Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It has long been a tenant of philosophy that opposites; such as good and evil, are not disconnected wholes, but rather form a continuum, which is often represented as a circle where both extremes meet at at some point, possibly off at infinity. In this diagram, I have represented the greatest good and the greatest evil, according to the doctrine of Androidosophy; in which Paradise/Nirvana represents a stage before the android apocalypse occurred, when the world was in perfect natural harmony. With the invasion of the Shade Alliance's androids, Earth's natural balance was upset, and a terrible war broke out. Eventually this war resulted in the world that we inhabit; the Current/Present Day reality of the Metrix.*

Directions on the Circle of Good and Evil;
  • South East; Bucolic Meditation Phase
  • East; Critical Shift 1
  • North East; Paradise/Nirvana
  • North; Total Chaos
  • North West; Android Apocalypse
  • West; Critical Shift 2
  • South West; Bustling Urban Environment
  • South; Current/Present Day Reality (Metrix)
At present, I would say that we are drifting towards the smartly dressed man with the revolver; located SSW. His aggressive demeanor could either be interpreted as a threatening gesture or a warning to turn back now, before it is too late. The region towards the West leads to the amassing of power, both financial and governmental. This struggle for power invariably leads to the creation of military hardware, which if allowed to go unchecked produces death machines, like the unmanned drones and sentry robots being employed in Iraq today. If this propensity towards mechanised warfare continues, it could – in theory – lead to Critical Shift 2 in the West and Robot Apocalypse in the regions beyond. The point at which this type of military supremacy meets the lives of the ordinary defenseless civilians – the farmers and shopkeepers – is the point from which Total Chaos (due North) ensues.

While ordinary present day reality is located as far away from this point, as the geometric form of the circle will allow, it is not to be considered the safest, or most desirable region on the graph. This is because it rests in the 'grey area', an area of distinct uncertainty that contains a jumble of all possible states of the graph at once. For this reason, it is equivalent to a state of Total Chaos; albeit a much more stable and measured one. The title of the most desirable region on the graph goes to the SE, as this is where spiritual transformation of mankind is being conducted at its highest level. We should all, therefore, endeavour to reach the region of the SE (the further shore), to effect real positive spiritual growth.

It should be understood that because the most extreme of these realities, the Robot Apocalypse of the NE, is currently taking place, at some level, in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of these realities exist by degrees in the world we inhabit, right now. As stated before, this war is about the destruction of the Homoplasmates, a group of human-alien hybrids who are man at his most spiritually evolved [SE].

Recently, a friend of mine told me of Holy Men in India who live for anything up to a thousand years. While he was in India, he spoke with some townspeople who told him that many of these Holy Men were living in the mountains that border Afghanistan and Pakistan, an area where the US military are frequently bombing. This evidence confirms the War on Terror, has nothing to do with a group of Islamic Extremists, but it is rather a spiritual war against the immortal Homoplasmates, who control reality.
But if the Homoplasmates control reality, why do they let the Americans drop bombs on them? I can only assume that accumulation of negative Karma within the Metrix is at a level that even these enlightened souls find difficult to alleviate. We should all, therefore, commit our small contribution to the ocean of enlightenment produced by these wise men, and in consequence steer the course of humanity away from disaster. Samaya!!

*The Metrix is an illusory reality, constructed out of the modular shift between the Earth's natural duodecimal harmonics and the globalised metric parametres introduced by the androids, a shift which - in a way - produces the flow of time and the nature of reality.



    any thoughtsS on this solar wind hitting the Earths magnetic field?

  2. Wo! That is a beautiful image. The Great Tree of the Upper Realms holds many wonders.

  3. Due to the fact that the Sun is representative of an individual's consciousness, its intensity and brightness are largely subjective. When the last vestiges of mundane conditioning have been cleared from your mind, the Sun's light will shine with more intensity then you were ever aware of before. This being as it is, the present solar wind could be taken as incontrovertible evidence of a global human awakening e.g. the social uprising taking effect in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Peace.