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In the children's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum, the reader is introduced to a wonderful new world, as seen through the eyes of a little girl named Dorothy, and her dog Toto. Together with her friends the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow, Dorothy sets off to see the Wizard of Oz, in the hopes that he can restore her, and Toto too, to her place of origin, Kansas. When Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz she encounters a land in strife, where political borders are clearly defined and despotic witches oppress the people through fear and magical persuasion.

Judging by the map (compiled by the eminent Prof. Wogglebug T.E.) it appears that the Land of Oz is a squarish land, divided into 5 distinct kingdoms or countries. There is Gillikin Country in the North, Quadling Country in the South, Winkie Country in the East, Munchkin Country in the West, and finally there is the Emerald City, which takes a central position in the heart of Oz itself. Despite a lengthy search on the highly erudite and reputable Wikipedia website, I was unable to ascertain the intended meaning as to the choice of colours used to demarcate each region in Prof. Wogglebug's map.* Therefore, and in lieu of a credible/forth-coming explanation, I have decided to embark upon my own investigation into this matter, and more besides.

You are, as ever, invited to join me.

In The Secret History of the World (by Johnathan Black) it is speculated that the identity of Dorothy's companions; the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion, serves to represent the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms respectively. It was suggested this was done in order to reference the belief systems of the Theosophical Society, of which Baum was himself a member. In light of this information, I think it likely that the composition of Oz was informed by the Hermetic and Esoteric Traditions outlined in Madame Blavatski's Theosophical Society and not, as some have it, in the Christian methodologies, as outlined in the Bible.

An important aspect of the Hermetic (therefore; magical) tradition is the correlations made between the four elements; fire, water, earth and air, and the cardinal points of the compass; north, south, east and west. Although the attribution of each element to their respective direction necessarily varies from one tradition to another, and even one individual to another, the conservative approach still applies in general;

Each of the four elements also has its representative colors, as used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, whose tradition was itself derived from the Enochian Tradition of Sir John Dee. Subjugating the cardinal points, gives us;

It is clear from this that Baum's intention was to convey esoteric knowledge, and he did so in a very surprising and clever way.

The four cardinal points, along with their respective colours and elements provide the basis of nearly every ritual known to Hermeticism. In the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP); for example, the new initiate is asked to make the sign of the pentagram in the air before him/her, in a very specific manner. He/she is to do this for each of the cardinal directions (also known as Watchtowers), whilst intoning the appropriate elemental name. By doing so the magician (or wizard) is thought to be exercising a level of control over the elements, which may be useful to his/her practice later on. In terms of the Land of Oz, the emblem of the pentagram can clearly be seen depicted on the flag of Oz, in green. The reason for this is that the wizard or magician who is enacting the ritual is always thought to be situated at the centre of their own NSEW convergence, and thusly at the centre of the World. The colour green is also representative of the Heart Chakra. This is true of the Emerald City, which sits at the centre, or Heartland of Oz.

The Emerald Isle

Historically Ireland has had a total of 5 provinces; Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught and Meath. Following the Norman invasion, Meath was dissolved into the neighboring counties of Leinster and parts of Ulster.

In its heyday, Meath would have been an important focal point for all the local chieftains and kings, featuring prominently in politics, rituals and folklore.

So successful were the Normans in eradicating this nuance of Irish history that few people today are  aware of the Fifth Kingdom ever having existed. The only readily available clue to the former existence of this lies in the Old Irish name for a 'county' Cuige. The word cuige literally means a fifth i.e. a fifth of the country.

In the Oz Saga, the four cardinal points (or kingdoms) are each ruled by a witch of either good or ill  repute. The Good Witch of the North (GWN) and the Good Witch of the South (GWS) each make up the North-South Axis. While, the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) and the Wicked Witch of the East (WWE) make up the East-West axis. Based on this distinction it can be seen that the East-West axis is the Axis of Evil, while the North South axis is the Axis of Good.

Remember that the WWW comes from Winkie country, which is the yellow country on the Eastern side of Prof. Wogglebug's map of Oz. This, you'll note, is confusing. Could it be that the eminent Prof. Wogglebug has made a mistake? Don't get your hopes up. The confusion arises from the fact that, in the Land of Oz, the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East; something to do with the planets retrograde orbit around its sun. So from our perspective, the Wicked Witch of the West is the correct moniker, because to us the sun sets in the West. Get it? I am not sure if I do either.

Regardless, we can see that Winkie country is shaded yellow. This means that the WWW is an Air elemental. Recall that in the Wizard of Oz film the WWW is destroyed when Dorothy accidentally throws a bucket of water over her. This seems to suggest that only elements of opposite aspect have the ability to defeat witches of a specific elemental type. Compare this with the ruler of Munchkin land (blue) the watery Witch of the East. Although we do not see her directly, we infer that she was killed in connection with a hurricane when Dorothy's house falls on her, revealing the ruby slippers. So, in a sense, we can say that the WWE (a water elemental) was killed by her elementary opposite - air.

In the Land of Oz it appears that;

Water - destroys - Air
Air - destroys - Water
Earth - destroys - Fire
Fire - destroys - Earth
(The last two are sketchy because the GWN and the GWS are not known to fight each other.)

