Monday, October 12, 2009

CERN Scientist linked to Al Qaeda

In the HULK LHC I said that there will be a "9/11 style" terrorist attack on October 13th of this year. I received this information in a dream. The imagery surrounding the knowledge that was passed on to me suggested "a terrorist attack on the LHC". However, "the LHC is... very important to the global elite and I don't believe that they would go to all that trouble of developing it just to wreck it in a phony/staged terrorist attack."
Obviously, a 9/11 style attack would have to involve the previous perpetrators of 9/11. Since I do not accept the government or the medias account of that day, I am hesitant to suggest that Al Qaeda would be involved. The real perpetrators of 9/11 have yet to be brought to justice for their crimes and accusing Al Qaeda, heinous as they are, or the long dead Osama bin Laden, would be contradictory to my beliefs and assumptions.
The French and British Secret Services, however, have done just that. News emerged today that the French authorities arrested a leading Nuclear scientist for conspiring with Al Qaeda to blow up Nuclear facilities in either France or Britain. This accomplished scientist, who was arrested one week ago, is alleged to have been employed at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Although Cern have been quick to add that his job did not bring him into contact with anything that could be used for terrorism, the prospect of a French nuclear physicist having alleged links to Al Qaeda has alarmed counter-terrorism departments in the West.
The Secret Services believe that their efforts have been enough to avert a major catastrophe. But I remain cautious in my skepticism; we are not out of the water yet.

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