Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fragment 10a/10b.

10 (a). While the Blue Men have yet to experience the delightful ecstacies and tribulations of the ceremony, the Red Men are said to have already obtained the rite and passed along the passage. This is corroborated by the doppler shift of light rays from blue to red. The destiny of the Green Man (the perpetual initiate) is by far the most powerful, as he uses the lantern to light the way of the Middle Path. Beyond the path of the Blue Man lies only, perhaps, the Men in Black; of the shadow realm.

10 (b). Research into optical illusions, such as afterimages, suggest that our capacity to see different colours is dependent on the relative stresses and strains that light sensitive cells (called cones) are subjected to in the retina. The reason the colour blue is perceived, for example, is because light of a certain wave length is colliding with the cones in the retina. Furthermore, evidence suggests that the human eye is mechanically incapable of seeing the colour red, and that the vexing colour is merely a product of our minds. If this be the case, cells which were formerly subjected to a stimulus (eg. blue light) would be given time to relax, producing an opposite shift in direction, which the brain then percieves as the colour red. Green coloured objects may occupy a position which is fixed in the middle of these extremes.

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