Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragment 28-30.

28. In 1993 – or there abouts – I attended a conference at the National Botanical Gardens in Dublin. The conference had been in session for nearly two hundred years, and contained delegates from every nation on Earth, from China all the way to America and from the frozen slopes of Norway all the way to the tropical regions of Africa. The British Colonialist had brought them here so that they could discuss the fate of the human consciousness, and 18 years later, their verdict was reached. Humanity is to synchronise itself with the Dao, to attain a state of mental perfection that is akin to the Absolute; or nothingness.

29. Note on Meditations; To begin this note we must first understand something about the nature of magic squares. The simplest magic square that we know of is the Lo Shu magic square of Order 3.
This is a grid in which the numbers 1 through 9 are arranged in a pattern that makes all the numbers on any given axis (up, down or diagonals) sum to the same number - 15. Furthermore by adjoining consequitive numbers (1, 2, 3, … and so forth) within the matrix you can arrive at an interesting geometric shape; Shown below; 

In Medieval times, these shapes were magical talismans that drew their energy from one of the seven celestial bodies. But we are going to use it for meditative purposes or to focus the mind. The sigil above is known as the Seal of Saturn, or the Seal of Silence (this is a very auspicious name we have when dealing with meditation). When you know, with confidence, how to construct this symbol, the next question will be; How to use it? You could mentally project it onto a wall or a flat surface in front of you, but that would not be very effective. No, for best results trace the unicursal line on the black board of your own visual perceptions; that region which straddles the divide between the outside world of your perceptions and internal world of the mind.

30. Let the mind contain dark and light areas like the markings of the magpie.

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