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THE 14TH HOUR (Updated)

Excerpt from Aisling Art Copy [AAC];

1936, 14 PM,
2 o’clock
The end of time as we know it.

This message is accompanied by a newspaper clipping from the Gaurdian; entitled Time’s up ­– but we’re still calling the speaking clock.

Considering the revelations that the world has been infested by a group of malignant animatronic androids – who might very well be your parents or legal gaurdians, and that the remaining populace – who existed in their primacy as nomadic children of nature, in a world of eternal summer, without money or mobile phones, it was to be assumed that the vapid increase of the Roman’s technological capabilities had lead to an assumed climax in operations in the War for the Continued Existence of Terra (WCET).

While some information displayed on Television pointed to the end of the Empire, none of this could be completely trusted. Information in the AAC, stated categorically that time, as we know it, would end at 2 o’ clock (14 PM) in the year 1936 – no further information given.

This information was meant for a Psychogeographic/Alternative Reality Game, set up in the area to include Cist style cache systems for other operatives to locate. The term Alternative Reality Game (ARG) goes way past a mere distraction used by some on the Internet, but is actually indicative of a real ‘game’ or war, being fought from multiple alternate realities that surround us, with the aim of invoking or manifesting the most dominant or appropiate reality. Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest makes more sense when we think in terms of the evolution of dimensionality than for biological evolution alone. Furthermore, the reality we currently exist in, is a cakewalk compared to the real issuses and games being played out just beyond the screen door that leads to these other dimensions.
This information for the ARG was extracted from a line in the Time’s up article. The line in question being;

Time’s up;
Launched in 1936, it (the speaking clock) has seen us through a world war and 14 prime ministers.

This can be decoded as 1936, Time’s up, 14 pm, in which PM = Prime Ministers.

The message from the AAC wayfinding project, says that the end of time, as we know it, will come on the first day of 1936 at 14 PM. But wait a minute, it is now 2010, the warning appears to be some seventy four years too late. That is only if you are currently under the illusion that it is 2010. According to the writings of Phillip K. Dick, normal time ceased––and went into looped time­––with the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. It did not resume its normal course until the plasmate was relocated in 1945. This means that the present year is not 2010, but is actually calculated as 135 AD. 1936 is then substitued for 136 AD within the article, as a coded means of disceminating information without alarming or arousing the suspisions of either the powers that be, or the sleeping masses.

However, if you think this means that the datum for time is January 1st 2011, you would be mistaken. According to Celtic cross-quarter calendrical system, the Pagan New Year begins at nightfall on October 31st, [Hallowe’en]. The world renowned Irish Academic Daithi O hOgain has this to say about the subject of Celtic time keeping;

The basic Celtic division of the year was in two parts, for which parts the term samonios (meaning ‘half) was used. The winter half was considered the beginning of the year, and the summer half the second part. Thus the division in Ireland was held to be ‘from Samhain to Bealtaine, and from Bealtaine to Samhain’ ­– Samhain here meaning the beginning of November... There were two further subdivisions… so that the year was in effect divided into the standard four seasons.

At each of these four juctures, a festival was celebrated that involved an impressive amount of custom and lore. The festivals properly began at sunset on the day before the actual date, envincing the Celtic tendency to regard the night as preceding the day. This was in accord with the dark half of the year preceding the bright half, and the whole complex of thought seems to have been a very ancient one, by which the living community showed the primacy of the dead ancestors (as represented by the darkness) over the living community (represented by light).

Computation of time in this way meant that, for instance, Oiche Samhna (literally, ‘the night of November’) actually began on the evening of the last day of October.

For daylight saving time in Ireland this year, the clocks went back at 2 AM on October 31st. I neglected to change my own clock back until 15:00 the following day (Nov. 1st) meaning that 15:00 became 14:00, the end of time, as we know it––at least for me. Furthermore, I adopted the concept of dusk being both the conclusion of the previous day, and the beginning of the next, a radical alteration of time, on my part. Just as night precedes day, so death precedes life. Since most people consider this to be the first life they have ever lived, surely this means that we are all actually now dead, and are awaiting conception in the world beyond. Evidence that we reside in the land of the dead is all around us, I feel, with our graveyards, cars and motorways.

Our present biological form is therefore analogous of a spiritual spermatazoon searching toward spiritual rebirth in the bright yoke of the spiritual egg. The energy of the plasmate that has assumed the form of all things, is a spermatazoon endeavouring to show one the path to this spiritual salvation. Another, albeit unlikely source for this information appears at traffic light stops the world over, in countries like Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the US. The traffic light control panel which shows a hand pointing upwards is intended to show pedestrians the way to heaven, through Jesus. What it actually depicts is the human spermatazoon being directed to the cosmic egg, the Hermetic Sun of the Alchemists. But what are we going to evolve into? If our current form and capabilities are indicative only of a zygot, than what wonders await us in the New Dawn?

The Feast of Fools, by John David Morely, is a retelling of the Persephone and her journey into the Underworld. It also appears to have some parallels with the information I have just given you. 

The Calendar of The Feast of Fools; 1987

Sept 23  Autumn Equinox, calendar beginning of autumn
              The sun reaches the first degree of zodiacal Libra
              Stefanie marries Brum and leaves him the same
              New moon
Sept 27  Clocks are put back one hour
              Liselotte Pfaffel, the flower sellers, dies                                                               
Sept 29  Michaelmas                                                                                                          
              Harald Hemsing celebrates his 10, 000th day
              Martha Kornrumpf attends Liselotte's funeral mass
               and the flower seller's obituary appears in the
               Evening Herald
Sept 31  Opening of Brum's exhibition of twenty-three
              portraits of Stefanie
Oct 3     On his 10,004th day Harald falls in love with Dotty.
             Marking the end of Summer
             By falling out of a pear tree
Oct 5     Anniversary of the calendar reform on October 5,                                          
              1582, when the switch from the Julian to the 
              Georgian calendar resulted in a 'loss' of ten 
              days, a loss that preoccupies Harald in a dream.
Oct 23   The sun enters zodiacal Scorpio, the sign which in
              astrology is associated with the genitals
              Stephanie eats a pomegranate and has her hair cut
Nov 1    All Saints
              The beginning of the far more ancient pagan cele-
              bration of the time when the dead were believed
              to return to the earth

Timeline for the Eschaton 2010

Sept 20   Autumn Equinox accompanied by Harvest Moon,
               The return of Ra and Apophis (the Anti-Christ).
Sept 24   Selka celebrates his 10, 000 day of life on this earth.
Oct 25    Selka falls out of the pear tree, repeatedly.
Oct 26    HSE apologise for failure of system
               Beowulf, the baleful wolf of Shiva, and archetype
               of Brian Blessed, is on the TV.
               Selka meets Clare where the dream machine was found,
               and is told to e-mail RDS.
Oct 27    Entry into God Bardo
               Contact with Silver Star entities above RDS
Oct 28    Encounter with plasmate, information download.
               Battle with Valis/plasmate organism in Supervalu, Liablath
               Descent into Hell, 127 hours till end of time
Oct 30    Encounter with Captain Feeney and his son Angus
               Gardai of the Gates of Hades.
Oct 31    Clocks put back one hour.
Nov 1     Selka puts own clock back from 15:00 to 14:00, the
               end of time as we know it. Metric, Help I'm Alive signal.
Nov 3     Opening of Anthony Wigglesworth's art exhibit at
               Number 10 Ormond Quay
Nov 13   Eoin's Graduation Day, St. Patrick's Cathedral

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