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The 9/11 Videodrome

Something about the news coverage of 9/11 2001 and the title of the 1983 movie Videodrome seems to resonate. 9/11 is the Terminator signal, the beginning of dip towards the singularity, where technological advancements alter the very nature of reality. Concerns about the use of remote control guidance systems on the planes or TV fakery have stirred doubts about the current state of technological advancement and its possible applications in the future. In their need to perpetuate a never-ending war, the US government must now look towards mechanizing its armed forces.

Videodrome is also about the singularity; where the boundaries between man and machine are blurred to such a degree that it winds up affecting the nature of reality. Subliminal signals lodged within the transmission of a 'subterranean' show called Videodrome turn people into Manchurian candidate style assassins. Broadcasts of terror attacks on 9/11 were typified examples of mass mind-control, utilising fear and repetition as a method of hypnotic persuasion.

In the beginning of the film Videodrome Max Renn, played by James Woods, arrives at a hotel room of a Japanese TV production company called Hiroshima. As he enters the hotel room, a dream like place, his reflection is caught in the mirror, through the looking glass.

Mirrors are important Templar/Freemasonic symbols as they represent duality. Hotels also represent a duality between what is private and what is public. Later on, Max goes to meet Harlen who is trying to unscramble the nefarious Videodrome signal. He mentions that the signal has a 53 second delay that would put its point of origin somewhere in South East Asia. The next time they meet Harlen says that the delay was a ruse and the signal was from inside the US after all. This idea of reflection and delay interested me. In an ordinary situation light travels so fast that your reflection reacts to your movements as you make them. There is no delay.

The reason this is important is because the Twin Towers also represent a duality. They are mirror images or each other. Whatever happens to one building should happen to the other in real time. But as we know there was a difference of 17 minutes between the first plane and second plane strike. The number 17 has esoteric importance to Freemasons and occultists. But the real message here is light and reflection. In Autumn months like September it takes light 8.5 minutes to reach earth from the surface of the Sun. That means that light from the first explosion had just enough time to leave earth, reach the sun, and be reflected back in time to arrive on earth at the moment the second tower exploded. To the ancients orders the sun was a mirror reflecting light on to earth from a higher dimension.

The Blondie Connection

Blondie is an American New Wave punk group that featured Deborah Harry as lead-vocalist. Deborah starred alongside James Wood in Videodrome. Blondie released their third and most popular album, Parallel Lines, in New York in 1978. Parallel lines are related to the Twin Towers in a number of ways. See; pearlsofwar.gateway-to-nine-worlds

Saturday, August 15, 2009

9/11 and the Ritual Murder of St. John the Baptist

There is no reference to the events of 9/11 or the collapse of the Twin Towers in the Holy Bible. Why not? The Bible is probably the most prophetic book in the Western Tradition. It is bound up in its description of the destiny of mankind, from its supposed origins in the Garden of Eden, through to Revelations, and the Second Coming. So why is their no mention of, possibly, the most prophetic and symbolic event in Man's history to date in the Holy Bible? Well, actually there is, only you will not find it in the St. James version. But, if you look in the Irish Apocrypha, great to read by the way, there is a prediction telling of "the terrible collapse of two towers" and says that this will happen on the day of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. The St. James version tells us that St. John's day falls on the 29th of August, but because of a discrepancy of thirteen days between the Georgian and Julian Calendars, this day now falls on September 11th.

John P. O'Neill was head of the FBI's counter terrorism flagship in New York, up until the tenure of his resignation in late August 2001. John O'Neill's good relations with the heads of the CIA and his keen interest in the case of Osama bin Laden, should have made him the ideal candidate to detect, and deflect, the 9/11 terror attack in New York. There is, however, consistent evidence that says he was thwarted at every turn by his superiors and the foreign Government officials in league with them. As it happened on the morning of September 11th he began his new job, as head of security for the Twin Towers. He died that morning helplessly trying to save the lives of the people that he was appointed to protect. Does any of this strike you as odd?

On John O'Neill's first day as head of counter terrorism, Richard A. Clarke, former chief of counter terrorism at the US National Security Council, rang him up to tell him that Ramzi Yousef had been apprehended in Pakistan. Ramzi Yousef was the 'supposed' mastermind behind the plot to blow up the World Trade Centre in 1993. John O’ Neill became interested in this case and began investigating Osama Bin Laden and the organization known as Al Queda. In 1996, travelled to Saudi Arabia to investigate the Khobar Tower bombing, but he became frustrated by the lack of cooperation he recieved from the Saudi Government. When three American Embassies were bombed in Africa, he had hoped to be sent over, on account of his extensive knowledge, but he was blocked by his superiors in Washington. One of these superiors was Chief of Counter Terrorism Richard A. Clarke, who had a central role in pre-9/11 counter-terrorism planning.

The Head of the flagship of counter terrorism in New York City, John O'Neill, was forced to resign (be-headed) on or around the 29 of August and 13 days later, on or around Sept. 11th, was made Head of Security for the Twin Towers. After John O'Neill received news of his new position he talked to his friend Chris Isham about the job. Jokingly, Isham said, "At least they're not going to bomb it again," a reference to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. O'Neill replied, "They’ll probably try to finish the job."

Groomed for Doom?

From day one Richard Clarke had O'Neill working the Islamic hard-liners. He, or one of his superiors, most likely knew the results of this guy's psychometric tests. They knew that once he started investigating these characters he would not stop. But they also knew that he was a patriot and did not question orders that came down to him from above. All of this meant that on the morning of September 11th 2001; the only place a man of John O'Neill's psychological temperament and background was going to be was in one of those two towers. This is Arlington Road revisited. Only this time the dupe isn't set up to be a terrorist, but a sacrificial victim of the most heinous occult ritual conducted in known history. The 'beheading' of New York's John the Baptist and the awful collapse of the Twin Towers occurs, just like the Irish Biblical Apocrypha says it would - on the same day.

