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The Synesthetics of Time

Many people suffer, to a greater or lesser degree, from a condition known as Synesthesia. In extreme cases sounds are regularly reinterpreted by the synesthete as colours or even tastes. A common form of synesthesia is to do with the ascribing of colours to both letters and numbers; so 'a' might be brown, 3 green etc.

A recent scientific study has found that a large number of people exhibit instances of synesthesia in relation to the passage of time. They discovered that the majority of the volunteers have constructed complex and elegant spatial diagrams that denote the course of the year from winter to winter.

Lets try a short experiment of our own shall we? What colour do you think the days of the week are? For me it goes;

Sunday = Blue
Monday = Red
Tuesday = Greeny Yellow
Wednesday = Magenta/Violet
Thursday = Sandy Yellow
Friday = Rusty Orangey Yellow
Saturday = Indigo

The process of synesthesia is largely subjective, so don't worry if your colors differ from mine in their order or their hue. What I would ask you to do, however, is to adjust your synesthesia so that each day is represent by one of the 7 colours of the rainbow, this way we can begin to construct what is to be known as your individual Time Spectrum™.

Now take the order of the days of the week and rearrange them so that the colours are in the same order as they appear in the spectrum. Like so;

Monday; Red,
Friday; Orange
Thursday; Yellow
Tuesday; Green
Sunday; Blue
Saturday; Indigo
Wednesday; Violet

For me this changes the order of the days to Monday, Friday, Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday, or M, F, T, T, S, S,W. We can see that there is an implicit order in this, because the 'T's and 'S's are paired together and the inverted 'W' and "M' symbols, denoting the beginning and end of the cycle, are also thusly paired.
Blocking in the days reveals the first
segment of the Rainbow Bridge.

If we were to plot these in a contiguous manner, we would see that there are 4 days between Monday and Friday, 6 between Friday and Thursday, 5 days between Thursday and Tuesday, another 5 between Tuesday and Sunday, 6 between Sunday and Saturday and finally another four between Sat and Wednesday, with Wednesday being its own day.

As we can see this gives us a very definite pattern of; 4, 6, 5, 5, 6, 4.

This palindromic number sequence sums to a total of 30 days, a good approximation of the number of days in a month - Wednesday makes it 31 - and is confirmation of the implicit order we spoke of earlier. But what the hell is it?

When we input this data into Google or Yahoo! we find that it is a segment, a very central segment of a much longer series that is part of one of the oldest and most profound number sequences in existence. The full sequence, which is characterised by an ascending/descending order, is;

0, 10, 1, 9, 2, 8, 3, 7, 4, 6, 5, 5, 6, 4, 7, 3, 8, 2, 9, 1, 10, 0, 9, 1 ...

This gives us a formula by which we can extend the Time Spectrum™ into the preceding and anteceding month. Like so;
Starting arbitrarily on June first of this year we have;

1; Indigo, 9; blue, 2; green, 8; yellow, 3; orange, 7; red, 4; red, 6; orange, 5; yellow, 5; green, 6; blue, 4; Indigo, 7; Violet, 3; Violet, 8; Indigo, 2; blue, 9; green, 1; yellow days, and another intercalary day which represents zero; coloured black (not shown).

This is a total of 91 days.
91 by 4 equals 364, very close to the length of the entire year.

When we insert our intercalary day we are able to tesselate the Rainbow Bridge Calendar across the entire spectrum of time. The intercalary day - of which there are four - is a day out of time, and so is denoted by the colour black. Interestingly, this intercalary day is always on a Friday. These 'Black Fridays' are rest days in the calendar, a time to take stock and do nothing.
But what about the other days? Well, I propose that each coloured section corresponds to one of the seven chakras and that the specific chakra meditation or comportment should be observed on those days. This gives you a kind of solid structure to plan your year on, but not one that I would expect anyone to rigidly adhere to. Just take it in mind and your chakra system should do the rest for you.

2012 Rainbow Calendar. Cross the Rainbow Bridge
that leadeth to Valhalla!

I developed the concept of the Rainbow Bridge Calendar in December 2012. I decided to fill the month of October in first, as this was the only month that began with on a Monday. This was my 'red-letter' day, and the end of the 'Hunt for the Red October'. I completed the calendar on the night of December 20th 2012, the night before the Mayan Calendar was set to end.

This makes me feel that somehow the Rainbow Bridge Calendar was meant to carry us over from that old system into a new age of time. It is the cantenary I spoke of in Fragment 45-46. The keystone of this bridge is the ...5, 5... portion of the number series. Interestingly, my birthday is the 5th of May.

But I don't really feel like I should take all the credit for this work. The whole computational operation has a very Terrence McKenna-esque quality to it, and in fact I feel like I was channeling him for the most part of this article.

The Rainbow Calendar resembles the Mayan Calendar in the sense that it is based on a specified number of days and is therefore not a solar calendar. For this reason, if my calculations are correct, it should not precess with the addition of leap years etc.

I feel this gives a stability to the Gregorian Calendar, which was lacking up until now.

From a philosophical perspective, I feel the Rainbow Calendar hints towards a physical understand of the nature of time. Einstein's Theory of Relativity suggests that everything that is happening, has happened or will happen in the Universe, all happens at the same time. This moment, which we could refer to as the Big Bang Singularity, is like a kind of extremely compressed file, expressed in the form of a blinding white light. This white light is the Ground Luminousity of the Buddhists and the All, God, call it what you will.

Just as a droplet of water distorts the passage of a beam of light to create the effect of a rainbow to an observer, it would appear that we exist at an angle; of roughly 42ยบ, to this inexplicable Unity.

Otherwise, we are in the process of unpacking data from it, teasing out information, as a spectral analyst might, or a poker player spreads a deck of cards. The Rainbow Calendar suggests that if we were to alter or perspective on time and space, or somehow managed to quicken its pace, the colours of the Time Spectrum would all merge together to form the Blinding White Light, or the original data package, of the All.

So, are you a Synesthete? If so, please post what colour you think the days of the week are below. If you request it and leave your e-mail address, I may even be able to construct your own individual Time Spectrum™and Rainbow Bridge Calendar, though this remains to be seen.

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