Friday, November 9, 2012


Some people like to use labyrinths for spiritual and magical reasons. The most traditional type of labyrinth appears to be the Cretan or classical labyrinth, which has a 4-fold construction pattern (see below);

As its name would suggest the classical labyrinth has very few variations of type. This might possibly stem from the traditionalist nature of most hermetic orders. Labyrinths are supposed to be confusing. Therefore it is my belief that an increase in variation within the labyrinth structure could only boost its power as a talismanic object.

 I began with making 5, 6, and 7-fold labyrinths. Notice how the 7-fold labyrinth has three centers making it symbolically associated with the triskele and the triquetra. For this reason I suggest this as a highly powerful symbol representing the 7,3-fold nature of the cosmos, as avowed by the Ancient Egyptians. 

Next we have 8-fold labyrinth together with a hyper-dimensional theory of light (how did that get in there?).

Finally there are what I refer to as hyperbolic labyrinths, which are really just the same things stretched in perspective.

You can also combine two starting grids to create other types of labyrinths (see below);

For an examination of the symmetries of the Chartres Labyrinth please go here;

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Nothing is permanent not even death.

Who came up with these insane rules?
We want to live forever
We don't want to live forever,
We want to die.
We are afraid of death.

We live our lives fearing death, and then even with our death we find no peace, discovering instead that we must be reborn to face –
Immortality on Earth?
In Heaven?
Go again?
On the wheel of the Zeitgeist?

We are alive in the imagination of God, is that it?
Living out our dreams and fantasies.
But there is a snake in the Garden.
Beware the perils of sensory gratification and ignorance.
Where have you been for the last six thousand years?
Grappling with your own vivid imagination and deeply instinctual passions?
Have we stepped through the mirror and found ourselves in contact with a world,
so energetic, so gravitic, and chaotic, the it barely knows its own name?

It can't seem to make up its mind;
Does it want to protect you or eat you?
Are you its sole focus or does it recognise you at all?
Are you the weakling child, broken off and cast into the sacred,
sleeping river to synch the spin; sink or swim?
Passed through the gash in the ash tree...
The woodgate, lawngate, watergate.
Have we always been dreaming?
Dreaming that we are just awakening to the fact that we are immortal?
Immortally mortal, doomed to live out endless lives in frail bodies,
at the mercy of the clockwork machinations of the Heavens, I have come to despise?
I am not surprised.

You know what?
Stay asleep.
Stay put in your classical reality where the focus length on the real world is correctly set,
and you do not drift off into the uncertain certainty of quantum building park lands.
Stay anchored to the shores of normality, and blinkered to anything beyond these next few
words, beyond the scope of your relationships and the sphere of your perceptions.

In short, stay comfortably dumb.

27th August 2011

Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is for everyone who enjoys codes. These are the Shailinn Sigil codes.
All you need to decipher them is below. Good Luck!

Monday, September 17, 2012


ANDROIDOSOPHY Part 1: The PKD Story ANDROIDOSOPHY Part 2: Meeting the Plasmate
ANDROIDOSOPHY Part 3: The Plasmate Wars ANDROIDOSOPHY Part 4: The Mystery of the Large Hadron Collider

Monday, September 10, 2012


How the Chakras link to human brain wave functions.

The Seven Chakras of the human body are relatable to the seven primary brain wave frequencies that determine mental states. Delta waves which have a frequency of 0-4 Hz occur in the brain during deep sleep. Alpha waves (8-12 Hz) occur within the brain when the eyes are closed. Beta waves (13-30 Hz) occur within the brain when the eyes are open. However, the function of other brain waves, such as theta for example, is not well understood by scientists. Although it may have some correspondence either to sexual intercourse, or REM sleep.

By understanding what functions the different brain waves regulate we can create a systematised correspondence between it and the chakras. Starting with the Base Chakra then, we have;

Delta waves (0-4 Hertz); before you go asleep meditate on the base chakra.
Theta waves (6-10 Hz); before or during sexual intercourse meditate on the Sacral Chakra.
Alpha waves (8-12 Hz); when meditating with the eyes closed concentrate on the Solar Plexus.
Beta waves (13-30 Hz); when meditating with eyes open focus on the Heart Chakra.
Lamda (25-40 Hz): When speaking, reciting mantras, singing etc. rest in the Throat Chakra.
Gamma (25-100 Hz); Meditating on compassion in the Anja Chakra.
Psi (100+ Hz); Meditation on either transcendence or death should be concerned with the Crown Chakra.

These methods could be employed by themselves or in conjunction with Binaural Beats. But as in the case of binaural beats I suggest extreme caution when practicing any of the above exercises as they are very powerful. You should only attempt these meditations for a few minutes at a time and only when you feel like it, otherwise you may suffer a mental crash.


In Buddhism there is some reference to the concept of the disconnection of the senses; therefore how sight does not conform to touch etc. This is a realisation which is supposed to be derived from meditation, but the opposite can also be found to be the case. We can imagine that the senses are not disconnected, as supposed by the buddhists and others, but rather represents a continuous line, or spiral, looping in and out of our dimensional plane. Where this spiral intersects our plane of reality we experience a different intensity or level of vibration, which corresponds to each of the different senses.
This would infer that between hearing and seeing, for example, is a continuum of experience that is by varying degrees a mixture of the two.

Friday, August 31, 2012


During meditation people are often asked to focus one or other the glands in the human brain; either the Pineal or Pituitary glands. This can serve as an annoyance to meditators, because in the first instance it is difficult to locate either of these glands accurately. You can't just open up your brain and take a look inside... And in the second instance, because it is difficult to see how remaining quiet and present with either of these glands is really going to cause them to activate or 'open'. Another problem with these exercises is the close proximity between the pineal gland – region closely related to compassionate feelings – and the amygdala, which controls fear and the flight or fight mechanism. It is obviously more beneficial to focus on the pineal gland then on the amygdala, therefore.