The story of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist is very specific; and for those who do not know it this is it;
On Herod's birthday, Herodias' daughter (traditionally named Salome) danced before the king and his guests. Her dancing pleased Herod so much that in his drunkenness he promised to give her anything she desired, up to half of his kingdom. When the daughter asked her mother what she should request, she was told to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Although Herod was appalled by the request, he reluctantly agreed and had John executed in the prison.
The remains of John O'Neill, and most importantly his head, had to be recovered to complete the ritual sacrifice. Considering that an estimated 6,000 people lost their lives that day and only 1,600 could be identified by the City, it is almost a miracle that they were able to match and recover John O' Neill's remains just ten days later on the 22nd September. The remains of so many others were simply dumped, along with the Twin Tower's wreckage, on New York's Fresh Kills landfill site on Staten Island. It was no less than Richard A. Clark who announced the positive results of John O'Neill's DNA testing.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Blue Kachina; Part 2

The Red Kachina

Nina Hagen's blog, which is updated regularly, talks much of the Blue Kachina and Red Kachinas, an ancient Hopi prophecy.

"When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. After this the Red Kachina will appear watch us to see if it should bring about purification. Hopi Prophecy also speaks of twin Kachinas - white and blue.

The purifier will appear, as the Red Kachina, maybe that means it will appear red in the telescopes that the scientists use. It will remain almost in one place for a long time. Like an eye watching us. That is when Saquasohuh, the one that is called the Blue Star Kachina will also return. Saquasohuh is benevolent, but the others will not be so. When the others come there will begin the war in the heavens as we have been told." Robert Ghost Wolf and the Hopi Elders, February, 1997.

It is my belief that the Red Kachina and Saquasohuh are the same star, Betelgeuse located in the shoulder of Orion. Betelgeuse is a Super Red Giant that is visible in both North and Southern hemispheres. There are reports that Betelgeuse has shrunk by 15% since 1993 at an average speed of 470-490mph. Scientist, who never expected such a consistent change in stars size are speculating that Betelgeuse could turn into a super-nova or a black hole in the next three to four years. This would coincide significantly with 2012 and the Age of Aquarius.

No one knows for sure yet, but if Betelgeuse does collapse, and I believe it will, it would undoubtedly create a supernova that would outshine our moon for several months and make it look like the Earth had two suns or twin kachinas, for a time. The colour of this collapsed star would be blue and the remnants might form a hypothetical star that physicists call a Blue Dwarf. For an interesting forum on the collapse of this star and the colour blue see here.

The Signs of the Ancient Hopi Indian Prophecy.

This is the First Sign: We were told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana -- men who took the land that was not theirs and who struck their enemies with thunder. (Guns)

This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. (Covered wagons)

This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. (Longhorn cattle)

This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (Railroad tracks)

This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider's web. (Power and telephone lines)

This is the Sixth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun. (Concrete roads and their mirage-producing effects.)

This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. (Oil spills)

This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. (Hippies)

And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.

Betelgeuse is between 442 and 500 light years from Earth. This means that as the first sign of the Hopi Indians was taking place, with the arrival of the Spanish in the New World, the shrinking of Betelgeuse was already happening 500 hundred light years away. Commencement of the first and last sign takes place at the same time. This must be what Clarke spoke of, in the forward to his book 2010: A Space Odyssey, as ‘retroactive continuity’. Incidentally in that book Jupiter shrinks exponentially to form a second sun, Lucifer. The Hopi Prophecy says when the Blue Kachina appears the Fifth World will begin. Jupiter is the fifth world from our sun, should we be looking for a fifth element now?

In Pinocchio Gepetto wishes upon a falling star - You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. The Blue Fairy is the falling star - It will appear as a blue star. And she will answer all our wishes. In 2012, when Betelgeuse collapses we must all make a wish, and new intent, to become free and fully aware. We must all learn to recognise as Pinocchio did, the voice of our conscience so that we too can become real people. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's house also falls with a great crash, when it is whisked away to Oz by tornado.

The Betelgeuse Disaster

An early foreshadowing of the demise of the Red Giant occurred in 1979 when a supertanker called  the Betelgeuse exploded at Whiddy Island terminal in West Cork, Ireland. Some people have questioned the official story that it was an accident and feel that there may have been a bomb aboard. I found this hard to believe, but then I remembered the bomb that Zorg planted on the Cruise Ship in the Fifth Element. The manner in which the cruise ship broke in two, as well as the location of the explosion ,seemed to mirror the Betelgeuse incident perfectly. Could this really have been an act of sabotage? We may never know for sure. Directly after the disaster Total SA and Gulf Oil, who owned the tanker and the terminal respectively, closed ranks and refused to comment on the issue; effectively stifling all inquiry.

The demise of Betelgeuse and the cruise ship appear to mirror each other with surprising accuracy.

There are only two terminals on the jetty at Whiddy Island, these are designated Dolphin 1 and Dolphin 22. It is believed that had the pier workers run to Dolphin 1, instead of the ill-fated Dolphin 22, that they might have survived the ensuing inferno. Why, if there are only 2 terminals on the jetty, was the second one called Dolphin 22? Why is the name Dolphin 22 now forever etched in the mind of those who read about and witnessed the events of that day? What significance does it hold?

