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Is our Universe trapped inside the Large Hadron Collider?

By now we should be far enough along in our understanding of the motivations behind the android and plasmate conflict to permit a more detailed investigation of the events unfolding at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, Geneva. As pointed out in other posts, the LHC is the new information hub of the android technosphere. It is kind of a high-tech computer processor that they have sunk into the living membrane of the Earth. More than that it is a reality generator. When Ingo Swann famously remote viewed the facility, he said he passed through the particle beam and witnessed another reality; complete with people, cars and houses. This reality is the software copy of the original Metrix Program. The duplicate program is running simultaneously with our own; but at a much greater speed. At present, the program is probably reiterating the events which lead to the cultural revolution of the 1960s, but it will catch up with our reality pretty fast; and could possibly overtake us. Within that reality, there will obviously, at some point, exist another Hadron Collider with yet another duplicate universe, running at even greater speed.

Needless to say, our reality is also stuck inside the particle beam of a larger Large Hadron Collider, itself inscribed within an even larger world, whose temporal-based reality is unfolding at a reduced speed proportionate to our own. This is the true meaning behind the differently enfolding temporal levels seen in the movie Inception (2010). We can call this universe Universe A, while our own universe can be called Universe B.

As stated numerous times by our media outlets, the purpose of the LHC is to recreate the conditions that existed shortly after the occurrence of the Big Bang; a phenomenon still visible in the Cosmic Background Radiation. How fitting and ironic it is, then, that the precise cause of the mystery which the LHC was built to unravel; is the LHC itself. According to this theory, therefore, we are moving inexorably away from the areas of collision, towards the powerful magnetic distributors and eventual sublimation back into the hydrogen filled canister. What makes the seemingly backwards order of events possible here, is the time-reversal invariance observed only at quantum levels.

First collisions.
It is with respect to the information that our world currently exists inside the photon stream of a larger LHC that I have consequently urged any and all resistance movements to abstain from its destruction. At present agents in Universe A are conspiring to destroy the LargeR Hadron Collider. Their foot is in the door. Perhaps in universes even higher up their fingers are on the trigger of an explosive device to send the whole installation up in smoke. But it will take months if not years for these actions to be carried out from our perspective. If the human resistance were to affect a similar kind of action against the LHC in our universe, the consequences for us and the other LHC universe's could be endless cyclical reiteration of the Modern Era. Only by breaking the cycle of action, can we hope to exact a lasting liberation. This will occur when all of the Universes in all of the colliders have sinked up; sometime in 2012. The resulting discrepancies in Universes will then no doubt cause the illusion to shut down, allowing for reality to manifest in a freer more fulfulling way; with balance and harmony.

If you have not read the other posts, you might be wondering why anyone would want to destroy the Large Hadron Collider in the first place. The reason for this is complicated, but it stems first and foremost from the unfortunate series of circumstances which saw all our loved ones trapped inside the cyclical confines of the LHC itself. Before the creation of the technosphere, and indeed before the arrival of the androids themselves, the human energy field (or soul) was generally absorbed back into the Earth's vital energy matrix, at the point of death. This place, known to the Greeks as the Elysium Fields, is all but deserted now, owing to the fact that the human soul is surprisingly sensitive to the electromagnetic field of the technosphere. Over the years, and with increasing frequency, human souls had become trapped in various ways within the telecommunications networks of the planet. Eventually these souls found themselves trapped inside the particle accelerator at Cern Laboratories; which, as I said earlier, is now the hub of all the technosphere's available routing activities.

Much pains have been taken to correct the situation, with agents from the Upper Realm going inside the vacuum chamber at the LHC to free the trapped souls from the particle beam. For a while there, things were not looking good and that is why we had operatives – like the Greek Security Team – attempting to disrupt the test firing at the LHC by hacking their computer systems in September 2009. Perhaps a more famous incident occurred when the plasmate – disguised as a bird – managed to drop a baguette "bread bomb" on some outdoor electrical equipment at Cern Laboratories, causing a power outage. In the end, however it was up to undercover agents to psychically cleanse the installation by remote view while on a psychedelic drug; Salvia Divinorum. All souls have now departed to either the south or north great trees and will remain their safe from harm, as previously intended. Despite the danger and complexity of the operation involved the homoplasmates met with little resistance from the Android RV Security at the installation itself. This is because, unlike the beings of the Upper Realms, they had no knowledge the electrically charged fields of the technosphere were having such an unwarranted effect on the population of human souls in the Elysium Fields.

It is difficult to know what they would have done had they known about it. Some have suggested that the RV security was particularly lax, on that day, because they wished to offer a concession; or olive branch. While it is nice to speculate on subjects like this, no one who participated in the Great Liberation of Souls on October 25th 2010 felt that the androids made much in a way of a concession to those who risked their lives, and sanity, to rescue their dearly beloveds. So, in honour of their great efforts, lets band and utter the cry of the resistance; Smash the Android Interlopers!

The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson's 2009 thriller The Lovely Bones is a story about a young girl named Suzie and her posthumous search to find justice after her vile murder. Suzie is conducting this search from a mental realm called the in-between, a place between heaven and earth, which is constructed out of her own thoughts and memories.

Three images are used in the movie designed to convey this sense of enclosed mental space. These are; the snow globe, the ship in the bottle, and the bandstand. At the beginning of the movie, we see a youthful Suzie concerned for the well-being of a plastic penguin inside a snow globe. Her father reassures her that the penguin is quite happy. This form of concern for inanimate objects among children is not uncommon, and can persist into later life. From the AAC No. 11;

Now the literal meaning of that most enigmatic and disconcerting of objects; the snow globe, is finally grasped and it is no longer necessary to simply view it as a simulation of a wintery day.  It is, in fact, an allegory for the peculiar state of mind mankind finds itself. Locked, as it were, inside the bubble of his own existence, the outer world nothing more than the distorted reflections upon the convex surface of the glass. Unaware that he is drowning in air, or that he is utterly alone; he waits for a long time between the shaking of the glass, when his mind is turned upside down and there is momentary wonder at watching the world reorganise itself once more.

Likewise, the childlike wonder over how something as incongruously shaped as a model ship can fit inside a bottle, is an expression of the enigmatic worlds that exist within Suzie's imagination. The idea of entire worlds existing in small spaces is tallied by the concept that our world exists only within the confines of the LHC's particle beam. Likewise, the subterranean nature of this facility is parried by the underground lair construction by Suzie's killer and which, inevitably, serves as her tomb. When the time comes for Suzie to leave her internal world of mental imagery, she must travel in the direction of a beautiful tree. This tree is the Great Universal Tree that exists at the top of the world, and is gateway to all of the Upper Worlds.
The circular enclosure of the bandstand represents the centre of Suzie's mental Universe, which is focused on a broken engagement and the missed experience of a first kiss. It is only when Suzie is released from the desires of this promised moment of pleasure that she can begin to let go of her life and return to the world up above. Interestingly, this coincides with the moment of her burial inside a sinkhole, a portal to the underworld. I have not personally read the book on which the film was based, but if it is anything like the film it is a very 'self-contained' and complete piece of work indeed.

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