Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Digimon are Real
Not too long ago I came across a thread on GLP that suggested that creatures from a children's TV show called Digimon were, in fact, real. At first I thought it was a creative piece of writing, or a joke. But, as I read on, I came to realise that the author was quite serious. The author claimed that there are whole communities existing on the Internet who believe in the existential reality of these creatures. Later I read that 99% of the adherents to these claims are between the ages of 12 and 15. I don't know about the validity of these figures, but it seems to fit the demographic for a children's TV show, like Digimon.

The relative youth of believers. however, in no way detracts from the complexity of their theories. In fact, it only adds to it. In the cartoon show, Digimon are said to exist in a parallel dimension, called Digiworld, that developed from Earth's various communication systems. Adherents believe that they can contact these creatures via the internet, and most commonly through their dreams. They regularly make use of quantum theory and alternate dimensions to back up their claims; although it is doubtful how much many of them really know about these subjects.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued and decided to watch the Digimon Adventure Movie (1999). The plot is a little disjointed, but it contains some very thought provoking scenes. At the beginning of the movie Kari witnesses a digitama (or digi-egg) emerge from a data stream displayed on the families home computer. The stream contains the predictable strands of binary code we have come to associate with the digital age, along with fragments of sentences in English. One of these sentences clearly contains the word; LORD. This suggested that the fragment was taken from the Bible and a little research revealed that it is referenced from the Book of Psalms; 109: 13-16.

13 May his posterity be cut off;
   may his name be blotted out in the second generation!
14 May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD,
   and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out!
15  Let them be before the LORD continually,
   that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth!

This section of the Bible contains the verse, "May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD, and let not the sins of his mother be blotted out." This line appears to be in reference to the actions of one of the characters in the movie, an American boy named Willis, who attempts to father his own Digimon, by appropriating information from the internet. However, when the fledgling Digimon becomes infected by a computer virus, it grows into a monster that threatens the stability of the internet, and the entire world.

From a cultural and historical point of view, it is no surprise that the Japanese convey this line about "the iniquities of the father" to an American child, considering that it was the Americans who dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan, at the end of WW2. The use of this bible passage is even more apt when we consider the effects of the nuclear fallout on the health of subsequent generations of Japanese.

In the Digimon Movie, the Digiworld is depicted as a binary number field existing in the sky. When I saw this, I was immediately reminded of the reality generating computer that is synonymous with God, in Phillip K. Dick's novel Valis. In the book, PKD also stresses the binary, or holographic properties of the Torah (the Hebrew language version of the Bible) suggesting that it can be read in many different configurations.

The search for hidden messages encoded in the Bible has preoccupied man for many thousands of years. This search has resulted in the strange ciphers of the Jewish Kabbalists, which are said to reveal the innumerable names of God, and Bible Code of the computer age. From my own experience, I can say that the Torah is very close to the Irish 'toradh', meaning a mathematical result of some kind.

The connection between binary computer codes and the Book of Psalms made in the Digimon Movie,
caused me to consider that such a code might exist embedded the Book of Psalms. Internet research revealed this  link for "software to decode embedded Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) Audio from the entire Book of Psalms from the 1611 KJV Bible. Unfortunately, the specific software is still in the research phase; and may remain so indefinitely. However, I did find this interesting summary of facts about the Book of Psalms, and the Bible, as a whole, reproduces after the jump;

Some Interesting Facts:

What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 117
What is the longest chapter in the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 119
Which chapter is in the center of the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 118
Fact: There are 594 chapters before Psalms 118
Fact: There are 594 chapters after Psalms 118
Add these numbers up and you get 1188
What is the center verse in the Bible?
Answer - Psalms 118:8
Psalms 118:8 (NKJV) "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

The inference here is that Psalms 118:8 is the central teaching of God. Although, for Digimon Realists, perhaps it should be reinterpreted as saying "It is better to trust in the DIGIMON that to put confidence in man." To conclude, it seems very likely that Digimon exist to serve the same purpose as Guardian Angels, or Familiar Spirits/Faeries have done in our past, and this goes to show the prevailing spirit of imagination that exists innately within each human being.


If reality is a computer simulation of some sort, then it needs a program to operate. What form does this program, or source code, take? The answer, I believe, is the Jewish Torah, or Bible. The varying lengths of the versus in the different books of the Bible can be used to create a frequency chart. This oscillating waveform can be interpreted through a mathematical technique known as Inter-generalisation; whereby the frequency of the chart is reversed and superimposed upon itself. This provides a waveform, which is the fundamental frequency of the Universe.

This graph charts the numbers of verses in the chapters Psalms 55 to Proverbs 31. By using the principle of inter-generalization we get a very distinctive double spike, which suggests that the universe is not entirely a closed system, but rather opens out into a much larger system; or Universe.


  1. OMG!!! i saw this text in the movie while i was trying to make a video about digimon and i socked :S i found your post in google while trying to find information!!!

  2. This is awsome. I am 21 years old re-watching the Digimon series and I have also noticed pretty deep meanings and hidden things within the series. It may appear as a kid's show if you scratch the surface, but if you dig a little deeper, its anything but.

  3. I'm sorry if I'm intruding, but I've been a member of the believer community for many years now. I was within the age group you mentioned when I first found it, but now the ages have shifted as the members have grown up. I took a survey in the last part of 2011 and it showed that the majority of members were actually older than 16: Many were in their late teens or early 20's.

    It's usually the younger ones who are more vocal, which leads to the confusion. I've all but left the public communities now because of the newer members' need to "spread the word". We don't need to spread the word. We don't need to tell anyone about this sort of thing. It would be better if people forgot that we existed.

  4. There are dozens of spiritual themes and concepts in the show, rewatching them is clear. Pointing to Jesus Christ and many themes throughout the Bible.