The answer comes from the fact that dolphins have 22 chromosome pairs from each parent. If the Whiddy Island disaster foreshadows the death of the Betelgeuse star on the shoulder of Orion in 2012, does this  piece of information also implicate dolphins and their genetic structure some how? What does dolphin DNA have to say about us and our spiritual destiny in 2012? Recent research into dolphin DNA suggest that wehave more in common genetically with dolphins than we do with apes -  a lot more. Out of the 22 chromozome pairs that humans share with dolphins, 13 are identical; while the other nine are the same information organized in a different way. Alister Hardy was the first to propose that man evolved from an aquatic ape, related to dolphins, way back in the 1960's. Since then, research into dolphins has lead more and more scientists to reconsider this theory. Paula Peterson at Earthcode International has this to say about the subject;

"One of the most noticeable differences between human and ape is the lack of hair. Humans do, indeed, have hairs all over the body. However, the hairs are short, fine and less conspicuous. The argument for this difference is that our early ancestors had to stay cool from the heat of the Savanna deserts where early humans are said to have first appeared. But that makes no sense. Even in the hottest countries, apes and other animals still have hair. In fact, the hair provides insulation and protection from heat as well as the suns rays.

"And why did the hunting male, who was likely to over heat in the course of the hunt, retain more hair than the slower-moving female waiting back home?

"Aquatic ape theory points out that virtually all hairless mammals are either aquatic or wallowers. The longer an animal has been in the water, the more complete the hair loss. Dolphins still retain a few vestigial bristles around their snout, but otherwise, their silken skin is entirely naked.

As a possible consequence of this hairlessness;

"Humans perspire as a response to heat. Apes do not. Humans shed tears. Apes do not. The interesting thing about tear glands is that it is commonly found among sea mammals as an adaptation to the marine environment."

This is the real meaning of the Blue Angel message. Blue has always stood for water. Blue angel, alien, dwarf and fairy really means "water alien," "water fairy" (nymph). This must have something to do with the Age of Aquarius, the first solar sign of the Fifth Age. Blue also stands for sex (blue movies). Sex is often related to water, and water to life.

The Olympics and the Indigos

In the 2004 Athens Olympic opening ceremony a blue angel, fertility Goddess was shown bestowing a child upon a primordial woman. The Greeks had filled the stadium with five thousand gallons of water, effectively turning it into a giant swimming pool. All of the characters then went down to the water where a holographically projected double helix glowed sympathetically with the woman's unborn child. There is an effort here to connect the internal waters of the womb with the external bodies of water - the oceans - through the DNA strand. This suggest a dolphin to human evolutionary cycle? Does the glowing child represent the next phase of human evolution?

The Blue Angel, fertility God/Goddess and the mother of the glowing child.

Indigo children, so-called because of their blue auras, are believed to be children of significantly higher evolutionary standard than most average people. A number of varieties of these children have been recorded including; psychic children, star children and sparkle children. Dolphin children are the latest addition to this phenomenon. They are apparently the reincarnation of dolphin souls into the human population. Presumably the nearness of our evolutionary paths facilitates such a cross-over without much difficulty. Could it be that the evolutionary cycle of these children will speed up over the next few months and years until a new and total benevolent hierarchy of being will be sharing the earth with the rest of us? It is possible, but from what I have learnt, it is not their responsibility to bring about world peace; that will still be left to the rest of us to decide upon.

Bjork's performance of 'Oceania', at the Athens 2004 Olympic ceremony ties in with the theme of the oceans and motherhood. In this song Bjork sings from the point of view of 'Mother Oceania' addressing her children; the human race. The stunning video for this song portrays star systems in  a space-like watery medium. The definitive lyric of the song; "Your sweat is salty, I am why," tries to convey the aquatic roots of man's lineage, of which dolphins are our closest relative.

"Humans perspire as a response to heat. Apes do not. Humans shed tears. Apes do not. The interesting thing about tear glands is that it is commonly found among sea mammals as an adaptation to the marine environment."

In this song Bjork uses a play on reversal that is very similar to Milton's use of them in his mini-epic Paradise Regained. One the antonyms she uses, "hawks and sparrows race in my waters, stingrays soar across the sky," is not as fictional, or at least alone in its fictionality, as one might expect. The maker of this video puts forth the same idea about stingrays flying in the sky and how it is the work of Satan. Likewise, the theme of Paradise Regained is the temptation of Christ by Satan.

Bjork has one of the world's most recognizable voices, and her characteristic vocalizations can be strongly associated with the songs of whales and orcas. She even sings about and appears in videos along side these animals.

Part of the visuals in the video for Oceania are strikingly similar to the intro animation for the Jacoby Group. See below for more information on this group and how they relate to the rest of the story.

The leaves in Bjork's video are lit by the Sun, underwater.
The leaves in the Jacoby Group are lit above water by the moon.

Dolphins and 2012

Dolphin 22 and the Betelgeuse disaster foreshadows the collapse of Alpha Orionis (Betelgeuse) in around 2012. Dolphins and DNA are part of this signal, so what do they have to do with 2012?
The creators of this thread have done some interesting work finding out. They discovered that the same people who own the enigmatic and dormant website, Sunil Gupta & David M. Cole, also own Learning Soft LLC developed the "Indigo Learning System", a laptop to aid teachers and students in the classroom. David Cole owns Aquathought is a research group interested in communicating with dolphins. Both of these companies are part of the Jacoby Group. In the education section of the Jacoby Group website there is a video of 25 Hawaiian school children using Indigo handsets to collect data on humpbacked whales out at sea.

