Wednesday, August 24, 2011


40. Chakras are inter-dimensional energy dynamos located at various points throughout the physical body. In Eastern methodologies, chakras are described as energy centres whose function corresponds to a person's general health and well-being. If the chakras are working properly the person will feel good, and full of energy. But if the Chakras are not functioning properly, the person may feel sluggish or sick. Chakras do not create energy, they merely harnesses the 'chi' or lifeforce as it passes through the physical body, much like how a turbine harnesses the wind. 

41. We can tell that the chakras are inter-dimensional because, although they spin, their movements do not interfere with the functions of the other vital organs within the body, even though; from our perspective, they appear to occupy precisely the same space. For this reason, the chakras can appear to rotate in a number of different directions at the same time. Under certain conditions, however, they appear to rotate in a clockwise direction, as seen from above.

The Torus Knot is relatable to the Inter-dimensional Chakras

42. The Chakras are barrel-shaped and have thin twisted blades to catch the 'pranna' or life force energy of the body. If one of these blades becomes loose, a blockage may result in the system. In order to resume normal flow the strip must be reconnected. This can be done in a similar manner to reconnecting a chain on a bike.

43. A moment of concentration is a point of light in the void (the darkness you perceive at night with your eyes closed). It becomes reflected in the cellular faces of the void to form a grid pattern. From the silence of space arises a tone, which is noticed only because it wavers to and fro.
The different stages of a sphere moving from the inside
to the outside is highly suggestive of the 
inter-dimensional Chakras; discussed above.

44. People are often busy, to-ing and fro-ing, looking for the doorway that will free them from their endlessly dreary lives. What most of them don't realise is; they are that doorway, and that they must be pulled through themselves to reach the Great Wide Yonder. There are many contradictions and absurdities that accompany this concept. Like a sphere turning itself inside out, there is a tendency for constriction, of taught-ness approaching infinity, to arise along the equator. To avoid this the sphere must first be corrugated and twisted, so that is looks very similar to the Chakras of the human body. This tells us that the chakras are the doorways to other dimensions, and that by using the preferred method of meditation we should be able to arrive at other worlds and the Great Blue Yonder (the Spiritual Sky).

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