The human ear is a message written in flesh on the sides of our heads. The very shape of the ear is a riddle calling for an answer to be heard. Why are human ears shaped the way they are? Surely they could operate just as well simply as holes or featureless parabolas. And yet they express this convoluted form that is unique to each individual. Why?

Well, for a start the round shape of the ear closely imitates the shape of the cranium itself. Seeing as how these two prominent sense organs sit on either side of the head, it could mean that they are - in some way - trying to tell us about the shape of the brain matter within. I believe the ears are like a map made of cartilage, giving us a fractal cross-section of the brain that is not merely representative, but actually hardwired into the brain via a most sophisticated hardware of blood and nerve-endings.

Therefore, the ear is like a computer terminal that can be used to access parts of the brain (such as the Pineal Gland) from an external mode rather than an imprecise and messy internal one.

Now I know that there those who might contest this view, saying how the shape of the human ear helps reflect sound into the ear drum, or some other thing. But such mundane observations and explanations as 'Ears, they make you hear," will not be entertained here.

I believe that the human ear is the weirdest sense organ of the all. It is because of this 'weardness' that the human ear is possessed of a rich occult significance. This occult significance leads right back to what we were saying earlier on; about how the ear can be used to trigger areas of the brain that are beneficial to meditational practice. We can 'hear' with the ear, or we can be 'here' with it. In this case 'here' means to be present.

By applying a moderate (slight) amount of pressure with the fingertips we can activate the different regions of the brain by an external and instantaneous process. No more sitting around messing up your meditation thinking about whether or not you are in the right region of the brain. By touching your ear on the points stipulated in the diagram you will receive the desired reaction almost instantly.

The Green Dot in the image represents the area on the ear that conforms to the pituitary gland in the average brain. The Red, Blue, and Yellow dots therefore conform to the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland and the Crown Chakra, respectively.

By touching the Red and the Blue areas in tandem you will have activated the pineal gland and its gateway, the Third Eye together. Likewise, touching the Yellow and Green areas will allow you to access the Pituitary and Crown Chakra used in the Transcendental meditation phase.

This approach has some obvious resemblances to reflexology, but meditation is still required on the practitioner's part. OSVH.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


David Wilcox's site The Divine Cosmos has an interesting run down of NASA Patches and how they purportedly contain hidden symbolism pertaining to the notion that Earth is under some kind of Extra-Terrestrial quarantine. According to Wilcox's article 'China's October Surprise II' this quartantine was held in place by a "vast network of super-advanced, indestructible satellites surrounding the Earth... These satellites keep humanity locked in -- and everyone else locked out."

The main thrust of this analysis hinges on a number of recurring motifs in the NASA Patches, these include;

1: A pair of intersecting rings that surround the Earth and which, according to Wilcox, represent the energy barrier that upholds the Quarantine. 
2: Triangular objects that are thought by Wilcox to represent back engineered ET space craft. 
3: Two star-like objects that occur in conjunction with 'quarantine rings', that I have dubbed Sentinels.

In these patches for the Air Force Space Command and the US Space Command (which I assume are much the same thing) clearly show the triangular-shaped object, the Sentinels and the two quarantine rings.

We see them again in the emblem for the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, although in this instance their number has been doubled from 2 to 4.

Other motifs such as gauntlets, lightning bolts and the Skull and Cross-bones, Wilcox attributes to the Knights Templar (or Knights Temporal). Where his argument seems to falter, however, is why the delta-shaped back engineered space-craft supposedly under human control would be represented as being part of the quarantine energy rings. It could be claimed that NASA officials are attempting to gain control of this system through a process of sigil magic. But that is assuming that the analysis of these patches is correct to begin with.

It is my belief that there is a much simpler explanation for the NASA patch symbology, which involves neither ETs nor the Knights Templar and that is the Christian symbol for Christ; the Chi Rho. Chi Rho is an early form of christogram, formed by the superimposition of the first two capital letters 'chi' and 'rho' (XP) of the Greek word "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ", meaning Christ. It is usually accompanied by the Greek letters 'Alpha' and 'Omega' to show that Christ is both the beginning and the end, and therefore timeless or eternal.
The 'X' of Chi-Rho is clearly shown in the NASA patches as the supposed 'quarantine rings' of Wilcox's article. If this is correct it means that the triangular-shaped craft stands for 'Alpha' and nothing more. By comparison the letter 'Omega' is rarely seen, but it does make an appearance in the 310th Communications Flight badge, in the form of energy flowing from two iron gloves.

What this tells us is that the NASA and Space Command Flight patches are uniquely Christian in origin. This really should not surprise us, as America was founded as a Christian country and religion has always been traditionally linked with the armed forces.

But is there anything we can say in defense of Wilcox's claim? Well, actually there is quite a lot we can say. The concept of the Earth being under some kind of extra-terrestrial quarantine is not new, and – from what I can tell – is directly connected to the secret rites of the Theosophical Society. Theosophists believed that the ruling class, the upper echelons of society, were all extra-terrestrial shapeshifting reptiles, who came here from another planet (See: Vril, The Coming Race). Obviously, David Icke is not the originator of this claim.