Also taking part in the video were Alexandra and Phillipe Cousteau, grandchildren of famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. At one point Alexandra tells a little boy that he is important. Why? Is it because he is taking part in the Indigo whale survey or is it because she believes him to be an Indigo child? Jacques Cousteau said that the original sin was leaving the oceans and that every time man goes back into the sea he repents. Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost is written about the Fall of Man and his exile from the Garden of Eden. Fhloston Paradise, derives its name from Milton's epic and the cruise ship suggests the direction in which man can hope to find his Paradise Regained. Fhloston also represents the Big Island of Hawaii, the holiday world. When Leeloo and Korben arrive they are given flower necklaces by grass skirt wearing Hula dancers. If Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, and I am not saying it is not, then Alexandra and Phillipe Cousteau look an awful lot like the biblical Adam and Eve in this video.

One thing that has repeated itself through out this investigation is the theme of Devine female/Mother Goddess or Creator. Bjorks portrayal of 'Mother Oceania', Nina Hagen's loving but stern advice, Leeloos inflections, and the glowing womb of the Mother of the Messiah, all seem to point towards the Ancient belief of a female creator. The Hopis believed in such a creator, as a matter of fact it is one of the many beliefs that they paradoxically share with the Ancient Sumerians. Didn't the Sumerians also believe in alien Gods using advance genetic techniques to engineer man? Maybe Goro got it right after all, when he said it the Olympic opening ceremony was all about genetic manipulation by creatures from Mars.

Update; Bjork is the blue angel indigo child. Bjork grew up in a type of commune with her "hippy" parents. Even when she was a child the rest of group would listen to her and do as she directed. They all believed that she was closer to God then anyone else. Bjork has a tatoo of a viking compass known as a Vegvisir. This symbol helps people to find their path and guides them through life. It is almost derived from the same pagan Nordic religions as the Valknut, but its meaning is completely opposite. Bjork once sang a song with Welsh electronic group Plaid. The song, called Lilith, was named after the first wife of Adam, and a female Mesapotamian storm demon. Lilith is another name for Nemesis, the brown dwarf star whose presence is felt and not seen. Other names for Lilith are; Hectate of Greece, Nana of Babylon, (Black) Anu of the British Isles, and Anantis of Egypt.

In this photo, taken at the 2001 Oscars, you can visibly see Bjork's Nordic tattoo. Placed alongside a picture of the demon Lilith, the parallels are alarming; as she looks down the famous swan dress is replaced with a python.

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The Blue Kachina; Part 1

Whilst I was reading a post by Goro Adachi on his website my Dad asked me if I wanted to throw out “a brown angel box.” The box used to contain a glockenspiel made by Korean company Blue Angel. Now, because Goro was discussing brown dwarfs crashing into the moon and the Korean missile fiasco, I decided to take a closer look at this bright orange packaging, my Dad is slightly colour-blind.
Marlene Dietrich played 'Lola -Lola' in the von Sternburg 1930 movie Blue Angel. I wondered what Marlene was up to in 1955, and because I could not remember her name I typed, german actress Blue Angel 1955 into Google. What I saw there made me think that I had strayed into an Alternative Universe;
Born: [Kater]Nina Hagen, born in East Berlin, East Germany, March 11, 1955, actress, Blue Angel.
The information here is not totally correct. Nina Hagen is not an actress, she is a singer. But she did produce an album with the title Blue Angel, and must surely have heard of Marlene Dietrich, as this tip of the hat suggests.

Here Nina is seen striking the signature pose of the Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich. Nina, however, has a Doomsday Clock hanging from her hip that say 5 minutes to Midnight. We know this from the skull above it that says, Little Killer. This picture was taken in 1985. The Doomsday Clock moved forward to 5 minutes to Midnight for the first time on January 17th 2007, where it remains for the present. Nina Hagen is strongly outspoken stance against Nuclear arms would explain the inclusion of the Doomsday clock.

Nina Hagen began her career with a unique blend of reggae, punk and operatic singing. She is also credited as being one of the first artist to include electronic media in music. Nina has been interviewed by high exposure talk show hosts like David Letterman. In these early interviews she discussed veganism, the necessity of world peace, LSD and an Eastern mystic known as Babaji the master of masters. By the 80s, however, her public appearances became increasingly hysterical and made reference to aliens and UFOs. In one interview she hounded a fellow guest and accused him of being “an evil alien” and told him “to go home”. If you go to Nina’s blogspot you can read about her interests which include angel and demon hierarchies (alien races) and Hopi Indian Prophecy.

Nina has claimed to be half human and half angel. In Nina's philosophy. as in many others, angels and aliens are inter-changeable. A Blue Angel could therefore be reinterpreted as a Blue Alien. In Luc Bessons film “The Fifth Element” Leeloo (Lola Lola) is a half human, half devine space being played by actress Mila Jojovich. The childish tempestuous and loving nature of her character Leeloo is easily comparable with that of the real life Nina Hagen. Compare the picture of Leeloo here with that of the two women in the pictures above; notice the similarities in their posture; the prominently bent knee and the arm traversing to make the letter 'A'.

Another pivotal character in the movie is Diva Plavalaguna, an opera singer that conceals four sacred stones. During her act she makes great use of electronic backing instruments and vocoders. She is the Blue Alien.

Half way through the movie, Leeloo (Jojovich) and Korben Dallas, played by Bruce Willis, travel to Fhloston Paradise, in the Angel constellation. Their mission is to retrieve four stones, before the evil military contractor Zorg can place his hands on them. Korben is the unwitting winner of two tickets to Fhloston Paradise through the annual competition Gemini Croquette. Jiminy Cricket, from where the competition's name is derived, is a character in Walt Disney’s children classic Pinocchio.

