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MS Estonia and the Alien Mist

In this post, I relate a dream that has information connecting to the MS Estonia disaster in the Baltic Sea, September 1994. This dream is the first recorded instance, as far as I am aware, of dream-internet interfacing. The post reveals that certain US administrators (who are possibly aliens) had monetary interests wrapped up in the disaster.
Several years ago, I dreamt I was walking by the side of what might have been a lake, or a fjord. The gnarled trees were hard up against the water’s edge and the ground was loose and stony. Rising up from the centre of the lake, like the bow of a sunken ship, was what appeared to be a ICB nuclear weapon; a broken arrow, to borrow a military phrase.
I caught sight of two lizards, about the size and shape of komodo dragons, moving through the undergrowth. They paid no attention to me, but hurried passed, casting a disgruntled glance in the direction of the half sunken rocket, and muttering indignantly to one another. Surprised to see creatures divested of such intelligence, I undertook to follow them, so as to hear what it was they might be saying. I lost sight of them around an out-cropped lip of land, but found them again, milling around, near where a dirt road converged with the water’s edge.

 “This is a right mess,” said one of the lizards to the other. “That Clinton is an idiot.”

As he said this he indicated in the direction of the old dirt track, and together they left via the road. I could have followed them further but I did not like the quality of the reality on offer up there, and prefering to stay within the natural environs of the lake in any case, I looked again at the half submerged missile. I noticed that it had a serial number––about six or seven characters in length­­––engraven into its hard outer shell. I memorized these and, when I awoke in the afternoon, promptly typed them into the Google search engine.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you the link to the page I came across, because I neglected to write down either the code or the web address. I put this down to my naïve understanding of internet caches, and bookmarking, at the time. Although I cannot show you the webpage, I can tell you what it contained/looked like.

After I entered the code into the search engine, I clicked on the first, or highest ranking result. It was a webpage displaying the accounts of the Haliburton Company for the fiscal years of 1995-96, and their earnings were in the region of the six million mark for each of these. I was aware that Dick Cheney had been CEO of Halliburton during part of the best part of Bill Clinton’s term in office. At the time of my discovery, Dick Cheney was the Vice President of the United States, and was continuously seen appearing alongside fellow ‘croney’ Donald Rumsfeld on television, throughout the Bush years. I recalled the two dragons at the lake and, because of familiarity with  Clinton, assumed that they must represent D. Rumsfeld and D. Cheney.

M.C. Escher's engraving of inter-dimensional lizards. 
The two komodo dragons are very interesting in terms of David Icke’s research, which suggests that Cheney, Rumsfeld––and others like them in positions of power­­­––are in fact shape-shifting reptilians from another dimension. Assertions, such as these, have been made previously, most notably by Madame Blavatski and the Theosophical Society at the fin de ciele. There was also an incident on the Open Minds radio show back in the 60’s, where a caller rang up to discuss the findings of a Brazilian priest who claimed that children were being abducted by reptilians and brought to underground bases to be sacrificed in bizarre blood-letting rituals. The presenter of the show said he had an open mind, but that it was not that open, and promptly disconnected the caller. (N.B. I can find no reference to this priest, or his work, on the internet or anywhere else.)

The dream I have just recounted to you is the only indication I personally have ever obtained of a possible invasive reptilian presence here on earth. While I do believe that Rumsfled and Cheney are both reptilians at heart, I can’t deny the possibility that their appearance as dragons, was more in reference to their businness acumen (or draconianism) rather than their reptilian genetic lineage, per se.

There are two questions, which must be asked;

  1. What was the meaning of the missile in the fjord?
  2. What relationship does the missile–and its serial number–have to Halliburton accounts for the year 1995-96?

The answer to this mystery came in the form of an internet based radio show given by Henning Witte, called The Sinking of MS Estonia, which appeared on the Red Ice Creations website back in August 14 2008. (Obviously, this places the dream experience some time shortly before then.)

I was only ten or eleven when the Estonia disaster occurred, but something about it struck a deep chord in me at the time. Naturally, as I grew older with the years, it faded from my memory. It is, therefore, very strange that a semblance of this disaster should reoccur in a dream of mine, some 14 years later.

The MS Estonia was a cruiseferry, which sank enroute from Tallinn to Stockholm, on September 28 1994. Shortly after midnight, two concussions rocked the ship. The ferry quickly listed to starboard and sank into the frigid Baltic Sea in less than 45 minutes under circumstances, which can only be described as mysterious. In one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th Century, some 852 passengers and crew––, out of an estimated total of 1,000––lost their lives. The Swedish government announced that it would be too costly to raise the Estonia, or to recover the bodies from the wreckage, and decided instead to attempt to encase the ship in concrete; at a cost of 350 million dollars. This decision was viewed with suspicion by relatives, as the vast majority of those who had lost their lives that day were Swedes. They were also aware that a Norwegian diving company had, early on, offered to recover the bodies at cost price. Swedish cirizens began to question the official story that “a monster wave” hit the ship and broke off its cargo bay door, as evidence mounted that the Estonia had been used to carry Soviet military weapons contraband in the past. Yet more evidence suggested that this was true on the night of the disaster.

These revelations forced people to conclude that either one or more explosive devices detonated in the hold, or that the ship was struck by a (third party) enemy missile. The belief that when the Estonia sank there were either nuclear or space-based weapons on board, was supported by the fact that the Swedish government hired a Dutch marine salvage firm that specializes in neutralizing nuclear waste, Smit Tak BV, to encase the ship in concrete.

