Sunday, November 22, 2009

Serpentine Dream Theory

In the 2007 movie Southland Tales a group of public figures comprised of actors and porn stars, are indoctrinated into a secret research project known as Serpentine Dream Theory (SDT) - not to be confused with STDs. The project involves hypnotism, time travel and the habitual use of an organic component known as Fluid Karma. As stated before, Fluid Karma is a highly psychoactive compound that has much in common with the hallucinogen DMT. Robert Frost refers to cacti in his seminal poem The Hollow Men, as a means to describe the sterility of modern America.

Here we go round the prickly pear.

However to dance around any plant is to give homage to it. No cactus is perhaps more deserving of praise, in this manner, than that of the peyote cactus. Peyote is prized for its natural production of mescaline. Mescaline is a psychotropic compound with effects similar to that of DMT and the fictional drug Fluid Karma. Medea, the Greek heroine, skilled in the craft of vision inducing substances was schooled by Hecate. Hecate, the Goddess of witches and crossroads, is associated with the Fluid Karma project. The SDT project is a highly convoluted affair. Participants are drugged, flown through a rift in timespace, hypnotised and then encouraged to continue the use of the organic compound drug Fluid Karma. The combination of these three conditions grants the unwitting participant the ability to see into the past and the future; a property associated with the Goddess Hecate herself.

The application of LSD in US governmental programs such as MK-ULTRA is well documented. But its use in the research of time-travel is less well-known. One source, that could be described as dubious, is the testimony of Preston P. Nichols, who was an engineer for the shadowy Montauk Project. Montauk was a secret research program allegedly involved in a plethora of black operations such as; material manifestation, teleportation, time-travel, alien conspiracies and mind control/manipulation. Preston claimed that special rooms were provided for candidates to experience psychotropically altered states of consciousness; with a special regard for the remote viewing of different time spheres. The rooms were decorated in a variety of psychedelic wallpaper and their dilapidated ruins are apparently still accessible on the now defunct Montauk AFB.

A number of years ago, I was told a story by a friend of mine who had an acquaintance with a guy named Paul - not his real name. As a child, this acquaintance befriended a boy, called Rick, also not his real name, who lived in a house across the street. As they grew older, they grew apart; a state of affairs familiar to most people. In later life Paul became involved in the Dublin drug scene and gave little thought to what had become of his old friend. During this time Paul was admitted to hospital after ingesting a large quantity of LSD. His trip was of epic proportions; involving a fight for his soul between the Devil, on one hand, and a legion of angels on the other. While he was recuperating in hospital he received a visitor, which turned out to be none other than his old childhood friend Rick. It transpired that  Rick had enlisted with the British Secret Services following emigration to the UK. This did not strike Paul as unusual, as Rick had always shown a keen interest in the military growing up. After a brief conversation, Rick invited Paul to take a questionnaire that might shed light on his LSD experience. Paul agreed, and was surprised when filling out the form to encounter questions that related specifically to time-travel.

What this story tells us is that, far from being considered in a skeptical manner, time-travel is of particular interest to governmental agencies. Not only that, but it is apparent that they believe strong hallucinogens can permit ordinary citizens to foresee temporal events that are beyond the call of major analysts. These conclusions should not really be all that surprising, considering the unique advantage knowledge of the future would bring to a covert war. We should also consider the ongoing efforts of different governmental agencies in the prediction and control of the future. These efforts may take unusual forms, and may explain some of the time travel codes that have appeared in connection with 9/11 and other more recent events. I have already shown connections between the 911 Solar Ritual and the time travel plot of Southland Tales. Of course this plot is not restricted to Richard Kelly's creations and, as I have shown, reaches into the world of show business and space travel; two disciplines that have become more closely intertwined than ever before, in recent months. It appears MI5 may have learned from the mistakes of the CIA and MK-Ultra, when it comes to finding test subjects for their experiments. Instead of drugging people against their will, they merely wait for the inevitable OD patient to be admitted to the hospital yards. This provides the valuable information that they require, without running the risk of causing a public outcry.

So, Richard Kelly's narrative, of a group of shadowy figures drugging and hypnotizing familiar personages in the hope of finding out more about the future, is not as far-fetched as it might, at first, appear. It would, to my mind, be extremely gratifying to get a look at the questionnaire Paul, allegedly, underwent. The Serpentine Dream Theory is connected to a much larger project called the Doomsday Scenario Interface (DSI). Fictional within the confines of Southland Tales, this project might find realistic comparison with the Y2K and 911 false flag and non-starter operations. These two massive projects might be part of a government operation to research, in advance, the possibility of an actual cataclysm occurring in 2012. On the other hand, the fear inducing propaganda surrounding these events, may trigger an unprecedented ability within the general populace to predict and offset undesirable futures for themselves. The symbol for the DSI occurs as a subliminal message in the movie ST, due to an editorially advised cut in the length of the film. The symbol for the DSI is reminiscent of the Antinomial Sigil of the TOPH, a Satanic organization connected to Aleister Crowely and the worship of the demon-begetter Lilith.

Antinomianism is the theological belief that members of a particular religion are under no obligation to follow rules of ethics or morality, given that salvation is by predestination only. Antinomianism, by its definition, omits the intervention of an omnipotent God, in favour of a predetermined timeline. It is, therefore, no wonder these people would be so interested in time travel, because such abilities would give them the power to alter their own destiny, and the destinies of those around them. Perhaps the infamous internet-based time traveller John Titor was correct when he said that the Large Hadron Collider would open up new avenues for research into time travel. And perhaps it is no accident if it does so.

Serpentine Dream Theory may have found its precursor in the Dragon Project Trust (DPT). The DPT was founded in 1977 to investigate claims that prehistoric sites have unusual forces or energies associated with them. In the end, the DPT became a 'dreamwork program' that 'is a kind of modern revisiting of the ancient practice of temple sleep (see Divination).' The program was jointly conducted with the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco and, ultimately, determined its findings by means of the Strauch Scale. Like the Serpentine Dream Theory, the Dragon Trust is interested in divining knowledge of another time by interfacing with the unconscious human dream state. Serpentine describes dragons.

The Saybrook Institute has something of a history in the analysis of psychic visions and dreams. In 1970 Eva Hellstrom (Hellstorm?) posted a notebook consisting of 21 of her reported dreams and 45 of her reported visions - 66 in total - to Stanley Krippner at the Saybrook Institute. The Strauch Scale was applied to these dreams also. The name Eva Hellstrom is qualitively similar, in my mind, to Dr. Inga von Westphalen - the name of one of the scientists in the Southland. Von Westphalen was the one who brought the tempest to the Southland. The tempest was embodied by her son, the Baron von Westphalen, who also symbolized the Beast of Revelations. And so, by the pricking of my thumb, a Hell-storm in the West - has - fallen. Somewhat coincidentally, in Ireland at the moment the entire Shannon River, the largest in Western Europe, is in flood.


  1. hello, my names nim, i love richard kelly and his work, and highly interested in time travel/the whole fluid karma question, i jus vwanty to thank you for this blog, realy interesting and insightful,
    gd job x
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  2. Southland Tales is my favorite film. There is so much depth and beauty. Richard Kelly is a genius. He is too profound for the mainstream.