In the story Pinocchio is brought to life by the Blue Fairy. Later Pinnochio is lured to Pleasure Island (Lost in Paradise), by the nefarious Coachman. He escapes home only to find that Geppeto has been eaten by a whale. Eventually all four characters end up in the whale's belly – like the four stones in the Diva's possession. The above picture hints at the whereabouts of those stones. The Diva is representative of the whale.

The four stones of geology are; diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. James Shelby Downard wrote in his essay Kill King 33 that Dorothy's slippers from The Wizard of Oz "symbolize the immense power of "ruby light," otherwise known as the laser." Early lasers utilized synthetic ruby rods as their gain medium. Ruby Rod is the name of the flamboyant DJ on board the Space Pleasure Cruiser orbiting Fhloston Paradise. When we first meet Ruby Rod, played by Chris Tucker, he makes repeated reference to heat and fire, the very action of the laser. When he asks how his show went he is told, "Crystal green... like emerald green." Emeralds, of course, play a big part in the Wizard of Oz, as well as in Alchemical works; like the Emerald Tablet. Leeloo is an alchemical weapon of light against the "Great Evil". She must transmute the energy of the four stones into an energy beam of the fifth state in order to save the universe.

The whole reason behind obtaining the four sacred stones is to stop the Great Evil from reaching Earth. The Great Evil is a planet-sized dark star similar to a brown dwarf. Every 5,000 years it returns to earth to destroy all life. This star is Nemesis, the hypothetical brown dwarf companion star of our Sun that contributes to periodic mass extinctions here on earth (according to the theories of Richard Muller and others).

The 27th element of the periodic table is Cobalt. This applies to the 27 notes of the glockenspiel and the harmonic frequency of this atom. Cobalt is a key ingredient for all life on this planet, especially mammalian life; whales, dolphins etc. Cobalt is used to make a vivid blue colour, Cobalt Blue. The word Cobalt is derived from the German kobald, the name miners gave to dwarves and goblins that inhabit the earth. So, here we have the blue dwarf that originated in Germany just as Blue Angels Nina Hagen and Marlene Dietrich did.

Nina Hagen has a strong connection with the End of the World, as can be seen by the Doomsday Clock in her Blue Angel tribute photograph. Just how strong this connection is, will be revealed in part 2.

Part 2; The Red Kachina.

Time Code 101

It was while I was studying at Raheen College in Bray that I began noticing, with unusual intensity numbers from all around me scattered through my everyday life. It would happen to me most frequently when my mind would be elsewhere, on the bus for example, looking up I would see a number on a street lamp or bus shelter that seemed deeply rooted with my soul. No doubt you have yourself experienced this phenomenon, known as synchronicity, waking from a dream state to a digital clock display that reads, 11:11. The profundity of this experience has resonated with millions across this Earth, as human consciousness threatens to extend itself yet further into the stillness of time. For years I experienced these differing synchronicities and felt that I was going insane. It was only when I saw that these numbers were a part of a sequential order that I guessed at their obvious significance. A friend of mine, who possessed considerable clairvoyant talents, appeared to me in a hypnogogic state and when I confessed to her my mental anxieties she assured me I was not mad and that I might discover a working theory of time in time. The sequence that appeared to increase with a period of a hundred and one went something like this; 113, 214, 315, 416, 517, 618, 719, 810, 911, 1113, 1214, 1315, 1416, 1517, 1618, 1719, 1810, 1911, 2012.
I guessed that these numbers might correspond to significant points in history and set about researching the relevant dates in order to find a relativistic thread between them. It was while I was doing this that I noticed the anomaly of 2012 in the number sequence. It stood alone as a sort of datum or singularity, being less than all the others in its first register and yet greater than any one of them when taken as a whole. The synchronised time code matched up nicely with historical data as far back as 1113, but beyond that no significant correlations occurred. I deduced from this, as others have similarly done, that much of history is a blatant fabrication, which is revealed through its very obfustication of the natural cyclical working order of time. The time code on the whole, however, did point to a positive connection with the Knights Templar and reads like a history of Masonic activities over the past millennium to the learned, discerning mind. The most complete version of the time code is as follows;

1113 : Foundation of the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem.

1214 : France becomes the dominant country in Europe. First Attacks by Monguls against China.

1315 : Dante writes the Divine Comedy. Papal split – resolved in the following century along with Hundred years war. The symbolic date given for the founding of Freemasonry.

1416 : One Hundred years war reopened. Beginning of the Renaissance Wars.

1517 : Protestant Reformation begins. Spanish begin Slave trade in earnest from West Africa to South America. End of Aztec Empire. Donatello is born.

1618 : Out break of Thirty Years War, which engulfs Europe and weakens Spanish power.

1719 : The British take over slave trade and much of the French territories in the West Indies. Significant spiritual advancements take shape during this year.

1810 : Mexican Revolution, fall of Spanish Imperial power. Fr. Miguel Hidalgo dies. 1816-20 lowest average temperatures ever recorded in North America, known as the year without a Summer.

1911 : Chinese Revolution, which led to the rise of Communism in the Republic and without a doubt the worst bloodshed in over 8 Centuries. Warmest year on record in England.

2012 : ?

