendous speed on the Earth’s nightside. But their movement during the day is, understandably, more limited. However, they have been known to employ dimensional jump gate technology, which look much like the gateways at Terran airports. The gates even appear on television ads for Sky News, which identifies this organization as one owned by the Shade Alliance. All of this is very reminiscent of John Carpenter’s space invaders movie, They Live, because not only do the aliens have insanely crazy dimensional jump gate technology in this movie, but they also have control over the world’s media, which they use to promote a false reality, similar in its way to the Black Iron Prison, or Samsara.
The Shade Alliance initiated their invasion of Terra, many thousand of years ago, by shifting its rotational axis by 23.5 degrees. Prior to this the Earth’s axial rotation and magnetic poles were superimposed upon one another. It has been the aim of the Mystery Schools and the Terran Forces to reinstate this natural equilibrium, and for this reason, the Allies have often referred to their enemy, as the Axis Powers, or more in more recent times, the Axis of Evil. Incidentally, 23.5 degrees is the angle at which the Shade Alliance found it most favourable to insert the Romen army from their dimension into our planetary sphere.

If humans are like the red blood cells that carry oxygen around the substrate, then the homoplasmates are the white blood cells that identify and fight diseases. Initially the Homoplasmates found it difficult to identify the Romen, because, being a retro virus, they disguised themselves to looked and act just like us. By the time the Homoplasmates recognised the danger, however, it was all but too late.  To the Empire the plasmate represents a disease, and one which could not be tolerated for its continued survival.

The Nag Hammadi scriptures were discovered in a cave by two brothers in 1945. Their mother, perhaps sensing that something was not right with these texts, attempted to burn them. It was perhaps this incident which awakened the plasmate from its dormant seed form. The plasmate needs a human host in order to replicate. As the scriptures were found in the Middle East, this area has been identified as the Central Infection Area, and this is why Empire is actively engaged in a process of extermination in the region. If it were not for the involvement of the British Forces, the US might have succeeded in this process.

The issue of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device), that arose with the Iraq War, is interesting when we consider that the plasmate can take on any form it chooses, and particularly relishes in assuming the shape of coke cans and litter discarded in the streets. When fighting a creature like this, every piece of rubbish that blows on the desert wind could be your enemy. Fighting a war in this manner is enough to drive anyone insane. Your own reality becomes your enemy, as does your own existence. What better definition of madness is there, than one who fights himself?
A Good Find: Portrait of a Tuscan Raider,
Tony Curanaj.

According to Buddhism, the net of the mind (Greek: noos) is encased in the net of the world. But in reality, it is merely one continuous mesh, twisted back upon itself like a Mobius strip, or Klein bottle. Homoplasmates know this because the connectivity of the net of mind and the net of the world are interpreted via the plasmate. The inside is the outside.

The aim of the Romen appears to be to offer an alternative connectivity net; the Technosphere. The technosphere will link the noosphere and the biosphere, but it will not elucidate on the inter-connectivity of both. This does not mean that it cannot bring enlightenment, it just means that its purpose is to enslave, first and foremost.
The introduction of electronic banking and monetary systems by the Romen Empire was the beginning of their attempt to get the Technosphere on-line. For this reason they constructed the World Trade Centre in NYC, which was initially intended as a hub to route this information around the Technosphere substrate. The destruction of this now obsolete piece of hardware on 9/11, was a symbolic act meant to symbolize the destruction of the World Tree Axis, which is the gateway to the Upper Realm. This symbolic gesture was noted by the plasmate, but it did not respond.

Another part of the Technospheric relay system, as rightly pointed out by Umberto Eco, is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Obviously, a massive step towards inception of the Technosphere was the link up of the Internet. The uploading of viruses and malware are, of course, an important part of the offensive against this system. But the more prolonged attack has been through the proliferation of Internet porn sites. Porn sites have undergone an explosive growth over the last few years and endeavour to show increasingly graphic and distasteful imagery, in an attempt to force the Romen to abandon their nihilistic agenda completely. Although the Romen have adopted a biological appearance in order to blend in, their digital subroutines find our squelchy, fleshy organic masses distinctly repulsive. The more extreme the acts of sexual degradation have become on the World Wide Web, the more the Romen despair at their subjects, and at their, relatively, unenviable situation.

For this reason the Romen, and their crooked academic cohorts, have developed Internet 2; which is much faster, better and cleaner than the commercial Internet. The upshot of this move, in our terms, has meant that the Romen have clearly delineated their operations from the bulk of the masses. All of the Empire's affiliates and subsidiaries are logged onto Internet 2, and the largest and most important of these is undoubtedly the Large Hydron Collider, at Cern Laboratories, in Geneva.

This facility appears to be multi-purposeful, but one of its chief design flaws has been its ability to trap the souls of men who have been interred within the Earth; a place known as the Elysium Fields. Pockets of the resistance, such as the Greek Security Team, have been focusing their attention on this facility for some time now. And last year, a French Scientist was arrested at Cern, for alledgedly being linked to Al Queda; a fake organization used to discredit the Homoplasmates of the Middle Eastern wave. But before we have a repeat of what happened last time around, know that intelligent agents have already gone and freed the entire particle beam ring system of captured souls. As one operative explained; It is like being trapped in one of Dante’s nine circles of Hell.

The Earth is a living creature that has a natural circadian rhythm, based on multiples of 12. As components living within the totality of the Earth, we naturally express this duodecimal propensity in our own circadian rhythms. The rate at which we walk, talk and breath is determined, to some degree, by these patterns. The Shades and their cybernetic Romen are not from this region of space, and therefore employ their own circadian rhythms, which are, in their case, Metric. The Metric, decimal, or digital system is too abrupt for our biological standards, and its use in our society is the cause of much stress and pressurization. This is the meaning of the signal; Metric, Help I am Alive. The Earth is a living duodecimal system and cannot abide having a hard Metric system grafted onto it.