Saturday, March 12, 2011


These are two poems I wrote when I was 12. Enjoy.

Autumn; Full Cycle

Reaping, rotting
The rebirth comes,
from birth to life,
from life to death.

Round and round,
clockwise through time,
like time
doomed to repeat itself
forever and ever.

Each circle brings new life
flushing out death and cold
Once it is over, the cycle
turns full!

The Cage

Walking into the unknown 
is difficult
To take the first steps
into the light or darkness
is strange

Unfamiliar darkness and loneliness,
If you try to call into the void
there is nothing there except
your voice echoing forever.

It is your immortality
after you pass through
the confinements of life
and the echo...

Your immortality on earth

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