Upon researching the enigmatic date of 2012 I compelled to notice that I was not alone in my discovery but had in fact joined a most contentious and intriguing area of study. It appears that the Mayan calendar joins the I ching and Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero in pinpointing 2012 as a most significant year in the history, or rather future, of mankind. The binary element of the period 101 in the above time code appears to fit rather well with the broken trigrams of the I ching. Also the occurrence of 1618 is phi or the golden mean of 1.618 in a marginally different form. Realising the fractal properties of this number made me think that I had hit upon something that was also, in some way, related to Terrence McKenna’s fractal time wave. In order to be sure I had to use vector imaging programs to show how McKennas fractal time wave was intrinsically connected to this sacred phi spiral with a ratio of one to one. The correlations were present through an almost infinite amount of rotations and transformations leaving no doubt as to their validity. Here are a few promissory examples;

The time code that I have originally described also has a phi point resting on the year 1668. This year is significant for reasons that are not clearly defined as yet but are beautiful in their mystery. For more on this read the article Eiffel Tower 2012. As for what the time code can teach us about 2012 we need only look at the standard of the events that appear in the lead up to this enigmatic date. All previous places show evidence for massive social up-heavel, either through war, widespread religious dissent, gross disregard for the sovereignty of entire nations or significant temperature changes on this planet. Put them all together and you get something akin to the Book of Revelations. I do not condone the view that 2012 represents the long prophecised Doomsday, only the beginning of a New World Order of some kind, whether for ill of for betterment, it is still too early to say.

Breakdown of the Timeline.

1113; The timeline begins with one of the most influential dates in History, namely the Christian Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Holy Land. In more recent times it has been speculated that the Knights Templar discovered some form of hidden treasure beneath the city of Jerusalem.
1214; The Templars settled in France with their fortune, and one hundred years on France had rose the ranks to become the most dominant nation in Europe. This is also the year Mogul forces began their attacks on China, the most powerful empire in the world at this time, and ending in the amassing of the most extensive empire this world has ever known; Ghengis Khan.
1315; In this year Dante completes of one of the most seminal works of literature and heralds the beginning of spiritual awakening among Europeans. It is interesting to note the coincidence of a disorder in the ranks of the Christian leadership at this time. 1315 is the year of the symbolic foundation of the Freemasons.
1416; The rekindling of the long and bloody Hundred Years War contrasts starkly with the colourful and showy manoeuvres of the Renaissance Wars.
1517; This year sees another split in the Church in the form of the protestant reformation. Leonardo falls on hard times and dies two years later. This was also a time rife with speculation about the coming ‘End of the World’. Such speculation coincided with this plague-ridden and war torn year in German History. Likewise, 2012 has been branded as the end of the Kali Yuka and the time of cleansing prophesized by the Hopi Indians. The year 1517 would have certainly felt like Judgement Day to the South America Indians of the Aztec Empire, keepers of the Sun Calendar. Christian Spanish Conquistadors exterminated 95% of the Amer-Indian population of the Southern continent through violent and indirect means such as influenza. Nevertheless the genocide was among the worst atrocities ever inflicted upon a nation and its peoples.
Considerably worse than genocide is the sale of your family into slave labour for countless generations, as happened to the Africans in the same year.

1618; War continues to mark out the sequence historically with the beginning of the Thirty Years War in 1618 and the Mexican, Chinese revolutions in 1810 and 1911 respectively. If you jump roughly ten years from either of these years you arrive at, 1816-20 and 1922, both periods of extreme Climatic Change, like the one we may currently be encountering. Finally there is 2012. We cannot know what will happen on this year precisely, but judging from the timeline we can expect either; the advancement of spiritual and technological knowledge which we are currently seeing increase exponentially, the split and the eventual collapse of the Roman Catholic Church, as predicted in the Papal Prophecy by another Irishman, St. Malachy, the fall of the North American Empire and the Rise of an occultic New World Order culminating in the enslavement of the entire human race, a prolonged and bloody war, a violent revolution or a period of intense climatic change – or a combination of all of these.

Eiffel Tower 2012

Eiffel Tower; 2012

Not long ago I had a dream about the Eiffel Tower. In the dream some unseen Angelic Force was guiding me around the tower, educating me in its mysteries. She said that the year 2012 was encoded in the structure and then preceded to show me the names of the 72 scientists engraved upon its base. I asked if these names were somehow connected with sigil magic, the angel looked at me curiously; as if I were crazy. I have no idea why I asked this question, perhaps I merely dreamt it.

Recently it was discovered that the Eiffel Tower conducts stress through its steel structure in precisely the same way that trees transmit water through their branches. Due to the fractal nature of trees, and the newly discovered dentritic pattern of the Eiffel Tower, it may now be safe to conclude that the tower has some momentum towards that fabled date of 2012. The Eiffel Tower was constructed in March 1889 to celebrate the hundred year anniversary of the French Revolution and is, arguably, the most recognisable land mark in the modern world. For this reason you would expect that information about the tower’s overall design would be easily available and largely unambiguous. This is not so; in the case of the total number of steps in the Eiffel Tower. Depending on which source you drink from, the figure could either be 1665, 1671, 1710, 1789 or even 2,731 steps! That is a difference of 1,066 steps from the lowest to the highest estimate and a fair slog at that! The first estimate is from the Eiffel Tower’s Official Website, so you would expect that to be the most correct. No references for the other estimates can be found; with exception of one Birnbaum, whoever he is, who said that the number of steps was 1789.