These aliens were 'The Fallen Ones' or Nephilim of Biblical Times. According to the occult and conspiracy researcher Michael Tsarion, the Nephilim came to the Earth to escape the persecution of benevolent ETs. When the ETs discovered the Nephilim on the Earth they imprisoned them here by creating an artificial satellite; our moon. The moon itself generated the energy field that was to quarantine the Earth. The phases of the moon, which show its apparent growth and waning in the night sky is described by the alchemical symbol of the Ouroboros, or the 'snake that eats its own tail'.

The Ouroboros is depicted as a ring, much like the 'quarantine rings' of Wilcox's article. But if the moon is the generator of the quarantine field, then why do the NASA patches consistently show two rings instead of just one? I have come to realise that these two rings represent the orbital plane of the moon and the plane of the ecliptic. Where these two orbits intersect, we get what is known as ascending and descending Lunar Nodes. These nodes account for the Solar and Lunar Eclipses, as seen from Earth.

In ancient times little was known about the actual motions of celestial bodies, and in particular what caused solar and lunar eclipses. In order to explain the eclipses, two new heavenly bodies named Ketu and Rahu were introduced. Ketu and Rahu were believed to be two 'shadow planets' that were responsible for eating the Sun and the Moon during eclipses. From this it is plain to see that the two star-like Sentinels in the mission patches could either be the Sun and the Moon, or Ketu and Rahu.

Just as the phases of the moon were represented by the Ouroboros serpent, so Ketu was the head and Rahu the body of one enormous serpent. Therefore, Lunar Nodes of Ketu and Rahu could more accurately describe the operation of the 'quarantine field' than could the phases of the moon alone.  The K-R of Ketu and Rahu relate back to the XP of Chi-Rho. Furthermore, the symbol for the Rahu and the ascending lunar node is the Greek letter 'Omega', meaning that this symbol is mathematically and figuratively implicit in each and every mission patch!

So in conclusion it would appear that the mission patches conform to the idea that the moon generates some kind of quarantine field around the Earth, but only in the most obscure and convoluted kind of way.

Monday, August 6, 2012


How to Astral Project, or enter the Sub-conscious Realm of the Imagination
The traditional view of astral projection is one in which the ethereal, or astral body, is projected out of the physical form to explore the physical environs and bring back information. Knowledge on how to achieve this type of projection is readily available in the public sphere and won't be gone into here. Instead what will be looked at here, is how to explore the realm of the sub-conscious or of the Imagination, which I think is a more pure and creative pursuit.

The 20th Century psychologist Carl Jung believed the unconscious minds of all beings were connected and that they contained all of the imagery of history, prehistory, of myths and legends. It was further his belief that the contents of the subconscious minds formed the basis for man's psyche, and were therefore archetypal. Previously, the map of the subconscious had been drawn up by the grandfather of psychology Dr. Sigmund Freud, in the latter half of the 19th Century. He warned of the dangers resulting from close interaction with the subconscious mind, due to the fact that it contained all of mankind's irrational impulses. This opinion is contested by the writings of William Blake, who referred to the Unconscious as the Imagination, and invited people to dive in.

Unfortunately, today people have become so disconnected from their subconscious mind that they have all but forgotten how to interact with it. Nowadays, people think any child who can pick up a stick and pretend that it is a spaceship as having a powerful imagination. But, in truth, they are not imagining anything at all, they are merely play-acting. The word 'imagination' implies the generation of imagery, and if you do not generate imagery you are not using your imagination to its fullest potential. The decline in the imagination is often blamed on television, and this is undeniable.

Television subjugates the imagination. Without the use of this imagination - in the fullest sense of that word - the average person loses faith in themselves and in reality, as doubts and fears crowd the mind. TV does not destroy the imagination, such a thing is impossible. It can only suppress it making people forget that they ever had its use.

Sigmund Freud's belief that the subconscious mind was somehow dangerous was a great influenced on his nephew Edward Bernays. Bernays was responsible for trying to limit people's interaction with their subconscious to try to engender a more cohesive society, in the United States. He has in the long run been criticised for creating passive, consumerist slaves. Whatever the case, Bernay's would have, no doubt, approved as television as a medium for stifling the imagination, and therefore control mankind's 'irrational' creative urges.

I have compiled a list of 9 steps in order to help you reconnect with the realm of the imagination more easily. I think it is interesting that there are 9 of these steps, as the number 9 is of great occult and psychological import. Furthermore, the steps have a non-linear algorithmic function in Step, 4a and 4b.

1. Close your eyes and imagine that there is a six inch wide line painted in white on the ground. It stretches off off into the horizon in both directions. Try to walk this line in your mind, one foot over the other.
2. Next, imagine that the line is actually a metal girder raised five ft above the ground and supported at either end. Now walk this in the same way.
3. Raise it 10 ft above the ground and walk it. At this point you should begin to notice a slight difference in the speed at which the ground moves relative to the girder. This is an effect that only your subconscious mind would include.
4a. Raise it to a height of 15 ft. and repeat.
4b. Continue raising the bar (by a factor of 10 ft.) until you feel ready to move onto the next step.
5. Next imagine a skyscraper made of iron girders. This skyscraper is still under construction. You take the elevator to the 50th floor.
6. Now you can walk around this environment. Pay attention to the foremen shouting orders to the workers. Watch from above as workmen weld the i-beams together.
7. Walk along a beam, and before you get to the end turn around and walk back the other way.
8. Jump off a beam and land on the next floor down.
9. Jump off the building and fly around the city.

After you complete these steps, go away and forget about it. Later, when you find a quiet moment to yourself, close your eyes and ask you subconscious mind to show you something. Your subconscious mind is always listening and does not really need any verbal command, merely your intent to be able to 'see'. At this point you should be presented with a lucid environment that is spontaneously generated, immersive and fully interactive. If this does not occur repeat the 9 Steps.

