Saturday, September 11, 2010

Barrack Obama Clone I

After two disgraceful terms in office, two atrocious wars in the Middle-east, and a massive budget deficit, the world awaited with optimism for the elections in 2008, when the Bush administration would finally be replaced by a new Liberal government, lead by one very charismatic and likeable individual; Barack Hussein Obama. But as the course of the election played out on the world’s television screens, people began to question the man who was addressing them so eloquently. Who was he? Was he really born in Hawaii, as the official history of his life would suggest? Or was he, in fact, a Kenyan national, like his father, which would, in either case, make his bid for presidency wholly unconstitutional? 
But there were darker rumours too, such as; Obama's connection to the Weather Underground terror group, his renouncement of US citzenship while in Indonesia (back in the 70's), and his apparent Muslim ancestry, which lead some to suspect that Obama was a Muslim fundamentalist who hated the American way of life. Was Obama, the future president of the United States, a terrorist? Had all the effort put in by the previous administration to stem the tide of emerging fundamentalism, amounted to nought with the election of one of their own to the most powerful position in the country; if not the world? Were the terrorists now in control?

Considering the similarities between Barack Hussein Obama's two last names and the names of America's two greatest enemies of late (Saddam Hussien and Osama bin Laden)  it was no surprise that people suspected him of being a Muslim extremist, or even an Al Quida operative. How someone with a name like that could ever expect to compete, and win, in an US election is still a source of amusement to some, myself included. Speculation even went as far as to assume that Osama and Obama were the same person.

In an effort to try to understand this mysterious figure, with the Muslim sounding names, the people of the world, and the media, tried to liken him to something more familiar, something that people could easily recognise, and relate to. To fulfill this deep-seated need, it was necessary to invoke the spirit of Commander Spock, from the long running TV series Star Trek, as a means of sending up Obama’s impecable neatness, his integrity and pointed speech. Obama was even seen to play along with this description when he flashed the "live long and prosper" hand-sign at spectators. But, at the time, I thought that a better explanation for Obama's clinical attitude, as well as his missing––or faked––birth certificate, was that Barrak Hussein Obama was not a human derived in the usual manner, but was, in fact, a clone.  

On the night of Obama's victory in the 2008 elections I had already recourse to believe this assumption. But at the time, I did not know from which source, or for what reason, Obama had been cloned. That night, I watched a movie, which appeared to contain some of the answers. The movie was The Boys from Brazil, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.

In the movie, the Nazi scientist Dr. Josef Mengele is attempting to bring about the 4th Reich through a highly convoluted scheme. Known as Project Paperclip, the purpose of the scheme was to impregnate a large number of women, of German descent, with the cloned foetuses of their deceased-Fuhrer Adolph Hitler. In order to safegaurd the success of this operation, Dr. Mengele must insure that the nurturing factors of the Fuhrer’s life are reproduced faithfully, alongside the natural genetic factors. He achieves this end by killing the boys’ fathers at the time the boys attain the age of puberty (Hitler's own father died around this time in his life). This, he hopes, will trigger the dormant leadership qualities of at least one of the cloned boys, who will then go on to lead the Nazi’s into a new Reich.

Although, I had identified the air of genetic manipulation that emanated from Barack Obama's demeanor, I could not identify the source or reason behind it. The answers came soon after, when the host of the web-based radio show the Freeman Perspective revealed that Obama was, in fact, the clone of the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akenaten.

Could Obama really be the present day clone of a former Ancient Egyptian Pharoah? And if so, is he meant to usher in a new era of Egyptian Freemasonic rule? Freeman has already done extensive work on what is essentially his theory. He has even gone as far as to say that Obama’s wife and children have been cloned from the genetic material extracted from the mummified remains of Akenaten’s own family. But I had some concerns about the legitimacy of his graphic evidence, and decided to make an investigation into the subject of whether or not Obama’s facial features really are such a good match with those of the long dead pharaoh.
In this image I have used a variety of filters and imaging processes to compare the features of Obama and Akenaten, as taken from his likeness rendered in stone. There does appear to be a striking similarity here.

