Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fragment 4.


Notes on meditations; when we mediate we are taught to clear our mind of all thoughts. When the mind is free of all thought, we say that it is resting in the nature of mind. In this state, we must remain watchful so that we do not succumb to our thoughts. So we watch our mind as it rests in the nature of mind. We are the mind concentrating upon the mind concentrating upon itself. This automatic feedback loop creates an small space within the mind; about the size and shape of an egg. This egg is filled with the first material or prime matter of the Universe. It only exists for as long as you concentrate and, as long as you concentrate it doesn’t exist. It is the Ain Soph; the Nothing that existed before everything, and the Nothing in which everything will exist in forever.

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  1. Funny you should say that, and that I would read it today, I just realized exactly what you've said here. The loop, the fold, the toroidal egg, I've been forming it and observing it, amazed at it's tangibility. I understood it is not me, not my toroid, but i recognized it as the Ain Soph. Oh, the wisdom of the gnostics, weavers in time, knowers of the byways of incarnation, of lineage and it's falling away, of the Omega.
    the banter ceases, just wanted to connect with your thought.