Monday, September 17, 2012


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Monday, September 10, 2012


How the Chakras link to human brain wave functions.

The Seven Chakras of the human body are relatable to the seven primary brain wave frequencies that determine mental states. Delta waves which have a frequency of 0-4 Hz occur in the brain during deep sleep. Alpha waves (8-12 Hz) occur within the brain when the eyes are closed. Beta waves (13-30 Hz) occur within the brain when the eyes are open. However, the function of other brain waves, such as theta for example, is not well understood by scientists. Although it may have some correspondence either to sexual intercourse, or REM sleep.

By understanding what functions the different brain waves regulate we can create a systematised correspondence between it and the chakras. Starting with the Base Chakra then, we have;

Delta waves (0-4 Hertz); before you go asleep meditate on the base chakra.
Theta waves (6-10 Hz); before or during sexual intercourse meditate on the Sacral Chakra.
Alpha waves (8-12 Hz); when meditating with the eyes closed concentrate on the Solar Plexus.
Beta waves (13-30 Hz); when meditating with eyes open focus on the Heart Chakra.
Lamda (25-40 Hz): When speaking, reciting mantras, singing etc. rest in the Throat Chakra.
Gamma (25-100 Hz); Meditating on compassion in the Anja Chakra.
Psi (100+ Hz); Meditation on either transcendence or death should be concerned with the Crown Chakra.

These methods could be employed by themselves or in conjunction with Binaural Beats. But as in the case of binaural beats I suggest extreme caution when practicing any of the above exercises as they are very powerful. You should only attempt these meditations for a few minutes at a time and only when you feel like it, otherwise you may suffer a mental crash.


In Buddhism there is some reference to the concept of the disconnection of the senses; therefore how sight does not conform to touch etc. This is a realisation which is supposed to be derived from meditation, but the opposite can also be found to be the case. We can imagine that the senses are not disconnected, as supposed by the buddhists and others, but rather represents a continuous line, or spiral, looping in and out of our dimensional plane. Where this spiral intersects our plane of reality we experience a different intensity or level of vibration, which corresponds to each of the different senses.
This would infer that between hearing and seeing, for example, is a continuum of experience that is by varying degrees a mixture of the two.