In this next image, I have overlaid the skull of the former Pharaoh onto the President's head. Notice that Akenaten's skull bulges at the back to a far more extensive degree than the President's; or anyone else's for that matter. Although there does appear to be some correlation between bone structures, without an expert opinion of how muscle, tissue and skin are applied to the skeletal manifold, this type of 'cranial mapping' is not very instructive; it does, however, make for a thought provoking graphic representation of the current President, I feel.

Finally, we have a profile comparison between Obama and Akenaten, which appears to wield a few correlations between the ears, eyes, nose, lips and cheekbone structure of both rulers. While this correlation is far from perfect, a better match may be achieved with a photo of Obama shot from the same angle as the bust of Akenaten.

Despite my investigation proving to be inconclusive, it stands to reason that Obama could still be a clone. If we were to accept that Obama and Osama bin Laden are the same person, as purported to be claimed in this video, then it also stands to reason that both Osama and Obama are cloned from the same genetic material. After all, Osama was not the biological heir to the bin Laden fortune, but was adopted into the family through the bin Laden Trust Fund. Adoption papers, and the like, could easily be faked to ensure the ruse takes proper effect. The reason behind orchestrating a battle between two men with an identical genetic make-up––one of whom is the nation's aggressor and fugitive, while the other its defender and ultimate figure head, may simply be as a source of entertainment to the elite, or serve as an interesting narrative used to contemplate the mysteries of life. However, the lack of any interaction or political interplay between these two figures negates any possibility of this actually being the case.

Leaving aside the Akhenaten link for the moment, what if the persona that we know as 'Obama' is the amalgamation of two different, but identical, clones. One Obama could be responsible for the 'meeting and greeting' style public appearances, while the other would remain, for the most part, behind closed doors preparing speeches, as well as addressing the nation via the television networks. This is why Obama was able to go straight to the gym––and work out, immediately after learning of his success in the lengthy election campaign; his work load was only half that of the other candidates. The doppleganger theory might also explain why Obama had to be inaugurated twice; once in public, the other time behind closed doors. The uncharacteristic 'slip-up' was orchestrated to allow for a second inauguration, because if there are two Obamas, each would require their own inauguration, by law. 

A reason why two Obama's would be necessary for the global elite's plans appeared on a Masonic forum on the internet some years ago. Although, I have since forgotten the link, I recall that the author outlined a scenario where the president would be assassinated; shot in the head, then three days later, when the country was still in mourning, his duplicate self would emerge and, claiming to be the Messiah, take office once more as a living God. From there on in, he would effect his power on Earth, as by way of the authority invested in him by the One True God, and direct his followers towards the creation of a One World Religion–– and by extension government– with himself as Supreme Godhead.

Upon winning the election Obama addressed the nation from behind a sheet of bullet-proof glass. Asides from criticisms he received in light of this decision, in terms of the message it sent out to the rest of the electorate, it could also be viewed as a type of holographic display case, where interference patterns built into the glass generated the President's likeness for all the world to see. On another, somewhat related note, we can see that the entire event was flanked by a row of tall palm trees. Could this be a reference to the Palm Tree Garden, from Gnostic Scripture, which was so important to PKD's thesis on the Valis satellite, and political manipulation from technologically advanced alien entities?


  1. Difference between USSR Communist media and USA "mainstream media"

    In Russia government make media say what they want - even if lie.

    In USA "mainstream media" try make government what they want - even if lie..

    .....eventually they become same thing?!

    Old Russian saying You can tell same lie 1000 time but not change truth!

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    Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama Care vs Igor Care

  2. I have come to the very same conclusions. The elongated skull of Akenatin explains the freakish scars on the back of Obamas head, when it was cut off.