From my own experience, I needed only to do the exercise the one time, and then after the rest period, I was able to instantly access the Subconscious Realm of the Imagination. There I met my power animal, my guide to the Astral Plane. It was a giant falcon, or Thunderbird. It flew me to the ocean at the Edge of the World. There I saw a number of jagged rocks jutting up from the water. On the largest of these was a building, resembling a public toilet from the Georgian Era. Its concrete walls were badly eroded and the sea was breaking in. I dismounted and entered into the gloomy corridor. Among the detritus of cracked mortar, I saw rats turned to stone. Their little paws broken off at the wrist. There was no doubt about it, this was the lair of Medusa and her Gorgon sisters.

In the 9 steps, we start off visualising something relatively simple (a 2D white line) and escalate to a more complex 3D structure. This deliberate build up of the environment from first principles kicks starts the subconscious into generating worlds whenever you close your eyes and ask it to. You may want to adapt the 9 steps to suit your individual needs, for example I drew up these steps because I wanted to mentally overcome my innate fear of extreme heights. At any point you can use your imagination to visualise something that frightens you -- for example the open ocean -- and then come to terms with that fear. The most important thing to remember is that the subconscious mind will generate all of the imagery spontaneously and all you have to do is 'go with the flow'. There is nothing in your subconscious mind that can hurt you physically, or in any other way, so never be afraid of entering into the Gorgon's lair unarmed.

Once you have systematically used your imagination to generate an environment, as shown in the 9 steps above, the subconscious mind feels comfortable not only to generate imagery but entire story lines. It is basically like lucid dreaming, only the contents of the dreams have far more narrative and are far more believable than anything I have encountered whilst asleep. I have been witness to brightly coloured pterodactyls gliding down by sea cliffs, seen ancient satellites orbiting plasma worlds, and walked with the ghosts of Harlem. All of these things are contained in your subconscious mind. We have all been to these places numerous times.


Or How To Fix the Air

When all images and thoughts have been silenced in the mind, we can truly begin to focus on the conscious self. At this point the conscious mind may appear to shrink in size. While this is happening remain focused on your breath. Soon you will encounter what I call the breath of Mid-Sleep.

When starting out meditating you may find yourself nodding off. When this happens the head usually dips and you wake yourself back up again. This is the sharp drop-off towards deep sleep. What we are trying to achieve in this meditation exercise is a slow gradient in which the mind or body never actually gets to fall asleep. No doubt you will have experienced this sensation many times throughout your life. It comes when you are just about to drift off -- the mind is quiet, the breathing becomes heavier and then you either wake up again or lose consciousness entirely.

Although this type of breathing occurs naturally when one is asleep, it is harder to reproduce while awake.

When you rest in the nature of mind; devoid of all thought and imagery, begin focusing on the breath. Not only will you be able to feel the breath much clearer, but you will actually become it. The air will seem thicker in your lungs, and yet at the same time fresher.

The Breath of Mid-Sleep could also be called the Double Breath, this is because it feels like you breathe twice, for each inhale. First you draw the air into your lungs, but then you draw more in on top of it. The second bout of air pushes down on the first and then when the resistance is overcome, the two flow passed one other. This is a very pleasurable sensation and is no doubt what stimulates the body into producing the chemical which sends one off to sleep.

It is well known that the body repairs itself during sleep, in response to this chemical. Therefore the Breath of Mid-Sleep is conducive to the repair of the body and should be recognised as such. Conscious recognition and direction from the meditator will speed the process of recovery.

From this more substantial air the ethereal body is able to manifest dreams. It is even possible that if the meditator were to become adept enough that he/she could use this breath to manifest dream objects, and people, in the real world. Literally, manifesting physical objects from 'thin air'.

The Alchemists believed that natural things were divested of a 'life-force' and could be harnessed through alchemical processes. The most notable of these processes is called the Fire of Recirculation. Basically, a liquid that was deemed to have a substantial amount of life-force associated with it (i.e. dew, grape juice, or even urine) is placed over a steady flame, causing the fluid to gently convect. It was believed that if this level of heat was maintained for 3 years the alchemist would produce the Philosopher's Stone. In a sense, the Breath of Mid-Sleep can be seen to be analogous to the Fire of Recirculation, because air contains a very potent life-force and is continuously recirculated throughout the lungs and the body. Unlike urine or grape juice, however, the air cannot be consolidated into the Philosopher's Stone by means of heat. However, as I have already shown, the Breath of the Mid-Sleep is an effective way of 'fixing' the air (or to make it heavier), and so it is certain that the positive effects of this meditation on the body are akin to those of the Stone of the Philosophers.

When you are confident that you can create the Breath of Mid-Sleep with ease, begin to raise consciousness, back out of itself and back into the normal world. Continue to breathe in this fashion for some time, whilst remaining conscious of your surroundings.


The Mind-body Inferface.

There are two main obstacles to obtaining Nirvana. The first is the ego that is obsessed with the up keep and maintenance of the body. It is of course very important to maintain a healthy body, but the mind should feel detached from all physical pain or concern for its physical well-being, from moment to moment. A great number of the relationship problems that we face between people are due to the ego attempting to ensure that body is comfortable, that it is well fed and looked after. This is all well and good, but it should not be done at the expense of others. The conscious mind is entirely connected with the body but this does not mean that it should identify with it on every level. The mind must seek to be in control of the body at all times, and be detached from its sufferings, which are in any case only a product of a perceived lack, generated by the conscious mind in the first place. No great pains are needed in this endeavor, and this goes without saying, because the main aim of meditational practice is to relieve suffering and its ills.

