Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fragment 5.

5. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes says that which is above is that which is below. In Freemasonic Tradition, this saying is symbolised by two inverted triangles; the Star of David, or the Seal of Silence. These two triangles represent the nature of mind contemplating itself in utter silence. Therefore, As above, so below, is another way of saying that which is within is that which is without, or man is the microcosm of the Universe.
Fix yourself, it seems to say; heal yourself, and you will heal the Universe. Heal the Universe, the others around you, and you will heal yourself. Then come what may; you are healed, and the healthy shall not be so easily overcome by sickness again in future.

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  1. first time I've seen the masononic seal with rational words following. well stated, I truly more and more of us can come to these realizations.
    the work you do, this information, sharing it, translating for the lesser insightful, is something good. I find your ideas sound and resonant with the bit of knowledge that I've accrued.
    Thank you.