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There are numerous similarities between the movies Fifth Element and Return to Oz. Obviously, the Fifth Element deals with the four elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth; plus a fifth, which is Love or Ether. The Land of Oz itself is divided up into five regions each one expressive of the colour of the five elements. This shows that the Wizard of Oz series is a Hermetic work in the tradition of the major European occult mystery schools. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Fifth Element quotes and borrows so much from it.

In Return to Oz, Dorothy finds a key, which fell from a shooting star. She uses the key to unlock a doorway in an apparently impenetrable stone wall, thereby escaping the clutches of the Wheelers (the minions of Mombi). There she uncovers a clockwork driven mechanical-man named Tik Tok. Tik Tok needs to be wound up with a giant key before going out to fight the Wheelers. The 12 Wheelers surround Tik Tok in a circle, denoting the division of a day into 12 hours, a year into 12 months and an Age into 12 signs of the Zodiac (each lasting 1,265 years). Tik Tok puts his arms out and begins to spin round like the hands of a clock, knocking away each of the 12 ages in turn.

The same sequence of events is reiterated in the Fifth Element. This time mechanical men descend from outer-space in a shooting star and enter into a stone pyramid. One of the spacemen uses a metal key to unlock a stone wall, revealing a secret chamber. Inside the chamber is a statue. The face of the statue looks very similar to those of the Wheelers and points to the sky in much the same way. Its serves its purpose as a weapon that can halt the advance of the Dark One and bring about an age of Light and Love.

In Fulcanelli's The Mysteries of the Cathedrals, the pyramid at Giza is described as being an engine that drives the evolution of mankind. So, Tik Tok and the statue are describing some kind of device that is hidden in the Great Pyramid and is capable of raising humanity to a level of physical and mental maturity needed to face the difficult times ahead. Tik Tok's obvious connection to the passage and action of time, means that he is representative of the Egyptian concept of Zept Tepi (the First Time), which signifies a return to the Golden Age.

The key to the pyramid and therefore the elements is to be found in the structure of the Land of Oz.

The Map to the Land of Oz, shows the Emerald City in the centre. This is where the Wizard resides. The other four lands each represent one of the four elements. The four sides of the Great Pyramid at Giza are aligned with the Cardinal Directions and therefore, from a Hermetic point of view, the 4 elements. When looked at from above it is clear that the missing capstone represents the Emerald City or the Wizard. The symbol of the missing capstone is today a symbol of fear and paranoia in the face of the perceived threat of the so-called Illuminati. In fact, the missing capstone stands for the Fifth Element; love, spirit, divinity, or the ether.

When Dorothy and her friends are forced to leave the Land of Oz they must board a strange  winged moose. This is similar to the Pegasus of Greek mythology, but in this instance it is called the Pegamoose. Traditionally the constellation Pegasus is associated with a gateway through which it is possible to leave the Earthly and travel to the Heavens. Dorothy uses the Pegamoose to traverse the Impassible Desert and reach Nome Mountain. Interestingly, Nome Mountain has two peaks; making it symbolically equivalent to the Mountains of Mars (or Janus).

There is evidence that suggests that there are pyramids and such on the surface of Mars, left behind by an ancient civilization. Unlike the pyramids on earth, which are aligned to the cardinal points and represent the four elements, the so-called pyramid on Mars has 5 sides. This gives us the correspondence;

Earth; The 3rd Planet; Pyramids are built with 4 sides.

Mars; the 4th Planet: Pyramids are built with 5 sides.

Nearby the pyramids of Mars on the Cydonian plane is a structure that has come to be known as the Face on Mars. It is a massive mountain like structure that looks up into the heavens just as the statue in the Fifth Element does. 

This tells us that the Face on Mars is a weapon and that it can usher in a new age on the planet Mars, just as the Giza Pyramid will do here.

Channelled message from the surface of Mars, Autumn 2011;
When I open up my head and breathe, I create lush, green environments. That's just what I do.

The face on Mars is a terraforming device, just like in Total Recall. It has the power to heal or destroy a world. It has already laid waste to Mars once in the past, and now it is to be used to usher in a new dawn, a Golden Age.

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