Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Stitch in Time

In the video for Norah Jones' song Chasing Pirates (which was linked to a foiled terrorist attack on the LHC, this day last year) we see Norah at the helm of a building decked out with sails. The final shot of the video reveals a faded advertisement for sewing machines on the back of the building. To understand this reference it is necessary to recap on what we know about the video so far;

  • At the beginning of the video, Norah Jones' is given a map of Manhattan Island.
  • The map is a treasure map and an 'X' is marked over Seward Park.
  • When Norah is looking at the map the finger of her other hand is pointing towards Ground Zero; location of the WTC disaster.
  • Seward is a pun on Norah's ocean going adventure; Seaward.
  • William H. Seward was a US senator and a member of the Anti-Masonic League.
  • He was attacked by an associate of John Wilkes Booth, on the same night President Lincoln was assassinated.
  • Chasing Pirates therefore links the assassination of Lincoln (and the attempted assassination of Seward) to the events of 9/11 and the Freemasons.

I had assumed that the giant advert for sewing machines was merely another pun on Seward's name. But after I saw a book called Sewing 911 (for all your sewing emergencies) I began to doubt that assumption. When I looked on the inside cover and realised that it was published and copyrighted in 2001, I became convinced. Unlikely as it seemed, there was a definite connection between the pastoral exercise of sewing and the urban scenes of 9/11. Despite the flowery image that sewing enjoys in the public mind it should be remembered that it is a complex activity that utilizes sharp metal objects and has links to battlefields and emergency wards; via its surgical equivalence.

Sewing needles are of course used in many magical-type practices such as; Cabbalistic and Wiccan traditions, divination, tattooing, voodoo and acupuncture. Tattooing is to date still used as a method to overcome the grief of the loss of a loved one, this practice is legitimized in the saying; the blood has flowed the danger has passed. Interestingly, Norah Jones got a tattoo just for this video, to proclaim her love for Johnny Depp.

Upon pondering this connection I was reminded of the phrase: A stitch in time saves nine. The origin of this phrase predates Newtonian Physics where space and time were considered to be separate metaphysical concepts. Einstein's Theory of Special and General Relativity united them into one material; the fabric of spacetime. Ever since then, there has arisen some confusion as to the actual meaning of this antiquated phrase; with people erroneously assuming that a 'stitch' has been sown into the fabric of spacetime itself, creating a time portal or wormhole, which saves you nine hours, days, years etc.

Erroneous or not, the relationship between this phrase and 9/11 should be given due consideration. 9/11 was a stitch in the deteriorating fabric of the control system, to allow the elite to bridge the divide between the end of the present era and the beginning of the next; as outlined in the Mayan Calendar Stone. The public was 'stitched up' to facilitate the interwoven Military Industry and Media Complex to begin their, at present, 9 year long campaign of destruction and reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Arguably, the most famous make of sewing machine is the Singer sewing machine, and this relates to Norah who is, of course, a singer songwriter by profession. The action of a sewing machine is analogous to a ships bow, as it ploughs through the water, and the associations of treading (or threading) water, which every sailor must know. The sails of a ship are made from a type of canvas or fabric, and the ropes attached to these sails are known as 'sheets' and could be interpreted as large-scale threads woven amongst the different layers.

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