The next obstacle is the ego itself. The ego is used to getting what it needs for the up keep of the body, and in times of scarcity it will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve it. This type of tenacity is admirable, but it shows the single-minded nature of the ego. It is singularly focused upon itself and its own well-being. The ego likes to mull things over and it will invariably bring up some occasion when it feels that you did not conform to the strict command; to always be on top and in the lead. This feeling of failure will cause a physical i.e. emotional response, that will make the self aware again. Having already mastered a level of control over our own bodies, halting the meddlesome ego and its contiguous emotional response is no longer so daunting a task.

The frequency with which the ego brings up memories in which you feel inadequate is to be considered a blessing, as it provides ample opportunity for you to get proficient at halting its machinations and showing the ego that it is ultimately you who are in control of your physical and mental states.

During the meditation, close your eyes and focus on the mind. The mind encompasses all things; the sensations of the body, the immediate environment as well as our sense of self. The body is certainly apart of the mind's remit but it is not the intended focus of meditation, it is rather a canvas or foundation on which the conscious self rests. Focus on that self. It is a strange and beautiful place. It has no real position, no real boundaries or focus, and yet it has what we call its own 'perspective'. When consciousness is not focused upon, it becomes heavy and makes a dint or depression in the mind. This is the negative or gravitic aspect of consciousness. When we focus upon our own consciousness we see that it is positive or radiant. This positive energy exerts the same amount of force in every direction of space-time, and so it is weightless. The negative gravity aspect of the mind is cancelled out by the positive electromagnetic aspect and vice versa. But concentration on one or the other will cause it to be noticed.

When the meditator gains a proficiency in stopping all thought and focusing on their consciousness, they will notice that their mind drifts. Conscious focus will lapse and thoughts will spring into the mind. Often times the meditator will be almost unaware that they are thinking about anything, and certainly unaware that they have deviated from the main point of the meditation, which is to still all thought. However, this is a necessary part of the process and should not be seen as some kind of failure to meet with the principles of the meditation. For example, if the thoughts are concerned with aspects of the past in which the meditator feels as if they have wronged someone or embarrassed themselves, these thoughts will instigate an emotional response. This negative emotional response will be noted by the conscious self and you will then be able to stop that process in its tracks and return to the act of focusing on the mind.

Once this game has gone on for long enough, and you find yourself getting better and better at it, the focus of the game will shift. At this point the mind is almost on the cusp of hypnogogic visions and you may begin to see images played out in front of you. These visions might be surprising or even terrifying, but again the purpose is to remain in control of your mental, physical and emotional states. When this is done you are showing your mind that you are not afraid of these visions, and that you are aware that they are just another aspect of your mind, like that of the ego, the physical and emotional bodies. When this happens the images will dissolve.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


There are numerous similarities between the movies Fifth Element and Return to Oz. Obviously, the Fifth Element deals with the four elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth; plus a fifth, which is Love or Ether. The Land of Oz itself is divided up into five regions each one expressive of the colour of the five elements. This shows that the Wizard of Oz series is a Hermetic work in the tradition of the major European occult mystery schools. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Fifth Element quotes and borrows so much from it.

In Return to Oz, Dorothy finds a key, which fell from a shooting star. She uses the key to unlock a doorway in an apparently impenetrable stone wall, thereby escaping the clutches of the Wheelers (the minions of Mombi). There she uncovers a clockwork driven mechanical-man named Tik Tok. Tik Tok needs to be wound up with a giant key before going out to fight the Wheelers. The 12 Wheelers surround Tik Tok in a circle, denoting the division of a day into 12 hours, a year into 12 months and an Age into 12 signs of the Zodiac (each lasting 1,265 years). Tik Tok puts his arms out and begins to spin round like the hands of a clock, knocking away each of the 12 ages in turn.

The same sequence of events is reiterated in the Fifth Element. This time mechanical men descend from outer-space in a shooting star and enter into a stone pyramid. One of the spacemen uses a metal key to unlock a stone wall, revealing a secret chamber. Inside the chamber is a statue. The face of the statue looks very similar to those of the Wheelers and points to the sky in much the same way. Its serves its purpose as a weapon that can halt the advance of the Dark One and bring about an age of Light and Love.

In Fulcanelli's The Mysteries of the Cathedrals, the pyramid at Giza is described as being an engine that drives the evolution of mankind. So, Tik Tok and the statue are describing some kind of device that is hidden in the Great Pyramid and is capable of raising humanity to a level of physical and mental maturity needed to face the difficult times ahead. Tik Tok's obvious connection to the passage and action of time, means that he is representative of the Egyptian concept of Zept Tepi (the First Time), which signifies a return to the Golden Age.

The key to the pyramid and therefore the elements is to be found in the structure of the Land of Oz.

The Map to the Land of Oz, shows the Emerald City in the centre. This is where the Wizard resides. The other four lands each represent one of the four elements. The four sides of the Great Pyramid at Giza are aligned with the Cardinal Directions and therefore, from a Hermetic point of view, the 4 elements. When looked at from above it is clear that the missing capstone represents the Emerald City or the Wizard. The symbol of the missing capstone is today a symbol of fear and paranoia in the face of the perceived threat of the so-called Illuminati. In fact, the missing capstone stands for the Fifth Element; love, spirit, divinity, or the ether.

When Dorothy and her friends are forced to leave the Land of Oz they must board a strange  winged moose. This is similar to the Pegasus of Greek mythology, but in this instance it is called the Pegamoose. Traditionally the constellation Pegasus is associated with a gateway through which it is possible to leave the Earthly and travel to the Heavens. Dorothy uses the Pegamoose to traverse the Impassible Desert and reach Nome Mountain. Interestingly, Nome Mountain has two peaks; making it symbolically equivalent to the Mountains of Mars (or Janus).

