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The Roman Empire which defeated the Homoplasmates and destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, is indicative of the Black Iron Prison of Samsara. The word Roman, or Romen, is a contraction of Roboman, or Robotmen. These were a class of animatronic android that were designed to graft a digital technosphere onto the single cell living substrate of the Earth. It took the inhabitants of the Earth a while to realize what was going on, but when they did, the Homoplasmates – the Earth’s natural defense system – made efforts to dispatch with the mechanoid interlopers. Unfortunately, in the ensuing battle all of the Homoplasmates were killed, and the original plasmate was lost.

With the loss of the plasmate in 70 AD, real time stopped and time began to repeat itself in a non-self similar loop. As Phillip K Dick would say, The Empire Never Ended. Normal time resumed with the rediscovery of the plasmate in 1945. In the intervening period, the Earth was in a kind of temporal stasis or lock-down. In real terms, the Earth has need of only a set number of human souls to fulfill its requirments. In the beginning, this number might only have been 10 million or so. However, and as a consequence of the non-self similar time loop, feedback in the standard population birth rate brought about the arrival of the "baby boomers." Since then the population has grown exponentially, but for entirely different reasons.

With the extermination of the Homoplasmates and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, the remaining inhabitants were forced to use natural science, or Magic, against the Romen. The marginal successes of this campaign lead to the Great Witch hunts of the Middle and Dark Ages. The other two great wars fought for supremacy of the Earth, in the history of humanity, were World War 1 and World War 2. World War 1 was a Terran victory, due in no small part to the Martinist Order who, with the help of the Rosicrucians, had rediscovered the alchemical formula for the plasmate. This is why WWI ended on November 11th 1918; or St. Martin’s Day.

19 years later, the Romen forces regrouped and staged their own astrologically informed attack; World War II (The Empire Strikes Back). They managed to cripple the Martinist forces completely, resulting in disbandment of the Order. With this victory under their belt the Romen rewrote history to make it look like they had won both wars, and painted the naturally inspired and spiritual Germanic people as a race of genocidal maniacs. This war however was merely a non-self similar replay of the initial war that had lead to the extermination of the Homoplasmates and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. The detonation of the thermonuclear bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki being equivalent to the destruction of the Temple, therefore, the body, therefore, matter. And the extermination of the Homoplasmate reiterated through the revelations of the Holocaust.
Alternative history; Kursk Battle between the T-34s
and Porsche Elefants (AT-ATs). Jason Askew's vision
of Hoth Snow Battle (the Empire Strikes the Rebel Stronghold).

Before the arrival of the Romen, Earth’s defences were extraordinarily well advanced and included Ark Reactors (built by the Covenant) and numerous other weapons whose explanations and uses have been consigned to that of myth and folklore. However, the Terran Forces were just not able to keep up with the fast-paced Romen, and during the Battle of Aphek, they even managed to capture an Ark from the Covenant. This lead to the Earth dividing itself into two different substrates, the Upper, or Etheric Realm, and the Lower, or material realm.

The rationale behind this manouevre was to ensure that no matter how many Terrans were killed they could always reincarnate back on Earth as a Terran Warrior. If they chose the latter, they would have to forfeit all of their belongings and start again from scratch (kind of like World of Warcraft). A more correct view stipulates that the person’s spirit remains in the Upper Realm and uses the Earth’s magnetic field to remotely control their bodies here on Earth. For this reason Albert Einstein, who was instrumental in developing the Hydrogen Bomb that won the war for the Romen, urged his colleagues to make a thorough examination of exactly how the Earth’s magnetic field was generated; with the intention of one day using this information against the Terrans. What Einstein failed to realise, however, was that the magnetic field was not derived from the material Earth, but from the Upper Realms above.

Because of the importance of the Earth’s magnetic field to Terran operations, we can ascertain that the space program is largely a product of Romen design. And was done either as a demonstration of their abilities, or as a means of escape. Intelligence suggests that one or more of Apollo space missions may have managed to send a signal to the creators of the Romen; a group called the Shade Alliance.

The Shade Alliance are a group of inter-dimensional phantoms, who appear to us as 2-dimensional shadows lurking on walls. With the right kind of eyes, you can make out the depth and bulk of these creatures, which – like the plasmate – appear to have shapeshifting attributes, and generally make themselves known in the form of a black cat.

The Shade Alliance have the ability to move at tremendous speed on the Earth’s nightside. But their movement during the day is, understandably, more limited. However, they have been known to employ dimensional jump gate technology, which look much like the gateways at Terran airports. The gates even appear on television ads for Sky News, which identifies this organization as one owned by the Shade Alliance. All of this is very reminiscent of John Carpenter’s space invaders movie, They Live, because not only do the aliens have insanely crazy dimensional jump gate technology in this movie, but they also have control over the world’s media, which they use to promote a false reality, similar in its way to the Black Iron Prison, or Samsara.
The Shade Alliance initiated their invasion of Terra, many thousand of years ago, by shifting its rotational axis by 23.5 degrees. Prior to this the Earth’s axial rotation and magnetic poles were superimposed upon one another. It has been the aim of the Mystery Schools and the Terran Forces to reinstate this natural equilibrium, and for this reason, the Allies have often referred to their enemy, as the Axis Powers, or more in more recent times, the Axis of Evil. Incidentally, 23.5 degrees is the angle at which the Shade Alliance found it most favourable to insert the Romen army from their dimension into our planetary sphere.