All this explains the nuclear missile, sticking up like the bow of a sinking ship (the Estonia), in the Swedish fjord.

Evidence of US involvement in this case came about when over a dozen survivors disappeared shortly after being rescued; including, some say, the Captain. Their sneaky rendition on a US plane suggest thats someone did not want the crew members to testify publicly in court.
The disappearance of these 12 Estonia crew members points to a high-level cover-up of an international intrigue. Recent revelations in the Swedish press of "enforced disappearances" of two Egyptian "terror suspects" carried out in Sweden in 2001 may shed light on the fate of missing Estonia survivors. It was recently reported in the Swedish media that a private Gulfstream 5 executive jet, registered in the United States, played a role in the "extraordinary rendition" of two Egyptian "terror suspects" from Sweden in 2001. 

According to Swedish journalist Sven Anér, enforced disappearances from Sweden are nothing new. There is a body of evidence that similar abductions occurred in Sweden in the days following the Estonia ferry disaster. Shortly after Estonia sank, a dozen Estonian crewmembers, all evidently survivors of the catastrophe - disappeared without a trace. 

Documents indicate that U.S. registered private jets were used in both the 1994 and 2001 disappearance cases. [s]
This begs the question, why are the US and Sweden involved in the trafficing Soviet weapons aboard civilian ships? If the US and Russia are still cautious of eachother, why trade such sensitive military secrets in such an unusual, clandestine manner? And if not, who was responsible for the explosions which sunk the Estonia in the first place? Hold on to your tin-foil, this is where it gets really interesting.

After the incident a Norwegian diving company called Rockwater A.S. were commissioned to investigate the wreck and discover what might have gone wrong. The company, which was probably the same one that offered to recover the bodies, surveyed the wreck from the 1st to the 4th of December 1994. Crucially, their evidence backed the official story of mechanical failure of the cargo bay door.

Rockwater A.S. is a subsidiary of the Halliburton Corporation, and this explains why the serial number on the bomb coincided with the web address for the account details for this company. The reason the accounts were for the year 1995 and not 1994, as you might espect, is to do with the US government’s fiscal year, which in this instance began on October 1st 1994 and ended on September 30 1995–the later year being the one by which it is numbered. This means that part of the debit for the Halliburtan company’s fiscal year in 1995 was wrapped up in the “mess” that had taken place in the Baltic Sea.

This leads us back to the Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld lizard entities and the comment about Bill Clinton being ‘an idiot.’ After I heard them say this, I felt a sort of veiled threat hanging in the air, pointing in the direction of the Whitehouse. Sure enough, on Saturday October 29th 1994–– exaclty one month after the Estonia disaster––an man named Francisco Martin Duran, walked right up to the railings of the Whitehouse with an SKS rifle hidden in his trench coat and sprayed the building, and a number of secret service men, with a hail of bullets. Bill Clinton was inside watching a football game at the time and was unharmed. But the message was clear; If they can get you here they can get you anywhere (this was a Mafia-style warning, for Clinton, not to be so stupid in future). Eventually they did get to him, but through the more subtle and feminine wiles of a Ms. Monika Lewinsky, who joined his troop at the Oval office shortly there after. Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary Clinton referred to this  scandalous incident as being part of “a vast Right-wing conspiracy.” Maybe so.

Cheney/Rumsfeld Komodo Comparisons.

Although no one was injured in the assassination attempt, Duran was arrested and brought to trail. Interestingly, he pleaded not guilty by way of insanity, claiming that he was trying to save the world by destroying an alien “mist” connected by an umbilical cord to an alien in the Colorado mountains. This is so laughably ridiculous, I don’t imagine it would ever work as a defence. But assuming Duran was a Manchurian Candidate, of some sort, programmed by the reptilian Rumsfeld and Cheney, there might be some small kernel of truth in what he says. It begs the question; Does Cheney have an undergroung layer in Colorado shrouded by chemtrails? The Denver Colorado Airport would do nicely, I think.

The possibility of alien, or advanced weapons technology, being present at the scene of the MS Estonia disaster is not all that unlikely; unfortunately. Its said that the crew members on the bridge were unable to raise the nearest ship, or indeed the mainland, by radio due to ‘interference’. When the rescue helicopters did, eventually, arrive––some hours later––they had to return to base, because of ‘equipment failure’. High frequency energy beams could be responsible these disturbances and were may have been mounted on a near by alien vessel. Although this still does not explain who sunk the Estonia. Perhaps it was the Chinese, or an unscrupluous faction within the Russian government. This last suggestion makes more sense when we think back to the Arctic Sea fiasco that took place last year, wherein Russian missiles were being smuggled in the hold of a Stora Enso (Swedish) lumber transport ship.

What is truly amazing is the extent at which objective real world information is available to our sub-conscious while sleeping. Our promethean minds can intergrate the past, and future (as well as higher and lower dimensions) and combine it with data contained in computer servers to create a trail of intriguing connections. This is also the first time, as far as I am aware, that information has been transferred off the internet to a sleeping mind (via Internet Dream Interfacing) then recapitulated, and transferred back on to the internet, in the form of a blog post. This proves that we possibly don’t need computers to connect to the internet anymore, and maybe we never did.

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