There is evidence that suggests that there are pyramids and such on the surface of Mars, left behind by an ancient civilization. Unlike the pyramids on earth, which are aligned to the cardinal points and represent the four elements, the so-called pyramid on Mars has 5 sides. This gives us the correspondence;

Earth; The 3rd Planet; Pyramids are built with 4 sides.

Mars; the 4th Planet: Pyramids are built with 5 sides.

Nearby the pyramids of Mars on the Cydonian plane is a structure that has come to be known as the Face on Mars. It is a massive mountain like structure that looks up into the heavens just as the statue in the Fifth Element does. 

This tells us that the Face on Mars is a weapon and that it can usher in a new age on the planet Mars, just as the Giza Pyramid will do here.

Channelled message from the surface of Mars, Autumn 2011;
When I open up my head and breathe, I create lush, green environments. That's just what I do.

The face on Mars is a terraforming device, just like in Total Recall. It has the power to heal or destroy a world. It has already laid waste to Mars once in the past, and now it is to be used to usher in a new dawn, a Golden Age.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have a new blog up and running all about my theories on Quantum Physics, Relatvity (both Special and General), Hyperdimensional physics etc. The site is mostly speculative and it mixes in some mystical and religious ideas as well, for good measure. While this may not be in keeping with modern cosmological thinking, it does make for more interesting read, I think. Check it out at;

Sunday, January 8, 2012


In the children's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum, the reader is introduced to a wonderful new world, as seen through the eyes of a little girl named Dorothy, and her dog Toto. Together with her friends the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow, Dorothy sets off to see the Wizard of Oz, in the hopes that he can restore her, and Toto too, to her place of origin, Kansas. When Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz she encounters a land in strife, where political borders are clearly defined and despotic witches oppress the people through fear and magical persuasion.

Judging by the map (compiled by the eminent Prof. Wogglebug T.E.) it appears that the Land of Oz is a squarish land, divided into 5 distinct kingdoms or countries. There is Gillikin Country in the North, Quadling Country in the South, Winkie Country in the East, Munchkin Country in the West, and finally there is the Emerald City, which takes a central position in the heart of Oz itself. Despite a lengthy search on the highly erudite and reputable Wikipedia website, I was unable to ascertain the intended meaning as to the choice of colours used to demarcate each region in Prof. Wogglebug's map.* Therefore, and in lieu of a credible/forth-coming explanation, I have decided to embark upon my own investigation into this matter, and more besides.

You are, as ever, invited to join me.

In The Secret History of the World (by Johnathan Black) it is speculated that the identity of Dorothy's companions; the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion, serves to represent the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms respectively. It was suggested this was done in order to reference the belief systems of the Theosophical Society, of which Baum was himself a member. In light of this information, I think it likely that the composition of Oz was informed by the Hermetic and Esoteric Traditions outlined in Madame Blavatski's Theosophical Society and not, as some have it, in the Christian methodologies, as outlined in the Bible.

An important aspect of the Hermetic (therefore; magical) tradition is the correlations made between the four elements; fire, water, earth and air, and the cardinal points of the compass; north, south, east and west. Although the attribution of each element to their respective direction necessarily varies from one tradition to another, and even one individual to another, the conservative approach still applies in general;

Each of the four elements also has its representative colors, as used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, whose tradition was itself derived from the Enochian Tradition of Sir John Dee. Subjugating the cardinal points, gives us;

It is clear from this that Baum's intention was to convey esoteric knowledge, and he did so in a very surprising and clever way.

The four cardinal points, along with their respective colours and elements provide the basis of nearly every ritual known to Hermeticism. In the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP); for example, the new initiate is asked to make the sign of the pentagram in the air before him/her, in a very specific manner. He/she is to do this for each of the cardinal directions (also known as Watchtowers), whilst intoning the appropriate elemental name. By doing so the magician (or wizard) is thought to be exercising a level of control over the elements, which may be useful to his/her practice later on. In terms of the Land of Oz, the emblem of the pentagram can clearly be seen depicted on the flag of Oz, in green. The reason for this is that the wizard or magician who is enacting the ritual is always thought to be situated at the centre of their own NSEW convergence, and thusly at the centre of the World. The colour green is also representative of the Heart Chakra. This is true of the Emerald City, which sits at the centre, or Heartland of Oz.

The Emerald Isle

Historically Ireland has had a total of 5 provinces; Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught and Meath. Following the Norman invasion, Meath was dissolved into the neighboring counties of Leinster and parts of Ulster.

In its heyday, Meath would have been an important focal point for all the local chieftains and kings, featuring prominently in politics, rituals and folklore.

So successful were the Normans in eradicating this nuance of Irish history that few people today are  aware of the Fifth Kingdom ever having existed. The only readily available clue to the former existence of this lies in the Old Irish name for a 'county' Cuige. The word cuige literally means a fifth i.e. a fifth of the country.

In the Oz Saga, the four cardinal points (or kingdoms) are each ruled by a witch of either good or ill  repute. The Good Witch of the North (GWN) and the Good Witch of the South (GWS) each make up the North-South Axis. While, the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) and the Wicked Witch of the East (WWE) make up the East-West axis. Based on this distinction it can be seen that the East-West axis is the Axis of Evil, while the North South axis is the Axis of Good.

