Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragment 22-24.

22. Trekking over the high sand dunes of Banna to the bay, it must be noted that the outside world - the oscailt, or ollscailt – is merely the outward manifestation of the mind, the conscious ibn or bunscailt. This is understood because the sand dunes like to challenge people - it is part of their personality, and once you get to know them, and earn their respect, they don’t challenge you again so much. Similarly, your mind likes to overcoming obstacles and challenges. So, it generates them in the oscailte (the outside world). Once you master these problems they sink back down into the bunscailt, to add to your repetoire of tools and manuveures.

23. The bunscailt and oscailt are energy realms, connected via the miniscuz (pronounced miniscus), a connective energy layer also known as the body. Both the miniscuz and oscailt are information storage and retrieval systems. The oscailt is a drycell information storage unit, and the miniscuz a wet cell information storage unit.

24. The Oscailt can also be known as the Ollscail (gaelic for University) because this is the realm in which you get schooled; whether you like it or not. Modern college campuses, like UCD in Ireland, have bus routes running through them, revealing them to be fully integrated into the urban environment. They are like mirror images or folds within the urban environment. Just as the world outside is like a giant centre for learning, so it is that this state of affairs is mirrored within the college campus. The Oscailt is the inside.

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