Friday, November 9, 2012


Some people like to use labyrinths for spiritual and magical reasons. The most traditional type of labyrinth appears to be the Cretan or classical labyrinth, which has a 4-fold construction pattern (see below);

As its name would suggest the classical labyrinth has very few variations of type. This might possibly stem from the traditionalist nature of most hermetic orders. Labyrinths are supposed to be confusing. Therefore it is my belief that an increase in variation within the labyrinth structure could only boost its power as a talismanic object.

 I began with making 5, 6, and 7-fold labyrinths. Notice how the 7-fold labyrinth has three centers making it symbolically associated with the triskele and the triquetra. For this reason I suggest this as a highly powerful symbol representing the 7,3-fold nature of the cosmos, as avowed by the Ancient Egyptians. 

Next we have 8-fold labyrinth together with a hyper-dimensional theory of light (how did that get in there?).

Finally there are what I refer to as hyperbolic labyrinths, which are really just the same things stretched in perspective.

You can also combine two starting grids to create other types of labyrinths (see below);

For an examination of the symmetries of the Chartres Labyrinth please go here;

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