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 As you might know, Pearls of War has been mostly concerned with issues of conspiracy, and the occult, within our society for sometime now. I would like to present, to you gracious readers, the mother of all conspiracies with the aim of putting this thorny issue to bed once and for all. (I will also be expounding upon some of the more mysterious elements of spirituality and philosophy in this and coming posts.)

Asides from theories of the New World Order and Illuminati controlling the world being sometimes fun to speculate on, there is also an element of assumed pride in conspiracy theories; a feeling of belonging to a well-informed group of people and of being ‘in the know’.

But the reason why people take so readily to these opinions is because they can sense that all is not right with the world, and it is better to identifiy your enemy than to fall constant victim to it in the long run. The Buddha saw injustice and inequalities amongst his own people, but he also noted it in the animal kindom, where he saw animals devouring one another. This caused him to believe that the injustices were much deeper than man, and deeper than the reality we normally experience as daily life.

Not long ago, while having a discussion with a friend of mine, he turned to me and said; You know the way there are little things inside your body constantly working to keep you alive and functioning? Well, who is to say that they are enjoying the experience. They might hate it just as much as you hate the society you are in.

An excerpt from Ashling Art Copy Book No.11; (Ashling is Gaeilge for dream)

It has been established by macro/microbiologists, as well as by linguists, that the Earth we inhabit, suspended as it is in space, is to all intents and purposes a living singular and cellular lifeform, discreet and autonomous, as many of these amoebic lifeforms can be. It now must be broached by physicists that the transformation through the propogation of cellular division is an on-going process occurring periodically with every instance of time and concluding within a matter of weeks, or sometimes less, and with each division of our planet a new and exact carbon copy of you is installed precisely within it.

The experience of taking Salvia Divinorum is generally one of being blown about linear and ornathagonal meridians. If this is the underlying structure of our Universe, as the work of Kepler and other mathematicians would suggest, then our latent or internal life is not much different from the life of a red blood cell. With each heart beat blood is pumped through the snaking blood vessels that branch at ninety degree angles, before being recalled to continue the process one more.

It is not at all inconcievable, therefore, that we serve some greater purpose for the continued well-being of the planet on which we live. If this is so, you might ask, why does our behaviour create such disharmony and destruction? To answer this I will quote another excerpt from my Ashling Art Copy No. 11;

On my way down to Ballybunion for my holidays I drove passed fields of amber barley. Much of the agricultural use of this sector had been allocated to for Government use rather than public foodstuff. This included hectares of bio-feul plantations, and something else.
For years research companies had been coming to Ireland to avail of punitive tax-breaks. But now these companies (mostly genetic engineering companies) were involved in a much wider and longer scale agricultural project. What the ins and outs of this protect were I don’t know, but I do know it had something to do with bio-computers.
Fields of barley would be programmed to calculate some monumental problem, like forecasting global temperature changes. As the plants grew, they would transmit this data to other plants in a process called cross-pollenation of code...

To put this information in perspective, it will be necessary to cite from the Printed Project, a publication which showcases artists from around the world. Issue No. 7; subtitled ‘unconditional love’, contains diagrams and beginner information on how to fly using only the human energy body, and architectural plans for a giant glass cow through which people can pass, as if through the animals intestinal tract. These works and a number of others will be important later on, but for now we will focus on An Inappropriate One, by Nedko Solakov. The work consists of a series of pages containing hand-written statements that have been rendered unreadable, presumably through the use of somekind of Gaussian Blur filter. The work commences with a statement by the artist proclaiming;

Finally I decided to tell a little story which in general, in our Artworld, is not acceptable to be told.

The work concludes with a note by the editor on the reasons why the content was censored citing a ‘potential to be considered defamatory.’

Another excerpt from the Ashling Art Copy No.11;

Ordinary circumstances dictate that the source of human occular information is dominated by either the left or right eye, in all cases. Special eye-wear with lenses comprised of nanoparticles of a clear steel compound were developed to train the mind to see using both eyes at the same time. This allows people to see in 4D, an extention of our 3.5 D reality. An awareness of 4D reality allows us to see and hear what is normally invisible to us. Our second life, the one we live simultaneously to this world, comes sharply into focus. All our acquaintances and loved ones reappear; the difficulty now being how to reconcile both existences, and ultimately which one to choose.

