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The Power of the Gods

This is Officer Roland Taverner experiencing a delay in his reflection, an artifact of his journey through the space-time rift. This scene is similar to the delay observed between the destruction of the towers 1 and 2 on the morning of September 11th 2001. This was first noted in the 9/11 Videodrome post back in August. The Twin Towers are mirror images of each other. Therefore, whatever happens to one tower should happen to the other in real time. Instead we see a delay of 17 minutes. What is the significance of this time lag? 17 minutes is the time light takes to travel from the sun to the earth and back again, during the Autumnal month of September.
Mirrors are of great significance to Masonic Secret Societies. The Ancient Mystery Cults believed the Sun to be a giant mirror reflecting energy from a higher dimension. The Masonic groups involved in the execution of the 9/11 occult ritual needed to intertwine what they were doing with the Sun in order to create the new power centre for world control/domination. That is what the Freedom Tower stands for, the freedom to dominate.

The 9/11 delayed reflection. Click to view larger image.

The delay in Officer Roland Taverner's reflection is connected to the delay in the Twin Tower Masonic ritual. Roland Taverner also has a 'twin brother' in the movie, called Ronald Taverner, who is really another Roland from an hour or more into the future. Roland Taverner is peering backwards in time by a few moments when he looks at his reflection, conversely you could say that the light from the past is traveling into the future. This correlation between Southland Tales and 9/11 suggests that the occult ritual is in some way connected to time travel or more succinctly to parallel dimensions. The realm of Southland Tales is itself a parallel dimension, one in which 9/11 never took place. Officer Roland Taverner is also from another dimension, because his duplicate self from the past never got to go through the time rift. If he wasn't, this would violate the rules of causality and the whole timeline would have to be reset.
So, the question is; What the fuck does parallel dimensions got to do with 9/11? What if, and this is a big if, the planes never went inside the buildings, but instead passed through into another dimension? This would explain why the planes just melted into the steel frame of the buildings. The passengers on the planes, if they survived the jump, would now be in another dimension where the Twin Towers, quite possibly, never even existed. It would also mean that the entire structure of the Twin Towers was engineered as some sort of inter-dimensional gateway with an attractor built somewhere on the other side.
As we know the Twin Towers were over-engineered to protect them from accidental collisions with jet aircraft. Its multitude of vertical support columns made it structurally analogous to a tree. The World Tree Yggdrasil is name given to the corridors that connect the 9 worlds of the multiverse. Roman Polansky's predicted the fall of the Twin Towers in his 1999 film The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp. The Ninth Gate is a dimensional doorway that leads to the throne of the Sleepy World of Helheimr.
There is little in the way of evidence for what I am suggesting. But there are tantalizing clues. One such clue was put forward by Internet-based researcher Jake Kotze who discovered that the World Trade Centre 1,2, and 7 are modeled on The Three Pillars of the Masonic Tracer Board. The three pillars are, in turn, related to the Pyramids at Giza. Kotze noticed that the WTC complex was laid out in the form of the Giza Pyramids while researching their possible connection to stars in Orion's belt.

Height comparison between the Great Pyramid and World Trade Centre 1.

As a young child I had often puzzled over the unusual relationship between the North Tower of the World Trade Centre and the Great Pyramid at Giza, as they appear in Russel Ash's Big Book of Comparisons. In the reproduction above I have highlighted the proportional relationship between the two structures. The red line shows the correlation in height between the Technical Services levels in WTC 1 and the height of the pyramid as it stands today, minus the capstone. The blue line shows the correlation between the level of the roof of the first Sky Lobby and the apex level of the pyramid with its capstone in place. Some theories concerning the structure of the Great Pyramid suggest that it may have something to do with hyper or inter-dimensional travel. The Great Pyramid currently stands at 138.8 metres. Round this figure off and multiply by 3, a number closely associated with pyramids and pyramid building, and you get 417m, the height of the North Tower.
The 11th of September is the date of the Egyptian New Year and the number 9 was sacred to them as it represented the number of Gods in the Ennead. You only need to check the literature to know that any event or ritual, which incorporates as many Egyptian symbols and references as 9/11, is going to open up a inter-dimensional portal to the Land of the Dead where the Power of the Gods resides. What will happen if this gateway has been left open, or at least unlocked?

The Dark Towers

This image below captures two ghostly shadows in the region of where the Twin Towers once stood. It was taken by a group of Irish people who were out "to do the tourist thing," and from what I can tell, it is the genuine article. You can see from the time and date included, as well as from the car and street lamps, that the photo was taken as evening fell. Traditionally, the evening is the time when the boundaries between the worlds are at their thinnest.

What hypothesis can we formulate by way of explanation for this phenomenon? It could be that the shadows are a result of place memory, where by the indelible nature of the towers left an imprint on the place where once they stood. Alternatively, if we except the inter-dimensional gateway hypothesis, then the shadows could be the result of a periodic reopening of this gateway during the twilight hours, or witching hours. The dark shadows in this case are not shadows at all, but areas of transition where a percentage of the light is escaping from our world and being absorbed by matter in another dimension. The higher-dimensional qualities of light, spoken about earlier in this article, would easily facilitate this absorption.
The photograph has many of the hallmarks of an amateur photographer. The camera is probably a modestly priced digital snapshot camera. These tend to need relatively long exposures in low light situations. Camera shake during long exposures is natural and will produce the motion blur visible on the abrupt skyline. What is interesting, and difficult to fake, is the continuation of the blur into the area in question, the shadow. The shadows also exhibit a curved focal distortion prevalent to tall straight objects that is in keeping with the surrounding buildings. I find it hard to believe that an amateur photographer would be aware of these particulars, and so, trust the authenticity of the photograph.

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