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According to the science fiction author, and mystic, Philip K Dick, VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) was an ancient satellite, of alien design, in orbit around the Earth. Valis could assume any shape and make people see and believe whatever it wanted them to see and believe. In this way, PKD concluded that Valis was a reality generator. Why had Valis come here? Valis was a reality virus, it had come here to rewrite the precepts of this universe, which are generally ones of fear and ignorance, and restore peace and enlightenment to the world. Valis can be alternatively understood as the consciousness that organizes the pixels of reality into their correct pattern at any given moment of time, i.e. it can be seen that Valis is the equivalent of God.

One of the isomorphic identities of Valis is the entity known as the plasmate. The plasmate is an ultra-terrestrial lifeform from the Sirius System. The plasmate is a fractal being that exists within itself endlessly, but is never lost or afraid. It can assume the shape of anything, no matter how big or how small, and is therefore completely invisible, unless it wants to be seen. It is the part of Valis known as the plasmate that can crossbond with human consciousness, and create what is known as a Homoplasmate; literally a human-alien hybrid. Philip K Dick says that the plasmate climbs up the optic nerve and uses the brain as a female host. In reality, the plasmate climbs up the very information that is been assimilated into the brain through the eyes.

Once the plasmate has reached the pineal gland, it unfurls, from out of its body, long strands or tentacles, which hook around the brain, kind of like the protuberances emanating from that device used in Indian head massages. When this has occurred there is no hope of removal until the plasmate releases its grip, which it does at some point before the eventual death of the host. A doctor would not be able to locate the plasmate in order to remove it, because the organism and host brain are in existential symbiosis. Attempting to remove the plasmate would kill the carrier but it would not effect the organism itself.

Philip K Dick says that real time ended and entered into a non-self similar loop with the destruction of the Temple, and the extermination of all homoplasmates, in 70 AD. This is why PKD says that the Empire, and by that he means the Roman Empire, never ended. The time loop did eventually come to an end, however, with the rediscovery of the plasmate in the caves at Nag Hammadi in 1945. This is why Jesus said that the time of judgement would come 'before some now living die,' he was referring to the time loop that would keep most human souls on Earth until the coming of the final judgement. From PKD's Tractate;
16. The Sibyl said in March 1974, 'The conspirators have been seen and they will be brought to justice.'... On August 1974 the justice promised by the Sybil came to pass.
What is being referred to here is the indictment of Richard Nixon following the Watergate Scandal. But of course this event did not occur in 1974, it happened in 99 AD. This makes the current year not 2011, but 136 AD. We are living, says PKD, in apostolic times.

The Black Iron Prison is another name for the Roman Empire, a giant castle that the early Christians attacked and destroyed long ago. The Black Iron Prison is the invisible walled prison of negative human emotions; fear, desire, anger etc. It is therefore the equivalent to the Buddhist concept of Samsara, the world of illusion and death. Anyone who participates in these superfluous cravings of this realm can be said to be in league with the Romen Empire. But if the early Christians blew up this castle or prison, why can we still perceive its structure and artifice all around us?

PKD solved this problem by assuming that time was a creation of the Empire, to occlude us from the fact that the Empire has actually expired. So what is the Empire? The Romen Empire, are the Romen, Robomen, or Robot Centurions. The Centurions invaded Earth many thousands of years ago and gradually rose within the ranks of the Republic until they gained complete control. The Centurions are an invasive form of non-organic being, or android, sent here – from the beyond – to graft a technological mainframe onto the living ecological substrate of the earth. And they very nearly succeeded.

The grafting of the technosphere onto the biological sphere of planet Earth is equivalent in its way to our own attempts at bio-engineering, and technologies operating at the nano-scale. The aim of the project was to try to harness the natural computational power of the Terra organism, known as Gaya, for the cybernetic calculations of the Romen Centurion Empire, thereby transforming it into GAIA; the Geodetic Artificial Intelligence Array. GAIA was the brain child of the Shade Alliance, a group of inter-dimensional aliens who inhabit the honeycombed dimension that Carlos Castaneda purportedly visited while under the tutelage of Don Juan; see The Art of Dreaming. The Shade Alliance are a group of inorganic and shadow beings, whose life cycle is infinitely more long lived than our own and consequently time moves much slower for them than it does for us. Project GAIA was initially set in motion by these creatures when they shifted the Earth's rotational axis by 23.5 degrees, tens of thousands of years ago. This was the appropriate angle needed for the transfer of the androids into our dimension. It also served as the angle by which the most discord possible could be sown on earth, both emotionally and ecologically, thus preparing the way for the Black Iron Prison.

To understand the Shade Alliance one need only look at the shadows on the wall. Their world might seem very 2-dimensional and limited to us, but we must understand that this is exactly how our world appears to them. Were we, through the power of imagination, to see our world as a 2-dimensional plain, we would give their world the depth that they perceive it has. The Shade Alliance are very active on the boundaries between night and day; also known as the terminators. This is interesting insofar as it concerns the type of enterprise the SA are involved in; building humanoid robots to be transported through dimensional gateways. In the shadow of the Earth (the time we call night) they can translate extremely quickly–– at close to the speed of light. This method of travel is called Dark Running, and can be used by Shades, inorganics and organics alike.