Anyone who has been through the Irish National school system will know exactly what a Ashling copybook looks like; at least upon seeing one. The one I am quoting from was originally my Sixth (and final) Year classwork book for Art History, until I decided to fill it with clippings and ideas over a year ago.

The Art Copy gives directions, from an undisclosed source, on how to go about obtaining a pair of these specialist eye-glasses.

Perspective Eyewear;
General Optics
Store front, waiting room,
Back store – library, head busts
The Keeper of the Books
            of Forbidden Knowledge.

Text is blurry, and out of focus, until a special pair of spectacles are worn.

Instantly upon reading this information I was reminded of Solakov’s An Inappropiate One. I promised myself that the following day I would go to General Optics to obtain an eye test, and upon receiving the Perspective eye-wear I would use it to decode the blurred information on the pages of Printed Project, which must surely be of some great significance to me.

I imagine myself walking along the boulevard with the pale yellow leaves of the lime trees littering the pathway. The shopfront for General Optics lies at the end of a row of Georgian houses. It is a low narrow building with a glass front and a tiny waiting room containing a single tanned leather upholstered chair. I wait there for ten or fifteen minutes until the proprietor; an old man with thick rimmed glasses, or his lovely young assistant comes out to meet me. I would ask to have my eyes tested and be lead into the interior of the shop, which, to this day, I have still not seen.

Although I took pleasure imagining these scenes, I questioned the authority of the information in my Art Copy; even though I clearly recognised the hand-writing as my own, and wondered if I should not forego my visit to General Optics on the grounds that I was being completely delusional. Just then I got a curious sensation between my eyes, as if I had been hit by some sort of energy that unfurled long translucent tendrils into my skin.

Overleaf (Art Copy);

Other books are ancient tomes encoded digitally, special eye-wear parces the information and transmits it straight to the brain.

Upon reading this I immediatedly went and sought my copy of Philip K. Dick’s seminal work Valis. I had been studying this book for about a year, but it was only now that I had attained Perspective that I could parse the information between pages, and truly understand what was written there. The main thrust of this work states that there exists a super-rational lifeform known alternatively as; God, Valis, Zebra, the Logos or the plasmate. The creature crossbonds with humans, in interspecies symbiosis. This creates what PKD terms Homoplasmates.

Excerpt from Philip K. Dick's tractate;

Jesus Christ not only for saw his own death but that of all Homoplasmates.

The power of visualization is potently strong, under certain conditions. Simply by visualizing the act of going and obtaining a pair of Perspective Eyewear, I had unwittingly gained the perspective (on reality) I had so fervently sought all these years. By choosing this path I had unwittingly called to me the plasmate organism. Now I understood, for the first time, what PKD meant when he said that God was an alien creature that crossbonded with the human brain. He did not mean this metaphorically; but literally. I had just made contact; as Arthur C Clarke suggested would take place by 2010. Reading PKD's Valis, while under the psychic influence of Valis itself, created what I can only describe as a cognitive feedback loop. I did not learn new information, I only remembered that which I had forgotten; what we all forgot. What follows is an account of some of that information.

Philip K Dick says that after the death of Christ and the destruction of the Temple at Jeurusalem, the plasmate was buried in dormant seed form at the caves at Nag Hammadi. It was dug up again in 1945, when the Nag Hammadi scriptures were discovered. His oft repeated phrase, The Empire never ended, alludes to the fact that time has been repeating itself since the disappearance of the plasmate in Roman times. This means that the Roman Empire did not cease to exist with the raids by the Visigoths and the Vandals, but has survived 'mutated through a number of disguised polyforms’ to the present day. The Empire, or as PKD also refers to it the Black Iron Prison, is synonymous with the Tibet concept of Samsara; or the world of illusion and death.

The Romans, Romen, Robomen or Robot-men are anamatronic machines introduced by off world bio-engineers to graft cybernetic circuitry directly onto the living cell substrate of the organism we currently inhabit, called Earth. This sector of reality is termed the Technosphere and includes all digital technology and nanotech systems. The Romen were not programmed to care about the inhabitants of Earth, and at first went about their business unhindered and unbeknownst to the organic beings of the Bio and Noos-spheres. But as time went by the Romen became more prolific and more daring, and at this point they met with stiff resistance from the humans and especially the Homoplasmates.

