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Androidosophy is the philosophical discipline of android developmental science, which states that long ago, a race of animantronic androids invaded Earth and took up residence here. Although this might sound like science fiction, there are specific reasons for why we should seek to understand Androidosophy, and not dismiss it out of hand completely. Not only does Androidosophy explain many of the riddles, which have obfusticated mankind, but it also poses a number of questions, which may lead to a greater understanding of our nature, at some time in the near future.

As we know from previous posts, the androids were designed by the Shade Alliance, a group of inorganic beings from the Phantom Realms, who are infinitely more long lived than we are. It is by virtue of their great amassing of experience, as well as their non-carbon based intelligence that they were capable of accomplishing the highly complex engineering feats involved in this task, not to mention the insights necessary in order to produce an actually sentient computer or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Although, it is a certainty that these machines do exist, and that they came here sometime ago, no-one is quite sure just how long ago that was. It is the purpose of this post to try to unravel that conundrum in the most explicit terms.

From a scientific perspective, saying that the androids originated from another dimension, is equivalent to saying that there were two timelines (one containing the inorganic robots, the other containing the fleshy organic humans), which collided with eachother to create the world we see around us. Just such an occurrence is envisaged in Above the Manifold, a post I wrote sometime ago on Rudolph Steiner’s intrepretation of Zoroastrian Cosmology.

The war between mankind and the androids stretches throughout history and beyond. However, no historical reports of any battles can be trusted, for reasons which I will address shortly.

There were two major wars fought for the control of the world, World War 1 (1914-1918) and World War II (1937-1945). The first war saw the victory of the human race over the robot centurions. This victory was greatly helped of the Hermetic Order of Martinists, who rediscovered the alchemical formula for the Philosopher’s Stone, which turned out not to be a stone, or a cup for that matter, but an alien larve that incubates in the human mind. This alien-human hybrid is the ultimate form of spiritual warrior, known as a homoplasmate. Jesus Christ was a homoplasmate, divested of the Holy Spirit, but he was killed by the Ro(bot)man Empire. The human (or Terran) forces, forced the remaining robotmen to sign a declaration of peace, on the 11th November 1918 (or St. Martin’s Day).

It is suspected that enemy agents, posing as humans, infiltrated the free-market and facilitated the rearmament of the Empire through the BIS (Bank for International Settlements / Black Iron Systems). At the time of the android invasion, human technology was advanced to such a degree, as to appear like magic to our eyes. The Romen technology was also considerably advanced, so the two sides were well-matched. Towards the end of WWII, it was becoming apparent to the Shade Alliance that the Terrans would triumph once again. To prevent this from happening they implemented a displicable plan that would plunge the entire world into a 4-dimensional maze. They created linear time.

Before the creation of linear time, humanity viewed the universe as a blinding mist of information from all different time spheres. The Shade Alliance managed to group this seemingly chaotic interference into a comprehensive pattern of images each one differing only marginally from the next. From out of this unscrambling of information, the entire history of the Universe was born. However, the Shade Alliance also made sure that the humans were disconnected from their higher selves, that part of them that can see the past, present and future with equal ease; also known as the sub-conscious. In order to restore communication with this mode of perception, the humans invented ingenuous methods based on the laws of chance and intuition. Tarot cards, and the I Ching became useful tools in divining the future, but as always if the sub-conscious, or over-mind, wished to speak to the humans directly, it did so in their dreams.

With the implementation of linear time, came an entirely different mode of experiencing reality, called matter. Matter had never existed in its present solid, material form until the implementation of time.

As I have said, human technology was infinitely more advanced at the time of the android invasion, then it appears at present. So much so that scenes from either of the two World Wars would have resembled more the battles in Halo (left) or Star Wars, than the grainy black and white TV images we see on the History Channel. The more logical, or skeptical, amongst you might wonder why–if this is the case– broken bits of robots are not more regularly unearthed by archaeologists?

To answer this it will be necessary to understand entirely the chain of events which brought us to our current situation. As pointed out already, the android universe was set on a collision course with our own reality. The battles for supremacy were therefore waged in the upper dimensional realms. Realising that defeat was close at hand the SA implemented linear time, which consequently created a false past, and false now, some refer to as the Matrix. Part of the SA plan was to eclipse half of mankind's memory. In order to recapitulate that knowledge of ourselves, man move inexorably in that direction to where the dearth of information lies; the future. However, the future we move towards is only the false future of the Matrix, and therefore, we will not come in contact with ourselves by these means.

Many filmmakers, like James Cameron, George Lucas and of course the Wachowski brothers, have glimpsed the truth behind reality, and have attempted to let the public in on it. The Terminator series, in particular, deals vain attempts by the mechanized beings to subvert time, and alter the course of history to reinstate their dominion. It also points towards their war on the homoplasmate Jesus Christ, AKA John Conner (JC). However, not all movies are attempts to warn us. Some, like Back to the Future, indoctrinate people still further into the lie of linear time. A lie that is being chiefly propagated against Marty McFly, who secretly represents the Martinist Order.

At some point in humanity’s distant past (nobody can quiet say when) the Earth divided itself into an Upper World of etheric energy, and a lower world of material energy. The Upper World exists outside of linear time, and is capable of interpreting events on this plane from a higher dimensional perspective. From their vantage point, the ethereal beings can assess the entire extent of human history, and for this reason they are already fully aware of who the victors are (in the same way that Ahura Mazda, of the Zoroastrian religion, is aware of his victory over Ahriman). Ahura claims that Ahriman ‘never existed’ and this is also true of the android armies, because they were built by the Shade Alliance, who are Phantoms, and phantoms don’t exist.

The ethereal beings from the Upper Realms control our bodies via the Earth’s magnetic field*, and are slowly leading us to victory, by degrees. Every mistake you ever made in life, every botched interview, or shameful act, no matter how trivial, was  carefully contrived by the Upper Eschelons, in order to ensure victory (and so, you are absolved of all blame, well done). Their mission is to destroy the Continuity Array System, or CAS (based on the ill-fated Grecian medium Cassandra). This system simultaneously creates linear time, and all of corporeal reality. It is thought that its ultimate destruction will come, some time round the end of 2012, when it will become infected by a logic paradox. This, however, remains to be seen.

To give you an idea of how reality might look in a world without linear time, here is a chart showing how the moon phases for the year would look if time flowed backwards and forwards at the same time. Notice how much more complex reality is here. While there is no full moon to speak of, there are numerously more phases which need to be categorized and labelled in order for people to have a cohesive interpretation of reality. The greater complexity of this reality requires a more intelligent mind in order to deal with it.

It should be apparent to you that the ethereal consciousness, which has thus far steered your life (for better or for worse), is of a much greater intelligence than you are. But it should also be noted that this intelligence is you, and that consequently, you and everyone you know are much more intelligent than anyone ever realised! This is why everyone, no matter who they are, deserves and commands your respect, because each of them is endowed with a higher-dimensional/Godlike intelligence that you have no real knowledge of at present. But, if my information is correct, you will, so be on your best behaviour.

* The manner in which the Upper Eschelons control the human body is very similar to how the Avatars are controlled in James Cameron’s eponymous adventure film.

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