Friday, August 7, 2009

Time Code 101

It was while I was studying at Raheen College in Bray that I began noticing, with unusual intensity numbers from all around me scattered through my everyday life. It would happen to me most frequently when my mind would be elsewhere, on the bus for example, looking up I would see a number on a street lamp or bus shelter that seemed deeply rooted with my soul. No doubt you have yourself experienced this phenomenon, known as synchronicity, waking from a dream state to a digital clock display that reads, 11:11. The profundity of this experience has resonated with millions across this Earth, as human consciousness threatens to extend itself yet further into the stillness of time. For years I experienced these differing synchronicities and felt that I was going insane. It was only when I saw that these numbers were a part of a sequential order that I guessed at their obvious significance. A friend of mine, who possessed considerable clairvoyant talents, appeared to me in a hypnogogic state and when I confessed to her my mental anxieties she assured me I was not mad and that I might discover a working theory of time in time. The sequence that appeared to increase with a period of a hundred and one went something like this; 113, 214, 315, 416, 517, 618, 719, 810, 911, 1113, 1214, 1315, 1416, 1517, 1618, 1719, 1810, 1911, 2012.
I guessed that these numbers might correspond to significant points in history and set about researching the relevant dates in order to find a relativistic thread between them. It was while I was doing this that I noticed the anomaly of 2012 in the number sequence. It stood alone as a sort of datum or singularity, being less than all the others in its first register and yet greater than any one of them when taken as a whole. The synchronised time code matched up nicely with historical data as far back as 1113, but beyond that no significant correlations occurred. I deduced from this, as others have similarly done, that much of history is a blatant fabrication, which is revealed through its very obfustication of the natural cyclical working order of time. The time code on the whole, however, did point to a positive connection with the Knights Templar and reads like a history of Masonic activities over the past millennium to the learned, discerning mind. The most complete version of the time code is as follows;

1113 : Foundation of the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem.

1214 : France becomes the dominant country in Europe. First Attacks by Monguls against China.

1315 : Dante writes the Divine Comedy. Papal split – resolved in the following century along with Hundred years war. The symbolic date given for the founding of Freemasonry.

1416 : One Hundred years war reopened. Beginning of the Renaissance Wars.

1517 : Protestant Reformation begins. Spanish begin Slave trade in earnest from West Africa to South America. End of Aztec Empire. Donatello is born.

1618 : Out break of Thirty Years War, which engulfs Europe and weakens Spanish power.

1719 : The British take over slave trade and much of the French territories in the West Indies. Significant spiritual advancements take shape during this year.

1810 : Mexican Revolution, fall of Spanish Imperial power. Fr. Miguel Hidalgo dies. 1816-20 lowest average temperatures ever recorded in North America, known as the year without a Summer.

1911 : Chinese Revolution, which led to the rise of Communism in the Republic and without a doubt the worst bloodshed in over 8 Centuries. Warmest year on record in England.

2012 : ?

Upon researching the enigmatic date of 2012 I compelled to notice that I was not alone in my discovery but had in fact joined a most contentious and intriguing area of study. It appears that the Mayan calendar joins the I ching and Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero in pinpointing 2012 as a most significant year in the history, or rather future, of mankind. The binary element of the period 101 in the above time code appears to fit rather well with the broken trigrams of the I ching. Also the occurrence of 1618 is phi or the golden mean of 1.618 in a marginally different form. Realising the fractal properties of this number made me think that I had hit upon something that was also, in some way, related to Terrence McKenna’s fractal time wave. In order to be sure I had to use vector imaging programs to show how McKennas fractal time wave was intrinsically connected to this sacred phi spiral with a ratio of one to one. The correlations were present through an almost infinite amount of rotations and transformations leaving no doubt as to their validity. Here are a few promissory examples;

The time code that I have originally described also has a phi point resting on the year 1668. This year is significant for reasons that are not clearly defined as yet but are beautiful in their mystery. For more on this read the article Eiffel Tower 2012. As for what the time code can teach us about 2012 we need only look at the standard of the events that appear in the lead up to this enigmatic date. All previous places show evidence for massive social up-heavel, either through war, widespread religious dissent, gross disregard for the sovereignty of entire nations or significant temperature changes on this planet. Put them all together and you get something akin to the Book of Revelations. I do not condone the view that 2012 represents the long prophecised Doomsday, only the beginning of a New World Order of some kind, whether for ill of for betterment, it is still too early to say.

Breakdown of the Timeline.

1113; The timeline begins with one of the most influential dates in History, namely the Christian Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Holy Land. In more recent times it has been speculated that the Knights Templar discovered some form of hidden treasure beneath the city of Jerusalem.
1214; The Templars settled in France with their fortune, and one hundred years on France had rose the ranks to become the most dominant nation in Europe. This is also the year Mogul forces began their attacks on China, the most powerful empire in the world at this time, and ending in the amassing of the most extensive empire this world has ever known; Ghengis Khan.
1315; In this year Dante completes of one of the most seminal works of literature and heralds the beginning of spiritual awakening among Europeans. It is interesting to note the coincidence of a disorder in the ranks of the Christian leadership at this time. 1315 is the year of the symbolic foundation of the Freemasons.
1416; The rekindling of the long and bloody Hundred Years War contrasts starkly with the colourful and showy manoeuvres of the Renaissance Wars.
1517; This year sees another split in the Church in the form of the protestant reformation. Leonardo falls on hard times and dies two years later. This was also a time rife with speculation about the coming ‘End of the World’. Such speculation coincided with this plague-ridden and war torn year in German History. Likewise, 2012 has been branded as the end of the Kali Yuka and the time of cleansing prophesized by the Hopi Indians. The year 1517 would have certainly felt like Judgement Day to the South America Indians of the Aztec Empire, keepers of the Sun Calendar. Christian Spanish Conquistadors exterminated 95% of the Amer-Indian population of the Southern continent through violent and indirect means such as influenza. Nevertheless the genocide was among the worst atrocities ever inflicted upon a nation and its peoples.
Considerably worse than genocide is the sale of your family into slave labour for countless generations, as happened to the Africans in the same year.

1618; War continues to mark out the sequence historically with the beginning of the Thirty Years War in 1618 and the Mexican, Chinese revolutions in 1810 and 1911 respectively. If you jump roughly ten years from either of these years you arrive at, 1816-20 and 1922, both periods of extreme Climatic Change, like the one we may currently be encountering. Finally there is 2012. We cannot know what will happen on this year precisely, but judging from the timeline we can expect either; the advancement of spiritual and technological knowledge which we are currently seeing increase exponentially, the split and the eventual collapse of the Roman Catholic Church, as predicted in the Papal Prophecy by another Irishman, St. Malachy, the fall of the North American Empire and the Rise of an occultic New World Order culminating in the enslavement of the entire human race, a prolonged and bloody war, a violent revolution or a period of intense climatic change – or a combination of all of these.

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