Monday, November 22, 2010


The psychedelic effects of Salvia Divinorum––a member of the Sage family––can be described in terms of hyper-geometric harmonics. No-one should find this too surprising, as just this type of mathematics is considered to be the underlying structure of the Universe.

Firstly, it will be revealed to anyone who takes a satisfactory dose of this substance that the material reality, in which we live, is actually comprised of an infinite number of spermatozoon-like creatures –the plasmate – who continually soar upwards in a bountiful display of light and colour. These creatures are akin to the spirits and fairies that make life in the physical Universe possible. (See; Theosophy)

If, for any reason, you become fearful of this display, or you fail to remain within the nature of mind; as the Buddhist refer to it, then you will descend into the Bardo of Dharmata. Buddhists believe that when you die you encounter what is known as the Ground Luminosity. If you fail to recognize yourself in this shimmering light, then you will pass to one of the 100 Mandalas; each one controlled by either an enlightened being or a wrathful one. I believe that Salvia Divinorum is a gateway to this Bardo of Dharmata, and that, for many people, it is a place of pain and fear. Those who have taken it describe themselves being repeatedly ripped apart and then stuck back together.

They also describe a sinister presence, which may in fact merely be a facet of their own moral consciousness that they have yet to face up to. In addition to being ripped apart and recombined there is also the feeling of being conversely stretched to a point at infinity (a mathematical device used in the formation of eliptical curves) and of being pressed, face-first, into an acute angle which is associated with a powerful gravitational force; commonly refered to as Salvia Gravity. Once free, of the grip of this force, the process of dissolution; of being rendered into an almost infinite number of thin slices, and of passing over a leading edge, occurs once more.

The experience of leading edges and corners has lead some people to speculate that they are trapped inside a five-sided polygon, of some kind. It should be noted that the force, or energy, that drives a person around this object is by no means inseparable from one’s own energy, and this means that we are that object, at least for as long as the experience lasts.

The object (for want of a better term) is best described by hypergeometric harmonics or by the hyperbolic tiling of Poincare’s Disc and the Riemann Sphere. To illustrate this concept take a look at the drawing below.
Poincare's Disk Triangles
Imagine that your body is represented by the point on the sphere labelled 1/0. This fraction represents an infinity of other fractions (or lines) combined. Now when the Salvia Divinorum takes effect all of these lines break away, one by one, and travel in a clockwise direction around the disk. Then, when it comes time for the Central Channel––that channel which contains your own conscious perspective­­––to move, you find yourself being wrapped around the Poincare Disc, ascending to the hyperbolic space above, representing the infinite. Although your conscience is stretched to infinity, it travels the line in a finite amount of time; because it is the line. It then reconvenes at one of the fractional vertices, or corner. Here you experience the feeling of being pressed into a corner (see; Salvia Gravity), because that is exactly what is going on. The feelings of Salvia Gravity become more intense at the rational numbers where an infinite number of vertices combine to produce the field. Implication; you are a rational number of some considerable value.

A good animation which describes this process from an outside perspective can be found here. It depicts a Poincare Disk textured by aliens or little green men. In reality the aliens would be stretched unrecognizably but at least it will serve as a visual reminder to anyone who found it difficult to follow the explanation above.

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with you. Maybe you aren’t interested in hyper-geometric mathematics or have no interest in taking Salvia. But, remember, the Salvia Divinorum experience closely mirrors the Buddhist description of the afterlife, so this could happen to you after you die. If you miss the Ground Luminosity, and do find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Ultimately, nothing can hurt you (by that I mean your immortal soul). Secondly, the whole process is you, the vertices represent the chakras and the lines are the meridians of your energetic body. Despite being incredibly unpleasant, it appears to be an attempt to heal you, or free you from your personal Karma. Just keep praying or doing whatever daily ritual you do, as long as it is focused on love and compassion, and you will be fine. Good acts are essential too.

Om Mani Padme Hum.                                                                                     Important links perhaps


  1. I feel so much better after reading this. Thank you!

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  3. I too have gotten a Buddhist vibe from salvia. I don't think we should get dogmatic in our theories about where salvia takes one. It's certainly weird. Personally I think it opens up dark matter realms (the hidden realities/structures). Very hard to use language to describe stuff that's a new experience for us apes. Humans haven't really even smoked this, historically. Unlike shrooms or lsd, I think it's more transcendental (not subconscious but superconscioussness.)It's debatable if Buddhists believe in a soul, but they do believe that all this is made of mind.