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Nyota Uhura Mazda

The purpose of this diagram is to try to show how 911 is bizarrely linked to other mass suicide and mind control operations. Much of this information can be found on the internet, and in books such as the Stargate Conspiracy, by Lynn Picknett. What is somewhat new here is the idea that the Jonestown Massacre is directly connected to 9/11 and is embroiled in a suspect agenda of historical revisionism.

Just to let you know; I don't actually enjoy writing about this (I find it kind of morbid and creepy). For this reason I will let the diagram do most of the work, and you can fill in the blanks, if necessary, for yourselves. There are a few points which needed to be expanded upon, however.

The bodycount for the Jonestown Massacre was reported to be 911, and this was the figure used in 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, published in 1995. Since then, and since 9/11, it appears there has been some fluctuation in this figure, with it alternating between 910, 913 and 925. This is what I mean when I say that the facts of history are seemingly being subject to revisionism.

Audio taped evidence from the scene of the massacre places a CIA agent in the camp at the time of the incident. For this reason, the Jonestown Massacre is widely assumed, among certain groups of people, to be a mind control operation, in the style of MK-Ultra, conducted by the CIA in Guyana, 1978. Around the same time, the CIA's remote viewing project, known as the Stargate Project, was also in operation. These projects utilized secret service employees as psychic intelligence gatherers.

The decision for the Heaven's Gate cult to commit mass-suicide was informed Dr. Courtney Brown, who was a guest speaker on Art Bell's radio show, in November 1996. Brown is a proponent of remote viewing and had used his alleged psychic abilities to reveal that the comet Hale-Bopp harboured an alien space craft, of some description. The cult members assumed that this craft was 'what they had been waiting for' and prepared to be whisked off to another star system, never to return.

One of the victims of the Heaven's Gate cult bizarre beliefs was Thomas Nicols, brother to actress Nichelle Nicols, who was cast in the role of Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek series. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was involved with Uri Geller, and a number of others, who worked as remote viewers for the Central Intelligence Agency to try to establish contact with an occult group of Egyptian Gods, known as the Nine (as crazy as it seems).

Zoroastrianism is said to be the first mono-theistic religion; and it is still practiced in some Arabic countries to this day. Its chief deities are Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, they represent the positive and negative aspects of this our Universe respectively. In the Book of Arda Viraf, which deals strictly with the doctrine of the Zoroastrian afterlife, there is a reference to the Star Track––the place where the dead go if they did not live a particularly good or a bad life. Perhaps this is where the name Star Trek comes from. If so, then Uhura must be the most important character of the entire series, as she is Uhura Mazda.

Originally Roddenberry wanted to call Uhura's character Lt. Sulu, but changed it for reasons which should be obvious to anyone that knows the series. The inspiration for the name Uhura came from a book that Nichelle Nicols brought with her when auditioning for the part. Gene Roddenberry asked her what the word meant, and Nicols said that it was Swahili for 'freedom'. Some 35% of Swahili is derived from the Arabic language. The Arabic word for freedom is spelt phonetically as 'al-Ḩryh', which is very close to the phonetics of Ahura. Lieutenant Uhura's name, then, is derived from the Arabic word for their Zoroastrian deity. She is Ahura Mazda helping to guide the crew of the star ship Enterprise across the Star Track.

This means that all of the crew aboard the USS Enterprise were dead from day one, with the opening of the series. Their voyage 'to boldly go where no man had gone before' was merely a voyage into the unknown realm of death. Uhura (Freedom), is the facilitator for communication between their ship and the world beyond. She is their link to God (Ahura Mazda).

If Great Britain was the unsinkable flagship of the British Empire during the First World War, then maybe the World Trade Centre was the flagship of Global Capitalism; often mistaken for Enterprise. But that would make Al Quida,  and the Islamic Fundamentalists, all Klingons, wouldn't it?

You bet it would.

As the only black crew member in Star Trek, Uhura's pride of place (whether intentional or not) brings a whole racial element to this entire war of weirdness. This is confirmed by the fact that nearly all of the members of the People's Temple (who died in Jonestown) were of African descent.

To finish up, Sam Koutchesfahni who rented the mansion to the Heaven's Gate cult in San Diego was an associate of Abdussatar Shaik; an FBI informant. These two men are considered to be responsible for allowing the 911 hijackers into American soil in the first place. It should be understood that the Jonestown Massacre, the Heaven's Gate tragedy and the September 11 attacks were all perpetrated by suicide cults of one form or another and, it appears, had connections to mind control and psychic intelligence gathering missions that are intended to reach far beyond our Galaxy, to an invisible world populated by Gods and dead souls.

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