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From extended bouts of meditation I have come to realise, as others have done before me, that they are numerous components that make up who we are. I have divided these various components into two categories; discrete and continuous (or implicit and explicit). There are between 5 and 7 such components when taken all together. The Ancient Egyptians similarly believed that there were between 5 and 8 different aspects to the soul that could survive after death. Whilst the analogy is not completely correct I will try to give the Egyptian equivalent where and when I can.


Body: The physical body is continuous because it has a dimension in the physical world. The physical body houses all of the other components up until the eventuality of our deaths. (Ancient Egyptian: Haw)

The Energy Body: The energy body is the lifeforce that permeates and animates the physical body. For this reason it is thought that the absence of this body from the physical body is akin to death. (AE: Ka)

The Emotional Body: the emotional body could either be a function of the energy body or arises out of it as a separate entity in response to stimulus. Thoughts formed in the Ego tend to have a direct effect on the energy body and result in the occurrence of the emotional body. (AE: Ib)

The Astral Body: The astral body is the connected to the ego as much as the energy body is connected to the physical body. The astral body is what the Ego makes use of when it is asleep and dreaming. It is our second body that can assume different forms and even defy the laws of physics, if necessary. During wakefulness, when the Ego is once again connected with the physical body the astral body takes a back seat. But it is always present and for this reason could be reasoned to take the form of the Shadow in Egyptian Mythology. (AE: Sheut)

Ego: The ego is you presiding sense of self. It is who we are ultimately. All other things could be perceived as projections or tools of the Ego to make itself effective in the world. The Ego could be thought to be explicit because of its efficacy and its ability to be far reaching in the physical world. However, it could also be termed to be implicit because it, along with the projective element of the attention, serves to create what is known as space and time. (AE: Ba)

Discrete/implicit Properties of the Human Condition

Discrete properties of the human condition are, as their name suggests, self-contained and do not occupy a very large area. The first of these is the Attention.

Attention; the Attention is a very high-energy singularity of awareness containing almost no dimension
It goes where the will or 'ego' tells it to go. Its purpose is to make a very fast recon of any target and relay this information back to the Ego. It moves with great celerity and agility. It can make sharp turns of ninety degree angles, much like the luminescent orbs of the UFO phenomenon. This leads me to believe that all of these kinds of UFO are conscious or perhaps projections of people's awareness whilst they sleep, meditate, day-dream etc. The Attention is only about as big as a small grass seed, but it can be surrounded by a diffuse auric energy field. The Attention is in some sense a projection of the ego, but it is its own thing as well when out and about in the world. (AE: Ba)

Intent: The intent like the will in that it sets up the game plan for future encounters. Intention is in some sense separate from your ego, because sometimes we are not fully aware of our intentions. But in some way it must be an extension of the Ego. (AE: Ba)

The Relationship Between the 7 Souls of the Egyptians and the Chakras

It is possible that each of the 7 components to the soul is regulated by a different energy chakra. This would mean that these chakras are the energy centres to each of these individual components.

Root Chakra: Body
Sacral Chakra: Energy body
Solar Plexus: Intent
Heart Chakra: Emotional body
Throat Chakra: Attention
Ajna Chakra: Ego
Crown Chakra: Astral Body

I should point out here that when I speak of each of these things being separate they are not really separate at all. The physical body and all of the others are an explicit value of the implicit order of the true human soul; the Ego.

These energy bodies can take on human form. When they do so they can be mistakenly referred to as tulpas. Certain intoxicating substances can reveal the presence of these parts of the human soul, which I call avatars/archetypes. To understand what I mean when I speak of avatars think back: Have you ever been in a room with one or two other people and felt that there was a third or a fourth or a fifth person there with you? If you have then you are probably encountering yourself or another's avatars.

Scientists tell us that we only use 10% of our brain at anyone time. This is because the other avatars are utilising the remaining 90% to their own ends. Avatars are extremely important socially as well as magically. They can be used to mediate between you and another persons avatars on an astral level. They set up the situations necessary for all types of magical works to come to fruition.

Note the Rainbow.

It is possible to meet with your avatars in the astral plain; i.e. dream worlds. They will also be present to guide you when you die, this is the meaning of the term 'Six Feet Under' i.e. there are 6 chakras under the main one.

The chakra body, which exists in an astral dimension, could also be referred to as the Rainbow Body, as it consists of the 7 rainbow/spectrum colors. Rainbows, as a natural weather phenomenon, exist at an angle of 42 degrees to the observer.  This means that the seven colours of the rainbow occupy a range 6 degrees each; because 6 x 7 = 42.

Violet:..................0- 6 degrees
Indigo:.................7-12 °  
Blue:..................13-18 °
Green:................19-24 °
Yellow:..............25-30 °
Orange:..............30-36 °
Red:...................36-42 °

These are the 6 degrees of separation, that exist in a variety of different network systems, including our own human social networks. The Law of 6 degrees states that each person in the world can be linked to any other person in no more than six steps.

It is important to note that 'violet' occupies the first magnitude of degree range; 0-6°, while red, which is ordinarily though to come first, occupies the last. Thus the colours of the spectrum do not go; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, but rather in the reverse. This is related to an important occult fact that, after a long period of work done upon your chakras; through meditation and light work, the order of your chakras alters so that red occupies the crown chakra and violet the base.

Going back to human social networks then, it is conceivable that there is an energetic copy of you existing in the seventh order magnitude of separation (you yourself being the first) and that this person you will never meet, such is their unerring fate, and yet you share with them all of your intrinsic emotional values, beliefs and aspirations.

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