If humans are like the red blood cells that carry oxygen around the substrate, then the homoplasmates are the white blood cells that identify and fight diseases. Initially the Homoplasmates found it difficult to identify the Romen, because, being a retro virus, they disguised themselves to looked and act just like us. By the time the Homoplasmates recognised the danger, however, it was all but too late.  To the Empire the plasmate represents a disease, and one which could not be tolerated for its continued survival.

The Nag Hammadi scriptures were discovered in a cave by two brothers in 1945. Their mother, perhaps sensing that something was not right with these texts, attempted to burn them. It was perhaps this incident which awakened the plasmate from its dormant seed form. The plasmate needs a human host in order to replicate. As the scriptures were found in the Middle East, this area has been identified as the Central Infection Area, and this is why Empire is actively engaged in a process of extermination in the region. If it were not for the involvement of the British Forces, the US might have succeeded in this process.

The issue of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device), that arose with the Iraq War, is interesting when we consider that the plasmate can take on any form it chooses, and particularly relishes in assuming the shape of coke cans and litter discarded in the streets. When fighting a creature like this, every piece of rubbish that blows on the desert wind could be your enemy. Fighting a war in this manner is enough to drive anyone insane. Your own reality becomes your enemy, as does your own existence. What better definition of madness is there, than one who fights himself?
A Good Find: Portrait of a Tuscan Raider,
Tony Curanaj.

According to Buddhism, the net of the mind (Greek: noos) is encased in the net of the world. But in reality, it is merely one continuous mesh, twisted back upon itself like a Mobius strip, or Klein bottle. Homoplasmates know this because the connectivity of the net of mind and the net of the world are interpreted via the plasmate. The inside is the outside.

The aim of the Romen appears to be to offer an alternative connectivity net; the Technosphere. The technosphere will link the noosphere and the biosphere, but it will not elucidate on the inter-connectivity of both. This does not mean that it cannot bring enlightenment, it just means that its purpose is to enslave, first and foremost.
The introduction of electronic banking and monetary systems by the Romen Empire was the beginning of their attempt to get the Technosphere on-line. For this reason they constructed the World Trade Centre in NYC, which was initially intended as a hub to route this information around the Technosphere substrate. The destruction of this now obsolete piece of hardware on 9/11, was a symbolic act meant to symbolize the destruction of the World Tree Axis, which is the gateway to the Upper Realm. This symbolic gesture was noted by the plasmate, but it did not respond.

Another part of the Technospheric relay system, as rightly pointed out by Umberto Eco, is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Obviously, a massive step towards inception of the Technosphere was the link up of the Internet. The uploading of viruses and malware are, of course, an important part of the offensive against this system. But the more prolonged attack has been through the proliferation of Internet porn sites. Porn sites have undergone an explosive growth over the last few years and endeavour to show increasingly graphic and distasteful imagery, in an attempt to force the Romen to abandon their nihilistic agenda completely. Although the Romen have adopted a biological appearance in order to blend in, their digital subroutines find our squelchy, fleshy organic masses distinctly repulsive. The more extreme the acts of sexual degradation have become on the World Wide Web, the more the Romen despair at their subjects, and at their, relatively, unenviable situation.

For this reason the Romen, and their crooked academic cohorts, have developed Internet 2; which is much faster, better and cleaner than the commercial Internet. The upshot of this move, in our terms, has meant that the Romen have clearly delineated their operations from the bulk of the masses. All of the Empire's affiliates and subsidiaries are logged onto Internet 2, and the largest and most important of these is undoubtedly the Large Hydron Collider, at Cern Laboratories, in Geneva.

This facility appears to be multi-purposeful, but one of its chief design flaws has been its ability to trap the souls of men who have been interred within the Earth; a place known as the Elysium Fields. Pockets of the resistance, such as the Greek Security Team, have been focusing their attention on this facility for some time now. And last year, a French Scientist was arrested at Cern, for alledgedly being linked to Al Queda; a fake organization used to discredit the Homoplasmates of the Middle Eastern wave. But before we have a repeat of what happened last time around, know that intelligent agents have already gone and freed the entire particle beam ring system of captured souls. As one operative explained; It is like being trapped in one of Dante’s nine circles of Hell.

The Earth is a living creature that has a natural circadian rhythm, based on multiples of 12. As components living within the totality of the Earth, we naturally express this duodecimal propensity in our own circadian rhythms. The rate at which we walk, talk and breath is determined, to some degree, by these patterns. The Shades and their cybernetic Romen are not from this region of space, and therefore employ their own circadian rhythms, which are, in their case, Metric. The Metric, decimal, or digital system is too abrupt for our biological standards, and its use in our society is the cause of much stress and pressurization. This is the meaning of the signal; Metric, Help I am Alive. The Earth is a living duodecimal system and cannot abide having a hard Metric system grafted onto it.

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