Contrary to modern historical concensus humanity in apostalitic times was extraordinarily advanced; think George Lucas’s Star Wars. In fact, as many researchers on the Internet have pointed out Star Wars is not a tale of man’s future but of our past. In this instance the Homoplasmates are the Jedi, sworn protectors of the Empire, until the Sith scattered them to the four corners of the Universe. Another film which tells the story of humanity’s struggle against the Romen Empire is James Cameron’s Terminator series. John Connor’s tale is comparable to Christ’s––by dint of his persecution by the machines––and his initials 'J.C.' bear this similarity still further.

Human beings are like the red blood cells carrying oxygen around the planetary system, and the Homoplasmates (the Jedi) are the white blood cells, or the planetary body’s natural defence mechanism. Since the plasmate was uncovered in the Middle East this is the central area of infection. The plasmate has replicated itself like wild fire in this region, hence the need for the Empire to control it. The War on Terror, like David Icke said, is literally a War on Terra. They are trying to stamp out the Earth’s natural defence mechanism. People can transmit intelligence and status reports to the Earth mainframe (GAIA) via the passing of waste materials. This is why the Empire employs a system of sanitation to intercept the intel and process it.

You would be forgiven for thinking that every Governmental Department or infrastructure is part of the Empire and therefore bad; but this just isn’t the case. There are many fine people working to help the Earth and wake people up to this disease. The only problem is that everyone is so deep undercover at this stage that it is hard to know who to trust. This reminds me of line from Tim Burton’s Batman movie, when Joker says, “Hubba, hubba, hubba, who do you trust?” Do you trust the white-faced smiling Joker who throws money at you, or the brooding Dark Knight who is trying to show you the madness for what it truly is?

After the plasmate was buried in 70 AD, time began to repeat itself in an non-self similar loop. This had the adverse reaction of scrambling the past and the future. Also the Romen’s digital, or Metric, timing signature is not in sink with our own organic duodecimal circadian rhythm. This discrepancy has lead to severe problems amongst our dead, who are generally buried within the Earth. Normally this serves no problem, as the deceased natural energy sublimates into the collective energy of the Earth; a place known to the Greeks as the Elysium Fields. However, because of the Romen’s agenda of lacing the soil with chemicals and electrical cables it is very easy for a spirit to become locked into the Technosphere. This is the meaning of the signal Metric, Help Save Me I’m Alive, which tells how the Roman’s Metric System is incompatable with the human duodemical time-based system.

The introduction of electronic banking and monetary systems by the Romen Empire was the beginning of their attempt to get the Technosphere on-line. For this reason they constructed the Twin Tower hard-disk processors in New York City, which were initially a hub to route this information around the Technosphere substrate. The destruction of this now obsolete piece of hardware on 9/11, may have been carried out by the Homoplasmates from the Mid-East, but it could just as easily been carried out by the Romen themselves to act as a pretext for war against the area of Central Infection; Iraq.

Obviously, a massive step towards inception of the Technosphere was the link up of the Internet. The first lines of offense, here, are obviously the DDOS attacks and virus uploads. But the more prolonged attack has been through the proliferation of Internet porn sites. Porn sites have undergone an explosive growth over the last few years and endeavour to show increasingly graphic and distasteful imagery, in an attempt to force the Romen to abandon the program––in utter disgust. Although the Romen have adopted a biological appearance in order to blend in, their digital subroutines find our sqwelchy, fleshy organic masses distincly repulsive. The more extreme the acts of sexual denegration have become on the World Wide Web, the more the Romen despair at their subjects, and at their, relatively, unenviable situation.

For this reason the Romen, and their crooked academic cohorts, have developed Internet 2; which is much faster, better and cleaner than the commercial Internet. The upshot of this move, in our terms, has meant that the Romen have clearly dilineated their operations from the bulk of the masses. All of the Empire's affiliates and subsidaries are logged onto Internet 2, and the largest and most important of these is undoubtedly the Large Hydron Collider. The LHC is the new central hub of the Technosphere. It's purpose is to accelerate hydrogen protons at close to the speed of light and smash them against one another to abliterate them completely. This is complete nihilism, and, as you can imagine, it also poses a very serious threat to the deceased who live their lives in the Elysium Fields. If you consider what a particle accellerator does to living tissue, you imagine what it might do to your immortal soul?

It is very telling that the politicians and academics should never speak of the need for a more soulful approach to reality. Why would they? Their masters are completely souless automatons who don’t exist and therefore don’t even know the meaning of the word; soul, or spirit, for that matter.

