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Hulk LHC

In the previous post Prediction 10/13 I said that there would be a "9/11 style event" on October 13th 2009. In the same post I gave a cryptic synopsis of the events that should take place 23 days from today. I will attempt to explain this code, expanding upon its ramifications. The code has suffered some editing and minor phrasal changes since its original posting, but the gist of it still remains. Here is the code;

First the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk, that is made dark blue by the night. Then the Fenris Wolf, shaken from his sleep, will break free from his underground lair. After that the wind called The Nothing will scour the earth, like Lilith the storm demon.

The first part of the code deals with the shape-shifting super hero the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk has been the subject of two major movie motion pictures in the last 5 years. The picture below shows the Hulk as he is portrayed in Ang Lee's 2003 version known simply as Hulk.
In this movie Dr. Bruce Banner is exposed to radiation from a machine known as the gammasphere. The gammasphere is a real machine that is used to detect gamma radiation produced from the collisions of charged particles in a particle accelerator. In the movie the newly formed Hulk lifts up the gamma sphere that has changed him so utterly and smashes it. In doing so, he briefly becomes like Atlas, a Titan from Greek mythology, who held aloft the celestial sphere on his shoulders. The gammasphere is a good description of a celestial sphere because gamma radiation is typically out of the reach of our human perceptions.

ATLAS is the name of a new generation of gamma sphere constructed at the Large Hadron Collider. ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) is specifically designed to be flexible enough to detect particles that remain undiscovered at the present time. The Hulk is further associated with particle accelerators like the one at CERN through his phrase "Hulk smash!" Particle accelerators were, until very recently, also commonly referred to as "atom smashers".

The Hulk has a very characteristic way of moving around; he jumps in huge leaps and bounds, shaking the earth wherever he lands. In this way he is associated with earthquakes. Atlas was also able to create earthquakes by jumping or hitting the ground, such was his size. In the last post, LHC and Fluid Karma, I discussed the similar ways in which the Fluid Karma generator, in Southland Tales, and the LHC might negatively impacts on the environment. Fluid Karma was responsible for a rift in spacetime and a series of seismically accumulative earthquakes.
Here is a comparative list of the imagined/possible negative effects of both the LHC and FLuid Karma:

    Fluid Karma
  • creates rifts in space time
  • produces a series of resonant
    earthquakes of increasing magnitudes
  • contributes to Global Deceleration
The Large Hadron Collider at CERN
  • could conceivably
    create a blackhole that destroys
    the Universe
  • opens up a spacetime rift
  • the activation of the LHC results
    in a series of devastating earthquakes
    and unstoppable tsunamis worldwide
The LHC and the Fluid Karma Generator share 2 out of 3 harmful effects. Fears that the LHC was responsible for a series of earth quakes in the Pacific ring of fire emerged shortly after the first LHC test run on September 1oth 2008, and captured large-scale interest among on the worldwide web. The theory goes that activity in the LHC triggered no less than four magnitude 5 earthquakes across the region of the Pacific rim. Scientists have been quick to refute these claims as non-sense; and they could well be. But considering the unprecedented size and scope of this project I think it unwise to assume no causalities, whatsoever, on the part of the LHC.

On the 09/09/09 a Mexican preacher hijacked a plane headed for Mexico city. His stated motivation was to warn the world of an imminent earthquake. Is this the same earthquake that is connected to the activation of the LHC and alluded to in the line; the people will tremble before the huge earth-shaking Hulk?

The HuLK, pronounce like HLK or HLC, is the LHC.

Who will be responsible?

The prediction of a "9/11-style event" on October 13 2009, is slightly ambiguous. On the one-hand it sounds like there will be another terrorist attack, taking place inside a major American City, possibly New York. On the other hand, we have all of this information pointing to an accident at the LHC CERN laboratories. Another attack on American soil would enable the newly formed Obama government to instigate new draconian measures and to add to the list of unjust wars that were started by Bush. However, a terrorist attack on the LHC might amount to the same thing, considering that it is a project involving large-scale cross-border cooperation between governments and scientists. The LHC is, I believe, very important to the global elite and I don't believe that they would go to all that trouble of developing it just to wreck it in a phony/staged terrorist attack.

The LHC will be reactivated in October, but no date, as yet, has been confirmed. If the LHC starts up in late October, for example, it logically could not play any role in the 10/13 event. If however it starts up at the beginning of October, as I suspect it will, we could see an attempt by anti-CERN groups to derail the project. One such group is the Greek Security Team (GST) who previously hacked in to the CERN computers and very nearly took control of one of the detectors in a bid to sabotage the project. They were stopped. Next time someone else might be more successful.

Considering the connections between the LHC and Greek mythology I find it interesting that a Greek terrorist cell are the ones concerned with the goings-on inside the CERN laboratories. According to the Greek legends, Hades tried to absorb the soul of Chronos into the underworld during the war between the Gods and the Titans, but failed. Later on, he managed to trap the soul of Atlas, who waited in the underworld until he was joined by the rest of the defeated Titans. The LHC is symbolic of the underworld and of the nine circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno. The aim of the project is to capture a glimpse of the Universe as it was when space and time began. They are, in effect, trying to capture Chronos' soul as Chronos means time. It is almost like they are reenacting the power struggle between the early Gods. They already have Atlas down there with them, so the recreation of the struggle is already fixed in their favour. All they have to do is to press on with their experiments and the secrets of the Universe are certain to fall into their laps. That is if the Gods or the GTS don't have anything to say about it.

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