I have found that the figure is most likely to have been 1710 based on scale measurements of the structure’s plans. This was indeed the number of steps Hitler was said to have climbed on his visit to the Eiffel Tower after invading France, the indignant Parisians had cut the elevator cables so he would have had to walk them all. However the staircases were revamped in the 1980s and, for that reason, might now only number 1665. After all the Official Eiffel Tower Website has no reason to lie about the number of steps to the summit. An interesting fact about the Eiffel Tower is that many of the figures related to its structure add up to and are therefore multiples of 9. Nine is obviously a very important number spiritually as well as numerologically. It denotes volume and the most high; a good description of the tower itself. Therefore only 1665 and 1710 could be legitimate answers for the question of how many steps are in the Eiffel Tower, both of these numbers are multiples of nine.
The height of the Eiffel Tower is 324, this is 9 by 36, four nines are 36. Multiplying the height of the tower by its four sides gives you 1296m. Multiply this by the number of years the tower was originally comissioned for; 20, back in 1887 and you get 25,920 or the consensual length of a Galatic Year and/or the circumference of the Earth in statutory miles. This is an interesting number and will be familiar to anyone who has studied the Precession of the Equinoxes or similarly related subjects, such as the Ancient Mayan Calendar.
This is fascinating because some people believe 2012 to be the end of the current Galactic Cycle and the beginning of the new one, starting with the Age of Aquarius. I concede that this is not a direct encoding of the year 2012 in the Paris monument, but I will press on. Given that there are so many different figures for the number of steps in the Eiffel Tower sceptics would say it is almost certain that you could find some combination of numbers that add up to 2012. And low and behold you can! According to whom you believe, 1665 could either be the total number of steps in the tower or the number of steps in the third level alone. If we add this figure with the concensus number of steps in the first level, 347, we get 2012.
1665 is by far the most interesting of all the figures related to the Eiffel Tower in regards to mankinds history and his manifest destiny as it is written in the stars. On this year, Giovanni Cassini calculated the rotational period of Mars and Jupiter. Three years later, in 1668, he calculated, to an accurate sufficiency, the orbital positions of the inner moons of Jupiter. If you have read my Time Code 101 article you will know that 1668 lies on the Phi point of the Time Code. By overlaying the diagram of the Eiffel Tower on a map of the moons of Jupiter you get this result.

Jupiter occupies the first strata of the Eiffel Tower, Io the 7th, Europa the 11th, then Ganymede at 17th strata and finally Callisto occupies the apex point. 1, 7, 11,17 is a very rythmic sequence and would seem to fit with the idea that both the Eiffel Tower and the orbital positions of planets are linked to the ordering system Phi. Similar results can be achieved with the inner planets of the solar system with Mars and Jupiter occupying significant placements within the structure.

The Eiffel Tower was built in Parc Champs de Mars, inaugurated on the 31st of March/Mars 1889 and was made of iron. Iron is the element associated with Mars, the God of War, and in keeping with this, the rectangular Parc Champs de Mars was initially used as a training ground for military manouevres by the Ecole Militaire. It is also interesting that the Eiffel Tower shares an acronym with that other ET, the Extra Terrestrial.

Luke Chapter 7, verse 11-17, 7:11-17, the repetitive cycle, describes an incident where Jesus resurrects a dead man in the city of Nain. This is interesting because the Eiffel Tower, with its associations with Masonic ritual, has long since been considered to serve some sort of Necromantic function related to the containment and/or defense against the inevitable overturning of Hell on Judgement Day, when the dead rise from their graves to walk the Earth. See
In an episode of 80s cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, the ghostbusters are called upon by the French Government to investigate a crack that has appeared in the Eiffel Tower’s newly discovered ghost containment field. Is it possible that the real purpose of some of these monuments is to wedge a door closed that should have opened a long time ago? If these measures fail will the dead rise up and walk the earth once more, just as Jesus resurrected the dead man in the city of Nain? Spookily, nain is also a French word meaning dwarf; a mythical creature closely associated with death, demons and underworld realms. French President Nicholas Sarkozy has been referred to as “le nain”, presumably because of his small stature and goblin-like features. His term in office will end in 2012, admissing his re-election, of course.

The Dwarf, Sarkozy.

In the film Ghostbusters Winston turns to Ray, as they are driving across the Brooklyn Bridge, and asks him if he believes in God. What follows is a conversation about Judgement Day when the dead rise from their graves. Ray quotes from the Book of Revelations Chapter 7, verse 11 through 15. It is a misquote and one probably completely fabricated to build the dramatic tension, but the significance is not lost. I believe that the Eiffel Tower may be emitting a harmonic frequency capable of jamming the entry of ghost and goblins from the nether-world.

Internet searches related to the Eiffel Tower turn up some interesting results. For instance, and as stated earlier, scientific researchers have discovered that the Tower is structurally very similar to a tree. Trees are closely related to fractile based geometry and the structural ordering of phi. As I discussed earlier in Time Code 101 these two principles are unquestionably linked to time and the Mayan date of 2012. I have made a mock up graphic to better help you to visualise the connection between fractal geometry and the architecture of the Eiffel Tower.

I have also included a mock up of how the Eiffel Tower compares with the Time Wave Zero, for those of you interested in Terrence McKenna and his theories.

As you can see significant drops in the waveform coincide with noteworthy features in the tower.

More interestingly perhaps, is how the tower matches up with the last spike of the Time Wave. As you can see in the above diagram the angle of curvature between the tower and the declining part of the wave are correlative. The region at the bottom right hand corner in which the wave dissipates is some 168 metres from the central point of the tower. Multiply this by the original height of the tower and devide by 2; for the area of the triangle, gives a rough estimate of 25,964ms, which is very close to the Mayan Galactic year.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bray; UFOs and Satanism

Bray; UFOs and Satanism

Bray is a border town between Dublin and Co. Wicklow. It has, in the past, been the site of much unrest, as marauding families from Wicklow attacked at the fringes of Colonial Dublin. In 1666, ownership of Bray was divided between two Lords; Lord Brabazon and the Earl of Tirconnel. Lord Brabazon's coat of arms depicts two dragons holding up a shield. There is a statue of a dragon in the centre of town also. Its frightening composure has often sent chills up my spine; as a child. For a great number of decades during the mid to late 19th century Bray was under-control of the Freemasons, who planned and built much of the great Victorian architecture, the public baths and the railway line. 1666, marked the split between the old Medieval style architecture and the new Classical influences overseen by the Stonemasons.

