Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragment 19-21.

19. As children learn about their environment, it is the spaces behind and between the walls which hold the most fascination. These hidden backroads are where lions and polar bears roam. But as they grow older the net of the world maps out in their minds to connect the unseen, and the forgotten worlds are forgotten once more.

20. Is the only reason you are conscious of the world because you are human, or are you human because you are conscious of the world? Meaning, is it possible to be anything (like a table or a cup) and still retain the same level of consciousness you possess now. The Hylozoist believed that since everything was part of the mind of God, everything, including inanimate objects were alive and conscious in some way. I believe that if a tree is conscious, its experience of life is much the same as ours i.e. it has the ability to move about freely, and converse with others of its kind. From its perspective, it is you who are the static automaton occupying a mere corner of the garden, as living ornamentation. This the law of relative motion, is further applied to all levels of conscious i.e. if a bird eats a worm, the worm does not have the true experience of being eaten, rather he has the painful and unnerving experience of shifting into the shape of a bird. He rests in the womb, as well as the stomache in order to be reborn.

21: And so it must be with you (oh tremulous bird of the sky) flitting along your merry way; until you were caught, cornered and got; and in the darkness of the spirit world, blinded. A furry monster (by name of an Eyskin) eats your head, and in so doing becomes your head, and you see again through its eyes again. And in the weightlessness of space another creature eats your frail and withered awareness, and in becoming so aware of it, then becomes your body. This process is repeated until you are fully human.

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