Hurricanes are an atmospheric phenomenon so obviously the storm that carried Dorothy to Oz was created by the WWW, possibly with the intention of doing away with her sister, the WWE.

Continuing with this line of reasoning, it appears that the four friends; Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin-man and Lion, can each occupy a cardinal position of their own;

Dorothy with her dark brown hair and farming background is clearly an Earthy kind of girl. Likewise the colour of the Lion's fur and its loud roar make it ideal as an Air elemental. The reasons for Scarecrow and Tin-man seem to differ, however. Recall that the Tin-man rusts in the presence of water, and that the only thing that can kill Scarecrow (as per the story) is fire.

Returning to the concept of the East-West plane being an Axis of Evil and the North-South plane being an Axis of Good for a moment, we can see that the horizontal plane/axis symbolizes death (lying down), where as the vertical plane is associated with up-rightness, honour, and things of that nature. Now where have we heard the terms "Axis of Evil", "North" and "South", "Towers" (as in the Watchtowers NSEW) before. That's right; 9/11 2001.

If the N-S Watchtowers are meant to stand for justice, truth, up-rightness and all that is good in society, then doesn't that mean that an attack on these two institutions is also a symbolic attack on all that is good and honest within society? You betcha. Was it the intention of the elite to build the Twin Towers just so that they could destroy them and there by seek to limit the influence of the Axis of Good in our world so that they could push their agenda of tyranny and evil across the globe? That again is correct.

In some sense, the Manhattan Island and the WTC complex - in particular - were constructed to emulate the Land of Oz. This information is already well known.

It is often commented upon, how the whole "world watched the events of 9/11 unfold on their TV screens." This statement feeds back into the acronym WWE (We Watch Everything). This perhaps an indictment of the voyeuristic nature of our society. In the aftermath of the tragedy a burgeoning interest in 9/11 swept the internet to an almost disproportionate level. This in turn feeds back into the acronym WWW (World Wide Web). This is to show that the web of corporate media who seek to control the internet belongs to the Axis of Evil.

Numerological data of above graph is as follows;

WWW/double-u, double-u,double-u = 2x2x2 = 8. If we continue this count around the graph in a clockwise motion, we get GWN = 9 and GWS = 11. This is again to show that the Axis of Good is referred to by the numbers 9/11 Furthermore, if we input the initials for the Wizard of Oz (WO) at the centre of the graph we get W+O, or WTO, the World Trade Organisation.

Summary (based on earlier notes):

The destruction of the North and South Towers of the WTC buildings was an attack on the N/S axis (the Axis of Glinda and the Good Witch of the North). This act was carried out symbolically by the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) or by George W. Bush, who is also known simply as 'W'. As already stated, the island of Ireland is in some way related to the Land of Oz, with its 5-part divisions, and the Island of Manhattan, through the work of artist Matthew Barney. The links between New York and Oz are many and varied and can be found easily with a simple search on the Internet. But one of the simplest is the fact that OZ is equal to NY by substituting the order of the alphabet one place to the left (See Caeser cypher).

The (Pigeon House) Poolbeg Power Station is Ireland's version of the Twin Towers. Its red and white markings, which was so paint to stop planes colliding with it, evoke the evoke the colors of the WWE stockings. Therefore, the Poolbeg Power Station equates to the WWW and WWE axis (the Axis of Evil) while the WTC towers were the Axis of Good.

Should the Poolbeg station be destroyed to balance the destruction of the N-S towers? Probably.
But, remember no-one can die in Oz. All we ever see of WWE is her and stockings, with the characteristic red/black and white stripes, and that is all we see in the Dublin Power Station also. The WWE herself is crushed by the Pigeon House (i.e. Dorothy's house). It should also be noted that the reason why the PPS is painted that way is to stop planes from flying into it. This is ironic when we consider what happened to the WTC 1 and 2.

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The Baphometh (or Bafomath*) was the God of the Knights Templars, a 12th Century order of Knights disbanded on grounds of heresy. The Bafomath communicated to the Templars in the form of a disembodied voice emanating from a dismembered head. Philip K Dick, the author of A Scanner Darkly, spoke of a giant metallic head floating in the sky and following his every move. It was this experience which led him to write Valis, the story about a computerised God that had infiltrated our reality in order to restore rationality. It seems to me that Bafomath and Valis are one and the same entity. Alternatively, Bafomath might be the demiurge of the BIS, Valis' sworn enemy; although the two are hard to separate.

The Devil is often depicted as a horned-goat with wings and a human female body. In this drawing of Bafomath by Eliphas Levi we can see that the creature is a hermaphrodite, a blend of both male and female characteristics. On the Bafomath's right arm, which is raised and points to a white crescent moon, is written the word 'Solve'. On his left arm, which is lowered and points to a black crescent moon, is written the word "Coagula'. Together the words 'Solve et coagula' form the basis of the Hermetic principle of the Alchemists.