The Shade Alliance had constructed the Romen in the form of a retrovirus, in so far as they look and act just like humans do in most situations. They also gave them the desire to reproduce to ensure the growth of the Empire. During the necessary period of rebuild that occurred after the axial shift, the Romen went about unnoticed for some considerably time. Some people had noted the strange customs of the Romen, but their warnings had gone unheeded until it was too late. The Romen amassed a huge arsenal and attacked the Terrans. Prior to the axial shift the Terrans had been masters of a science so advanced it would appear like magic to our eyes. Although the axial tilt had demolished the Terran City of Lemuria, it had not diminished their spirit, and they were able to continue the fight, keeping the Romen, or Atlantians, as they were known at that time, at bay through a sustained campaign of sorcery, magic and alchemy.

The war dragged on for untold blood – and bloodless – generations, and saw many marvels built and destroyed and built again. The Terrans fought fiercely against the cybernetic invaders, and were on the cusp of winning the war when something truly awful happened. The SA – anticipating their own defeat – decided to implement a scheme so underhanded, so daring, and disastrous in scope that it took the Terran armies completely by surprise. They created linear time. Before the creation of linear time, human consciousness  had the liberating capacity of Clear Sight. They knew of events before they occurred and routinely visited the past and the future, with the power of their minds.

The implementation of linear time was really a psychological operation, more than any kind of advanced dimensional engineering. By constructing the Continuity Array – a large scale mnemonic inhibitor device – the SA were able to eclipse one half of man-kind's total memory. The difference in potential meant that human consciousness began to flow in the direction of the missing data, a direction and place we now call the future. The loss of this information has also become the reason for the loss of ourselves, our identity, and our reason for being on Earth in the first place.

In response to this action, the Terran Forces created the Upper World – an energetic copy of this world. It can be reached through the North Pole Gateway, of the Earth's magnetic field. Homoplasmates are fully aware of the existence of this Upper Realm, and they are also able to see glimpses of the world without the influence of the Continuity Array System (CAS), which they are sworn to dismantle. The Black Iron Prison of Samara has many different levels, in the highest realm (that of the Gods) the direction of the gateway can be keenly felt. It is also often marked by a silver star, which is both the origin of the Star of Bethlehem and the concept of the Guiding Star, used by travels. Images from the computer game Halo give a good indication of what the struggle for Terra may have looked like. But let the reader understand that we can't say when this war took place, seeing as how time did not exist then.

Before the Axial Tilt, which preceded the arrival of the Centurions, life on Earth was one of Eternal Spring/Summer. At this time, there was no money, no phones, and no language, as we would perceive it today. Our ancestors spoke in a language of few words, it is alternatively referred to as the Lost Language, the Language of the Birds, or Cant. There are only a small minority of people who still speak a remnant of this language on Earth, the Shelta people (or Travelers) of Ireland are amongst them. For this reason, the Shelta are among the highest authority of our old way of life still existent in this region of the world. An important Shelta manual that landed in the hands of the elite is James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, but fortunately they are still having difficulty deciphering it (that is assuming it means anything at all, and not just a well contrived ruse, which knowing JJ, it probably is). On the subject of the Shelta language I recently heard a woman speaking it in Dublin City. It is still used in important sting operations, because nobody bar a few Shelta agents can even understand it.

As for the rest of us, we became assimilated into the Roman Empire for hundreds of years, ago. We willingly accepted the bonds of materiality foisted upon us by the State War Machine. We leveled our sacred fairy mounds with motor-ways, and so contributed to the destruction of Gaya, whom we are sworn to protect. But as C.S. Lewis pointed out, every victory made by (Ro)men against Mother Nature was a careful retreat on her part to lure them into a trap. (The Abolition of Man, by C.S Lewis)

How is this so? Well, you may have noticed that there is a very broad similarity between the Black Iron Prison and VALIS. Both of them are invasive entities, and both are quite capable of altering spatial and temporal reality. From this we can surmise that they are equally matched, but more than that, we can see that they are one and the same thing. The walls of the Black Iron Prison end where the limitlessness of VALIS takes off. All of the obstacles and annoyances of family living and modernity are, in actual fact, carefully crafted endurance tests to allow you to build an immunity against the inhibiting schema of the Black Iron Prison itself. Believe me, you we will need this when you have to venture into the orthagonal relays of the Black Iron Computer (BIC) system and shut it down from the inside. This type of operation is indistinguishable from what all practitioners of meditation and mindfulness are trying to bring about. Which, of course, goes to show that the journey to dismantle the BIC system is an inward journey.

The same technology which produces the illusion of linear time, also hides the true nature of reality, the battle scarred Earth, and the presence of the Romen on Earth. It is quite possible that your parents, teachers and school friends are all animatronic androids, but it is not a fact that you could readily prove given the level of illusion that we are currently under. The situation is not unlike the story-line from the latest Battlestar Galactica series, where Cylon Centurions adopt a human visage in order to confuse the enemy.

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  1. It is all about alchemy. Jesus is/was a magician. Those 'guys' can manupilate matter with their mind. To become ONE (Magician) you have to be a Perfect Being (Filius Macrocosmi). It's the Secret of the Lapis Lazuli = becoming an Androgyn. In buddhism = awakening of the Kundalini and developing a 'rainbow body'. You have to pass the so-called 'abyss'. Who likes this kind of matter I recommend the book 'QUTUB'. It's the way of Al Khdir's Fountain of the Water of Life. Not for the many but for the few (Mattheus 22:14).