Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fragment 15.

15. The Melchiekz was the name of a race of warriors and the monarchy who controlled them. Long ago, Melchiekz were locked in a fierce battle with a race of squid-like beings called the Houtoutas. The Houtoutas were by not as cunning as the Meldiekz, but they were, nevertheless, very devious and brave. Sensing that the two sides were equally matched, the Chief Ruling Monarch of the Melchiekz sent his crown sorcerers to locate a parallel dimension in which the Melchiekz Empire had won the battle and had gone on to develop into a futuristic, energy rich Empire. His sorcerers located just one, in the year 3097. On the eve of battle King Melchiekz called upon all the power of the future Melchiekz Empire to defeat the Houtoutas; and they were successful in doing this. Later they destroyed the volcano that the Houtoutas worshiped as their God, as an offering to logic and reason.

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