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David Wilcox's site The Divine Cosmos has an interesting run down of NASA Patches and how they purportedly contain hidden symbolism pertaining to the notion that Earth is under some kind of Extra-Terrestrial quarantine. According to Wilcox's article 'China's October Surprise II' this quartantine was held in place by a "vast network of super-advanced, indestructible satellites surrounding the Earth... These satellites keep humanity locked in -- and everyone else locked out."

The main thrust of this analysis hinges on a number of recurring motifs in the NASA Patches, these include;

1: A pair of intersecting rings that surround the Earth and which, according to Wilcox, represent the energy barrier that upholds the Quarantine. 
2: Triangular objects that are thought by Wilcox to represent back engineered ET space craft. 
3: Two star-like objects that occur in conjunction with 'quarantine rings', that I have dubbed Sentinels.

In these patches for the Air Force Space Command and the US Space Command (which I assume are much the same thing) clearly show the triangular-shaped object, the Sentinels and the two quarantine rings.

We see them again in the emblem for the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, although in this instance their number has been doubled from 2 to 4.

Other motifs such as gauntlets, lightning bolts and the Skull and Cross-bones, Wilcox attributes to the Knights Templar (or Knights Temporal). Where his argument seems to falter, however, is why the delta-shaped back engineered space-craft supposedly under human control would be represented as being part of the quarantine energy rings. It could be claimed that NASA officials are attempting to gain control of this system through a process of sigil magic. But that is assuming that the analysis of these patches is correct to begin with.

It is my belief that there is a much simpler explanation for the NASA patch symbology, which involves neither ETs nor the Knights Templar and that is the Christian symbol for Christ; the Chi Rho. Chi Rho is an early form of christogram, formed by the superimposition of the first two capital letters 'chi' and 'rho' (XP) of the Greek word "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ", meaning Christ. It is usually accompanied by the Greek letters 'Alpha' and 'Omega' to show that Christ is both the beginning and the end, and therefore timeless or eternal.
The 'X' of Chi-Rho is clearly shown in the NASA patches as the supposed 'quarantine rings' of Wilcox's article. If this is correct it means that the triangular-shaped craft stands for 'Alpha' and nothing more. By comparison the letter 'Omega' is rarely seen, but it does make an appearance in the 310th Communications Flight badge, in the form of energy flowing from two iron gloves.

What this tells us is that the NASA and Space Command Flight patches are uniquely Christian in origin. This really should not surprise us, as America was founded as a Christian country and religion has always been traditionally linked with the armed forces.

But is there anything we can say in defense of Wilcox's claim? Well, actually there is quite a lot we can say. The concept of the Earth being under some kind of extra-terrestrial quarantine is not new, and – from what I can tell – is directly connected to the secret rites of the Theosophical Society. Theosophists believed that the ruling class, the upper echelons of society, were all extra-terrestrial shapeshifting reptiles, who came here from another planet (See: Vril, The Coming Race). Obviously, David Icke is not the originator of this claim.

These aliens were 'The Fallen Ones' or Nephilim of Biblical Times. According to the occult and conspiracy researcher Michael Tsarion, the Nephilim came to the Earth to escape the persecution of benevolent ETs. When the ETs discovered the Nephilim on the Earth they imprisoned them here by creating an artificial satellite; our moon. The moon itself generated the energy field that was to quarantine the Earth. The phases of the moon, which show its apparent growth and waning in the night sky is described by the alchemical symbol of the Ouroboros, or the 'snake that eats its own tail'.

The Ouroboros is depicted as a ring, much like the 'quarantine rings' of Wilcox's article. But if the moon is the generator of the quarantine field, then why do the NASA patches consistently show two rings instead of just one? I have come to realise that these two rings represent the orbital plane of the moon and the plane of the ecliptic. Where these two orbits intersect, we get what is known as ascending and descending Lunar Nodes. These nodes account for the Solar and Lunar Eclipses, as seen from Earth.

In ancient times little was known about the actual motions of celestial bodies, and in particular what caused solar and lunar eclipses. In order to explain the eclipses, two new heavenly bodies named Ketu and Rahu were introduced. Ketu and Rahu were believed to be two 'shadow planets' that were responsible for eating the Sun and the Moon during eclipses. From this it is plain to see that the two star-like Sentinels in the mission patches could either be the Sun and the Moon, or Ketu and Rahu.

Just as the phases of the moon were represented by the Ouroboros serpent, so Ketu was the head and Rahu the body of one enormous serpent. Therefore, Lunar Nodes of Ketu and Rahu could more accurately describe the operation of the 'quarantine field' than could the phases of the moon alone.  The K-R of Ketu and Rahu relate back to the XP of Chi-Rho. Furthermore, the symbol for the Rahu and the ascending lunar node is the Greek letter 'Omega', meaning that this symbol is mathematically and figuratively implicit in each and every mission patch!

So in conclusion it would appear that the mission patches conform to the idea that the moon generates some kind of quarantine field around the Earth, but only in the most obscure and convoluted kind of way.

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  1. Did you mean this?

    "Although modern representations of the Chi-Rho sign represent the two lines crossing at ninety degree angles, the early examples of the Chi-Rho cross at an angle that is more vividly representative of the chi formed by the solar ecliptic path and the celestial equator. This image is most familiar in Plato's Timaeus, where it is explained that the two bands which form the "world soul" (anima mundi) cross each other like the letter chi."

    "Timaeus then explains how the soul of the world was created (Plato's following discussion is obscure, and almost certainly intended to be read in light of the Sophist). The demiurge combined three elements: two varieties of Sameness (one indivisible and another divisible), two varieties of Difference (again, one indivisible and another divisible), and two types of Being (or Existence, once more, one indivisible and another divisible). From this emerged three compound substances, intermediate (or mixed) Being, intermediate Sameness, and intermediate Difference. From this compound one final substance resulted, the World Soul.[4] He then divided following precise mathematical proportions, cutting the compound lengthways, fixed the resulting two bands in their middle, like in the letter Χ (chi), and connected them at their ends, to have two crossing circles."