Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fragment 3.

The Bjork Homoplasmate sings these lines in Play Dead, a song from her album post ;

I have to go through this.
I belong to here where
no-one cares and no-one loves
no light no air to live in
a place called hate
the city of fear.

It could just as easily be called the City of Death. That is this world. The world of the dead. No-one here gets out alive; as Jim Morrison used to say. We must go through this part of the Universe, this place of fear, hate and death, so that we can be shown and understand that which is really important. If we fail to, or miss the point, then we will repeat the suffering of another life in the Kingdom of Death. I reached this understanding in the Valley of Life; a white monolithic city that lies directly under the light of the full moon.

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  1. safe passage through the underworld. Orpheus, Hermes, Mercury. Ophiucus. the serpent bearer, serpent breaker, Uruboros(closed, entropy), Omega (open, Ω, ?). the truth is written in the sky. untold knowledge is held in the astral, the collective experience of life's evolution toward consciousness.
    thanks again.