Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Supergirl 91:43

Ninety one minutes and forty three seconds

    Supergirl, the movie, is loaded with psychological and archetypal references (often contained within a single shot lasting only a few seconds). In one of these quick-fire images, the camera is positioned inside a shop window looking out. The window displays birdcages, suggesting Supergirl might be flying into a trap; which indeed she is. Behind her are two billboards showing aeroplanes in mid-flight. It should be noted that we have three distinctive, and yet complimentary, elements in the above image;
  • The birds in the cage.
  • The planes on the billboards.
  • and Supergirl...
Birds and planes both reference flight, but more importantly they form a pun on the Superman franchise as a whole.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Superman!

The two planes on the billboards appear to be flying in the direction of a twin gabled roof on the right-hand side of the image. These are very visually reminiscent of the Pyramids at Giza. In The Power of the Gods, I first wrote about how the dimensions of at least one of the pyramids was used in the design and construction of the World Trade Centre towers. Therefore, what this image shows (in a highly stylistic and coded manner) is the two airliners flying into the Twin Towers. The layered effect of the birdcage over this scene is also very reminiscent of the outer core of iron girders on the WTC.

In the last post I showed how the different dimensional realms that appear in Supergirl are equivalent to the three sephirot that lie on the Pillar of Light in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. They are;

Argo City = All, absolute (Ain Soph)
Earth = where we are now.
Phantom Zone = Hyle, the Great Abyss (Daath)

By overlaying the Tree of Life onto the Twin Towers of the WTC, we can see that the region that the planes flew into corresponds to the sephirot known as Daath, or the Great Abyss.***

***For a complete description of how the Twin Towers are related to the Tree of Life, and how they are necessarily a gateway to these spiritual dimensions see my post; The Alchemy of 9/11.

To put the above scene in context; it shows Supergirl on her way to confront her nemesis, Selena. Selena has sealed herself up in a twin towered fortress perched high on a rocky pillar. No sooner has Supergirl entered the fortress, than she is transported to a dimension known as the Phantom Zone. Since the Phantom Zone is equivalent to the Abyss, the fate of Supergirl is the same fate as befell the passengers of both Flight 11 and Flight 175 on the morning of Sept. 11th.

You might be asking; Why are Supergirl and 9/11 so connected? Well, for a start, 9/11 was the first time that the world (and by this I mean America) really needed the help of a super-hero. The fact that Superman did not show up, to stop the planes from crashing into the towers, reminded all of us that he  does not in fact exist, and that the world we live in is dark and miserable. I am fairly certain that this notion occurred to nearly everyone, under a certain age, who watched this on T.V.

I found it difficult to understand; however, why a movie that is primarily set in the State of Illinois, would have so many references to an event that takes place in a city, which is over 700 miles away. But then, I discovered this poster for the movie, which shows Supergirl looping around the Statue of Liberty, with the Twin Towers in the background, and it all made perfect sense again.

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  1. You realise of course that Supergirl was developed and filmed in 1983, and released in 1984, some 18 years before 9/11.