Across the water, in England of the same year, Isaac Newton was conducting an experiment that could be more honestly described as an occult ritual. In the darkness of his laboratory he managed to split a ray of light into the seven colours; known as the spectrum. Newton was a member of the Gentleman's Club of Spalding, a type of Free masonic Guild, as well as, allegedly, being the Grand Master of the Prior of Sion. The Prior of Sion are meant to worship a shadowy Deity known as the Baphomet. Modern Satanists claim the Baphomet is Satan himself. If this is true, then by breaking or splitting light, on this of all years, Newton may have been invoking the spirit of the Unholy, the Baphomet.

Out along the coast of Bray, at a place called Bray Head, lies the most treacherous stretch of railway track in all the British Isles. Rock falls continuously interrupted the service and the track was eventually diverted inside the mountain when carriages fell into the sea. After this was done, the original Brabazon tunnel became redundant. It is now said to play host to all kinds of Satanic ritual masses. No doubt the inaccessibility of the tunnel lends itself well to the clandestine nature of these rituals. But another geographic feature may also be an unconscious contributing factor. The Brabazon tunnel is situated in the middle of an extinct fault line. Where better to hold a sermon for Satan than in a place where, millions of years ago, the earth split and the hell fires rose up to engulf the world?

Bray has been a place of great social, economic and political divides. Considering that it is also an area of considerable occult significance leads me to suspect that Bray might also encapsulate the divide between the commonplace world of man and the midnight realm of the spirits. It is here, perhaps, that the veils are thinning most.

The Case Unfolds

It has also recently been brought to my attention that there exist in Irish Society a clandestine, even shadowy, group of people who appear to control and regulate the flow of information to the rest of the society. This group, known as the ‘Inns Group’, is primarily involved in matters of education. Although, I have not been able to find out much about them, I believe that they may be related to the Inklings. This literary discussion group had as part of it membership the great J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Tolkien himself spent much time in a small village outside of Dublin called Clonskee. Tolkien based the Shire, Hobbiton, on old Clonskea. If you remember Frodo and Sam’s journey through Middle Earth you will remember that the first town they come to outside of Hobbiton is Bree. Today it would be difficult to follow in their footsteps without encountering some modern impedance to spoil the fantasy, but it is not impossible. By following the River Dodder through Marley Park and up into the Dublin Mountains you could reach Bray today without encountering any other settlement, a feet more easily accomplished before the spread of suburbia. If this is correct and Bree is based on Bre, then Weathertop Mountain is what is the Big Sugar Loaf; located just outside the town.

A number of years ago, in a local newspaper, the like of which I have never seen again, there appeared a satellite photograph of Weather Top – A.K.A. the Big Sugar Loaf. Taken in the infra red spectrum by an unknown party the newspaper claimed it showed the face of the Devil in the mountainside. At the time this seemed pretty ludicrous to me, but many years later I read an account of a family who had driven up the Sugar Loaf on a day trip when they were suddenly and repeatedly attacked by a flying metallic craft. A good friend of mine also witnessed a strange craft doing manoeuvres over the mountain whilst he was out sailing. After this I considered the idea of an underground base, possibly contained in an extinct volcanic chamber and went to see if I couldn't find an entrance or way in. Although there were many deep holes in the mountain; ventilation perhaps? I could find nothing. I decided that the metal craft probably travelled in and out through the fault line and emerged somewhere out at sea.

While I was on the mountain I saw many beautiful things. White mists rolled overhead and black crows circled high above the summit. I imagined a car radio aerial coming up out of the ground and going back down again. Later, back on Terrafirma, as I waited for my brother to move the car, the vision I invoked appeared before me for real. A slender metallic aerial extended its self from the body work of the car. I thought nothing more of it. That night there was a terrific thunder storm and my brother and I went outside of our house to take a few pictures. It was 3:13 a.m. on the 2 of July 2009; when we noticed something strange in the sky.

The Object.

The object appeared in the South East at a 45 degree angle and appeared as a diffuse light that zig-zagged in tight circles around a very small area. At first I thought I was seeing things as the object track across the sky before my eyes. But soon afterward my brother pointed it out to me again. The object could coalesce into a more substantial object and was capable of stretching itself into a new position. This made it look like it had the ability to bend space. Over the next fifteen minutes to a half hour the object’s ‘shapes’ and ‘movements’, for lack of better words, ranged from arcs to points and from straight long lines to bifurcating aerial displays. Its appearance often preceded lightning strikes.

Parallax views of the object conformed with that of an object on the surface of the eye and yet focusing on it placed it 20ft. away. Object appeared to be link with perception; as if it was beamed inside of the head. It is possible that it was an electro-magnetic hallucination caused by the storm, or it could have been atmospheric plasma, which denotes a particular form of intelligence. Did whatever agency, alien or demonic, that resides in the Sugar Loaf send down this storm and its holographic messenger? My brother suggested it might have been a an airborne cobweb morphed by electrical fields, which is a very learned explanation. But he also drew attention to the fact that he had just started reading The Holographic Universe; an admission of doubt based on the object perceived as being ‘inside the mind’. I felt afterward that it was a Godlike vision linked to the psychical and physical realms.

This video is the only thing that I have seen that comes close to looking like what we saw. Notice the way the formation appears to be linked with the observer and the focal length of the camera while still occupying its own physical space within the universe. It brings with it the eerie sensation of being a holographic perception interacting with the viewers perception of it.