Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon/LHC Record

Here is an excerpt from The Future in an Instant, written on November 4th 2009;
The Greeks celebrated November 30th as Hecate's sacred day. So, I think we could possibly see something occuring on November 29/30th in connection to the time travel Hecate signal; possibly related to the LHC. The signal should take the form of a doorway/gateway or crossroads of some kind. Alternatively the signal could appear on November 17th, as there is a thirteen day discrepancy between the Georgian and Juilan Calendars.
At 12:24 on November 30th the Large Hadron Collider began colliding electrons at 1.2 TeV making it the fastest collider ever to exist on the surface of the planet. The LHC is effectively a time machine that scientist will use to look back at conditions as they were at the beginning of the Universe. The LHC passes two electron beams around a 17 mile track in opposite directions approaching speeds close to the speed of light. At intervals, these particle beams intersect or cross, creating the crossroads that the Goddess Hecate is known to represent.

Actress Heather Graham has admitted to being a witch on several occasions. Her most recent attempt to remind the public came on November 30th when she told reporters that she had started a coven - with her friends. It is possible that Heather deliberately chose Hecate's sacred day to make her announcement, as Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft. I am not saying that witchcraft is bad or that Heather is doing anything wrong here. However, she did admit to casting a spell to get Obama elected into the Whitehouse. So, Heather, if you're reading this, and have any real ability, stop casting idiotic spells.

Another famous female who made the headlines, on the same date, was Florence Welch, lead singer of Florence + the Machine. Florence hinted that 'time travel and minimalism' could well be themes used to inspire her forthcoming LP. Time travel is linked to Hecate and the Fluid Karma project and all three of these are related to the LHC. Is the machine in Florence Welch's band name a reference to the Large Hadron Collider, and its time transforming properties? I would not have thought so, but with F+tM making 'time travel' headlines on Hecate's day it sure seems that way to me now. In the picture to the left you can see Florence has bruised legs. This almost certainly arises from a condition known as dismetria, that Florence supposedly suffers from. Dysmetria is a cerebral disfunction that prohibits a person from accurately judging depth or distance, causing them to overshoot and bang their appendages against things. Hecate's name means 'far-reaching' or 'far-shooting.' Notice how Florence bares her knees but points to her head - the source of her disorder.

Florence and the Machine's lyrics and music videos have a distinctive neo-pagan theme to them. In the video for the Drumming Song Florence Welch is seen performing what looks like a pagan dance rite within a Christian church. Even to one, such as me, who holds no strenuous beliefs in either religion, this looks very much like a slap in the face for the Christian faith from the direction of the neo-pagan practitioners who have, by now, positioned themselves in the top end of the media sector. Careful attention to Florence's lyrics reveal that despite the vigorous tempos and vibrantly coloured visuals her songs deal with unhealthy obsessions, madness, despair and self-destruction. It is worth keeping this in mind when considering that some works of art, be they poems or songs, could, in fact, be incantations to curse or bind the listener.
Clockwise from top left; 1. Florence wears an animalistic horned mask. 2. Florence
dances with witches. 3. Mock crucifixion (AKA Black Mass). 4. Mock prayer stance.
5. Prayer hands inverted (denoting Satanism). 6. More magical dancing with friends.

Themes that occur in Florence and the Machine's album Lungs include; the moon, dog/wolves, twilight and the stars. Hecate, Goddess of the moon and doorways is associated with dogs and wolves. Twilight is traditionally the witching hour and is the gateway between our world and the land of the dead. Twilight Saga; New Moon went on worldwide release this week, breaking box office records. Fans of both the film and the band have called for a collaborative venture between the two, although this is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Finally, the two main stories that dominated the news headlines this weekend were; Tiger Wood's crashing his car at the gates to his home and the reality TV stars who supposedly gate crashed the dinner at the White house last week. Hecate is the Goddess of Gateways and Doorways. Could the coupling of the term 'gate' and 'crash' signal the end of the Hecate signal?It is possible. But considering the somewhat trivial nature of these stories in comparison to Barrack's troop increase in Afghanistan or ClimateGate it is unlikely to make much difference. Another name for Hecate is Trivia. Perhaps now is the time to look at things that really matter, and not at those that just appear to.

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