Two major wars were fought for mastery of the Earth, and these were, the aptly named, World War 1, and World War 2. The human's won the first war, with the help of the Martinist Homoplasmates. Then in 1939, the Romen tried again; and were victorious. They then rewrote history to make it look like they won both wars, and a lot else. The denotation of the thermonuclear bomb over Nagasaki in 1945 coincides with the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in the first Century AD, which lead to the isolation of the plasmate in the caves at Naghammadi and its eventual rediscovery, a mere few weeks later, but also in 1945. So you see the intervening period between the plasmates burial and its subsequent retrieval may, in fact, only be a matter of weeks. The intervening period having been all an illusion, maya or dream.

The T-34 was a Soviet tank that was strategically important in the Allied Defence against the German army. On page 37 of PKD’s Valis it states;

‘The T-34,’ Sherri explained, ‘moved very rapidly. At Kursk they knocked out even Porsche Elefants.’ 

If you go to research either of these machines on the Internet or even at the War Museums, you will be confronted with a facsimile, or representation, of the actual T-34 and Porsche Elefant. No, for a real understanding of what these two machines are like we have to go to a much more reliable source; Hollywood. The T-34 was none other than the proto-type of the T-100 and 800, better known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator (or the Romen). The Porsche Elefants were the combat vehicles of the Homoplasmates or Jedi warriors, and these looked like the AT-AT walkers from Star Wars; Lucas just got the sides mixed up that's all.
So, if we were at all truthful, the Battle at Kursk should look a lot more like this in the History Books.

The reason why it doesn’t is because we are under the illusion of Maya, Samsara, the Black Iron Prison or, more generically speaking, the Matrix. This is the same artificial reality and which has an unnatural timing signature based on the Metric system, as opposed to the duodecimal system of the Mystics. The modular creep or lag between these two base number systems, creates time-slippage all over history. And when this happens it is possible to step out of Metrix system and back into the Dreamtime of non-ordinary reality.

The discipline of navigating around one geographic area; like a city, while using a map of another area is known as Psychogeography. The discipline of retelling on period of history through the events of another is called Psychohistory. Psychohistory has been the only form of history for the last two thousand years or so, with the non-self similar time loop derived from the loss of the plasmate.

In the old days, people believed that the land was surrounded by an infinite ocean. They also noted that as you went inland you found that each mountain was bigger than the last. Based on this observation people assumed that at the very centre of the world there must exist a mountain that reached all the way up to heaven; this would be the abode of the Gods. Being the centre of the world this was also the point around which all the stars and planets circulate, the Sun included. And for this reason it was termed the World Axis, or Axis Mundi. Almost every culture on Earth since time immemorial has told a similar story, but in these 'enlightened' present day times, people put little faith in it. But there are truth to these legends. The Vikings and Scandanavians spoke of a World Tree which served as the centre of the World and the Axis Mundi. This tree was of enormous proportions and served as a gateway to the realms beyond.

Through great fear and hardship, or even through death it is possible to reach this tree, which lies at the top of the world; magnetic North. This is why all Homoplasmates are told to look to the North if they are feeling lost, because this is the region they came from and this is the place where they are going. With the second sight which death affords us, we can see the poles of the Earth’s magnetic field as a Great Tree, towering thousands of miles into the sky. Its great branches bending under the wind of the Sun. This is the Gateway to the next world, the realm of the Gods, and of the faerie.

After our world was infected by the Romen, the Earth divided itself into an upper world of ethereal matter, and the lower material world of Samsara. Being spiritual, as well as material entities, we humans can travel between both worlds, while the Robotmen, being merely only material are not so fortunate. After the duplicate world was created the Earth had a duplicate spiritual army with which to defend itself. This was known as the Clone Wars. The dichotomy of the upper and lower worlds are exemplified in such symbols as Yin and Yang, Heaven and Hell. The Upper and Lower worlds are connected by a the alchemist's bridge, or ladder. The nine rungs of the ladder represent the nine steps of the alchemical process, or the nine realms of the World Tree.

The upper world is a realm of life and information––it is in fact the living information of the Logos. The duality of life and death, is viewed in Earthly terms as an expression of plus and minus; you either have life or you don't. But from the point of view of the spiritual upper realms, reincarnating back on Earth is equivalent to dying. And this is in fact the reality, as our spirit of living information becomes encase in a lesser material or vegetable matter body; a stasis akin to death.