Remember that the WWW comes from Winkie country, which is the yellow country on the Eastern side of Prof. Wogglebug's map of Oz. This, you'll note, is confusing. Could it be that the eminent Prof. Wogglebug has made a mistake? Don't get your hopes up. The confusion arises from the fact that, in the Land of Oz, the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East; something to do with the planets retrograde orbit around its sun. So from our perspective, the Wicked Witch of the West is the correct moniker, because to us the sun sets in the West. Get it? I am not sure if I do either.

Regardless, we can see that Winkie country is shaded yellow. This means that the WWW is an Air elemental. Recall that in the Wizard of Oz film the WWW is destroyed when Dorothy accidentally throws a bucket of water over her. This seems to suggest that only elements of opposite aspect have the ability to defeat witches of a specific elemental type. Compare this with the ruler of Munchkin land (blue) the watery Witch of the East. Although we do not see her directly, we infer that she was killed in connection with a hurricane when Dorothy's house falls on her, revealing the ruby slippers. So, in a sense, we can say that the WWE (a water elemental) was killed by her elementary opposite - air.

In the Land of Oz it appears that;

Water - destroys - Air
Air - destroys - Water
Earth - destroys - Fire
Fire - destroys - Earth
(The last two are sketchy because the GWN and the GWS are not known to fight each other.)

Hurricanes are an atmospheric phenomenon so obviously the storm that carried Dorothy to Oz was created by the WWW, possibly with the intention of doing away with her sister, the WWE.

Continuing with this line of reasoning, it appears that the four friends; Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin-man and Lion, can each occupy a cardinal position of their own;

Dorothy with her dark brown hair and farming background is clearly an Earthy kind of girl. Likewise the colour of the Lion's fur and its loud roar make it ideal as an Air elemental. The reasons for Scarecrow and Tin-man seem to differ, however. Recall that the Tin-man rusts in the presence of water, and that the only thing that can kill Scarecrow (as per the story) is fire.

Returning to the concept of the East-West plane being an Axis of Evil and the North-South plane being an Axis of Good for a moment, we can see that the horizontal plane/axis symbolizes death (lying down), where as the vertical plane is associated with up-rightness, honour, and things of that nature. Now where have we heard the terms "Axis of Evil", "North" and "South", "Towers" (as in the Watchtowers NSEW) before. That's right; 9/11 2001.

If the N-S Watchtowers are meant to stand for justice, truth, up-rightness and all that is good in society, then doesn't that mean that an attack on these two institutions is also a symbolic attack on all that is good and honest within society? You betcha. Was it the intention of the elite to build the Twin Towers just so that they could destroy them and there by seek to limit the influence of the Axis of Good in our world so that they could push their agenda of tyranny and evil across the globe? That again is correct.

In some sense, the Manhattan Island and the WTC complex - in particular - were constructed to emulate the Land of Oz. This information is already well known.

It is often commented upon, how the whole "world watched the events of 9/11 unfold on their TV screens." This statement feeds back into the acronym WWE (We Watch Everything). This perhaps an indictment of the voyeuristic nature of our society. In the aftermath of the tragedy a burgeoning interest in 9/11 swept the internet to an almost disproportionate level. This in turn feeds back into the acronym WWW (World Wide Web). This is to show that the web of corporate media who seek to control the internet belongs to the Axis of Evil.

Numerological data of above graph is as follows;

WWW/double-u, double-u,double-u = 2x2x2 = 8. If we continue this count around the graph in a clockwise motion, we get GWN = 9 and GWS = 11. This is again to show that the Axis of Good is referred to by the numbers 9/11 Furthermore, if we input the initials for the Wizard of Oz (WO) at the centre of the graph we get W+O, or WTO, the World Trade Organisation.

Summary (based on earlier notes):

The destruction of the North and South Towers of the WTC buildings was an attack on the N/S axis (the Axis of Glinda and the Good Witch of the North). This act was carried out symbolically by the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) or by George W. Bush, who is also known simply as 'W'. As already stated, the island of Ireland is in some way related to the Land of Oz, with its 5-part divisions, and the Island of Manhattan, through the work of artist Matthew Barney. The links between New York and Oz are many and varied and can be found easily with a simple search on the Internet. But one of the simplest is the fact that OZ is equal to NY by substituting the order of the alphabet one place to the left (See Caeser cypher).

The (Pigeon House) Poolbeg Power Station is Ireland's version of the Twin Towers. Its red and white markings, which was so paint to stop planes colliding with it, evoke the evoke the colors of the WWE stockings. Therefore, the Poolbeg Power Station equates to the WWW and WWE axis (the Axis of Evil) while the WTC towers were the Axis of Good.

Should the Poolbeg station be destroyed to balance the destruction of the N-S towers? Probably.
But, remember no-one can die in Oz. All we ever see of WWE is her and stockings, with the characteristic red/black and white stripes, and that is all we see in the Dublin Power Station also. The WWE herself is crushed by the Pigeon House (i.e. Dorothy's house). It should also be noted that the reason why the PPS is painted that way is to stop planes from flying into it. This is ironic when we consider what happened to the WTC 1 and 2.

Friday, January 6, 2012


The Baphometh (or Bafomath*) was the God of the Knights Templars, a 12th Century order of Knights disbanded on grounds of heresy. The Bafomath communicated to the Templars in the form of a disembodied voice emanating from a dismembered head. Philip K Dick, the author of A Scanner Darkly, spoke of a giant metallic head floating in the sky and following his every move. It was this experience which led him to write Valis, the story about a computerised God that had infiltrated our reality in order to restore rationality. It seems to me that Bafomath and Valis are one and the same entity. Alternatively, Bafomath might be the demiurge of the BIS, Valis' sworn enemy; although the two are hard to separate.

