Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragment 25-27.

25. After death, many people find themselves suspended in a glittering void. Buddhists take this to be the Ground Luminosity, the dimensional realm which underpins all of reality. The primary text of the Hindu’s, the Baghavad Gita believes this to be the realm of Brahma, or the impersonal Godhead. In fact, it is like a kind of quaranteen area, to determine the condition of migrating souls upon their way to the more exhalted realms beyond, wherein God resides. If you have ever been to a public swimming pool, you may have had to pass through a small disinfectant foot bath on your way to get to the pool. The realm of Brahma is like that pool. Do not remain forever in the paddling pool, there is a much larger world beyond where all your friends are congregating.

26. If our world is a giant computer, as Douglas Adams famously suggested, then life, as we know it, must be among the most advanced technological systems in the Universe. Conversely, this means that our own present form of transistor based technology is merely a lower form of life. A recent medical science study has revealed that while cancer cells are not in communication with ordinary healthy cells, they are in communication with eachother. This knowledge has dispelled the myth that cancer cells are merely rogue cells out for their own gain, at the expense of the body. This suggests that cancer cells are ordinary cells, which – for whatever reason – have reverted to a previous stage in their development, an evolutionary safe mode; if you will. Likewise, technology – being a lower form of life – is like a cancerous growth on the Earth. This state of affairs has resulted out of humanity’s separation from the natural world; of being out of touch with himself and nature, of which he is apart.

27. The sphere of pure consciousness is an egg-shaped (oval) energy field that stretches from the top of the forehead to the septum at the base of the nose. The mouth and lower mandibles are not included in the extent of the energy field, because pure conciousness operates without the use of spoken words, i.e. telepathically. If you find yourself in a disembodied state, without the use of a mouth (after death), do not be concerned. You have merely come upon the evolved primordial state.

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