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The Masonic Guide to Monster Movies
Q; The Winged Serpent is a 1982 movie by Larry Cohen; starring David Carradine, as Shepard, a New York City detective investigating reports of a giant flying lizard devouring the people of the city. Shepard is also investigating a series of bizarre murders, which he believes are connected in some way to the lizard case. His hunch proves correct, as it is discovered that a group of crazed religious zealots are offering themselves as willing sacrifices to the flying serpent Quetzicoatl [Q]; an Ancient Mayan deity.

The movie is interesting because it loosely combines Ancient Mayan legend and Masonic symbolism, against the backdrop of New York City. The city has been a major Masonic enclave, since its foundation, and was also the scene of the most vicious attacks ever perpetrated against the American people, on American soil. The occult undertones of the 9/11 attacks have lead some people to speculate that an initiatory secret society (such as; the Freemasons or Skull and Bones) were behind them. I believe that information contained in Larry Cohen's Q; The Winged Serpent corroborates these claims, but before I go into that I will establish Cohen's use of symbolic metaphor for the sake of argument.

Shepard, which is a reference to the biblical shepherding of "the weak through the valley of darkness" (Ezekiel 25:17). In this case, "the weak" are the city's population and "the valley of darkness" are the great canyoned streets of Manhattan. In light of the biblical message, we could suppose that the entire film is in reference to the serpent in the Garden of Eden, in which Quetzicoatl is the serpent and New York City is the Tree or the Apple of Knowledge; owing to New York's pet name 'the Big Apple'.

Director Larry Cohen had his monster build its nest in the Chrysler Building, which was constructed by  Freemasons in the early 20th Century. Cohen's decision to use the Chrysler Building as the location for the creature's nest was undoubtedly informed by the avian symbolism associated with this landmark building. Now that we have established Cohen's penchant for symbolism, we may proceed with interpreting the film as a coded message regarding a certain Masonic affiliated organisation, that has had a number of US Presidents on its members list; including, we might add, Pr. George W. Bush - who was incumbent at the time of 9/11 itself.

Following in the wake of a high-rise battle between the flying monster and the New York State Department, 'Q' collapses onto the pinnacle of one of New York's skyscrapers. The building is adorned with a step-pyramid, and the creature, in its death-throws, manages to dislodge its capstone. This is apparently in reference to the missing capstone of Masonic lore.

Shepard also manages to track down the Mayan high-priest in room number 322 of a New York hotel. As it happens, this is also the chapter number of the Yale Fraternity Skull and Bones. Now, I am not suggesting that Larry Cohen, or anyone else on the film set, had prior knowledge of an attack against America, nor that he is consciously linking Skull & Bones to those attacks. Rather I think that Larry's spontaneous style of film-making may have allowed him to produce a work of art, which foretold such a connection, and possibly without him even being aware of it. If we accept these conclusions (or even if we don't) we might ask ourselves; just what does the Mayan belief system have to do with the events of 9/11, anyway?

The first public announcement ever made with regard to the much maligned 'New World Order' was made by George Bush Snr. on September 11th 1990; exactly 11 years before 9/11 occurred. This is an important figure in relation to our Sun, which has two differing states of activity separated by an 11 year Sun Spot Cycle. Each one of these cycles represents either Solar Maximum or Minimum condition. The below chart attempts to show the relationship between the Bush press release, the 9/11 attacks and 2012, in terms Solar output variance.

Event;                                                                                                          Solar Level; Max/Min

Sept. 11th 1990; President George Bush Snr
mentions the 'New World Order' for the first                                                           Maximum
time, live on television, in relation to the                                                                                                             
Gulf War, in Iraq.                                                                                                                      

Sept. 11th 2001: The World Trade Centre is 
attacked during George W. Bush's term in office,                                                   Minumum
leading to the current Iraq war.                                                                                       

Dec. 21st 2012; End of Mayan Calendar.                                                                Maximum
The significance of 2012 has long been known to the United States establishment, and was mentioned in governmental report way back in 1957. Both George W. Bush and his father were members of Skull and Bones. While the skull and crossbones motif features as a recognisable part of Masonic lore, it prevalence as a part of Mayan Culture cannot be understated. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to assume that the Mayan culture, and its prolific use of skulls, would have been of no small consequence to the death-obsessed cult of the Skull and Bones.

The 9/11 Flying Serpent

The concept of a giant serpent terrorizing New York City is made all the more interesting when we recall that a photograph of just such a creature was taken here on the morning of September 11th 2001. It was reportedly captured by a police officer, who claimed not to have noticed the strange creature until he returned home and reviewed the images on his digital camera later that evening. Unfortunately, I cannot post the image, as it is no longer available on the internet. However, here is a link to a discussion on the subject on the ATS forum.
The photograph, which is more than likely a hoax, has its implications, however. Someone is undoubtedly trying to express the notion that the events of 9/11 opened up some kind of gateway or portal, which allowed this creature from another dimension to slip through. This same idea is suggested in Q; The Winged Serpent, with an aerial sequence, which attempts to convey the creature's flight between the two towers.

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