The Devil is often depicted as a horned-goat with wings and a human female body. In this drawing of Bafomath by Eliphas Levi we can see that the creature is a hermaphrodite, a blend of both male and female characteristics. On the Bafomath's right arm, which is raised and points to a white crescent moon, is written the word 'Solve'. On his left arm, which is lowered and points to a black crescent moon, is written the word "Coagula'. Together the words 'Solve et coagula' form the basis of the Hermetic principle of the Alchemists.

In order for the Philosopher's Stone to be created the alchemist must first dissolve a specimen of 'Prima Mater' in a crucible. Once the impurities have been removed the mixture can be allowed to coagulate once more, thus completing the Great Work. This process of dissolution and reconstitution must happen numerous times before the product can be deemed ready.

In terms of the human soul (for alchemy is often said to be as much or more about the distillation of the human spirit, as it is the making of gold from base metals) the concept of the Solve, or the universal solvent, is to break down our mental barriers and distinctions between 'us' and the world; so that we become 'One' with the Universe and its workings. When the human is returned to their former state, he/she is thus enlightened as to the nature of reality, the problems of social classes etc, etc. It is in this state that they must continue their crossing towards the further shore; the Promised Land of the Enlightened Buddhist Masters.

The Salvia Bardo, which I have spoken about in other posts, is similarly a region of dissolution and reformation. Here there is little difference between you or your neighbor, or indeed the entire experience we speak of as being 'reality'. It is the end of dreams and reality, where basic notions such as 'up' or 'down' hold no bearing; the equalizer of the opposites. But with the end of duality comes the call for its preservation; coagulation. As in the case for the twin chimney stacks of Poolbeg Power Station in Dublin City.

This need of ours to have an 'other' - that which is perceived as being separate from ourselves - was expressed in the request to preserve the now defunct Poolbeg Power Station from demolition. The twin, red and white striped chimney stacks have been an icon of Dublin, in times gone by, and a committee was formed to challenge Dublin City Council's motion to have them collapsed. This goes to show that while duality may have been vanquished, calls are made in favour of its preservation in order that life can continue in a somewhat normal fashion.

The concept that a dilapidated power station on the East coast of the Emerald Isle could have any bearing on psyche of humanity as a whole may seem 'a tad bit' erroneous, but I assure that this power station has great symbolic meaning and import, on a variety of different levels. I will be discussing these in a later post; So stay tuned.

* The actual spelling of the Baphometh was revealed by Aleister Crowley undoubtedly via numerology in the early 20th Century. The spelling 'Bafomath' is my own creation and is derived through the usage of anagrams, the meaning behind which evokes the universal solvent of the next piece.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


For a long time, astronomers have known that the galaxy in which our planet - and solar system - resides, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy. It was assumed that the arms of this galaxy were curvilinear. However, research has shown that the Milky Way's spiral arms may, in fact, be bent at right angles, making the overall look and shape of the Galaxy more akin to that of a square.

In reality though, the actual appearance of the galaxy would be that of a swastika. The swastika is not a very popular symbol in the West. But outside of the West, this symbol carries a completely different meaning. And there is no doubt that the millions of avid Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists would be very happy to know that there sacred symbol - the Manji - is cymatically displayed in the shape of the galaxy itself. As the galaxy cart-wheels through the intergalactic space, it serves as a kind of beacon, or reminder of their entire philosophy of life.

If the arms of the Milky Way are bent at right-angles, then, I speculate that the galactic material must be contained within a cube/square-shape boundary. I further suggest that this boundary is some kind of electromagnetic force field. I noticed this occurrence while making a cup of tea in a particularly square-shaped mug. Upon stirring the tea, I watched as the resultant vortex formed distinct right angles spiraling into towards the centre. This immediately reminded me of the aforementioned discovery, and led me to suspect that the Galactic magnetic field (which essentially holds the entire galaxy together) must be, in some way square, like this cup.

While it is generally well-known that magnetic fields are not square but round, they do have internal features consistent with the geometry of a square. For instance, they have a straight line interior fanning out at near ninety degree angles to produce an almost barrel-shaped interior. Compare this to the horizontal cross-section of the magnetic plane, which Wikipedia assures me is completely spherical, and it is obvious that my theory stands or falls to the degree with which the galaxy rotates within either the vertical or horizontal magnetic plane. Luckily for me, it is known that the rotational plane of our galaxy is known to generally run along the vertical magnetic plane. I discovered this interesting bit of information in a study conducted by Bryan M Gaensler, entitled Morphological Studies of Extragalactic Supernova Remnants, which can be found here;

Interestingly, this paper also discusses the phenomenon of "barrel"-shaped supernova remnants within our own galaxy,

A recent study of "barrel"-shaped supernova remnants (SNRs) in our own Galaxy has shown that the symmetry axes of these SNRs line up with the Galactic Plane. This result indicates that the ambient Galactic magnetic field (known to generally run along the Plane) affects the evolution of these SNRs in some way.
Just how it might do this is unclear. Perhaps the extreme energy release of the SNR harmonizes it with the Galactic magnetic field, in much the same way that different particles and forces become unified at high-energies in the Theory of Supersymmetry, but this is mere conjecture.

To conclude, I think that the barrel-shaped magnetic field of the Milky Way causes the rotating arms of the Galaxy to become constrained, or to slow down, and thereby adopt the resonant structure of the field as a whole; albeit geometrically inverted.


Revised Buddhist Mantra

May all sentient life have happiness and its causes.
May all sentient life be free of suffering and its causes.
May all sentient life be unified with the sensation of bliss that is without suffering.
May all sentient beings exist in equanimity, free from bias, attachment and anger.