Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Nothing is permanent not even death.

Who came up with these insane rules?
We want to live forever
We don't want to live forever,
We want to die.
We are afraid of death.

We live our lives fearing death, and then even with our death we find no peace, discovering instead that we must be reborn to face –
Immortality on Earth?
In Heaven?
Go again?
On the wheel of the Zeitgeist?

We are alive in the imagination of God, is that it?
Living out our dreams and fantasies.
But there is a snake in the Garden.
Beware the perils of sensory gratification and ignorance.
Where have you been for the last six thousand years?
Grappling with your own vivid imagination and deeply instinctual passions?
Have we stepped through the mirror and found ourselves in contact with a world,
so energetic, so gravitic, and chaotic, the it barely knows its own name?

It can't seem to make up its mind;
Does it want to protect you or eat you?
Are you its sole focus or does it recognise you at all?
Are you the weakling child, broken off and cast into the sacred,
sleeping river to synch the spin; sink or swim?
Passed through the gash in the ash tree...
The woodgate, lawngate, watergate.
Have we always been dreaming?
Dreaming that we are just awakening to the fact that we are immortal?
Immortally mortal, doomed to live out endless lives in frail bodies,
at the mercy of the clockwork machinations of the Heavens, I have come to despise?
I am not surprised.

You know what?
Stay asleep.
Stay put in your classical reality where the focus length on the real world is correctly set,
and you do not drift off into the uncertain certainty of quantum building park lands.
Stay anchored to the shores of normality, and blinkered to anything beyond these next few
words, beyond the scope of your relationships and the sphere of your perceptions.

In short, stay comfortably dumb.

27th August 2011

Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is for everyone who enjoys codes. These are the Shailinn Sigil codes.
All you need to decipher them is below. Good Luck!