Wednesday, February 2, 2011


To get a complete picture of the Universe according to Androidosophy, I have compiled a diagram to make this process easier. It shows how the Phantom Realm of the nefarious Shade Alliance and the ethereal abode of the Upper Realm intersect our world to produce the incumbent reality. As noted in earlier posts, the Phantom Realm is a real universe distinct from ours in its physical laws and habits. A complete description of this honeycombed dimension, along with the strange creatures therein, can be found in Carlos Castaneda's The Art of Dreaming.
Some of the key characteristics of the Phantom Realm are as follows;
  • Body chemisty; inorganic
  • Life expectancy; indefinite
  • Base unit of time measurement; decimal/metric
  • Structure of planetoid; honeycombed
  • Extent of planetoid; infinite (to all intents and purposes)
  • Nearest star; no record of any stars, at any distance

The Upper Realm, on the other hand, is a subtle realm of matter that grew out of our own earthly abode amid the crisis which precipitated the Shade Invasion. No account of exactly when either of these two events occurred can be given, due to the unequivocal fact that they happened outside of the linear time we now experience.
The Real Earth: Terra, denoted by the red shaded area on the graph, describes that region where the Shade Alliance first invaded, and where, hithertofor, the denizens of the Upper Realm existed in an uninterrupted state of bliss and tranquility. This region, which is neither subject to temporal laws, has seen intense fighting by the Terrans of the Upper Realms and the Android Centurions despatched by the Shade Alliance invaders. It is, for this reason, a battle-scarred and wasted land, although recovery is underway.
The real battle for the Earth is occurring in the Metrix, the ordinary world of our perceptions. Here, the survivors of the android wars were incarcerated in an illusory dimension of the Shade Alliance's creation. The Cassandra mnemonic inhibitor (CAS) is responsible for our current perception of time, and the obvious trappings of sentient, corporeal existence accompanied by it. It is our task, as prisoners of this world, to ascertain its illusory nature and return to the pure consciousness enjoyed by denizens of the Upper Realms. Agents of the Upper Realm routinely incarnate within the Metrix, to instigate this form of awakening. If you are reading this, then you too are apart of that awakening.

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