After bodily death you have two choices, depending on how well you lived you life, you either ascend to the upper realm with all the plasmates, or you stay to reincarnate on Earth because you have unfinished business here. But let them be the only reasons; don't reincarnate back here on Earth because you like Sloppy Joe's or because had a nice apartment. Also a lot of what happens back at head quarters depends upon how well you fulfilled your mission statement while here on Earth. Your mission statement is; "To see with eyes unclouded by hate." Studio Gibli Princess Mononoke.

As an agent of the Upper Realms, you have been given important tools with which to fulfill your duty, and escape the maze of the Black Iron Prison. One of these tools, as mentioned earlier, is Psychogeography. Psychogeography, like any kind of Magic, is a process of analogy, which allows you to create links between formally disparate pieces of sensory information to create powerful tools towards your liberation. An important part of the Psychogeographical discipline is called Wayfinding; and in a world as chaotic and labyrinthine as our own, we need a lot of this to help us navigate the pitfalls and achieve enlightenment.

For instance, you may have noticed me reciting from my Ashling Copy Book No. 11. No doubt you have some copy book, or diary, filled with random notes and scribblings yourself. Wayfinding is the mental discipline of combining all of this diverse information into one homogenous world view. Perspective, or gnosis, also assists with this process enormously.

PKD alludes to this process of Wayfinding in Valis, page 126;

"He viewed it exactly as Plato had viewed it in his own cosmology; the rational mind (noos) persuades the irrational (chance, blind determinism, ananke) into cosmos." (Of course, this sentence reads much better if you are wearing Perspective eye-wear!)

There are likely, as many types of cover for agents as there are professions on Earth. But, undoubtedly, one of the greatest methods of encoding spiritual and revolutionary information is to be found in the Artworld. This is because the Romen have little or no interest in self expression, and their ocular cybernetics find it difficult to parse the subconsciously encoded information. Great writing, poetry, music and Fine Arts (even Modern Art) will only increase you understanding and lead you further along your path.

The reason I am making all of this information freely available now is two fold;

1) My cover was blown, and the result was total recall; a result I am now sharing with you.
2) The war has already been won.

99% of our agents are still deep undercover, lost in the world of Maya, despite the fact that the war has been over for some time now. The current financial collapse, the attacks on Cern Laboratories (the LHC) and the War in Iraq, are all grossly immaterial, compared with the inception of the Upper Realms. The only true wonder is why we are sitting around looking worried, when we should in fact be rejoicing.

In the Abolition of Man, CS Lewis says that every retreat on the part of Mother Nature was a carefully planned withdrawal to lure the enemy in and then spring the trap. In this instance, substitute 'man' for Roman. The war has already been won––in a sense. But it would be wrong to declare victory or defeat. We just need, as Bjork says, to 'Declare Independence'.

Incidentally, Bjork ––most likely unbeknownst even to herself-– is the reincarnated spiritual leader of all the Homoplasmates on Earth (if you don't believe me, just listen to her music) and she will be instrumental in re-imagining America and the World for the first half of the century.

Who are the Romen?

The Romen are the perfect Retro Virus. They look and act like us but they lack an immortal soul. They were engineered by the Shades from the Phantom Realms. These inter-dimensional beings manifest in our reality as ordinary shadows, but they appear to have form and depth. Just like television, their entire world exists on a 2-D plane. One thing we can say for these creatures is that, being Phantoms, they don't really exist and, by extension, neither do the Romen.

Who are the Homoplasmates?

The Homoplasmates are the perfect complement between humans and the alien interloper called Zebra or Valis. There have been many such people throughout history, Elijah, Jesus and Buddha to name but a few of them. But, in reality, every mystic, every jogi, and wise man in the mountains is a Homoplasmate. The Homoplasmates create and control reality, so it is a wonder why they allow the Empire to drop bombs on them using drones and other aircraft. However, it must be remembered that their are those amongst the Homoplasmates who have given up their position amongst them, to pursue a deliberate campaign of extermination. Such is the nature of man!

To conclude, therefore, Good and Evil are but different trajectories on a hyperbolic sphere that meet at the top, at a point at infinity, where absurdities abound and realities breakdown. This speculative reality is not the final word on all realities. You can choose between the upper and lower realms at the point of death, if you want, or go off and find your own realm via meditation. Your fate, with enough practice, is ultimately up to you.

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