In order for the Philosopher's Stone to be created the alchemist must first dissolve a specimen of 'Prima Mater' in a crucible. Once the impurities have been removed the mixture can be allowed to coagulate once more, thus completing the Great Work. This process of dissolution and reconstitution must happen numerous times before the product can be deemed ready.

In terms of the human soul (for alchemy is often said to be as much or more about the distillation of the human spirit, as it is the making of gold from base metals) the concept of the Solve, or the universal solvent, is to break down our mental barriers and distinctions between 'us' and the world; so that we become 'One' with the Universe and its workings. When the human is returned to their former state, he/she is thus enlightened as to the nature of reality, the problems of social classes etc, etc. It is in this state that they must continue their crossing towards the further shore; the Promised Land of the Enlightened Buddhist Masters.

The Salvia Bardo, which I have spoken about in other posts, is similarly a region of dissolution and reformation. Here there is little difference between you or your neighbor, or indeed the entire experience we speak of as being 'reality'. It is the end of dreams and reality, where basic notions such as 'up' or 'down' hold no bearing; the equalizer of the opposites. But with the end of duality comes the call for its preservation; coagulation. As in the case for the twin chimney stacks of Poolbeg Power Station in Dublin City.

This need of ours to have an 'other' - that which is perceived as being separate from ourselves - was expressed in the request to preserve the now defunct Poolbeg Power Station from demolition. The twin, red and white striped chimney stacks have been an icon of Dublin, in times gone by, and a committee was formed to challenge Dublin City Council's motion to have them collapsed. This goes to show that while duality may have been vanquished, calls are made in favour of its preservation in order that life can continue in a somewhat normal fashion.

The concept that a dilapidated power station on the East coast of the Emerald Isle could have any bearing on psyche of humanity as a whole may seem 'a tad bit' erroneous, but I assure that this power station has great symbolic meaning and import, on a variety of different levels. I will be discussing these in a later post; So stay tuned.

* The actual spelling of the Baphometh was revealed by Aleister Crowley undoubtedly via numerology in the early 20th Century. The spelling 'Bafomath' is my own creation and is derived through the usage of anagrams, the meaning behind which evokes the universal solvent of the next piece.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


For a long time, astronomers have known that the galaxy in which our planet - and solar system - resides, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy. It was assumed that the arms of this galaxy were curvilinear. However, research has shown that the Milky Way's spiral arms may, in fact, be bent at right angles, making the overall look and shape of the Galaxy more akin to that of a square.

In reality though, the actual appearance of the galaxy would be that of a swastika. The swastika is not a very popular symbol in the West. But outside of the West, this symbol carries a completely different meaning. And there is no doubt that the millions of avid Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists would be very happy to know that there sacred symbol - the Manji - is cymatically displayed in the shape of the galaxy itself. As the galaxy cart-wheels through the intergalactic space, it serves as a kind of beacon, or reminder of their entire philosophy of life.

If the arms of the Milky Way are bent at right-angles, then, I speculate that the galactic material must be contained within a cube/square-shape boundary. I further suggest that this boundary is some kind of electromagnetic force field. I noticed this occurrence while making a cup of tea in a particularly square-shaped mug. Upon stirring the tea, I watched as the resultant vortex formed distinct right angles spiraling into towards the centre. This immediately reminded me of the aforementioned discovery, and led me to suspect that the Galactic magnetic field (which essentially holds the entire galaxy together) must be, in some way square, like this cup.

While it is generally well-known that magnetic fields are not square but round, they do have internal features consistent with the geometry of a square. For instance, they have a straight line interior fanning out at near ninety degree angles to produce an almost barrel-shaped interior. Compare this to the horizontal cross-section of the magnetic plane, which Wikipedia assures me is completely spherical, and it is obvious that my theory stands or falls to the degree with which the galaxy rotates within either the vertical or horizontal magnetic plane. Luckily for me, it is known that the rotational plane of our galaxy is known to generally run along the vertical magnetic plane. I discovered this interesting bit of information in a study conducted by Bryan M Gaensler, entitled Morphological Studies of Extragalactic Supernova Remnants, which can be found here;

Interestingly, this paper also discusses the phenomenon of "barrel"-shaped supernova remnants within our own galaxy,

A recent study of "barrel"-shaped supernova remnants (SNRs) in our own Galaxy has shown that the symmetry axes of these SNRs line up with the Galactic Plane. This result indicates that the ambient Galactic magnetic field (known to generally run along the Plane) affects the evolution of these SNRs in some way.
Just how it might do this is unclear. Perhaps the extreme energy release of the SNR harmonizes it with the Galactic magnetic field, in much the same way that different particles and forces become unified at high-energies in the Theory of Supersymmetry, but this is mere conjecture.

To conclude, I think that the barrel-shaped magnetic field of the Milky Way causes the rotating arms of the Galaxy to become constrained, or to slow down, and thereby adopt the resonant structure of the field as a whole; albeit geometrically inverted.


Revised Buddhist Mantra

May all sentient life have happiness and its causes.
May all sentient life be free of suffering and its causes.
May all sentient life be unified with the sensation of bliss that is without suffering.
May all sentient beings exist in equanimity, free from bias, attachment and anger.